Lauren’s Favorite Lapdance Ch. 02

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Tony spent the next hour or so in the dark, in the back of the club, watching Lauren and the other girls dance onstage. He was having a very hard time believing he wasn’t in a dream. He even tried to wake himself up a few times. It was no use. The lap dance that Lauren had given him was burned in his memory—no woman had ever fucked him like that before. Who the hell was she, anyway? A dancer in a club! He didn’t even know if Lauren was her real name! She hadn’t even bothered with a condom! Tony shook his head, not sure what to think. Lauren watched him from behind the bar as he left the club. She smiled at him and told him to “Come again!”

Tony got on the bus and headed for his apartment. It wasn’t a long ride. He had to cross his legs to hide his erection. He couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren. He’d had her lap dances before, a few times, but this fucking business was something altogether new! He couldn’t believe he had given her all that money, and he couldn’t believe that she had taken his cock out and fucked him! She had never done that to him before. He wondered if she had ever done it to anyone else, in the back of the club like that.

He got off the bus and walked up the stairs to his third floor apartment. The building he lived in was old and didn’t have elevators. He unlocked the door and went inside. The apartment was dark and quiet. He instantly knew that something was wrong. It was too damn quiet. He flipped on a light, and saw that half his apartment was gone. There was a sealed envelope with his name on it, sitting on an empty kitchen table. He was already pretty sure what she had written.

“Great,” he said, to his empty apartment. “At least I don’t have to bursa escort bayan tell her I’m a cheat.”


Lauren watched him leave the club, and told him to “Come again!” as he walked out. He had given her almost a thousand dollars, and she had fucked him. She went home that night to her little apartment, and couldn’t figure out what had come over her. She shared the apartment with her friend Kitty, who worked with her at the club. That night they wound down from work with a few screwdrivers, and Lauren finally worked up her courage and asked Kitty: “Have you ever, you know, done it with any of the guys in the club?”

“Done what?” Kitty asked, sipping on her second screwdriver.

“You know,” Lauren said. “Fucked a guy.”

“I slept with one of the bartenders for a little while, but then he quit. Is that what you mean?”

“Well… not really, I mean one of the customers.”

“Lauren! You didn’t!” Kitty gasped.

Lauren blushed and nodded. “I don’t know what happened, it was a lap dance, and we were in the back in that really dark booth, you know, and something came over me and I had to have him inside, I just wanted to fuck him really hard and then I did!”

“Did he give you a lot of money?”

“I’m not telling you what he gave me. And besides, he didn’t ask me to. I fucked him.”

“Was it good?”

“Yes! It was so good, his cock was so big.”

“Lauren, you didn’t use protection did you?”

Lauren shook her head, sipped from her glass. “I just got lost, I don’t know what came over me, I didn’t even care. I wanted him to come inside me!”

“You let him!”

“Where else görükle escort was he gonna shoot it? And it felt so good, shooting so deep inside,” Lauren said. She lay back on her bed, closing her eyes. “I can still feel his come inside me,” she said, lightly, almost a whisper. Kitty heard it though.

“You like feeling it inside you, don’t you?” Kitty asked. “Lauren, you’re such a slut!”

Lauren shook her head. “No, no, I’m not, Kitty, really!”

“Liar!” Kitty said, grinning wickedly. “You love fucking! You’re a slut! You fucked a man because he gave you all that money!”

“No no no!” Lauren cried. Kitty was suddenly on top of her on her bed.

“Such a slut! You shouldn’t fuck the men who come into the club! It’s bad for business. We’ll all get a reputation, Lauren. I need to teach you a lesson.” Kitty was pulling at her shorts, trying to get them down her legs.

“Kitty, stop it, what—why are you trying to take my clothes off?”

“I’ve been watching you dance every day for months now, and sleeping across the room from you, I didn’t know you were still such a slut Lauren, now I’m gonna take what I want from you!” Kitty finally got Lauren’s shorts off her, and tossed them across the room. Lauren was lying there on the bed, her bottom half totally naked, just a thin little tank top covering her breasts.

“Kitty, stop, please—” Lauren pleaded, but Kitty cut her off.

“Shut up, Lauren, you know this’ll feel good, just spread your legs for me. I want to taste this man you had today. Have another drink and sit back, okay.” Kitty handed Lauren her screwdriver. “Take a long drink from that, okay, darling?” Lauren did, bursa escort bayan and there was a lot of alcohol in it, and it floored her. She dropped her head on the pillow underneath, closed her eyes. Her legs fell apart when Kitty touched them. She felt Kitty kissing her legs. Now Kitty was kissing her thighs. That was nice. And now… Kitty was licking her! She was licking her between her thighs! Oh, it felt so good! She sucked on Lauren’s clit for a bit, before licking again from her clit to her asshole. Kitty started sliding her tongue, just a bit, in and out of Lauren’s pussy. Lauren moaned, and Kitty started going to work, getting her tongue deep inside Lauren. She started sucking on her pussy then, and Lauren could feel her sucking Tony’s come out of her! “Yummy,” Kitty said, around a mouthful of white creamy sperm. She grabbed Lauren’s tank top and pulled it up, and then licked up her body, spreading Tony’s come around on Lauren’s belly and then on her tits. Lauren started rubbing herself, rubbing the sperm into her skin. Kitty suddenly kissed Lauren, and Lauren could taste both her pussy and Tony’s come on Kitty’s lips. Kitty started fingering her, working her index finger in and out of Lauren’s pussy, fast, and suddenly two fingers, and then three. Lauren moaned. Kitty finger-fucked her hard, driving three fingers—now four!—in and out of Lauren’s pussy. Kitty broke the kiss and Lauren cried out. Kitty kissed down her body to her clit, and started sucking on it, hard, in her mouth, and Kitty tried to work her thumb inside Lauren’s pussy. It was getting there… Lauren felt it slide in, somehow there was enough room, it was all feeling so good. Kitty was pushing further inside! Oh God, Lauren thought, is she going to get her whole hand in there? As she thought that, Kitty pushed hard, and her knuckles got inside, and then the rest of her hand easily slid in, and she made a fist inside Lauren and fucked her really hard, until it was too much and Lauren came again and again and again…

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