Finger Lickin’ Good Ch. 03

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The next day as I check out the schedule, I see that Gloria and I both have the following day off. My cock instantly gets hard thinking about spending the day exploring Gloria’s body. I see that Gloria is already at work, so I walk over to her. She doesn’t see me as I come up behind her. As I am walking over to her, I am checking out that ass and just thinking about good it going to be spanking that ass. I get close to her and she can feel my hard cock rubbing up against her ass. She looks over her shoulder and smiles then wiggles her ass against my hard cock.

“How ya doing sexy?” I ask.

“Doing pretty good after feeling that hard cock.” She replies.

“Well you will be able to feel it up close and personal tomorrow.” I say.

“Sounds good. Come over to my place for some lunch.” She says as she wiggles her ass against my hard cock.

I have a hard time keeping my mind on my work all day as I think about what is going to happen the next day. I say to myself the hell with tomorrow I going get some of that ass tonight. I start making some plans. I know where Gloria lives and know that she lives alone. So I figure I will just show up that night.

As Gloria and I are leaving work she comes over to me and says “I can’t wait until tomorrow to some more of that hard white cock. I will be going crazy tonight just thinking about it.”

“Well you will just have to wait.” I say as I reach over and pinch that fine ass.

I go home and fix some dinner and sit down and watch some TV. But I can’t concentrate and just think about fucking Gloria. My cock stays rock hard. At eleven I get up and drive over to Gloria’s house. As I arrive I don’t see any lights on in the house, but Gloria’s car is in the driveway. I park my car and get out and check out the house. I still don’t see any lights on, so I decide to walk around back. As I get to the back of the house I notice and small light coming out a window. I walk over to the window and look in. There is Gloria lying on her bed with her legs wide open and she has a white dildo gaziantep escort in her pussy. She is pinching her nipples and sliding that dildo in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck my black pussy with that white cock of yours.” I hear her say as she continues to fuck herself with that dildo. Of course my cock becomes rock hard as I watch Gloria fuck herself with the dildo. As I watch, Gloria begins to slam the dildo in and out of her pussy and her hips begin to buck.

“Oh yes, that hard white cock is making me cum,” she says as her hips buck wildly. She continues to slam the dildo in and out of her pussy. Suddenly she slams the dildo deep in her pussy as he hips come up, then she collapses totally on the bed with her hips jerking uncontrollably. She lays there for a minute then takes the dildo out of her pussy and begins sucking on it, licking it clean of her pussy juices.

I hear her say to herself “I can’t wait for Zeke to come over with that hard white cock and fuck my juicy black pussy.” I am somewhat surprised that Gloria wanted my cock so bad. So I decided not to let her down.

I go around to the front of her house and ring the doorbell a couple of times. I can here Gloria moving around inside. “Who is it?” She asks.

“It’s Zeke, sexy.” I reply.

Through the closed door she asks, “What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t wait until tomorrow, so I decided to come over tonight. Hope you aren’t mad.”

She opens the door and says “Hell no, I am glad you came over.”

Gloria is wearing a short white baby doll nightie. The contrast between the white nightie and her mocha color skin is beautiful. I step inside and close the door, then grab her and pull her close forcing my tongue into her mouth. She responds my pulling me close and forcing her tongue into my mouth. We explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. I am grabbing her ass and kneading it. She grins her crotch into mind, feeling my hard cock. As we continue to kiss, she begins to unbutton my konya escort shirt. She breaks our lip lock and begins to kiss my chest as she removes my shirt. She licks and sucks on my nipples and continues down to the top of my jeans. As she licks and kisses along the top of jeans, she begins to unzip them. As she unzips my jeans and they drop to the floor my cock jumps straight out at attention.

“Oh, I see that you are ready.” She says as she kisses the tip of my hard cock.

I reach down and pull her up to a standing position, as I step out of my jeans. I begin to kiss and nip at her neck. I pull the nightie up and off and begin to kiss down to her breasts. Her nipples are still hard. I lick, nip and suck on her nipples and she moans in ecstasy. I continue kiss down to the top of her nicely trimmed pubic hair. She bends her knees slightly and spread her legs a little as I begin to kiss and lick her inner thighs.

“Stop or I am going to fall down.” She says.

I stand up and pick her up and ask, “Where is the bedroom?”

Gloria directs me to the bedroom and I place her on the bed. I get down between her thighs and start where we left off. I begin to kiss and lick all over her inner thighs and just outside her pussy. I can taste her juices from the fucking she got from the dildo. Her pussy is wet and juicy.

“ I can see you are ready for my hard white cock.”

“Yes, fuck my black pussy with that hard white cock.”

I place the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and just rub it around on the outside. My cock rubs against her clit and she lifts her hips trying to have her pussy swallow my cock. I begin to slowly slide my cock into her pussy. Taking my time, making sure she feels the whole cock sliding in. She is wiggling her ass and her pussy is gobbling up my cock. Finally our hips meet and my cock is buried deep in he pussy. I begin to grind my hips against hers, moving my cock around in her pussy. I begin to slowly slide my cock out of her pussy, taking kayseri escort my time. Just before the head of my cock exits her pussy I stop.

“OH Zeke you are driving me crazy. Slam that hard white cock in my black pussy and fuck me like you mean it!!” Gloria says.

With that I slam my cock deep into her pussy burying it deep into her pussy. I grab her legs and throw them over my shoulders and begin to slam my cock in and out of her pussy. Lifting her ass up off the bed and then slamming it back down as I bury my cock deep in her pussy. She grabs my ass and forces my cock deeper into her pussy. I continue to fuck her, slamming my cock in and out of her pussy. Her hips are bucking as trying to force me off. I grab her ass and force my cock deep into her pussy.

“OH GOD Zeke fuck that black pussy.”

I pull my cock out of her pussy and get her into the doggy position. I get behind that fine ass and place my cock into her pussy. I grab her hips and with one long, deep, hard thrust I bury my cock into her pussy. As I fuck her pussy, she gets the rhythm and starts moving her hips with the strokes of my cock, forcing my cock deep into her pussy. Gloria reaches down and begins to play with her clit as my cock slams in and out of her pussy. Every once and awhile she plays with my balls. As she continues to play with her clit and my cock slams in and out of her pussy, I can feel her starting to cum. Her hips are bucking wildly and my cock stays buried in her pussy as she cums.

After she cums, her arms give out and the top of her body slumps to the bed. Her ass is still up in the air with my cock buried deep in her pussy. My cock is still hard and I continue to slam it in and out of her pussy. I can feel my balls tighten as I begin to cum. I pull my cock out of her pussy and I turn Gloria over onto her back and begin to shoot cum onto her tits. I move up and Gloria eagerly opens her mouth and I begin to shoot more cum into her mouth. She takes my semi-hard cock into her mouth and begins to suck it dry. She licks my cock clean.

I slump down to the bed and grab Gloria and pull her close and begin to stroke her hair and back. We just lie there cuddling not saying anything, just enjoying holding each other. We fall asleep just holding each other. When we wake up the next morning we spend the whole day in bed exploring each other’s bodies even more.

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