Snow Interlude

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She had been driving for hours. She wanted to get home, but the storm that had been hanging on the edge of the sky was now starting to unleash its fury fully. Large snowflakes were falling and sticking to the windshield. The wipers were struggling to keep up. It was hard going because the snow was getting deeper. Soon the road would become impassable.

Up ahead she could see what looked like an old house. There appeared to be lights on, and due to the smoke rising out of the chimney fire was burning inside. It didn’t appear to be that big, but it looked comfortable. More importantly, it appeared dry and warm. She parked in front of it and headed inside.

She knocked on the door, and after a short wait, the door opened. Standing in the door was a man about 5’10, close-cropped hair, composed an most noticeable was the blue eyes that seemed to gaze into her soul. She felt peace and comfort from this man. He stepped aside and without a word, she knew that she was invited into the warm well lit interior. As the door closed, she felt safe though she was in the house of a total stranger.

He led her down the short hallway. There was a closed door, on the left, and one ahead at the end of the hall. She noticed the door that was open as he gave a wave of his hand. He told her that she could sleep in that room. He also explained that the room at the end of the hall was the bathroom. There were towels in there that she could use if she needed. He showed her where the kitchen and extra blankets were also. The only thing that was not available was a phone. She was stuck until the storm let up, and the roads were cleared.

She walked to the door to get her stuff out of the car. As she walked out, she noticed that he fell in behind her. Opening the door and releasing the trunk she noticed that he was already back there grabbing her bags. She pulled out her purse and locked the car then followed him back inside. He told her that she could do whatever she wanted. He walked her bags into the room and set them down. She said she wanted to change, so he closed the door behind him as he walked out.

She quickly undressed. Pulling off the coat and clothes didn’t take her long. Opening her suitcase, she grabbed out a long nightshirt then threw it on and headed for the bathroom with her toiletry bag. She closed and locked the door then pulled off the nightshirt and started the water running. Folding the shirt and setting it on the counter she pulled a towel from the small closet by the door. She looked in the mirror as she grabbed the brush off the counter and began to run it through her hair.

Smiling at her image in the mirror, she loved the way her breasts jiggled. As she looked, it was easy to see why men became distracted when she would go without a bra Yozgat Escort under her shirt. Her nipples poke out proudly from her tits. She didn’t have rock hard abs nor was she some supermodel. Looking lower she noticed that she would have to shave, there was noticeable stubble, she preferred her pussy to be bare. Turning around, she looked at her butt in the reflection also. It was firm and had a nice shape to it. Time may eventually catch up to her, but right now, no time could catch her.

A shower and shave, the water cascading over her body easing the stress of the drive and all the miles. She lathered up her body and made sure that she was clean. As she washed her tits, the nipples hardened under her hands. Then washing her pussy, making sure that she had gotten all the hair off. She loved how the smooth feel under her fingers helped to relax her.

Getting out of the shower, she dried off, first her hair then her body. Running the brush through her hair again, she pulled it back into a ponytail and then threw on the nightshirt again. With no bra on her nipples poked through the fabric of the shirt. She also didn’t wear any panties, which was not unusual anyway, she didn’t like to wear them unless she was overly stimulated because she got real wet when that happened.

After opening the door, she walked back into her room. Once she had taken care of putting her stuff down, she decided to go out into the front room and enjoy the fire. She was walking back towards the front of the house she saw that he was sitting on the couch, reading a book. She walked in and sat down on the chair across from him. She watched him as he sat and read, The Art of War. She studied his features. He carried a look of confidence and competence. He wasn’t like Greek god gorgeous, but there was something about him that was drawing her in.

So strong and rugged. She wanted him to take her. She wanted to be controlled by him, dominated by him. She wanted him to own her. That’s how she had known life. She enjoyed the feeling as her body flushed with desire. He finally looked up as she gazed at him. Their eyes met, and she knew that he wanted her too. He laid down the book and stood up, his gaze never breaking with hers. He held out his hand and helped her to her feet. He guided her down the hall to his room. Pushing open the door he leads her into the room.

He didn’t turn off the light, and she could see that his bed was turned down. He pulled her to him and then slowly lifted her shirt and removed it from her body. She now stood naked in front of him. Her nipples stood out proudly on her tits. His hands reached up and began to massage and knead her breasts. She was enjoying this. Then his hands began to explore her body. He leaned in and kissed Yozgat Escort Bayan her lips. Soft, insistent demanding but again soft, his kiss drew her in. He picked her up and put her down on the bed. Standing back up he undressed, and as he did so she admired the lithe movement. There was no wasted energy in any motion.

He lay down next to her and again he began to kiss her. His hands began to explore her body. Fingers trailed lightly over her exposed skin. Goosebumps appeared all over her body. Her breathing was changing, and she could feel herself beginning to get wet. All the time he was continuing to kiss her. He would kiss along her neck and then her ears back to her lips. She could smell him, he had an earthy aroma to him, it only added to the desire that she felt..

His hand reached down and cupped her pubic mound. She could feel the heat of his hand as he grabbed her. His index finger dipped into her honey pot. It slid in easy due to her self-lubrication. She was dripping. Another finger was added, and he began to finger-fuck her. The sounds filled the room she was flowing. Ecstasy, she was in ecstasy. So many times she had been used, but this was different her pleasure seemed to matter to this man.

Slowly he moved down her body and was kissing and sucking on her tits. Teasing the nipples with his tongue. He reached over and from the cup of ice water on the nightstand he extracted a single ice cube. He circled her nipples with it. A sharp intake of breath as the ice caused the nipples to contract. He kept moving the ice around a trail of water left on her skin. He moved lower, but the ice cube had melted from her hot flesh.

He moved her around to where she was at the edge of the bed, and he was kneeling between her legs. He lowered his mouth to her pussy. His mouth pried apart the outer lips, which covered and protected her inner lips and clit. Quickly his tongue played over her nether region. She moaned as he ate her. She hadn’t felt this good he was taking her to new heights. As he sucked on her clit, she had a short quick orgasm. He continued the onslaught. Licking and sucking on her pussy lips and clit, he slid an ice cube into her. The cold of the ice and the warmth of her fresh cum was quickly melting the ice. He continued to fingerfuck her. She was shaking as he did so.

He took another ice cube, and as he slurped up the fluids running out of her cunt, he pushed it against her tight asshole and then it was inside her. A finger pushed in with it and began to seesaw in and out, moving the ice cube with it. She was now really moaning. Her pussy was tingling, and she combination of the heat of her ass and the cold of the ice had her excited.

Then he was on her, and his cock was pushing in. Escort Yozgat It filled her, and it felt so incredible because there was the lingering cold from the melted ice and the warm cock that was now plunging in and out of her eager pussy. It was a controlled frenzy of action. He wasn’t just fucking her. He wasn’t just using her. He was pleasuring her. It was something that she wasn’t used to experiencing. The scent of their coupling filled the air. He reached over and grabbed another cube of ice and pushed it in past his cock. But her cunt was so hot that the ice was melting rapidly, and it warmed the cock as it pushed and pulled inside her. Another orgasm washed over her, but he was showing no signs of stopping.

He stood and pulled her into a seated position on the bed. His cock was right there in front of her face. She wanted to give him the pleasure that he had given her. She opened her mouth and took his hard cock into her mouth. Her tongue teased and licked the shaft as her mouth would suck on it. With each thrust, he would press to the back of her throat. He kept pushing each time and was forcing himself deeper and actually into her throat. He let go of her and let her control everything. She had all the say in what was going to happen. She wanted to make him cum, to swallow his seed.

He laid down on the bed and got into a sixty-nine position. He began to munch on her pussy again. Then she felt pressure against her puckered hole. She stopped sucking him and looked to see what he was using. She saw that he had her vibrator from her bag. How the hell did he get that? But the thought was all forgotten as the dildo pushed into her. She started sucking again. He was licking her cunt and fucking her ass. It was sensory overload. She could feel a small spasm in his cock he was getting close to cumming. Her third climax was looming and the dildo fucking her ass was not helping to slow that orgasm that was peaking. Suddenly he was cumming in her mouth, and she was swallowing hard to not lose any of his hot seed. She was also flooding his mouth as her cunt grabbed at his tongue. Her ass and pussy were clenching at the welcome invaders.

He crawled up next to her and pulled her into his arms. She lay her head on his chest. She was so shocked that instead of someone using her for his pleasure, he had taken the time to pleasure her. She fell asleep. Never, had she felt so relaxed and blissful. It was different than the times before.

She awoke and opened her eyes. The cabin looked different. It was warm; the fire was still going. There appeared to be a layer of dust over the whole cabin. All except the bed she was in, and the bathroom and near the fireplace. There was a knock on the door of the cabin, and she looked out to see a sheriffs deputy. Opening the door, she talked to the deputy a moment and found out the roads had been cleared. She also found out that this cabin had been abandoned. She told him about the man that was there. The deputy told her that no such man had ever been at that cabin. Did any of it really happen?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32