Summer Cabin in the Woods

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She knows the trail well. These are her Vermont woods, and she leads us with sure steps along its winding paths through pine and birch forests, over bare bedrock, and around cedar swamps.

It is a warm day in late June. I follow Jane’s mother, Linda, at a respectful distance, but as I walk behind her, I cannot help looking at her gorgeous big ass in her summer shorts as she walks casually along, swaying her generous hips side to side. Her buttocks stretch flatter as she climbs an outcrop. Her bum wiggles girlishly as she half runs down the slope on the other side.

Behind me, Jane keeps up a running chatter about how great my butt is. We are both horny and ready for action. It still amazes me that she even spoke to her mother about me and how I felt, that she accepts my lustful feelings for her mother, and even more that her mother agreed to act out my fantasy.

The cabin in the woods finally appears ahead and up a short hill, partly hidden in a grove of balsam fir. It is small, about sixteen feet long and twelve feet wide. It has windows on one side and in one end. The solid pine door is beside a window. Linda has the key to the dead bolt lock.

This is a hunting cabin on private land. It belonged to Linda’s husband, who has been dead five years. He was a hunter and stayed here overnight during the spring and fall hunts, although he had another larger cabin up beside the lake. No one comes to this one now.

The cabin is musty. Jane opens the windows to air it out. Fortunately, the screens on the windows are intact. We close the door. The moment of truth has arrived. I take off my clothes. I’m not wearing much, so it doesn’t take long. Linda removes her polo shirt and pants, and she slips out of her hiking shoes and socks. Jane finds a white sheet in a corner cupboard and covers the mattress on the single bed.

Linda giggles as I pull her close and kiss her. We’ve never kissed before, but I think it is a good idea to get Şerifali Escort us started. I don’t want to alarm her by giving full vent to my lustful feelings, now aroused in this wonderfully warm and safe natural setting. I’m happy to take my time to explore her body and create pleasure. The fragrant smell of the summer pine woods drifts through the screened windows on a light breeze.

I gently unhook Linda’s bra and feel her tits. They are somewhat saggy. She’s in her sixties but in good shape three kids later. I think they feel great and I pinch her nipples experimentally. She’s being very shy and pretending not to notice me. I bend down and suck her right nipple while I feel her left breast.

Then I kneel in front of her like a worshipper and reverently pull down her white nylon panties to reveal her cunt to my lustful gaze.

Her pussy has large labia and is covered with a triangle of brown pubic hair now getting sparse and streaked with gray. Pussy lips don’t age. These pout at me and I lick them greedily them to get the initial scent. This really turns me on. The heat and mustiness of the cabin intensify her vaginal odors. Her complete nakedness amplifies my mischievous, childlike sense of doing something naughty and sexual and dirty away from the prying eyes of society.

In my mind, I have returned to childhood, exploring the forbidden valleys of a girl’s body for the first time. I am that kid again, the one that was on vacation at my parents’ cottage by the big lake. Once in that place long ago, I played with Claire, the neighbor girl, who was older than I and thus exotic. Her long hair was dark and straight and fell down her back. She sang songs that summer.

After swimming, I followed her to the outhouse near the lake shore. I waited while she peed. When she opened the door, I pushed her inside again and held her tight and felt her wet bathing suit between her legs with exploring fingers. I pulled down my swim Ümraniye Escort trunks. She reached out and held my penis. I pulled her bathing suit off her shoulders and down to the floor. I saw her naked pussy and reached out to touch it.

We kept quiet in the summer heat in the smelly dark of that outhouse, exploring each other’s genitals with eyes and fingers. I opened her pussy lips and felt the warm wetness inside. I pressed the tiny head of my penis against her inner labia, instinctively knowing what went where. It was my innocent first experience of sex.

Now the summer heat of a Vermont cabin takes me back to that outhouse and Claire’s hairless pussy, the first I ever saw up close. I stand up now in front of Linda, hand still cupping her pussy, feeling strong arousal, and Linda looks steadily at me with sudden apprehension. She can see the longing in my eyes, on my face, and along my erect cock, the same unspoken need of penis for vagina that I felt with Claire those long years ago.

I motion Linda to sit down on the bed. I swing her legs onto the bed and place a pillow under her head. I consider putting another pillow under her hips, but she looks so comfortable there, all pillows of flesh herself. Besides, I want the firmness of the old mattress under her hips so I can drive my penis harder and deeper into her vagina.

Jane giggles and stares at us with growing arousal. She is enjoying the spectacle of her naked mother’s thighs spread wide in anticipation and her naked fiancé’s erect penis advancing toward her mother’s hairy cleft. She takes her camera from her backpack and begins to record the scene in a series of video clips.

It’s very warm in the little cabin. The afternoon sun shines through the dirty screen windows and caresses Linda’s naked form. Bees buzz lazily against the screens. Languidly she pulls up her knees and opens her pussy lips with her fingers to welcome me into her private recesses. Dust Üsküdar Escort motes float in the sunbeams. It is perfectly quiet inside the cabin except for our heavy breathing as we become aroused.

I mount Linda and coat my cock with her vaginal lubricants. The head of my cock slides easily right up her cunt. She groans but grins. It’s been a long time since she’s felt a stiff penis sliding in her vaginal vault. It feels as good as she remembers, maybe better.

My strokes are steady and rhythmical. The bed springs squeak. I look over at Jane and she nods. She is loving the novelty of this, excited to see her two favorite people fucking each other missionary style. My balls slap softly on Linda’s ass.

I lean forward to cover Linda completely. I kiss her mouth and feel her tits with my hands. Linda whispers “Harder” in my ear. I speed up the thrusting of my cock and lean further into her to slam my penis as far into her vagina as I can. We are panting hard now, our breathing shallow, and trickles of sweat roll down my chest onto her full breasts.

Our bodies tense. Linda purses her lips and locks her legs over my back as her orgasm hits, the first good one she has known since her husband died. My cock stiffens and begins to spurt its semen into her cunt.

The waves of our orgasms gradually subside. I continue thrusting, slower and slower, smiling at Linda who has given me such pleasure. She giggles. I laugh out loud with the joy of sexual release.

I am aware now of Jane coming up beside us. She has been moving around the bed while we were having sex, recording the fuck with her cell phone camera at various angles. She is panting now with arousal from watching her fiancé fucking her mother.

She knows her mother has taken immense pleasure from this fuck and feels like a woman again. She knows she and I will watch the video later and become aroused again ourselves. She knows too that I will soon mount and pleasure her while her mother watches.

Afterwards, we will dress and walk back down the mountain trail to our vehicle and return to our daily lives. But we will always remember the mountain cabin and what happened there. We will always keep it in our hearts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32