Fabienne and June Ch. 10

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To see the reactions of my mother and Hélène to June’s proposal of marriage was to feel the healing and restorative power of love.

We lay together when we got back to the apartment, having said a fond and loving farewell, for now to my family.

I loved lying next to her. In bed we were the same height when it came to just about everything, I turned to her and kissed her.

“Thank you.” I said.

“For what?” June asked.

“For being you, and for loving me.”

“Silly girl,” she whispered, softly, touching my lips as though to silence me.

“I am just me, and I love just you. You’re more educated, cleverer, and kinkier than me, so what is it you see in me?”

She took her fingers away.

“I see you, you beautiful woman.”

“Beauty is skin deep.”

“Who said anything about your skin?” I asked, as I stroked my fingers from her chin down to her nipples. “You’re a beautiful person.”

“I can be a grouchy bitch,” she said, “and not in the way you want,” she giggled, “you know I am no domme.”

As my finger and thumb played carefully with her nipples, I kept my eyes on hers.

“And you know that’s not what I want with you. Though, of course, playing can be fun.”

With that, I pulled at her right nipple, squeezing it just a little harder as I tugged it.

“Oh you!” June moaned, which may have been because of the nipple play, or it might have had something to do with the fact that I had turned onto my side so that my hand could slide between her thighs and cup her wetness,

“Am I a bad girl?” I teased, as my middle finger played along the line of her inner lips, which made her moan even more loudly.

“You’re a tease, you little bitch! Oh, oh fuck!”

That last might have had everything to do with a second finger joining the first one and twisting into her gooey wetness. She was so wet.

“Does my June like this?” I asked, as I pressed in, curling upwards and spreading my fingers so I caressed the walls of her pussy. She pushed herself down on me, wriggling her hips and groaning.

“And what is it my wet girl wants from her little bitch of a girlfriend?” I asked, teasing her.

Her answer was to press herself on my fingers as I sucked on her nipple. But there was no way I was letting her get away with that. So, reluctantly abandoning her nipple for a moment, I asked again:

“June, unless you tell me what it is you want, I shall have to stop!”

“You bitch! No, don’t, I want you to fuck me!”

“Want, or need?” I teased some more, my thumb grazing her clit, which made her whimper.

“I need it!”

“Need what?” I asked, which made her groan and whimper.

“Oh you, you, I’ll bloody well get back at you when you’re like this!”

“I bloody well hope so,” I said, adding: “so which is it, want or need?”

“I need a bloody good fucking, take me, take me!”

“How can I refuse such an urgent request,” I teased, plunging a third finger into her, and stretching her wider.

“Oh geezzzzz!” June screamed as I began to finger fuck her faster, deeper, and harder. She moved in time with my hand. I sucked on her left nipple, scraping my teeth across it as she began to drive her pussy onto my fingers; I could feel her clenching me as her breath grew more ragged.

As each thrust in, her pussy squelched, and the air was filled with her scent. Then came a fourth finger; she was wet and open enough for that. It took her by surprise, I rarely used that many fingers, but then she was rarely this wet and open. My thumb slid across her clit. My hand pressed in and out, making her jerk her hips and thrust down onto me as though she could not get me deep enough.

Of course, she was right, she couldn’t, but I was not going to stop, indeed, I was not able to. So I bit her nipple, hard. She began to spasm, and once that started, she could not stop. She released herself – all over my hand. As she gripped my fingers, her whole body tensed. Her shout could have been heard on the Seine. I marvelled as she came and came again.

I kept my fingers in her wetness, loving the sticky warmth of her pussy as she gripped me. It was as though, through them, I could feel something of what she felt. I was conscious that my knickers were sticking to my pussy. She made me so wet there; no one had ever had that effect on me. But that was so true of all the other effects she had on me. She had drawn from me a love that I had not known was there. Her love, so unexpected, so constant, had not only escort done that, but also won over both Mum and Hélène, who had known me all my life. And now this bliss.

Smiling at her, I scooted up the bed and, looking into her loving eyes, slowly sucked my fingers.

“You do taste delicious darling!”

“And you, you little madame, are a bad, bad girl!”

“As in a good bad girl or a bad, bad girl?”

“You know what I mean – come here!”

She kissed me, licking her juices from my lips. Pulling away she said:

“I love tasting myself on you. What an end to what a day – unless my girl needs her wet knickers seeing to?”

“How do you know they are wet?”

“Because I am a bloody fortune teller,” she laughed, “and I can smell you from here. We might have to get those off you.”

“Please,” I said eagerly.

“Oh, please is it now?”

She knew the effect she was having on me.


“Well, I’m no domme, so why should I let you? I just want a normal, kinky little girlfriend who will do what I say when I am in the mood.”

She put her hand under my chin and smiled.

“Do you get that, my little one?”

She was SUCH a tease. I knew if I got it wrong, she’d tease me more, so with an effort, I did not reply “yes Miss,” knowing that would be wrong. But hey, I thought, she’s not a domme, so why I am looking for a way to please her?

I nodded.

Laughing, she pushed me back onto the bed and, getting between my thighs, pulled my wet knickers down.

“What are you even doing wearing these to bed, Fabienne? Like you are going to get through a night here with those on!”

I obligingly lifted my bum. As the cool air hit my hot wetness, I wanted her more than ever.

“Take me!”

The look in her eyes made me melt.

She ran her hands over my small breasts, teasing my hard and aching nipples. At the same time, she pressed her knee against my soaking wet pussy. With each push, I moaned, and as I moaned, she kissed, fingered, teased, and tweaked my nipples, sending me into an ecstatic state.

“My girl does not need her knickers – and she doesn’t need a bra. Maybe I should deprive you of underwear, so you are always ready for my fingers, and for this.”

She knew, damn it, she knew the effect her words were having on me.

I felt her face between my thighs, pushing upwards, her breath on my wetness and then, like the mythical remora, her lips sucked at mine, pulling them into her mouth. I arched my back. I was not going to cum this quickly, I never did.

That ravenous sucking sent shivers and tingles to my core.

I was not going to cum that fast.

Her smooth, sinuous tongue sliding between my inner lips, the squishy sounds, the sensations.

I was not, not going to cum so quickly

Where was that finger going? No, no, not there!

Her nose rubbed my clit from side to side as her tongue took me. That finger, teasing my sensitive asshole, oh, she was so bad…

I was not going to…

With a shuddering scream I pressed myself onto her and came and came and came!

At some point my senses settled back into something like consciousness. As my eyes focussed, I saw her beautiful face smiling.

“You deserved that my love. Now THAT is what I call a perfect end to a perfect day.”

And so it was.

We woke late. She brought me coffee and croissants in bed. She looked so delicious, clad in just a short tee-shirt which showed her bum cheeks in the most tempting manner.

“Wake up sleep head,” she grinned. “How is my fiancée this morning?”

“She is just fine, my wife to be!”

And I was; so fine.

We spent the next two days sight-seeing, and even went out to Versailles, which I love. It was so good to acquaint June with all my favourite places. On our final night before returning, we dined with Mum and Hélène again.

“You two look so happy together,” Mum said, “So when’s the wedding, and will you have it here or there?”

June looked at me.

“If you and Hélène and the kids could come to England, that would be perfect, but if not, we can do it here, what do you think, June?”

“Whatever you want darling.”

Mum smiled.

“Well, Hélène has offered to pay for me to come, and I should like to see where my little girl is going to make her new life. I am right, am I, in assuming you will stay there?”

There was a note of sadness in her voice.

I held out my hand and squeezed hers.

“I can be back here bursa eve gelen escort in a few hours Mama, but yes, I shall be with June making our life together there.”

“Look after her, June.” Mum looked wistfully at her.

“I shall, Marthe.”

“You have brought her and I together as we never were, and for that, I will release her to you.”

“Thank you – Mum!”

She kissed Mum on the cheek. I saw a tear in Mum’s eyes/

“I think I love my new sister,” Hélène said.

“Hey, hands off,” I giggled, “she’s mine, I saw her first!”

“Stop fighting girls,” Mum giggled, turning to June, “they were always like this as kids.”

June smiled conspiratorially.

“Well I shall keep this one,” she said, patting my thigh, “in order!”

As we travelled back on the morrow, I felt a pang of deep sadness. Was it for the perfect moments? Yes. Was it for the childhood I realised I could have had and never now would? Probably, Was it because having found something I never knew I had, I was losing it immediately? Yes, that too. An unplumbed depth of melancholia overcame me as the train pulled out of the Gare du Nord. I snuggled into June and let her warmth soothe me.

“It’s okay, Fabienne, you have not lost this, we can have it again and again.” She put her arm round me. “We are one now, my love, and love heals everything.”

At that, a deep blanket of contentment settled on me. I felt warm and loved and whole.

We arrived back home late afternoon, and after picking up the pile of junk (and other) mail, I told June I’d order something for supper. She grinned.

“No you won’t, I’ve taken care of that.”

“Oh, for someone who is not a domme, you are a bossy thing.”

“You like it when I’m bossy, so stop complaining, or I won’t give you that spanking I’ve been promising you!”

She was such a tease. She knew just which buttons to press.

“We’re having supper at Wolfie’s, so no worries. I’ve laid out something for you to wear – your Mum has good taste.”

I looked at her.

“What’s going on?”

“We are darling, now be a good girl and get yourself ready.”

With that she patted my bum.

“You do that again, Madame and I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

I loved her laugh.

“Later, little Miss kinky.”

Well, what was a girl to do? I dashed upstairs, of course.

She had not been joking, she had laid out everything from a white, lacy thong to a pretty 60’s swing style inspired dress with a white flower petal collar on a black ditsy daisy pattern base. I loved the way the skirt swung easily. I put on the white socks, which went with my white pumps.

“Oh you look a total delight!”

“I could say the same about you,” I smiled in delight.

She looked a picture in a short black mini sheath dress with a delightful thigh side split which showcased her legs.

“I scrub up well!”

“I take it this is not just a quiet supper then?”

“Wait and see!”

I hugged her.

“You make me so happy,” I said.

“That’s good,” she said, “because I’d hate it to be all one way.”

I felt so proud to be on her arm as we strolled down to Wolfie’s. There was a sign on the door: “closed for a private function.”

“Now you, stand still.”

I did as she told me.

“Close your eyes.”

I did, and I felt a silk ribbon covering them, so even if I had wanted to see, I couldn’t.

June took my hand and guided me into the restaurant.

It seemed dark. She took the ribbon off – and it was, indeed dark. Then the lights came on.

“Cheers! Here’s to the happy couple!”

Wolfie raised his glass as June gave me a glass of champagne.

A tear came to my eye. They were all there! Wolfie, Jen, Ali, Anne, Elle, Amy, and Penny – and an older woman, who looked so like June that I knew at once it was her Mum.

I was overwhelmed with the love.

Everyone wanted to see our rings, and it just felt as though I was in the most welcoming place in the world.

“Mum, this is Fabienne, the woman I love,” June said, as she introduced me.

“Nice to meet you, Fabienne – and call me Mum, you have made my girl very happy, and that’s what matters to me. Mind you, you are a cute little thing, and that dress really becomes you.”

I blushed.

“Mum, what are you like?” June blushed too.

“Saying it as it is luv, that’s all. That white collar sets off your skin perfectly.”

“Hey, Mum, görükle escort she’s mine!”

“Lucky you!” She grinned. “Welcome to the family.”

Elle came up.

“Lemme see, Teach! Oh that’s so pretty. You know you look so cute in that dress!”

“I am getting that feeling,” I said as she hugged me to her.

“She’s right, Fabi,” Anne said, “shame you’re taken now. Still, if she ever allows you a bit on the side, you know where to come.”

“Mum, you are such a bad girl. She’s engaged. Don’t worry, Teach,” she grinned, “I’ll deal with this bad Mummy later!” And so saying, she patted Anne’s bum.

“So good to see you,” Jen said, and I kissed her and Ali.

“Well,” I said, “I have you to thank for being able to survive here.”

“Our pleasure,” Ali said, ” and if you will, a suggestion.”

“Oh do, anything,” I said.

Jan grinned at Ali.

“We shan’t take you up on that,” she joked.

“Would you and June like to have your marriage blessed in the chapel at school?”

June was suddenly by my side, hugging me.

“Yes,” she said, “we would!”

“Yes,” I stammered through my tears.

“We’re not allowed, yet, to marry you in church, but I am happy to bless you both, after the Registrar does her bit with you both. And if you’d let us, we can do your reception in our restaurant.”

June and I hugged tight.

The evening went with a swing. I felt buoyed up by such kindness and such friendship.

Wolfie came over towards the end.

“Just wanted to tell you both this is on the house, and that I hope you two will have your wedding breakfast here.”

“How could we not?” June giggled. We both hugged him. He was the best.

The next few weeks passed so quickly.

School went well, and I felt both happy and fulfilled. The girls were welcoming, and capable, and before long it felt as though I’d always been there. I had no doubt it was the right place for me, and Jen could not have been kinder.

I would often have lunch with her, or sometimes with Ali in the cathedral restaurant, and we discussed the menu for the great day.

After discussion with the world and her wife, we fixed the day. We decided to make it sooner rather than later, not least as the bloody Brexit thing was clearly going to pose problems about residency. Married to June, I would not have to go through the bureaucracy of getting papers and the rest of the crap.

“I shall make an honest woman of you!”

“Well, if it all gets too much darling, we can flee to civilization and Paris!”

I was amazed at two things: the way in which we adapted to being together. She would see me off to school before going to Wolfie’s, I’d pop in on my way home to see her and perhaps have a bite to eat, and then we’d have time when she got back. Her routine was pretty relentless, and I so admired her for the way she managed it, and me.

Penny, my old landlady, was a huge help in organising things for my Mum and family, offering to put them up at hers – which made things a lot easier.

We went down to the station to meet them, and to my surprise, Didier was with them. He looked a bit sheepish:

“Sorry for being dick, sis. Can I come?”

“Well,” I laughed, “as you are here, I suppose so. But you will behave, won’t you?”

He grinned:

“Any hot bridesmaids?”

“Ah,” I said, turning to June, “that’s why he’s here!”

“Unless,” he smirked at June, “you have come to your senses and want the hot member of the family.”

Unfazed, June grinned back:

“Nah, Hélène is already spoken for, so I’ll have your sister!”

“Oh thanks!” I said, taking mock offence. But at that point Leo and Mathilde overwhelmed “Tante Fabienne,” and I concentrated on them. Mathilde looked at me shyly, with all her four-year-old gravity:

“Can I be your bridesmaid, Auntie?”

“Of course, you can,” said June, “and if you want, you can come dress shopping with us!”

That made her an instant hit with my niece.

Penny had made splendid supper for us all, and it was clear that she was a wiz with the kids, as both of them were soon hanging on her every word. Hélène smiled at me.

“I can see that between Mum, and Penny I will get a bit of a break. Leon will join us tomorrow, he had to close a deal in Paris tonight, but he sends his love.”

“How is he?”

“He’s fine, fucking his PA, but nothing serious.”

I was shocked.

“Nothing serious?”

“Shrimp, calm down, it’s not like I am a vestal virgin – not that he knows!”

I shrugged my shoulders. As I said to June later, as long as they were happy.

“Yeah, well, don’t you go getting any ideas Shrimp. You are MINE.”

I smiled as she patted my bum.

As I snuggled into her, I thought that this was where I felt at home.

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