Skills for the Position

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After searching and hunting for a new job, I finally got a call from a man named Mr. Adam Reinhardt, about a month into my search. He owned a small advertising firm, Reinhardt and Associates, and was looking for a secretary to help out around the office with the usual. Considering that I have several years experience with this type of work, I knew there was no way he couldn’t not hire me. When I was on the phone with Mr. Reinhardt, I was immediately impressed with his deep, sexy voice. He seemed fairly young though, at least for being a business owner. He told me he was looking for someone with exceptional administrative experience and needed an attractive person to greet his clients. This was going to be a slice of pie.

Now I don’t mean to brag but like I said, I’ve got the skills required for the position and as far as the attractiveness part, well lets just say….

“You’re definitely hired, that is, if you’re sure you want the job,” Adam told me.

“Uh, yes, sure. Definitely. When would you like me to start?”

“How does Monday sound?” he asked.

“Monday’s perfect.”

“Ok, great. Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you Monday morning, say around nine.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Reinhardt. I will be looking forward to Monday.” I told him.

“Adam. You can call me Adam, Janelle. I’m too young to be called ‘Mr. Reinhardt,'” he explained.

“Oh, ok. Sure, Adam. Bbbyyeee.” I waved and smiled as we wrapped up the interview and I exited the building.

I could not wait until Monday. Just like I suspected, Adam Reinhardt was fucking gorgeous. He stood about six feet tall, medium, but muscular build, an amazing smile with dimples to go along, and sparkling green eyes. It was obvious Adam spent several days at the gym, I could just imagine what his chest looked like under his white collared, button up dress shirt. When he came from out of his office to greet me, I instantly felt my panties become moist. He stood in front of me in his white shirt and khaki pants, he had on brown shoes and a brown belt to add the final touches. I wanted to melt right there in the chair. And you know, now that I am thinking about it, I didn’t notice a wedding ring on his left hand. This job is going to be interesting.

I left the office and drove away in my car to go have lunch with a girlfriend. Amy has been telling me for months now, that I need to find a man. But after Brett and I split up I didn’t want to have to worry about answering to anybody. I moved into my own place, a two bed, two bath condo in a quiet part of town with a pool, Jacuzzi and fitness center, which I frequented often. Between work, school two nights a week, occasional nights out with the girls, and the pool and fitness center, I didn’t need a man to occupy my time. Although I must admit, for the past 8 months I have been relying on my vibrators and dildos to do the trick, and I’ve been more than ready to feel a man give me some deep penetration. Nothing is better than the real thing.

“Amy will you quit pushing me to find a man? It’s not like I would have a problem getting one, I just don’t want one. Besides, I got a new job today and my boss is drop dead sexy!” I explained to her.

“Really? That’s exciting. So what does this Mr. drop-dead-sexy look like?”

“He’s tall, built very nice. I can tell he spends a few days a week at the gym. I bet his body is amazing underneath his clothes. He’s got green eyes, brown hair and he has a nice tan. You know, it’s funny that I noticed all of these things, because his smile is what had me so mesmerized. I couldn’t stop starring at his mouth. He had a beautiful smile with dimples on his cheeks, and the whitest teeth ever!” I went on.

“Well, he sure sounds like a ten. How old is this guy anyway?”

“Oh, that’s another thing I forgot to mention, he’s young, probably thirty or so. I wouldn’t guess over thirty-five. And I don’t think he’s married either.” I started to become slightly aroused just thinking and talking about him. “He even smelled amazing. He smelled so clean and fresh…I don’t know what the hell has gotten into me?”

“Nothing! That’s your problem Janelle. Nothing has gotten into you for the past nine months, well I don’t know about nothing, but at least not a man anyway!”

“Shut up you bitch, how dare you,” I said with a laugh.

“Well it’s the truth, I am your friend, and I am just being honest honey. Well, I am very happy that you’ve gotten a new job. Sounds like a packaged deal, new job with a hot boss to look at all day, I think I might just be a tad jealous. I gotta listen to some old fart’s bullshit every day of the week. I wish they’d find someone to replace his ass.” Amy went on about working at Fidelity Financial.

We finished our lunch and our glasses of wine and I headed home. The Jacuzzi sounded relaxing, besides I couldn’t stop daydreaming about Mr. Reinhardt. The Jacuzzi seemed like a good place to relax, unwind….and daydream.

I slipped out of my clothes and into my hot pink bikini, which by the way looked incredible Yalova Escort on my bronzed skin. I grabbed a towel and another glass of wine and headed out the door. When I got to the clubhouse, there was an older woman working out in the fitness area and the rest of the place was empty. Everyone else was probably at work, considering it was only Thursday afternoon. I walked to the other end of the fitness room to enter into the Jacuzzi room. The smell of chlorine singed my nose hair. I laid my towel on the bench then headed towards the steps. I slowly entered the hot, bubbly water and my forehead immediately broke out in beads of sweat. The hot tub felt exhilarating. I sat down and the water reached just above my breasts. The jets were doing a fantastic job of massaging my back. I closed my eyes and once again started picturing Adam.

“Hello Adam, how was your weekend?” I asked as I walked past his office in my tight black dress pants, Gucci heels and teal V-neck shirt.

I dressed well, looked and felt great and was confident of myself. How could I not be? I am twenty-six years old, got a body to die for, beautiful platinum blonde hair, and a face that belonged in just about every magazine. To be more precise about my looks, I too, have an incredible smile, (thanks to four years of braces when I was in high school), deep, seductive blue eyes, tanned skin, size 6 jeans, perky 36 B tits, weighing about 120 pounds and standing in at about 5″6′. So you see, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am young, hot and single.

“My weekend wasn’t bad, how ’bout yours Janelle?”

“Oh, nothing special, just hung out by the pool and grabbed a few drinks with some friends.” I told him.

I walked over to the copying machine to make some copies and as I was standing there, I felt warm air against my neck. Right as I was about to turn around, Adam wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his thick, wet lips against my neck, licking and kissing me. I could not believe what was happening. Am I dreaming?

“A-Adam…wwh-what are you doing?” I managed to get the words out.

“Ssshhh, I see the way you look at me and I hear it in your voice, I know what’s going on, you want me and I want you, so close your eyes and be quiet,” he whispered as he continued to seduce me with his mouth.

I felt his cock harden in between my ass cheeks. His hands found there way up my shirt and over my breasts. He pulled my bra cups down to expose my aroused nipples and he began to run his fingers over them. I could not believe this. I had no idea he wanted me like this. Well, maybe the thought crossed my mind once or twice that he might be attracted to me, but I wasn’t sure. I’ll admit, I was quite flirty with him from time to time, he seemed to enjoy it, and he would flirt right back with me, but I didn’t think I was being as obvious as to making him think I wanted his dick.

I let out soft moans a few times and my pussy was throbbing. My g-string was soaked with my own juices and I was ready for whatever he wanted to give me. He unzipped my dress pants and slipped his hand down the front of them, guiding his fingers down into my panties.

“Oohh, your pussy is shaved? I love a bare pussy. And God, you are so wet. You feel incredible Janelle, your pussy feels amazing. I wanna taste you,” Adam told me as he turned me around to face him.

My heart was pounding. I didn’t know how to react being so up-close-and-personal with such an attractive man as Adam was. He was even more gorgeous up close. His tongue dove into my waiting mouth and we were kissing like two wild teenagers. His mouth was so warm and sweet and I wanted to find out what the rest of him tasted like. He worked his way down my body, brushing his tongue across my erect nipples. My clit was tingling uncontrollably. Adam then slid my panties down and kissed my smoothed skin, working his mouth over my swollen clit. I started panting from all of Adam’s wonderful pleasure. I could not believe this was happening, especially in the office right out in the open, where anybody could catch us.

“Adam, I don’t think we should be doing this, someone might walk in on us.”

“Janelle, everyone just went to lunch, I have at least an hour to have my way with you,” he told me.

I let out a gentle sigh and my eyes rolled back due to the sensual touches from my boss. His hot tongue caressed my button, bringing me closer to an orgasm with each stroke. He took my clit into his mouth and began suckling on it, which made my knees buckle.

“Oh God, Adam, your mouth feels so fucking amazing on my pussy….I think I’m about to cum.”

He picked up the pace and started fucking me with his mouth, going harder and faster and licking me from my tight, puckered ass to my swollen clit. ‘Damn, it was really hot in the office.’ I was holding myself up on the copying machine with my elbows but was losing my strength to hold on. Adam’s tongue dove in and out of my tight slit, lavishing my sweet cream. No man has ever ate my pussy so well. He Yalova Escort Bayan inserted his middle finger in my butt, slowly finger fucking me. I began to tingle with pleasure and let out hard, loud moans. Adam was humming on my clit and I was gyrating my hips back and forth, riding his face.

“Aaahhh, yes, yes…don’t stop Adam, I’m cumming. Ooohhh, I’m cumming.” My legs were shaking and my arms were heavy. I was holding onto the copying machine as tight as I could. This man was fabulous and everything he was doing to me was beyond fabulous.

After I regained my composure, Adam picked me up into his strong arms and carried me into his office. He swiped all of the things off his desk onto the floor and put me on his desk. I was dying to feel his erection. He lifted my shirt up and started licking and biting my nipples. His hands were running all over my body, through my hair, down to the back of my legs and up to my ass, in between my thighs and over my smooth mound. Adam stood up and undid his belt, then unzipped his khakis. He pulled out his enormous cock and started pumping it with his hand. His dick was about 7 ½ inches long and was thick. I wanted to deep throat it and give him an amazing blow job but just as I sat up, he pushed his prick right into my hot, sopping cunt. I gasped for air and waited for him to enter me completely. He penetrated me with only half of his member, teasing me. He slowly pulled himself back out and rubbed his swollen head up and down my pussy lips, then up over my clit. Back and forth…back and forth. He did this a few times, bringing me to the edge.

“Mmmm…I want your dick, give it to me. C’mon Adam, quit teasin’ me. I want you to fuck me.”

Adam rammed his dick into my wet love hole and started thrusting in and out hard and fast. Then he would slow down and slowly pump his cock into me. This was by far the best fuck I had ever had. I mean I was fucking my hot, sexy boss right on his desk. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chiseled body. I was ready to cum again.

I heard someone turn the door knob and walk into the room and my eyes immediately opened. I sat up in the hot tub and removed my hand from out of my bikini bottoms.


“Janelle? Um, hi. Do you…do you live here?”

“Uh, yeah, I just moved in about three weeks ago. You live here?”

“Yes, going on four years,” he said with a slight grin on his face.

“Really? Well, would you like to join me?” I said as I invited him into the Jacuzzi.

“Sure. You look awful relaxed.”

“I am. I drank a glass of wine and I suppose I got a little too relaxed and fell asleep.”

Adam laid his towel on the bench along with mine and entered the Jacuzzi. He kept his distance and sat across from me. Damn, he is beautiful. He should be a model, a Calvin Klein underwear model. I was so amazed at the sight of his body. He was very tan and had a body of a goddess. His body was very well toned and his abs were amazing.

“So which building do you live in Janelle?”

“Just across the street from the clubhouse, in building 200. I live up on the second floor.”

“Well, that’s funny, I live right next to you in building 300. Funny I’ve never seen you before. So, I guess we’re neighbors.”

Adam and I carried on a nice conversation, just small talk getting to know one another. I wanted to feel him so bad, I wanted to get my hands on his body, to taste his mouth. I wondered what was going through his mind, seeing me in my bikini. Or maybe it was just me thinking all of these naughty thoughts of him since I haven’t really been with a man (other than a one night stand or two) in damn near a year! I do know that my hormones were definitely in overdrive.

“So, do you live by yourself, have a roommate, or are you married, Janelle?” he asked.

“Actually, I live alone. Peace and quiet and I come and go as I please. It’s nice, I get lonely sometimes but it’s nice. What about you?”

“I too, live by myself. I’ve been single for about the past two years, dating here and there but I would just get so caught up with work, things just never worked out. Work has smoothed itself out lately so I’m not as busy as I used to be. Which is nice, I get a chance to relax by coming over here and working out, it reduces my stress.” He went on.

“I’m glad I moved here. It’s really nice around here, the people are friendly and the pool’s never crowded!” I laughed.

“Janelle…I’m just going to be honest with you,” he started.

My heart started to beat more rapidly and I sensed a bit of nervousness in my stomach. What was he going to say? Be honest…be honest about what?

“Janelle, when I called you up for an interview, I was immediately impressed with the tone of your voice. You have a very sexy voice and you sound really sure of yourself too. I had a feeling you’d be just as beautiful as you sounded so I was anxious to meet you. And sure enough, you are incredibly attractive. I’m glad I hired you, Janelle. I think I made the Escort Yalova right decision and my clients will be pleased with you as well.”

I was flattered, embarrassed and turned on all at once. I didn’t expect to hear him say what he had just said and I wasn’t really sure how to respond. It left me speechless for a second or two as I just starred at him.

“Tha-thank you, Adam, that’s very nice of you to say that. I too, am glad to become part of your firm. I think we will have lots of fun working together, you seem like a wonderful person to be around. Thanks.” I told him.

I was starting to sweat again and my pussy started to throb. I couldn’t wait to start my new job, especially knowing I would be looking at this hunk all day. And now that I knew the two of us were single, I was more than ready for Monday.

Adam stood up and slowly walked over to me, placing himself in between my legs. My heart was pounding hard and fast. His nose touched mine, I closed my eyes and we began to kiss. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him in closer. ‘This was not really happening. It couldn’t be.’ I secretly pinched my arm just to make sure I wasn’t still alone in the hot tub, dreaming of Adam. It hurt when I pinched myself and I knew then that I was definitely not dreaming. I could feel his hard-on bulging in his trunks. I wanted to grab him with my hands, but hesitated. His hands reached behind my back and he pulled the string that held my top in place. It loosened and my breasts fell free. He untied the top string and completely removed my top. His hands slid down over my chest and he began to caress me.

“You have amazing breasts. They are so perfect,” he said as he lowered his head to them.

He kissed them hard and licked all over my round, perky globes, making my body shake and quiver. His mouth felt incredible on my tits, I didn’t want him to stop kissing them. Adam reached his hands down into the water to find my bathing suit bottoms. He pulled the strings on each side, removing my bottoms. I grabbed his waist and stuck my thumbs into his trunks, slowly pulling them down. Being in the water made it hard to remove his swim trunks so I yanked them down hard. They went down to his knees, revealing his raging cock. I took him into my hand and was amazed by his size. He was as big as I imagined. I tilted my head back and Adam started to kiss my neck, running his tongue up and down, from my ear to my collar bone. He would graze his teeth against my skin every once in a while, causing my slit to become wet and my nipples to harden. He reached his hand down to my pussy, slowly massaging my clit. I ran my hands over his chest, tweaking his nipples. His body felt wonderful. His mouth felt wonderful. I was feeling wonderful.

I leaned my head up and started kissing him hard. My tongue was diving in and out of his mouth, tasting his sweet tongue. Our tongues whirled around, teasing each other and making each other hot.

“Well, since you want to be honest about things, I have a little confession myself, Mr. Reinhardt…”

“Oh yeah, what’s that Janelle?”

“The day you called me up for an interview, I instantly became wet at the sound of your voice. I knew you were sexy. Young and sexy. I too, was anxious to meet you. I was shocked when I saw your face, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous you were. I wanted you right then and there.” I confessed to him.

“Really? Well now you got me, you can do whatever it is that you want.” Adam exposed his bright whites.

I guided his dick into my waiting love box and we started slowly moving in unison. He felt so good. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came all over his dick. With every thrust, he managed to hit my spot with the head of his cock. I closed my eyes and ravished the moment. We were both breathing hard into each other’s ear, turning one another on even more. He removed his prick and grabbed me by the waist, lifting me into the air and placing me on the edge of the concrete. He buried his head between my thighs and started eating me out. I spread my legs farther apart to give him more access. I was in another world. His touches and kisses were soft and passionate and felt so right on my skin.

He pulled me back into the water and lowered me onto his lap, placing his cock back inside of me.

“Oh, yyeessss,” I whispered in his ear.

“Does it feel good Janelle?”

“Mmm hhhmm, it feels more than good.”

I started to ride Adam, rocking back and forth on his erection. I felt like a porn star, being in a hot tub and being fully exposed. The thrill of knowing someone could walk in at any moment had me more than excited. He was penetrating me so deeply, I wanted to cum. I was about to cum. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I felt my muscles tighten and the walls of my pussy started spasming uncontrollably. I bit down on my bottom lip and tried to control the loudness of my moans.

“I’m cumming too,” he moaned as he pumped his hot jism into me, filling me with every drop. I hugged him and held him close to me, with my nipples up against his. We kissed passionately for a minute or two, then put our bathing suits back on. I stepped out of the Jacuzzi and retrieved my towel from the bench, drying myself off. Adam walked up behind me and cupped his hands over my firm, round ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32