Shock and Revenge with a BIG DICK

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I’m standing in the steamy bathroom, having just gotten out of the shower, when Lila opens the door. Her face instantly contorts to one of shock with a slight twinge of fear before I notice her presence. I stare at her eyes. She does not stare back at mine, but instead at the throbbing, semi engorged member between my legs.

Unsure of what to do with myself, I examine Lila’s reaction, trying to get a sense for how I should react. Should I reach for my towel hanging on the rack by the ajar door, just inches away from her. Should I laugh and play it off an accident, as if I hadn’t purposely left the door unlocked. Should I begin a normal conversation like nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

With her body still frozen in place Lila releases her gaze from my cock and locks onto my face. Her mouth now forms a perfect O shape, and her eyes are wide in surprise. The dark, dilated pupils of those wide eyes give her a slightly bedazzled look, as if she’s just regained consciousness after being knocked out for a short period of time. Her breathing is noticeable now. I’m not sure if it’s because the room is filled with an extremely awkward silence or if her breathing is abnormally louder than normal.

I can feel the veins in my cock begin to pulse as it gradually gets longer and thicker. It already extends halfway down my thigh and won’t be long before it’s at my knee. It throbs and twitches at the sight of a new onlooker to take in its sheer size.

After what felt like several minutes but had probably only been a handful of seconds, I decide to say something to ease the tension. “Hey, sorry about this. I must have forgotten to lock the door. My bad,” I say in a sincere tone, not trying to imply anything too soon.

I take a step towards the towels.

Towards her.

She suddenly recoils, turning around, and closing the door with a quick slam in one smooth motion. From inside the steamy room, I hear her collapse into the door and slide down it to the floor. Her heavy breathes cause the door to move back and forth making a slight clicking sound in the locking mechanism. “No! No… I’m sorry,” she says in a raspy, breathless voice. “It’s my fault I should have knocked first. I’ll give you a minute.”

Now let me set the scene for the previous events and the events yet to come.

Two months before this incident in the bathroom I moved into my friend’s house. His parents were kind enough to take me in for a while.

In all there was my friend, his sister, his parents and I all under the same roof. Their house was quite large, so it didn’t feel cramped with all of us. On top of that his parents were often out on business trips that would last a couple days at a time or more, and my friend was a sports scholar, which meant he was always at torments or training, so the house often felt quite empty.

The emptiness wasn’t a problem thought because I had Lila. My best friend’s sister. I only knew Lila by name before I moved in, but once I had settled, we got to know each other quickly. She was 18 (only a couple years younger than me and her brother) but extremely confident and good looking for her age.

Every night we were home alone we cooked together before watching a movie. We became almost inseparable. And I absolutely did not mind the company. Especially considering Lila’s choice of loungewear. She often sported tight shorts that perfectly sculpted her large plump ass and had a firm grip on her thighs. Her even tighter crop tops showed off her round breasts leaving cleavage spilling over. It was a true sight to behold, and she didn’t seem to mind the stares she received from me.

I would find any excuse I could to show off my well-toned body, often stripping down to my boxers and taking “naps” on the sofa in the main sitting room. I had caught her eyeing everything from my abs to the bulge of my flaccid member several times and played it off like I didn’t know she was there until I could no longer avoid her presence.

There were a few days when one of her parents extended business trips and my friends sporting tournaments overlapped and I knew the house would be empty except for me and Lila for a while.

During the first day I had caught her lounging in just her underwear in the sitting room. She had quickly covered up using a nearby blanket and said, “Sorry I thought you were out”.

I never said that I had plans to go out. I never even considered it. Not when I could be alone with Lila. “Oh, my bad. I didn’t see you when I came down. Don’t let me interrupt”, I replied nonchalantly, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

She had planned this encounter. And I knew it. So, I thought I’d play along. I started leaving the bathroom door unlocked while I was taking showers and made sure to spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom after turning off the shower so she might think I had already left and walk in. Which, as you know, is exactly what happened.

And that brings us back to me, standing in the bursa eskort bathroom, with just a door between me and my best friend’s sister who I just exposed my naked body to. Not forgetting my “larger than average” penis.

I dry myself off for a few minutes, just listening to her heavy breathing on the other side of the door. Eventually she stands up and her footsteps get quieter as she walks away. When I leave the bathroom, she is nowhere to be seen.

I didn’t see Lila at all until the evening of evening; we had made plans to cook together.

She smiled at me as I walked into the kitchen. Not a smile filled with lust necessarily. But she seemed happy to see me.

A lack of underwear and my grey sweatpants showed off my obvious bulge excellently. You didn’t have to look hard to see the shaft of my soft cock extending down my leg. I chose not bring attention to it and let the evening carry on as normal, despite the curious stares.

The conversation between us wasn’t awkward while we cooked. Neither of us had brought up the incident from earlier and I intended to keep it that way, for now at least.

Eventually we sat down to eat, and Lila started talking about the date she had with her boyfriend later.

Lila had spoken about Mike to me a few times before, and from what I’ve gathered he doesn’t sound like the best person in the world. Certainly not boyfriend material.

Mike, like my friend is also a sports scholar, and because of that deems himself above everyone else. His big head thinks he has the right to do anything he likes to anyone he likes. He practically abuses Lila for fun. She hadn’t told me that, but I’d overheard her saying it to one of her friends on the phone a few weeks prior.

I am worried for Lila, because despite his shitty attitude she seemed to love him. I know it will only be a matter of time before he ruins what love she has for him.

The excited attitude Lila possesses for the date is laced with an apprehensive tone. As she speaks her voice became angry. Swapping from the topic of the date to Mike’s habits of lies and deceit.

“He’s cheated on me,” she admits with sorrow in her voice. “Twice. You know that? TWICE! I know it was an accident but something like that is hard to forget.” Her voice is growing strained.

‘The wine must be getting to her,’ I thought, moving both our drinks away to a counter in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what to do apart from nod and make an “ah” sound intermittently to indicate my agreement as I listened.

“And he always lies. Always. And when I figure out his bull shit, he gaslights me back into submission,” she said, slamming a balled-up fist into the table. “Let me give you an example. Let me think. OH! His fucking dick. He never shuts up about how big it is.” Lila held up her hands to make the quotation marks gesture when she said “big”.

“He says shit like ‘You’ll never be able to find someone with a dick this big Lila’ and ‘You’re lucky to have me and my big cock’.” She is shouting now. Her face red in anger at Mike. “And for fucks sake his dick isn’t even that big. Maybe 6 inches on a good day and about as thick as a pencil.” She held her palms Infront of her facing each other about 4 inches apart to indicate his actual size. She smiled at her freedom of making fun of her shitty boyfriend.

Extending the gap between her hands to be wider the width of her shoulders she said, “And it’s certainly nothing on your monster.” She quickly covered her mouth with her palm out of shock. As if she had said something awful. “Oh my god I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud”.

“So, you still meant to say it in your head?” I say in a mocking tone with a sly grin plastered across my face.

“I’m really sorry it just slipped out,” her hand was off her face now and she was sharing my grin.

“You don’t have to be sorry it was my fault earlier anyway,” I said truthfully. “And besides, I now know why you acted like you had never seen a penis before. Thanks to pencil prick Mike you actually hadn’t. Not a proper one anyway.”

“Well, I certainly have now thanks to you.”

The topic of conversation is turning me on more than I thought possible. Lila just referred to my dick as a monster. The same monster cock I can feel throbbing in my sweatpants as blood rushes up and down its length. I had to straighten out my left leg to let the head pass my knee. Luckily, I had moved back to the table (after clearing the drinks away) so I could hide my hard on quite well, despite the urge to show Lila what a big dick feels like now she knows what one looks like.

Just as it’s all going perfectly for me. The doorbell rings. It’s Mike. He’s come to pick Lila up for their date. I’d forgotten about it due to the recent excitement in the air.

I tell her to have a fun night and give her a tight hug making sure she notices the full length of my rock-hard shaft pressing into her through the material of my sweatpants. Her eyes follow by bouncing dick bursa escort bayan print as I run upstairs to be out of Mikes view (Lila told him that she was home alone knowing that he wouldn’t appreciate an unwanted man in the house).

Once I heard the front door click shut, I returned downstairs to spend the rest of the evening alone. Lila had said she wouldn’t be back till the morning. I relieved myself of my newfound erection thinking of Lila. Her all too amazing ass, and the way she talked about my dick. Stroking its long shaft in both hands (with room for two more) I imagined Lila taking every inch of it. I could hear her screams of pleasure in my head. With these images in my mind, it wasn’t long before I was spraying volumes white cum over the floor.

Around an hour later I was sitting on a sofa in front of the TV when I heard the front door open and close quickly. I craned my neck to get a line of sight on the hallway to see Lila walking down towards me in a brisk fashion.

‘It was far too soon for her to be home,’ I thought checking the time.

“Hey,” she said in a shaky voice. I could hear the strain in her tone. Something was wrong. My suspicions were confirmed when she exploded into tears in front of me before I could even say hello. She slumped heavily into the armchair opposite me, causing it to slide back about a foot.

Her tears trailed down her face, dripping from her chin onto her cleavage that was bursting from her top.

“Hey. What happened? Are you okay?” I asked her. I quickly stood up and moved to the side of her chair, placing a hand on her shoulder to try and comfort her.

Lila looked up to me but broke off eye contact once I saw how red her eyes were. She had been crying long before she got back to the house. She now looked straight forwards, her eyes unfocused and glazed over. It took me a second to realise that her head was level with my crotch and that she was staring straight the bulge in my sweatpants once again. Pushing my hand off her shoulder, she wrapped her arms around my thighs in a tight embrace, nestling the side of her head into my crotch. My currently soft penis lay along the edge of her face, starting at her forehead outlining her side profile down to her chin, with nothing but the fabric of the sweats keeping us apart. She squeezed tighter not in a search for what lay waiting under my sweats but for comfort. I reached down placing a hand on her back and tried to pull away as I felt my cock start to harden.

Just in time she pushed away from me, placing her hands on the front of my thighs to extend herself back into the armchair. Her right hand slid down the length of my member as she let go.

Another wail escaped her mouth. “AHH THAT CUNT!” she screamed at the open room. “I HATE HIM!”

I crouch down to her level, concealing my now very full bulge below the arms of the chair. “What happened?” I say with a comforting tone, trying to calm her down. “Tell me about it. It will help. I promise.”

Her breathing stabilised and when she spoke her voice was only slightly louder than her average taking voice. “He cheated on me, again. Right in front of my face this time. I found him kissing some girl in the restroom of the club.”

“That’s awful. He’s not a nice person though. I hope you see that now. You’re better off without him,” I continue to rub circles in her back. It seemed to help her. However, it did not help with the big dick situation unfolding in my sweatpants.

“I shouted at him. Said it was over. That it was the last straw,” she began to cry again, her breathing growing raspy and uneven. “He said, ‘I never loved you anyway, you’ll never find someone else, especially not someone with this!’ He grabbed his dick through his jeans when he said that.”

“Don’t listen to him. I know you’ll find someone who loves you. Not like that ungrateful waste of space.” I took my hand off her back and using the tips of my fingers turned her head to face me by her chin. “And besides it’s not going to be hard be hard to find someone with a penis more impressive than pencil prick Mike. Not that it even matters anyway.”

“Ha. Yeah, you’re right,” she said, wiping the tears from her eyes with her skirt exposing the black lace thong she was wearing. Whether she did it on purpose or not I’m not sure. “Where were you a year ago. Kind, funny, actually gives a shit about how I am. And don’t think I’ve forgot that python you are keeping in those pants,” she punches me in the shoulder playfully.

“Hey, uhm, can I ask you something?” she asks nervously.

“Yeah? Sure, go ahead.”

“Okay but promise you won’t hate me.”

“How could I hate you?”

“Don’t feel like you have to say yes just because I’ve come home in tears,” she says, grabbing my arm and pulling me closer to her.

“Okay, okay get on with it,” I say a little apprehensively at this point.

“Well Mike said that I’d never find someone with a dick as nice as his. And, görükle escort well, you have a really, really nice dick. You could win competitions for worlds nicest dick,” she says with a beaming smile. “I don’t want to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. But I want to get revenge on him. And I want him to hurt from it.” She spoke so quick in her excitement I could barely understand her. Obviously, whatever she was going to suggest I was going to agree with. I’d fuck her to pieces if she let me. But I wanted to keep this game going so I chose to act uncertain.

“I’m not sure. What specifically are you thinking?” I ask her in a weary voice, going red in the face from the way she talked about my cock.

“I don’t know. Maybe I just take a selfie with it. With your dong I mean. You don’t have to show your face in the picture or anything. Just so I’ve got something to send to him that proves him wrong.”

“I don’t know,” I say. I couldn’t imagine this conversation going any more perfectly. “Don’t you think it’s a bit weird. You’re my best friend’s sister. I can’t.” She cuts me off.

“Come onnn,” she pleads. “It won’t take long. There must have been a reason I walked in on you while you were in the shower, and this is it. It won’t mean anything, just some photos. What’s the worst that can happen.”

“True I suppose. Fine. But no touching. Deal?”

“Deal accepted. Now come on, we’re wasting time here!” Her voice breaks in excitement as she quickly stands, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the stairs.

Up the stairs, across the landing, borderline sprinting the whole way as we move through the house. Finally, we end up in her bedroom. She leaps onto the bed, sits up and turns to face me with her legs dangling off the end of the mattress. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs slightly, exposing more than she might have liked in normal circumstances. But these aren’t normal circumstances, and she’s nowhere near exposed as I’m about to be.

I stand awkwardly in front of Lila trying to figure out what I should do next based off her expression, but she just stares at the dick print at my crotch. I open my mouth to ask what she wants me to do but she cuts me off. ” So, go on. Whip it out,” she said in a hurry. Lila’s head was now level with my groin from her leaning forward in anticipation. Her face only a matter of inches away from my abdomen. She doesn’t make eye contact with me and instead stares, fixated on what lies hidden. ‘Not hidden for much longer,’ I think to myself.

I reach down inserting both my thumbs into the waistband of my sweatpants. Stretching my arms down, I slowly pull the sweats off, revealing the lower portion of my waist before her line of sight reaches the base of my throbbing member.

Her eyes widen as the base becomes visible, like they are trying to accommodate for the size of the dick in front of them.

I unveil the shaft inch by inch. Taking my time watching Lila’s eyes follow the waistband down. Her mouth grows into a perfect o as I go. Just like before in the bathroom.

I take the waistband all the way down to my knees where only the head of my now fully hard cock was kept concealed. I let go. Gravity acts taking the sweatpants down off my penis as Lila leans ever closer.

SLAP! the noise was audible through the whole house as my dick sprung free launching upward straight into Lila’s chin. She recoiled slightly looking up at me with a grin almost wider than her face before returning her gaze to the monster cock that lay before her. The biggest she’d ever seen.

“Sorry I think I was slightly too close,” she said through a giggle. Her eyes still locked onto my dick.

“Don’t worry I should have warned you.”

Lila examined my length. The bulging veins. The pulsing heads. The way it curved down slightly towards the floor due to the sheer weight of the thing.

She reached out for it with her right hand, hesitating about halfway.

“I wish I hadn’t made that no touching deal now. It’s massive. You’re seriously hung like a horse.” Her voice began to crack again as she lost her words. The reddening in her face intensified.

“A deal is a deal. Sorry.” I said in a teasing voice fully well knowing where this was going.

I flexed the muscles at the base of my penis making it jump up into the air and slapping into my stomach. I’d become quite adept at doing this and it always got the best reactions from anyone who saw it.

Lila burst out laughing at the sight, falling off the bed. “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!”, she managed brokenly say between laughs. “IT’S TOO BIG FOR YOU TO ABLE TO DO THAT. TOO HEAVY. IT MUST WEIGH THE SAME AS A BOWLING BALL.”

“Not quite a bowling ball or else I’d never be able to do that.”

I repeat the trick two more times. She’s loving it.

Despite the lack of half of my clothes I begin to feel the heat from the energy in the room. I remove the t-shirt I’m wearing. The lighting is perfect to show my washboard abs and muscular chest as I undress.

Lila’s mouth reforms her classic o shape signifying her shock. “Add that to the list,” she said. “Kind, funny, gives a shit, monster cock and fit as fuck. Holy shit, how do you even exist.”

I shrug off the awe-soaked compliments. “So how are we doing this?” I ask her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32