Wifey’s Work Becomes Play Pt. 01

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Two days passed, and i still had not removed my eyeglasses when she was around. Usually, i’d wear them only at night or to watch TV. But, with my recent salon treatment, i was petrified, i was anxious… i was … chicken! My long eyelashes were without question very feminine, very curled, very sexy.. and very much- me!

There was no way to hide the new hair color i now had. But if i could just hide my tinted eyebrows and long lash extensions- maybe, maybe- she wouldn’t notice.

And on the third day- no comments from her. Nothing about my hair, and not sure if she had seen even the slightest of my eyebrows. hmmmm Denial? Not observant?

And on the third day- i didn’t wear glasses. Out at dinner (someplace public so i could have witnesses when she got ready to kill me! giggle)- i took them off, quite in passing, and she did look. i noticed the double-take. But she looked, and smiled. She saw my eyebrows.

hmmm Waiting till we get home before she hollers?

And nothing. Wow, this is really odd. We sat around and each read our particular books; and then bed time. i was still really stressed and she was tired. i did my usual ritual of checking doors and making coffee for next morning. And then, i thought- maybe a little weed, just to help me relax. Off to the back porch and lighting up a bowl- the stars shined brightly, a light breeze in the air. i inhaled slowly and then watched as the wisps of smoke drifted off. The mild buzz began to encompass me- good. Now i will be able to sleep peacefully.

And then- the images, my mind, my thoughts, dark, wicked thoughts. A prayer, begging for her to feel temptation and desires like i do. A prayer that she will indulge, submit… as she had, so long ago. To crave and ache for lust and passion and pleasure. Will my prayer fall on deaf ears, lost on the wind, and will never see her as she had been years ago? i climbed into bed, leaned over to give wifey a little kiss on her cheek, and i brushed against her sexy round ass. mmm how that ass tempts me and causes such wicked desires in me.

Am i really feeling a sense of change? No… it was just a moment in time. Nothing more. Then why, when even now, are my nipples so hard and i feel so… tingly?

Morning arrives with a sense of change. Its hard for me to put my finger on it. There just seems to be something different- trans-formational. i look at wifey, she is getting ready for work, spending extra time picking out her outfit. i wander by her settee where she is focused on her makeup. “Hon, what do you think? i have a dinner meeting this evening, maybe i’ll use my new makeup you and i picked out last week- what do you think?” i look at her, her lips full, looking down, i see her cleavage visible, full. “Yes sweetie, yes, those colors look so good on you and the sparkly affect will make you dazzling.” She looks at me and smiles. “Get me my high heels, honey, i’ll istanbul travesti be wearing those to dinner as well.” i do as ordered.

She called to tell me to plan to pick her up, that she was taking her staff out for dinner and drinks. i told her that sounds fine, to enjoy and leave the driving to me. i looked down at my tight top, the soft blue color of my ‘boi t-shirt’ was anything BUT manly. And i saw my nipples, hard, pressing against the soft, stretchy fabric. o my! What caused that?

And then the images began to filter through- yes, i had smoked some good weed, so relaxing, i think i drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

i received her text message just slightly past 9:30pm. Time for you to come, honey. Pick me up in about 20. Come in for a drink or two. Will be waiting.

Ok- .. um where?

Here, silly. And 5 seconds later, a pic pops up- an image of a bar, people, mixed crowd, and then another pic of people and a band. And another- this one of her, a selfie, on the dance floor.

You’re at a club?

yes silly. see? And another few pics. And she, her lips wet, sipping on a drink. In the background i see the banner for the club- and i reply- ok, on my way.

Oh- honey, wear your dance attire, want to dance. Will be waiting. And another pic- her lips, puckered, wet, painted.

Dance attire? hmmmm well, i do have my sexy womens black slacks, that and a tight white t and a little jacket? That’s not too over the top. i look in the mirror- at least its dark there, my hair and eyebrows and all won’t be too noticeable.

Well, if its that dark, and its obvious she’s a bit tipsy, maybe i’ll… no, no i can’t.

oh yes you can… do it

oh that evil voice… always always present Do it. No one will notice anyways.

Well, that’s true. Whose gonna pay attention to me? And i dash into the bedroom and her dresser, just the slightest amount of concealer, then foundation and then powder. Well, and just a hint of blush. omg i love being, feeling this way.

yes… yes you do. Put a little bit more on. Do it.

My hands tremble. No… but my eyes dash to the eye shadow … omg… just a little bit. Just subtle. i shake… holding the delicate brush to the soft brown color… and then to my eyes. omg i love this. And my nipples ache, pressing hard.

i look at the panties i am wearing- how dull. Into my special drawer and i look at my lovely, sexy panties. Yes- the lavender and lace ones. mmm they feel so good sliding up onto my round femme ass. And then my slacks and my tight top. Ready to go, i begin to walk out, but then… i take the joint from last night with me. You just never know!

Driving down town, i watch traffic. Not much, its quiet. I am playing some sexy femmey dance music and feeling so … perfect.

i arrive at the bar and walk in. Quite a few people there, wouldn’t kadıköy travesti have thought that for a week day. Guess i need to get out more often. Looking around- where is she? And then i see her- ahhh.. her people, sitting at several tables, i walk over, its darkish, lights from dance floor. i get to where she is.


And she looks over at me and smiles. She is wearing black tights, a long silver top that grips her body and wraps around her round ass, plunging neckline. i’ve never seen that before- hmmmm. And a bright red jacket, which matches her high high heels. She’s seated at a couch, and was chatting with a man. She begins to stand but is obviously a bit tipsy and starts to fall back. The man reaches and helps her, standing, right behind her, pressed close, very close. His hands are on her waist and he is pressed up hard against her back. She turns and smiles, looks at him, and leans to give him a kiss. i look and am … silent.

Thank you fine sir, she says loudly. And leans to kiss him again.

She turns and walks to me. She leans forward and hugs me, looks into my eyes, my face, and smiles. She leans forward and whispers… “hi baby”… then kisses me fully. i can taste… alcohol and.. him, on her lips, her mouth.

She smiles- “Well, what do you think?” And twirls. i watch, stare- as she piruettes, i notice a sparkly content to her slacks, her tights. Little mini-rhinestones interwoven into the fabric that draws the eyes to her curves. The shine of her red heels, the height, 5″, so much higher than her usual business heels. And then i notice that her top, tight and hugging her curves, is very sheer. i can see her bright red bra thru the diaphonous material, her breasts visible thru the plunging front.

She leans to me- honey, i need to go freshen my lipstick, be right back…

She begins to walk away but then returns, walks over to the man she was sitting next to and leans over, obvious to me and him that her breasts are fully exposed. i hear them laughing and then she turns-

“baby, come on over here.. When i was telling you “Will be waiting” well… this is Will- say hi to him.”

She reaches to my face, my lips… “Here, my lipstick is a little smeared over your lips.”

Instead of wiping my lips, she runs her fingers along my lipline and says…

“There- that’s much better, your lips, that is.”

i blush- she pulls me to sit down, next to him.

“You two get to know each other, ill be right back. Oh, Will, hon, have him get us all some drinks.”

i watch and can barely utter a word. i reach my hand to him to say hello. i feel limp-wristed, his, feels firm, assertive. By choice or could i be any other way?

i can feel the testosterone eminating from him- and then his voice- smooth, like honey, deep, powerful.

i hear my voice- a whisper, anadolu yakası travesti really… “um.. hi there Will. Do you work with Betty?”

He smiles. “Betty? o we met here just a few hours ago. She’s such fun; i was watching her and then she asked me to dance.”

i gave him a double look- “um… she asked YOU to dance?”

“yahh- i was standing at the bar, had come into town for some meetings, and was enjoying a cognac. She came over, was talking with the bartender, drinks for her friends and all. She heard some song come on and started movin and groovin while standing right next to me. i looked at her and smiled and then just said- lets go dance. i want to dance with you. i love an assertive woman like that. Turns out we danced for about an hour, imagine that. You two must dance a whole bunch.”

“oh- um… well, thanks. Yeah she loves to dance, but, no we don’t get out much. i didn’t even know this place was here. Its right by a couple restaurants we’ve gone to, too.” And i pointed to a couple nice places down the street.

“O- I’m stayin over at the hotel down the street. So the hotel suggested I come over here for some smooth music and drinks. I’m glad I did. She does love cognac, though. Wow. I think she’s on her 4th or 5th. But hey, she’s havin a great time. I told her that the bartender at my hotel makes some really creative mixtures. She said she wants to taste some.”

And he smiled at me when he said that. i blushed. i tried to look away, to not look him in the eyes. i was partially successful- i was able to look away, but i ended up staring at his crotch. omg… His slacks weren’t tight, but i could see a large bulge. And he knew it. i looked away, and then into his eyes. And i saw wicked delight.

i was trying to not look so overwhelmed but i didn’t know what to do- then i realized that my nipples were pressing hard, and out, and visible. omg…

And then- she returned. Her makeup was even more accentuated. Her lips full, and wet. i saw his eyes- lock onto her, onto her eyes. i looked, she saw right thru me.

i began to sit up, to stand.

“Hi sexy.” i was about to say something but then he said… “hi baby.” She took his hand and sat down next to him. i shifted over to give her room. She was sitting between us but her body language said “go sit somewhere else”

“Um- do you, would you like a drink?”

i tried to look at her but she was looking at him. His hand was on hers; he leaned over, whispered something into her ear… they giggled. He looked at me-

“yah- here’s … $40, go over to the bar and get her and me Cognac, VSOP. And oh, get yourself something… i know, Betty said you like Cosmos, get one of those.”

i looked- i reached and felt the 2 $20 bills touch my fingers. i could barely hold them, i thought they weighed 100 lbs. “Um ok…” she looked at me- “good, hon.. say hi to Jack, the bartender. Tell him its for us.” And she leaned close to him as she said that.

i blushed. “Ok Betty, i will.”

i walked to the bar. Why was i upset?

Wait- i was NOT upset. i wasn’t. i was glad. i loved it. And with that, i began my real walk, my swish, my step, doing all i could to sway and swish my femmey ass.

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