Shopping, Sex and Seniors

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My wife works; I am retired and do the shopping. We live out of town and so I do the weekly shop in Woolworths in Hamilton and rely on our local IGA in Mortlake for the things I forget. I am 65 years old and enjoy a healthy sex life with my wife. Yes, sex happens after 60!

Friday is my preferred shopping day as it is with many other persons and so you tend to see the same faces every time you shop. As you recognise the faces you smile at them and acknowledge their familiarity. After a while you recognise their outlines and face, even an aisle away.

As you wheel your trolley through the aisles your mind turns to images. You see the face, you know the face and your mind wanders. Does she have a husband or is she living by herself. You imagine touching her and try to imagine what she would look like naked. Would her breast be loose or firm? Does she shave her pubes? Does she wear lacy panties? Would I be good enough, is my dick big enough? How many men have slept with her? The mind boggles! Yet those are the thoughts that occupy me when I do the shopping as well as spotting a bargain. Am I normal or am I a perverted man? I think I am a normal man with normal feelings. I wonder if women think along these lines? Do they look at the crotch of men’s jeans and estimate the size of a man’s dick. Do they care about a man’s dick size?

I am a shy person, so I usually smile politely. However, there is one lady that always returns my smile with a smile. Her name is Julia. Over the last two months we starting chatting briefly in the aisles. After a month or so we started to touch briefly. Just a touch on the arm, or just a touch of hands in a “throw away” manner. By this I mean, I touched you, sorry, but I am not sorry, I meant to to touch you, I wanted to touch you… , and Julia responded with the same deliberate “feelly” touches. We flirted. Touching is flirting. We see each other most Fridays, we tend to shop at the same time. We touch. We flirt.

Two weeks ago I was in aisle 7 where the spices are kept. I was looking for Harissa, a Tunisian spice used in soups and other to boost flavours when I was touched on the arm and Julia said “Hello.” I turned as she touched me and smiled at Julia. I instantly knew it was Julia as she was the only person that had touched or flirted with me for the last couple of months. I said hello. And then I was struck for words. I wanted to be a Shakespeare or a Milton but instead I said “I can’t find the Harissa.” She looked at the shelves and reached out across me to take down a small bottle of Harissa spice. As she reached out across me, her arm and breast made deliberate contact. Her arm across my face and touching; her breast, up high, was pushing into my face. Even though it was only a moment I turned my face into her breast. Two seconds, is all it takes to discern between accidental and deliberate contact, (count: twenty-one, twenty-two). This was deliberate and Julia and I knew it.

This was the milestone, I had secretly wished for. Perhaps some Van Escort men get propositioned all the time but I have never been hit upon by a woman. To be desired by someone else than your partner is awesome! I looked at Julia and ignored the feelings in my stomach and asked if she would have a tea or coffee with me at the deli shop next door, next Friday after shopping. She said “Yes!”

The Meeting

Julia and I were to have coffee after our shopping. All week I imagined all sorts of conversations, leading to kissing Julia, stroking her pussy and perhaps sex. At this stage my thoughts were to only kiss and put my hand between her legs and feel the contour of her womanhood. In actual fact, I was not so worried about the kissing but I really wanted to feel her mound and press my dick against it. I was sure that if we embraced she would feel my arousal and I would feel her pressing flesh against my dick.

Such were my thoughts during the week . I silently enacted different scenarios, different outcomes but of course it all depended on that cup of coffee after the Woolworth’s shop. My heart pounded as Friday dawned and it became time to do the shopping. I had committed myself to a meeting with a woman, not my wife, with the intention of eventually having sex with her.

As I did my shopping; veggies first and then the bread and breakfast aisle, I saw Julia. She was at the milk fridge ready to turn into the biscuits and computer aisle. I raced to meet her from the other end and so she and I met each other exactly in the middle of the aisle next to the computer paper. We awkwardly met each other’s eyes, perhaps she was feeling the same anxieties that I felt. Awkwardly because we had not done anything that really constituted a breach of trust to my wife and perhaps her partner. I did not even know if she had a partner. This was the point of no return for either of us. I touched her arm and let my grip trail down to her hand, covered it and gave it a gentle squeeze. As I was ready to say something useless (which I usually do when I am stressed).She squeezed back and looked me straight in the eyes. “I’m looking forward to that coffee”. There it was, no more indecision, no more small talk, no more “touchy feelly” gestures. Julia had declared herself to me. She was ready to commit. Was I ready to commit? I really did not know but I knew deep down that no matter what, I was going to have that coffee.

We shopped together in the remaining aisles and Julia went for some bottom shelf product that made her bend over in front of me! Her backside and between legs clearly defining her flesh. I am sure it was deliberate. My half erection was well hidden behind the trolley. We spent a very pleasant half hour shopping together. Talking, touching and she exposing her outlined booty to me when she selected a bottom shelf product. I think that the person who monitored the security cameras followed us with interest. I guess he has seen it all before. That would be a perfect job for a retired person like me. Van Escort Bayan I envy him!


So, we are sitting in a cafe style restaurant. Julia is on the left of me and she looks at the menu. She looks at it because it is the right thing to do. I look at the menu because it is the right thing to do. The waitress comes over and we order coffee, a short black for me and a cappuccino for Julia. This is “tick tack” time. “Julia are you married” I ask? The answer is “No, I was, my husband died from heart failure five years ago. Are you married?” she asks. “Yes I am, we have been married for almost forty years” I answered. This should have been my “get out of jail” free card. This was her chance to back out due to my being married. But instead she says, “You must have good reasons to sit here and have coffee with me, when You and I know that we’ll be screwing each other after we leave here”. Clinical but accurate and straight to the point. I ask for her address, she gives me her address. While we finish our coffee we talk about children and grandchildren, but it is not important any more. We want to press flesh!

Pressing Flesh

Julia’s place is ten minutes away from Hamiliton, I arrive at the address and see her taking groceries from the car. I help her bring in the groceries. The groceries are in bags on the kitchen bench. There can be no further procrastination. This is now or never time. Julia is two foot away and leaning on the counter and looking at the groceries. I have to believe that this is the moment that counts and that this is the moment she wants me to touch her. So I do. I encircle her into my arms and press my body into her. Julia turns around in my arms and presents her mound onto my cock and because she is against the kitchen bench and bent backwards the contact is accentuated. It is very exciting and my dick responds. Like most women Julia wears jeans, so to caress her mound, I gently probe her crotch with my fingers and hope to press and fumble in the right areas. It is very difficult to feel much through her jeans. As I fumble, her hand comes down, takes my fingers and directs my fingers at her spot. She looks at me and cups her hand over my dick. She has no trouble at all feeling my outline, even through my jeans, as I am engorged and hard. There is an air of urgency in our embrace and wandering touch. We are seniors; people over sixty. We, each, have had and made love for almost half a century. We do not kiss, instead we let our hands wander over each other’s body, exploring curves and contours, and comparing them to our past experiences. I touch and massage her breast and gently brush her nipple. The nipple reacts and becomes hard. She takes my hand and moves my hand onto her other breast.

Foreplay is a concept I can do without. Every man when aroused does not want to wait, he wants to shove it in and fuck and fuck until he comes. Such is nature. That is how it is in the animal kingdom. It is not rape as the female is in season, meaning she is ready Escort Van and willing to partake in that exquisite act. Her smell let the males know that she wants it. And, all I wanted to do, was to take off Julia’s clothes and bang her until I came and fell off her, exhausted by my efforts. Of course I can not smell Julia.

Final Act

Of course, we, (most of us), do not rape our partners or intended partners, so I started to undo her jeans button. This is actually quite difficult doing it from the front so luckily Julia again helped me out and undid the button for me. I undid my jeans button and pulled down my zip and let my jeans fall down to my knees. I unzipped Julia and pulled down her jeans to her knees. I grabbed Julia’s bum and pushed my self against her. Without jeans and only bits of nylon and cotton separating we felt each other’s hardness so much better. We looked at each other, and nearly bumped our heads as we took off our jeans, and jocks and socks. We were naked from the waist down. We did not look at each other below the waist, We just touched our lower bodies. We revelled in the nakedness, the skin on skin contact of thighs; the extra sensory sensation, the awareness of pubic hair, the tactile information that my dick brought to my brain. I could feel and explore Julia’s mound with my dick.

Although we did not look down, we were very much aware of each other and when I started to lower myself a bit to enter her, she thrust her pelvis forward to meet my advance. Julia was wet. Julia was very wet. My dick went in, and just went in and in. In as far as it could go without stopping or resistance. No pain, just in it went. The feel of her heat inside her made me go slow as I was experiencing the most exquisite sensation on the flesh of my dick in her cunt. We moved slowly. Perhaps she was experiencing similar feelings or sensations. I did not know or really cared. I only cared about my dick, my orgasm. I wanted to stretch it out, I wanted a slow build up; I wanted to make her come at her moment; I did not want this to end. But before I could, she groaned, twisted, arched her back and orgasmed with unrecognisable sounds. Her spasms arching her back and forth with guttural moans made me come. I came; I came with a vengeance. I only cared about me. Nothing left; I just pumped and pumped until I was done. She did the same, she thrusted, arched, grabbed my bum and slammed her clit into me. Hard contact, her clit against my pubic bone. I was spent, my exhausted erection unable to deal with the ferocity of her sexual needs went limp. I did not care; I was satisfied. We stood together engulfed with sexual relief, (at least I was) in each other’s arms leaning for support. And then we started to smile and grin, relieved that it was over.

Julia looked me in the eye and said “We should have coffee more often”.

Julia and I had “coffee” for three months and then she stopped shopping at Woolworths in Hamilton. I do not know what happened to her but she disappeared, completely. I never saw her again at Woolworths. I drove by her place and saw a “For Sale” sign with a ‘Sold” banner across it.

Today, when I do the shopping I continue to smile at women my age and hope for another Julia!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32