Baumgartner Generations: Henry Ch. 03

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Chapter Three

They say men hit their sexual peak at eighteen, Henry thought, watching his fellow pledges, seeing their dicks slowly getting hard again, while at the same time trying to seem as if he wasn’t paying attention. I hope I haven’t hit mine yet.

Someone had turned up the sound on the television and the two women were on their knees in front of the guy now, giving him a hell of a blowjob. The blonde’s mouth was lipstick-red, but the redhead’s was pink and open, soft and natural, her tongue licking at the cock on the screen like she was trying to catch all the drips on a melting ice cream cone.

Henry’s dick began to jerk to life again, even without any aid. Condoms were passed out once more, and Marcus stood at the end of the shortened aisle of chairs holding a Fleshlight in each hand like a bizarre double-fisted Statue of Liberty. For a moment, Henry couldn’t believe he was doing this. He had just masturbated naked in a room full of other guys—and was about to do it again.

But he wanted to win.

Maybe it was just the peer pressure. Or maybe it was Dean sitting across from him—again, directly across from him! He’d even seen his roommate move his chair so it would work out that way, like he wanted to be in direct competition. Well fine. If that’s what he wanted, that’s what he was going to get, Henry decided, wrapping his hand around the expanding length of his cock and squeezing.

He gazed up at the television screen for inspiration. Damn, but that redhead looked like Libby. He wondered briefly if Dean had planned this, even down to the porn choice—but how much influence could he have? He was a pledge, too, after all. Had he known about this, though? Somehow Henry just had a feeling…

The first two guys were condomed up and ready to go, although he didn’t know if they were going to last very long. Neither had gotten a chance to fuck the sex toy in the first round, because the guy they’d been paired up with had been disqualified. Marcus handed each of them a Fleshlight and they all watched, the eight in chairs and the crowd of guys surrounding them, as the two pledges poised their dicks right at the entrance of each toy.

Just like a pussy, Henry thought again. The feeling had been so real, so different from a hand or a mouth, it was staggering. It triggered something primal in his brain, something deep and uncontrollable, seeing something so realistic, watching a hard cock parting the flesh-like wetness, ready to enter. He knew it wasn’t real, but oh, it looked and felt so real, he could almost believe it.

It seemed to provoke something primitive in all of them as Marcus counted down the beginning of the round with a “Mark, set, go!” and they were off. Not just the two holding the toy, but all the guys, even the ones standing out of this round. Many of them had their hands between their legs, pumping their cocks as they watched, and even the older frat guys were rubbing at their clothed crotches.

Henry had been right—the first two guys didn’t take long at all. He couldn’t see the guy in his own row very well, but he could hear the Fleshlight’s natural suction and see it flying up and down his cock. The first guy across from him, though, an Asian guy with long dark hair that didn’t quite cover the way he was biting his lip, his face twisted in pleasure as he rocked his hips up against the toy in his hands.

The chant was building again: “Come! Come! Come!” Both pledges did their best to comply, but it was the Asian kid who made it there first, his hips thrusting up so far into the air when he climaxed, his ass came right off the chair. The other guy, probably prompted by the sound of his fraternity brother’s orgasm, erupted immediately after him, but it was too late. Looking embarrassed but proud, the Asian guy stood and pulled off his condom and held it up, his cock still dripping cum down between his feet.

“Goddamn!” Marcus slapped the pledge on the back. “We’ve got our first round-two winner!”

Which meant Henry had two more of those to get through before it was his turn. His cock was so hard in his fist he felt like he could have mined diamonds with it. He knew his body well enough to know he could come twice pretty quickly. In fact, if he had enough stimulation, he could come just minutes after the first. He’d just done it early this morning, the light faint through the blinds, biting his lip to keep quiet and not wake Dean as he imagined coming first all over the soft, pale skin of Libby’s belly and then into her sweet, pouty mouth.

The problem for Henry wasn’t whether or not he could get hard and come twice so quickly. The problem was going to be holding back until he could get his hands on the Fleshlight again. He didn’t, however, know if he could do it a third time. And a fourth? Impossible.

Henry had already put his condom on, hoping the tight end near the base might help him hold back. The next two guys, he knew, would orhangazi escort take longer, because they’d both gotten off in round one.

“On your mark…get set…go!”

Henry watched his dorm mate, Bel, slide the Fleshlight slowly down, letting it envelop his shaft. Not gonna win that way, he thought, but then it occurred to him that Bel was likely a virgin and had probably never been inside a woman before. No wonder he was savoring the sensation.

Bel had gone off like a rocket the first time, but he was clearly determined not to go so fast this round. He moved it slow and easy, eyes closed, taking it all the way up so the silicone pussy lips rubbed the head of his cock and then sliding it all the way back down again, grinding his hips, as if he could push in any deeper.

Across from him, the guy with the tribal tattoo on his forearm was pumping his fist, his breath coming hard and fast. That’s how I have to do it a second time, too, Henry thought, watching the pistoning action out of the corner of his eye, too fascinated by Bel’s restraint to stop watching him.

Bel’s mouth was open, eyes closed, head back, his cock just gone, buried into the deep recesses of the simulated pussy shoved against his pelvis, hips rocking, and Henry tried to imagine how it must feel, all those lubricated ridges in there nuzzling the sensitive head of his dick.

I have to own that thing.

A low moan started in Bel’s throat and, across from him, the tribal tattoo guy’s muscles were tight, his eyes closed too, his body literally shaking with his impending orgasm. They were close. They were both close—one fucking himself like a rabbit, the other going at a turtle’s pace—and yet they were going to arrive at the same destination any minute now.

“Come! Come! Come!”

They were coming, all around.

As the chant began, Henry heard a loud groan behind him as another pledge lost it, jerking his cock to a shuddering completion. Like firecrackers going off, it began to happen across from him, cum running in rivers down their thighs or splashed onto the backs of chairs. His cock throbbed. It ached. It begged to be touched.

“Oh! Oh!” It was Bel—what was he doing? He slid out of the chair to kneel on the floor, both hands on the Fleshlight as he shoved his hips up and forward, making low grunting sounds with every movement. The crowd roared their approval but Bel didn’t even hear them.

“Ahhhhhh!” Tattoo guy was close. Really close. This was a hell of a tight race. Henry would have laughed at his own pun if his cock hadn’t felt swollen to ten times its normal size between his legs. He didn’t dare touch it now.

“Fuck that little pussy,” Bel murmured, totally lost in whatever fantasy was playing in his head. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so strangely arousing. Here he was watching his dorm mate get himself off, his skinny arms straining with the effort, the white expanse of his belly practically concave, and Henry’s own cock was as hard as it had ever been. What was wrong with this picture?

“Oh god I’m gonna come inside that hot… ahhhh… fucking… ahhhh…. hole… ohhhhHHH!”

Bel’s gonna win, Henry realized, glancing over at the tattoo guy, his face red, his cock and balls, too, the wet suction sound of the toy loud and fast. The turtle’s gonna win the race!

“Fucking pussy!” Bel cried, arching his back and thrusting deep. “Oh that fucking tight cunt!” He growled like an animal, his whole body convulsing as he came, and Henry couldn’t help but wonder what girl he might be imagining, just whose pussy he was filling as he gritted his teeth and gave it everything he had.

More guys were going off around them, jerking their dicks fast and furious. Henry swallowed as, down his row, the tattoo guy finally got off, hips jerking, twisting the sex toy around on his dick again and again as he shot his load into it. There’s something a real pussy can’t do, Henry thought, as the tattooed guy twisted the toy right off to reveal his thick cock, the condom on it wet and filled with cum.

“Winner!” The frat brother behind Bel announced. Bel had finally given up the toy, reluctantly slipping it off the end of his cock and peeling down the condom. Bel threw himself happily back into his chair, still panting, the guys all cheering and pumping their fists—the ones not wrapped around their dicks anyway.

Well, actually, they were pumping those, too…

“Next pair up!” Marcus took the Fleshlights, stepping down the line.

Henry glanced next to him at the guy with the frizzy red hair, the one that made him think that if Carrot Top and Danny Bonaduce ever had a kid together, he would be it. Cody was across from him, sitting next to Dean. Henry avoided his roommate’s gaze, but he could see Dean had started already, fisting his cock and jerking it as he watched the next two pledges each take a Fleshlight and poise them above nilüfer escort their condom-covered dicks.

By the time Marcus said, “Go!” Cody was already moaning, his eyes wide at first when he slipped into the wet recesses of the sex toy, and then closing in pure delight. He hadn’t had the chance to fuck it yet and Henry stared, fascinated, as Cody caught a quick rhythm, the low groan in his voice building to a growl. It was hardly fair, considering Carrot Top had come once already, but it was over almost before it began.

“Oh fuck! Oh my fucking god! That’s too good!”

The whole room laughed and brayed in agreement as Cody grunted and thrust deep, shuddering as he came. The redheaded kid was jerking himself with the toy as fast as he could, but it was no use. Cody’s condom was off already, his cock wilting as he was declared the winner.

But the redheaded kid wasn’t giving up. He was inside the thing now, and he wanted to finish. Not that Henry could blame him.

“Come! Come! Come!” The chant started again and behind him, Henry heard another groan as someone else obeyed.

“Goddamn!” Carrot Top turned his head toward the television screen for incentive. The blonde was sitting on the guy’s face, rubbing her pussy all over his tongue, while the redhead sat up on his dick, riding him. The camera moved in for a close-up on the blonde’s shaved pussy and Henry couldn’t help but make the comparison between toy and cunt. Pink and wet and open and waiting…


Henry had to turn his head when the camera moved in on the other girl, the redhead who resembled Libby. Her pussy was stretched with the guy’s cock, her fingers down there rubbing her little clit, nipples hard, the skin around them puckered. He could barely stand to listen to her soft cries of pleasure over the roomful of whistles and shouts, guys urging Carrot Top on.

“Yeah!” Carrot Top stood, facing the television, blocking Henry’s view, and he was glad. He could barely catch his breath as it was, his own cock pulsing in time with his rapid heartbeat. “Take that, bitch! Take that up your hot little snatch!”

Henry gulped as everyone around him exploded in approval. This was getting really out of hand. Henry, quit with the puns, he told himself, closing his eyes and trying to breathe normally. It wasn’t easy.

“Last two!”

Henry barely heard him, but he took the Fleshlight, eyes still closed. He knew Dean was getting ready right across the aisle, but he didn’t focus there. He did it all by feel, sliding his fingers through the toy’s little slit, finding the hole. Oh, yes. Those wet open lips, that tight sleeve. That’s just where his cock wanted to go.

“Ready.” Yeah. Fuck yeah.

“Set.” Right there. Oh that sweet pussy is mine. All mine.


It was seconds, just seconds. Maybe thirty, even with the slight loss of sensation because of the condom. He pumped his fist fiercely, his cock swollen to bursting, and silently mouthed her name. And then he was coming, not inside of her, not on her, not with her, but for her, everything for her, his toes curling, pelvis thrust up like an offering.


His ears were ringing too much for him to really hear, but he tied his condom up with shaking hands and tossed it into the trashcan making its way down the line. He didn’t see Dean glaring at him until they got up to rearrange the chairs again. He didn’t look happy. In fact, he seemed really pissed off.

But when Dean noticed Henry looking, he saluted. Henry shrugged back.

“Now it gets tough.” Marcus passed out more condoms.

Henry studied his poor, withered, wet cock. He couldn’t get the condom on now if he tried. Way too soft.

“But we have incentive for the four guys who’ve made it this far!” Marcus signaled toward the door and one of the frat brothers opened it and peeked out.

Henry’s jaw dropped when a woman, a real, live woman, walked into the room. She was dressed up like a goth girl, her hair streaked half black, half red, her lips and fingernails painted dark. She wore a black corset and fishnet stockings with garters that were mostly covered by patent leather boots that went far up on her thighs. But she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were big, heavy, the nipples fat and a dark, dark brown. And she wasn’t wearing panties either. Her pubic hair was shaved into a dark landing strip just above her bare mound.

She strutted past them, snapping her gum, and then turned and paced back toward the place where she’d come in, the door closed now. Back and forth, like a panther, and they were all struck silent by her presence. They had become predators and she the prey. Even Henry felt himself leaning forward, his pupils dilating in excitement. To hell with plastic pussy. This was the real thing!

Then she stopped in the middle of the row of chairs, turning toward Henry’s side. Her face was pretty, bursa türbanlı escort her eyes dark and round. She half-smiled at him as she bent forward, her breasts swaying, reaching behind and smacking her ass, first with one hand, then with the other. Henry heard the guys on the other side gasp.

Then she was turning again, the other way this time, and he saw her own handprints on the white globes of her behind as she bent, showing his row what she had just shown them. He gaped as she did it again, one hand, then the other, using them to spread her pussy and ass open for them to see.

“Holy fuck.” Cody gulped beside him. Henry was up against the Asian kid this time. Cody got Carrot Top again. “You have got to be kidding me.”

Henry couldn’t have agreed more. He’d been to strip clubs before. They’d gone during his senior year in high school, even though he’d had to procure fake I.D. for the venture. He’d been in the company of strippers. He knew how it worked, he knew all the rules. This woman…this girl…she wasn’t a stripper. Strippers didn’t…

“Want to touch it?” Her voice was low, husky, and it sent a shiver through him as she looked back over her shoulder at his row. “You can touch it if you want.”

She took a step toward them in those incredible fucking boots and Henry’s jaw dropped when she straddled his thigh, putting her arms around his neck and rubbing her pussy against his leg. Jesus, it was so hot—her cunt was on fire!

“You want to feel a real pussy?” she whispered, grabbing his hand and guiding it between her legs. “Touch it.”

Henry did as he was told, groaning as his fingers moved over her lips, parting them and finding wetness. He whimpered when she stood, swinging her leg over Cody’s and letting him feel. His eyes were glazed. Henry knew just how he felt. When she stepped over to the other side of the aisle, he noticed how the entire group watched her, how much they all wanted her.

She’s a hen in a fox house, he thought as the Asian guy got his feel, grabbing her breast in his hand as well. Why didn’t I think of doing that?

“Okay, boys, that’s it.” She turned to face the room. “No more touching. Got it?”

Like she could stop us? Henry felt that energy emanating from every guy in the room. It was crazy. Even guys who had come twice already were hard again. Henry was too, his cock responding without any thought at all. His body wanted what it wanted. And it wanted it now.

“No more touching during this round.” Marcus took a step toward her, putting an arm around her waist. She smiled up at him, her eyes softening, and Henry understood. She was with Marcus. That much was clear. But Henry couldn’t help thinking, this round? Did that mean they could touch her during the next one?

Oh please, God, let it be so.

He had to make it to the next round. He just had to.

“Val is going to give you all a little show for the next round.”

An air mattress got pulled in from the hallway and put on the floor between the chairs. Henry watched, they all did, as Val unzipped her boots, taking her time, her legs finally revealed, the fishnets torn and held together in places by safety pins. Then she crawled onto the mattress, turning herself over and spreading her legs.

“Ready?” Marcus handed the Fleshlights to the first two pledges—Cody and Carrot Top. Thank god I don’t have to go first, Henry thought, although his hand was already moving on his cock. It was getting harder by the minute as he watched Val’s hands running over her body, cupping her breasts, tweaking her nipples.


Cody and Carrot Top were already hard enough to roll on their condoms. The porno was still running on the television—the scene had changed from the redhead and the blonde to something else—but no one was paying attention. It was amazing how focused an entire room full of men could be on one woman.


That was an understatement. The whole room was going. It was vibrating with excitement. The place had a thick smell now. It was the masculine smell of sweat and sex and cum. But there was a new scent in the mix, something more delicate, a uniquely feminine smell that made his nostrils flare and his heart pound.

Val moaned softly as she rubbed her nipples, her legs wide open. He could see her pussy, the lips totally shaved, the pink inside showing. Cody and Carrot Top were fucking themselves with the Fleshlights, and now Henry knew just what they were fantasizing about. She had every gaze in the room on her as she began to finger her pussy.

“That’s a girl.” Marcus smiled and Henry wondered at his generosity. If it had been his girl, he didn’t think he would have allowed such a thing.

“Ohhh, yes, that’s so good.” Val was like a cat purring as she parted her pussy for all of them to see, her fingers delving deeper. “I wish I had a nice, big cock inside of me.”

Her words made Henry’s balls ache and his mouth water. The girl wasn’t just flirting with danger, she was jumping on it. Okay, so her boyfriend was a giant, but he was only one guy. What if this whole room of men just decided to…pounce? Because he knew that’s what he wanted to do. And it had to be what every guy here wanted, too.

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