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It was a wet Wednesday night, too cold and dark to go out and too early for bed.

We sat with the TV on, not really watching and probably both feeling tired from our nine to five jobs, though the bottle of red wine we had almost finished was helping us relax.

As one programme ended on the TV and another began there was a knock at the front door. Caryn jumped up from her seat asking me who it could be before leaving the room to greet our visitor.

To our surprise it was Caryn’s sister-in-law, Jane, an infrequent visitor, particularly recently as she had been having an unhappy time in her marriage to Caryn’s brother.

“Get Jane a glass and open another bottle of red”, Caryn said to me as she ushered Jane in to the living room where they sat next to each other on the larger of the two sofas. I padded off to the kitchen, removed the cork from a new bottle of wine and was soon back and serving this to Caryn and Jane before returning to my own seat on the other sofa.

I topped up my own glass and tried to focus in on the TV, not wanting to get sucked in to Caryn and Jane’s conversation which would surely turn quickly to criticism of Jane’s husband and all men in general. The programme was boring however and I couldn’t help but look at the two women sat next to each other, comparing there contrasting builds and looks.

Caryn was 5 foot two, proportioned and had brunette hair that fell to her shoulders in tight ringlets. Despite being brought up in the cold north-east of England she had something of a Spanish look about her, Mediterranean in her skin tones. Jane was perhaps 5 foot 8 and pale skinned, the natural skin tone for this part of England. She was more robustly built with blonde hair tied in a pony tail. It was hard to tell whether this was natural or from a bottle. Both women were in their mid thirties, Caryn being a divorcee with one child and Jane and her husband being childless.

I tried not to stare, or at least not be caught staring, but my study was more interesting than the TV programme. Having looked at their physical build I then considered how what they wore reflected their lifestyles. Caryn was dressed in a smart navy skirt and white blouse with black stockings. She’d kicked off her shoes which had three inch heels — totally impractical for her job as a teacher, but they gave her a bit more height which she felt was important when dealing with troublesome teenagers, many of whom dwarfed her diminutive size.

Jane was dress in a baggy t-shirt and loose fitting jeans. She was a house-wife and didn’t need to work as her husband ran his own business. Life was comfortable for her and she had let herself go a little recently, carrying a few too many pounds around her bottom and hips, though the weight she had gained had moved her up a bra size or two and I couldn’t help notice the outline of her large breast when she leaned forward to pick up her wine glass and her t-shirt was pulled a little tighter.

Worried that I would get caught looking too long at Jane I made an excuse to leave the room and went to kitchen where I fixed myself a sandwich and made a coffee, worried I was drinking too much on a work night.

As I waited for the kettle boiling I could here giggling from the living room. I couldn’t make out what was being said, but the laughter had a dirty ring to it.

I finished my sandwich and was sipping my coffee when I heard footsteps on the stairs and then in to the bedroom I shared with Caryn. After a couple of moments I heard footsteps coming back down the stairs, but only one person returning when two had gone up.

The kitchen door opened and Caryn came in explaining that Jane had come round in utter frustration at the lack of attention being paid to her by her husband. She’d not had sex with him in over two months and suspected he may be seeing someone else. It wouldn’t have been the first time Caryn explained as he had an affair a few years back and broke it off when Jane found out and threatened to leave him. It çapa escort was a hollow threat to some extent as she was a little too comfortable in the life style he could provide and the thought of having to stand up on her own two feet and make a living for herself and made her forgiving.

Caryn had the solution to Jane’s frustration, a new Rampant Rabbit vibrator I had bought and which she had never tried out. We’d been together a couple of months now and Caryn had never owned a vibrator so I stupidly volunteered to buy her one next time I was in town and passing Anne Summers shop.

I must admit, the thought of Jane upstairs, laid on the bed and using the vibrator caused a twitch in my pants and in seconds I had an erection.

Caryn returned to the living room, got her glass and the open bottle of red wine and came then joined me again in the kitchen. She had turned off the TV so the house was very quiet, particularly as her son was out staying with friends.

We looked at each other and listened. A faint buzz could be heard from the bedroom which was directly above us, and, front time to time movement could be heard on the bed.

Caryn, glass in had, was looking up at the ceiling and back slowly towards me. I was concentrating on listening myself to the noises from above and I didn’t realise how close she was getting before it was too late and she walked in to me.

I cringed as I thought she would immediately move away in shock when she felt my erect penis sticking out and straining against the material of my jogging bottoms but instead she just put one hand behind her back and rubbed my aching head whilst still looking up to the ceiling.

By instinct I put my arms around her and pulled her closer, a hand on each of her small breast, surprised to feel her stiffening nipples beneath her blouse.

Being somewhat taller than Caryn I kissed the top of her head as she stopped rubbing me and, moved her arm back in front of her and pushed herself harder in to me my groin. At the same time I undid the first two buttons on her blouse and slipped my right hand in and cupped her left breast through her bra, pinching her nipple as I did.

“Lets creep up and see what’s happening”, Caryn whispered without turning to face me and I followed her to the foot of the stairs.

We could hear the drone of the vibrator more clearly now and Caryn began to climb the stair, slowly and silently, one step at a time. As Caryn went up in front of me I couldn’t help admire her arse in her tight skirt and my admiration was turned to excitement as I thought about her inquisitiveness.

As we almost reached the top of the stairs Caryn stopped so head was just above the top step. Leaning to her left she could see around the wall and in to the bedroom where Jane was half-sat and half-laid on the bed, propped up by pillows. I couldn’t see and had to ease up the stairs and almost lay with my stomach to Caryns back to reach the top step, being careful not to crush her in the process.

This had the effect that my groin was level with her arse and as I strained to get a peek in to the bedroom my erection press in to her skirt and laid between her arse cheeks. She could feel it and wriggled beneath me to let me know.

I could see Jane’s shoes were on the floor at the end of the bed along with her jeans. Her knees were pulled up slight so her legs were bent. I could help but stair at the paleness of her smooth skin which was a contrast to that of Caryn’s naturally tanned tone.

The view I got went as far as her thighs, then her hands which were both between her legs. Her head was starting to move backwards as little moans escaped her light pink lips.

I felt Caryn move again and arch her back beneath me. I thought laying belly down on the stairs may have been uncomfortable for her so I pushed myself away from her a little, taking my weight on my arms. As I did this Caryn’s hands grasped each side of her skirt and pulled it up, exposing her stocking tops, fatih escort suspenders and flimsy black pants that were virtually see-through.

The skirt came to wrest in a crumple around her hips and supporting her weight with her left hand on the stairs her right hand moved to her crotch and she was soon rubbing herself through her pants.

After only a few seconds a small gaps escaped Caryn’s mouth as she had worked herself to a swift orgasm. Jane must have heard the sound as her head snapped forward, and she looked in our direction. “Why don’t you come in for a closer look”, she purred, much to our surprise and delight.

I pulled away from Caryn, and she stood up, pushing her skirt down in to place before walking to the bedroom and sitting on one corner of the bottom of the bed. I followed and sat on the opposite corner.

Jane made no effort to cover herself. She placed her hands on her knees and I got a view of her vagina. Her lips were pink and parted where the Rampant Rabbit had entered her and her clean shaven state meant that I still didn’t know if she was a natural blonde.

Her face was a little flushed and the Rabbit continued to buzz away quietly. She said she was a little warm and lifted her t-shirt off, revealing a white lacy bra. Reaching behind her back and leaning a little forward Jane unhooked this and released her breasts which sagged a little to rest on her chest. These were as big as I had imagined and had large, flat nipples, pink and almost as pale as her white skin.

She leaned back and her hands moved back to the vibrator which she began to work in and out of her vagina slowly. In and out, in an out, in a controlled rhythm that was accompanied by an increase in the rate of her breathing.

Caryn hopped off the bed and again slid her skirt up to her hips and then slid her panties down to the floor. She moved around the foot of the bed until she was directly opposite Jane’s open legs and then she leaned forward on to the bed, her knees on the floor. From here she had the perfect view of Jane’s masturbatory technique.

I couldn’t help myself and loosened my jogging pants then moved round behind Caryn. I knelt directly behind her and as she leaned forward I pulled my erection out and slipped it between her legs so it entered her own wet pussy from behind.

Having entered her slowly and almost completely I just held my penis in place to see what she would do. After a few seconds she leaned a little further forward in to the bed and then slid back along my shaft. She repeated this movement and as she did so I pushed a little harder.

After two or three strokes I stopped, fearing I would shoot my load and I gripped Caryn’s waste. She stopped moving and again concentrated on watching Jane.

In just a few moments Jane began to breathe heavily and then without warning she took the vibrator out and turned it off. My heart sank as I thought the show was over, but I was wrong.

Jane manoeuvred herself down the bed towards Caryn, her legs open, until her legs left the end of the bed and her vagina was inches away from Caryn’s face. “Do you want to finish me off”, she asked Caryn and Caryn just nodded.

Jane moved a little further forward until her pussy was accessible to Caryn and then she lay back on the bed. Caryn placed hand on each of Jane’s inner thighs and pushed her legs a little further apart then her head went forward and her tongue made contact with Jane’s clitoris as Jane pulled her lips apart.

Jane moaned as Caryn went to work and I couldn’t help starting to push in to Caryn and fuck her. She’d never mentioned any experience with another woman and I wondered whether this had happened before.

No matter, as Caryn brought Jane to a climax I shot my load deep inside her, feeling her tense with her second orgasm of the evening as Jane clamped her thighs around Caryns face just before I came.

We were all breathing more heavily now and Jane moved first, pushing herself backwards sarıyer escort bayan on the bed. I withdrew my limp prick from Caryn and stood up, allowing Caryn to get up herself.

I sat down in the bedside chair and Caryn padded off to the bathroom. I couldn’t look at Jane, feeling suddenly self-conscious, but in just a few moments Caryn was back, wearing just her stockings, suspender belt and matching black bra.

“What’s that vibrator like”, she asked Jane. “Not as good as the real thing, but pretty good when you’ve not had anything for so long”, Jane retorted.

Caryn then sat on the bed and picked up the vibrator. She turned it on low and began to rub it on her breasts. She paused and eased her breasts out of the top of her bra and then began teasing her erect nipples with the buzzing toy.

As Caryn worked the vibrator down her tummy towards her scratchy patch of curly pubic hair I noticed Jane begin to rub her own breast, tweaking occasionally at her nipples.

My mind reeled as I wondered what would happen next.

Caryn stood up on the bed. Jane shuffled back so her back was against the head board and she was sat upright. Caryn moved forward until her own pussy was just inches from Jane’s face and then she handed Jane the vibrator.

Jane turned the power up a little then, as Caryn squatted a little, to open her pussy Jane pushed the vibrator between her open lips.

Caryn was soon sighing as Jane worked the toy in an out of her and she began to thrust her hips forward to meet each of Jane’s strokes. At the same time Jane was two fingers of her free hand stuck in her own pussy and was clearly aroused again.

I felt a twitch in my groin and the blood began to pump back in to my own tool which was becoming erect again. It began to throb and it was all that I could do stop myself from grabbing it and wanking off at the sight before me.

Caryn, whose hands had been on the wall as she leaned forward, suddenly grasped Jane’s head. Jane pulled the vibrator out and Caryn stepped down from the bed and opened her bedside cabinet, pulling out a tube of lube which I didn’t even know was there.

As Jane moved down the bed in to a lying position Caryn bent over and applied some lube to her anus. This surprised me.

She then straddled Jane just below her breasts facing Jane who carefully inserted the vibrator in to Caryns pussy again.

Jane then spread her legs and motioned to me to come to bed. “Stick it in me”, she ordered, and I didn’t need a second invitation.

As moved up between Jane’s legs I pushed my pants down and as my swollen knob found its target I was positioned so that I could kiss the back of Caryn’s neck.

I began to fuck Jane going as slowly as I could, fighting the urge to ram her hard and fast. At the same time Jane fucked Caryn with the vibrator.

This went on for a few moments and then Caryn leaned forward, took hold of her arse cheeks and spread these so I could see her open anus.

I pulled out of Jane and moved a bit higher up the bed until the head of my shaft rested at the opening to Caryn’s arse. I then eased in to her, pushing against the resistance gently but steadily until I was half way in. I then withdrew a little and pushed back in a little faster and harder. Caryn moaned and pulled back, almost withdrawing completely before giving a harder push, this time going all the way in. At the same time Jane pushed the vibrator deep in to Caryn’s pussy.

Jane and I began to build up a rhythm so that Caryn was being fucked in both holes at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up long as her arse was so tight and I was so excited, however to my surprise I felt her orgasm again before I could release my load.

After shuddering to her third and biggest orgasm of the night Caryn slipped off my dick and climbed off Jane. She flopped on the bed beside Jane and leaving me between Jane’s legs.

I was unsure what to do and Caryn then reached over and took my shaft in her hand and wanked me off until I shot my cum all over Jane’s stomach.

The strength left my arms and I flopped down on the other side of Jane, thankful that we could help here in her hour off need and thinking how good it is to share before falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32