While You Were Away Ch. 01

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“Another drink?” Sam asked me, slurring his words a bit. He didn’t bother waiting for a response – just lumbered into the kitchen and left me with the telly smoking a cigarette. His sister and parents had gone for two weeks in Morocco, leaving him to rattle around alone in his house. For us this meant a lot of drinking and smoking inside.

I checked the clock, it read quarter to two.

“I probably ought to get a taxi after this one mate,” I called through to him.

He returned with two dark, stenching drinks – jaegar mixed with rum and I couldn’t guess what else.

“Stay over if you like,” he said. “I’ve got training in the morning, but you can sleep it off while I go in. If I can make it in that is,” he laughed. “I’m absolutely trollied.”

Sam was a footballer – not professional, but he played for a local team alongside college. I always thought they must have been a bit of a shit team, because he didn’t seem to make it in sober too much of the time.

I didn’t have anything to do it the morning – it was the holidays and I had no job. Why not? So I accepted his offer.

“Nice one! I’ll stick you in our Becky’s room, so I don’t wake you up.”

For just one beat my heart slowed down just a little.

You see, had I realised I’d be sleeping in Becky’s room, I might have accepted a little quicker. I felt as if our night of boozing had dropped away as I thought about being in the sensual playground that I had been given for the night – the day too, as Sam was at training!

I snapped back to reality istanbul travesti and we continued drinking and chatting, doing shots and enjoying our freedom. Talking about women. We kept going till about four, when my eyes were starting to droop, so I took my drink up with me and told him I was off to bed.

I was tired, but, just as I expected, I found my energy came back upstairs.

Becky’s room was painted an understated beige colour, and it was all very neat and organised. By her bed was a table with a mug and a lamp on it, but it was otherwise spotless clean. She had a big double bed, opposite which was a wide wardrobe, the kind that slides open.

With that sick feeling I always get in my stomach, I slid open the door. So many dresses! Posh, casual, flirty, dramatic, but all beautiful, all different colours! I opened the cupboard next to her, piled up she had beautiful tops and skirts and shorts and cardigans.

But these could wait for tomorrow, I thought to myself. I crouched down to the bottom shelf, where there was a silk nightie that caught my eye.

Oh, I had already fantasised about it. When I was round at Sam’s and his sister came down wearing it – blue with red roses on it – all I could think about was wearing it. How it would feel on me.

I picked it up, it was incredibly light and supple in my hands. I held it against my body in the mirror, I almost put it back out of feeling it was wrong.

Instead, I tore out of my jeans and my hoodie, and slunk it over my head. I şişli travesti tingled everywhere, and rubbed my hands down my body. The silk felt amazing. Looking in the mirror, it changed me, it made me look feminine. Pretty, even.

I heard Sam trundle up the stairs and my heart beat heavy in my chest, even though I knew he was going to his room – I got the all familiar fear. I stood, hardly breathing, my cock making a silk canopy of the nightie. But he didn’t go past. Jesus Christ! He turned the doorknob and came in.

“Bloody hell.” He said when he saw me.

I felt naked.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

What to say?!

“I… didn’t have any pyjamas.” I said, lamely.

To my relief he laughed, and maybe it was all drunkenly okay. That is, till he eyes drifted downward, and I tried to hide my erection but he saw it.

I was shaking now. All I could say was, “please don’t tell anyone.”

I turned away from him and started to take it off. Just as I had pulled it over my bum he moved from the door to pull it back down.

“Leave it,” he grinned rakishly. “It looks nice.”

He kicked the door shut and kissed me on the neck.

“What are you doing!?” I exclaimed, and pushed him, though he was much stronger than me and put his hands on the small of my back, forcing me close to him.

He didn’t answer, just turned off the light and kept kissing me, deeply. It was great; I felt drunk. I’d fantasised about men occasionally, and I was always bakırköy travesti turned on by wearing women’s clothes – once I gave in to the weirdness it was exciting.

He took me over to his sisters bed and lay me down in my nightie – him in his boxer shorts.

He ran his hands all over my body, and I did the same to his. His, that smelt musty and masculine, and I suddenly felt so feminine, in my silk, my hair reaching my shoulders.

“Turn over,” he whispered in my ear.

I did as he told me, knowing what was coming. He lay one arm under me and one over, resting his hands on my crotch. One started to slowly masturbate me, it felt incredibly intense. I pumped my body backwards and forwards, unable to think for the bizarreness and sexiness of it all.

Then he pierced me, and I yelped! “Christ!”

I wanted it so bad, and it hurt. He tried again, and entered a moment, which sent a spasm through my body and caused me to come ecstatically all over his sisters beautiful silk nightdress.

He muttered something about training up and pulled out of me – thank God!

He bit my neck and was fiddling around behind me, and slowly forced something into my ass. I gasped with pleasure this time, it was much smaller than him, but felt huge all the same! The drink took away any pain as it went all the way in, and he bit my neck.

“Let’s leave that there for the night, eh?” He said.

He didn’t take his arms off me and I lay awake for a while when I thought he must be asleep, and I had got hard again. I was so turned on, and the fact that whatever was in my ass was getting less comfortable only made me hotter. I put my hand on my shaft and slowly masturbated so as not to wake him up, while rubbing my shivering hands on the silk of the nightie.

I didn’t give a thought to what it would be like in the morning, mind.

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