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Big Tits

March of 1843. London, England. At that time, seldom did the majority of the population know about the underground network of Dominant slaveholders, but every once in a while, a young girls or boys would be taken from their homes in the night, never to be heard from again. The aristocracy did not approve of this, but considering that it was many of their own, they tolerated it.

Serene woke up in a dark carriage, many nights after her and her sister’s kidnappings. She reaches out for her sister’s hand, but realizes she’s alone. Her outfit is quite a set of rags by now, her long black hair slides messily across her petite young body. It had been a hard few months, filled with nothing but crying and rough hands, handling the sisters as they travelled, like pieces of meat. Serene looks up staring through the bars of the carriage out into the moon filled sky thinking about her mother and father back in China, her home for the last 18 years. She curls up, tightly pressing her small perky breasts against her knees as tears slide down her soft cheeks.

Suddenly the carriage stops and the doors fly open. Hands grab Serene roughly as they drag her into the preparation room. There she is scrubbed, covered with lotion, powdered and dressed by three rough male slaves. All wear collars, which she thinks is strange, but asks no questions. Serene had learned that speaking before being spoken to would lead to punishment. The doctor comes to check her for diseases. He pokes and prods her and opens her legs to verify her virginity. Serene tries to close her legs, but his rough hands force her slender legs open. She hangs her head down as her legs suddenly slide open exposing the tight little soft bald mound, tight from lack of use. She starts to silently cry, embarrassed. “This man is touching my nether place. Even I have never touched it,” she thinks to herself. She wipes the tears from her eyes.

Serene looks up at the doctor tears still fresh in her eyes. “Where… where am I?”

“You’re in London at a slave auction. You are to be sold. You are going to serve your new master or mistress however they see fit.” He says coldly. He opens her soft lips, exposing her tight hole. He prods his index finger inside of her, making Serene squirm with discomfort as he hits her membrane. “Hmmm she’s verified. And one of the tightest I’ve touched. She’ll be in pain, but her owner will be pleased. She’ll fetch a good price.” He says coldly to the head slave.

Serene drops her head again knowing she may never see her family again. “My… my sisters?” she ask with tears. “Did… did you buy them as well… or are they… ” Her throat chokes at the thought. Fresh tears slide down her slim young Asian face over her smooth pale lips and down her dainty chin.

He sighs. “You’re sisters were sold last week. And you’d be wise to forget them.” He says coldly as he starts to walk away.

As the doctor goes, Serene starts after him but the head slave suddenly grabs her roughly and pulls her back into the room, into submission. The three slaves oil her down before putting on her “clothes.” Thin mesh chain cover her ripe peaks. A leather, chastity type of underwear is put on Serene’s bald pussy. Finally, they put on lace up boots. The head slave walks her down a dark hallway. She sees herself in the mirrors lining the wall. Serene looks into a mirror, seeing her soft smooth body hidden under the thin mesh, her perky nipples hard from the cold air, her eyes side down her slim figure examining the leather wrapped around her tight little bottom. She can barely recognize herself.

“Where… where am I going?” Serene asks, afraid of what the answer might be. She slides her hands down her soft skin feeling the cold goose bumps as her feet secretly enjoy the leather wrapped around them.

“The auction room.” The head slave pulls her harshly away from her refection. “You would be wise to show off your… charms while you’re in there. And if you give us any trouble, we’ll send you to a pleasure house. Understand?”

Serene nods and follows him in silence as they step out into the dim, bustling underground market. Her bare breasts almost seem to glisten under the chain mesh in the lamplight and suddenly she realizes how exposed she is and becomes flushed. The head slave guides her up onto a wooden stage next to several other exotic young women from Asia who have also been brought before here to be bought. Serene looks around, taking in the room as she wonders about her fate.

The stage is a round one, surrounded by high members of English society. One hundred and fifty men and women with money and power, dressed extravagantly. Mingling around the room are numerous slaves, collared, silent and teased by the guests. Katarina was in the middle of the room, talking to a few dommes as the new meat enters. Her breasts were pushed high in her extravagant royal blue dress, but she still covered herself, as did all the dommes. As the fresh meat enters, Mistress Madeline leans her head closer to hers. “Look at that one.” And points to Serene. “She looks Ankara bayan escort like your type, Katarina.” “She does doesn’t she?” Katarina smiles, brushes Madeline aside and walks closer to the stage.

Serene lowers my head as Katarina approaches. Serene’s long black hair smelling of roses dangles past her eyes and ends just above her perky breasts. Katarina smirks as she takes in Serene. As she gets closer, Serene give a quick scared glance up at Katarina as her eyes wide and open. Serene’s full red lips glossy from the attention of the men before. She slides her hands down her thighs squeezing them as she looks at Katarina for a split second and then back to the ground, remembering her place. This was not like the prostitutes she saw growing up as a child. No, Serene knew that this was a different kind of auction, an extremely different kind.

Katarina shakes her head as she walks away from Serene, chuckling to herself. The auction starts. Katarina had to wait patiently for 2 hours before Serene was brought forward. The head slaves of different households push her to the center of the round stage. The auctioneer states that due to Serene’s beauty and virginity, the bidding will start at 8,700 pounds. Paddles start to be raised, including one by Mistress Madeline. Katarina is diligent in her pursuit. She must have Serene. The bidding gets up to 13,000 pounds. Katarina finally raises her paddle “23,000 pounds.” The most a slave has been bought for, ever. The auctioneer is shocked. “23,000 going once, twice. Sold to Mistress Katarina for 23,000. I hope she’s as good as she looks.” The three male slaves from before grab Serene from the stage. They take her back through the hallway. Blindfold her, bind her hands and throw her into a carriage.

The carriage starts to move. Serene is driven around for over an hour until the carriage finally stops. Blindfolded and bound, Serene is thrown out of the carriage and taken into a building. Having no idea where she is, Serene is lead down halls, around corners, up and down stairs, until she hears a door unlock. As soon as she’s lead into the room, Serene is forced to her knees, legs spread. “Stay” a rough male voice tells her. The door clicks behind him.

Minutes pass, but they seem like hours. The silence is deafening. All Serene can hear is her own breath. Here hands are tied behind her back, her tits exposed and pushed out.

The door clicks open. Serene hears the rustling of a skirt. The door clicks shut. She hears a key lock the door. “Hello Slave.”

Katarina walks slowly towards her new slave. She undoes Serene’s blindfold, staring into her eyes. Katarina puts two fingers into her mouth and opens it. “Hel-hello.” Serene says, timidly, staring into the eyes of such a fierce, beautiful woman.

“Only speak when spoken to, Slave.” She inserts fingers deeper down Serene’s throat, causing her to gag. “Mmmmm good little girl.”

As Katarina slides her fingers deeper down her throat again, Serene, not knowing what to do, closes her mouth around Katarina’s fingers, holding them there as her wet tongue slides down her Mistress’ fingers.

“Yes. Look into my eyes Pet.” Katarina slightly open her mouth with a sigh. She takes her fingers out of Serene’s mouth. “What is your name?”


“Serene… That’s lovely.” Katarina softly touches Serene’s face. “But you will no longer be known as that. That was the old you, the old way. That is no longer who you are. You are mine now. I’m Mistress Katarina.”

Serene looks hesitantly into her new Mistress’ eyes. “Hello.”

Katarina smiles but smacks her new pet’s ass hard. “Hello what?”

Serene gulps. “Hello Mistress Katarina.”

Katarina nods. “Mistress is just fine.” She crosses to the other side of the room and opens the door. “James, would you come in here?” She backs away from the door as a 6’3 Persian man walks in. His jet black hair hangs down to his broad shoulders. Serene stares at his body, sculpted like a god. He is wearing nothing but a collar and his 9 inch manhood is very erect.

Serene gasps as a thought crosses her mind, “This is the head slave from earlier.” She blushes as she looks at his erect cock, the first she’s ever seen. “It’s so large.” She thinks. “as big around as my wrist.” She looks away as she tries to turn as to herself and her face reddens.

Katarina laughs. “Oh my sweet little virgin. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to being naked in front of people. I promise.” She turns to James. “Undress me, Pet.” James silently starts to undress Katarina. As layer after layer comes off, Serene become more uncomfortable. “James, know that it is a privilege to undress me and you should be thankful I did not do it myself.” James nods “Yes Mistress. I am truly grateful.”

As he finishes taking off Katarina’s final outer layers, she turns to Serene. Katarina stood in front of her in only her corset, bloomers and laced up boots. Katarina’s breasts were large, but not so much that seemed unnatural. Her creamy skin seemed whiter in comparison with the Escort bayan Ankara black corset she wore. Her breasts were pushed high and her pale pink nipples barely in place within the corset. “Have you ever seen another woman before Pet?”

Serene remains silent. Katarina swiftly crosses to her and takes her chin in her hand. “You may answer me Pet.” Serene sheds one tear. “Only my sisters, Mistress. Back in China.”

“You miss them don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Katarina kneels down in front of Serene. “Forget about them Pet. It will be much easier.” She kisses Serene lightly on the lips. Serene pulls back a little. “It’s ok Pet. You’re mine now. This isn’t unnatural.” Katarina kisses her once more on the lips. “Tonight, I’ll start your training. James.”

James quickly strides over to Serene grabs her. He holds her in a locked position, legs spread, hands still tied behind her back and chest pressed out. She cries out in surprise as she feels James’ hard cock pushing against her back, but Katarina puts a finger to her Pet’s lips. “Shhh. It’s all right.” Katarina kisses her Pet again. “I’m just going to see how sensitive you are.” Katarina lightly touches Serene’s right nipple as it immediately comes to attention. “Well well well.” Katarina smiles as she circles the nipple with her index finger. “Very sensitive, don’t you think James?”

“Yes Mistress. You always pick out the best.” He says as Serene can feel his cock twitch behind her.

Katarina smiles as she toys with Serene’s left nipple and kisses her neck. “How does that feel, my Pet?”

Serene flushed by the surprising pleasure it brings her. “I’m not sure I know what you mean, Mistress.”

“Well, there’s one way to check.” Katarina slides a hand down to Serene’s virginal cunt. She uses her fingers to part her Pet’s lips and stroke her wet slit with her middle finger. “Oh my. Yes you are liking this.”

Serene squirms as her Mistress touches her for the first time. “Mistress… Mistress, please. Please stop.”

Katarina suddenly smacks Serene’s clit. Serene’s knees buckle as she cries out in pain while James holds her tighter, not allowing her to move. With Serene’s clit tight between two of her fingers, Katarina whispers “You are NEVER to say no to me. I can be a very loving and kind Mistress or a cruel one. Do you understand? “

One tear slides down Serene’s face. “Yes Mistress. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

“That’s better.” Katarina kisses her tear stained cheek. She lightly circles her Pet’s clit. “I will be forgiving your first night.”

Serene moans softly as Katarina circles her clit, feeling a heat burn between her legs, filling her up to her core. The heat increases as Katarina circles faster and harder around Serene’s clit. Serene’s moaning becomes louder as she vocalizes her pleasure. Suddenly, a wave of pleasure overcomes her as she cums for the first time. Katarina slips her hand away from Pet’s dripping cunt. “Good Pet. How did that feel?”

“Like heaven was breaking over me, Mistress.”

“Would you like to thank your Mistress?”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Katarina laughs “Thank me with a kiss.” James lets go of Serene a little bit, just enough so that she can willingly kiss Katarina for the first time. Katarina parts Serene’s lips with her tongue, allowing her to enter Serene’s mouth. “James please lead my new Pet to the bed.”

James takes Serene to the bed and lays her down. “Spread her legs for me.” He does so, his cock twitching.

“Soon, James. Soon.” Katarina smiles.

“Soon what Mistress?” Serene asks naively.

“You’ll find out. Now let me see this virginal pussy.” She opens Serene’s legs wider. She licks her lips as she uses her fingers to open Serene’s pussy lips. She stares into the tight hole, getting wet thinking about how she will soon use it to her liking. She circles Serene’s tender clit once more. Serene cries out and Katarina removes it. “Still very sensitive I see.” She licks her tight hole then slowly enters a finger. Serene squirms from discomfort as the finger enters her. Katarina hits the membrane of Serene’s hymen. “Very tight. Get her up and place her in the Chair.”

The Chair was a device that Katarina had specifically designed for her by a doctor friend of hers. It had a vibrating knob at the end of it, to give her female Pets pleasure while she was pleasured by other slaves.

James straps Serene in the chair. Her clit was placed right over the knob. James is about to turn on the dial when Katarina says “No not yet James.” James nods as he comes back to his Mistress. “You may pleasure yourself, but do not cum without asking. Do you understand Pet?” Serene nods.

Katarina faces her body toward Serene in the chair. “Would you like to see what you have in store for you Pet?” Serene nods as her wet cunt presses against the knob. Katarina motions for James to come to her. He does silently and positions himself between her legs. She nods as he takes off her bloomers. He waits again before another nod where he kisses Bayan escort Ankara up her creamy thighs, to her pussy. He looks up at her once more as he gives her a lick. He gently and tenderly licks and suckles Katarina’s little rosy nub. Her breathing becomes faster and heavier as his tongue makes her pussy drip with juice. He leans back from her beautiful pussy and positions his cock towards her tight hole. Flushed Katarina nods for the last time as he suddenly enters her. She screams with pleasure as his cock hits the back of her wall, hitting her G-spot over and over. Serene starts to grind against the knob. She doesn’t understand what has come over her, but that she must feel that heavenly feeling again.

James grunts and moans on top of Katarina, their bodies pulsating with pleasure as he fills her. His cock twitches as he starts to climax. Serene rubs harder, pleasuring herself as she starts to climax herself and as Katarina is about to cum, Serene let’s out a loud cry as her body tremors with an orgasm. Katarina quickly pushes James off of her as she strides over to Serene. She smacks her face hard. “WHAT DID I SAY?!”

Serene looks fearfully into her Mistress’ eyes. “I.. I…”

“You were NOT to cum unless given permission.” Fire was behind Katarina’s eyes. “James, take her to the bed.”

James forcefully un-straps Serene and yanks her toward the bed. “You know what to do.” Says Katarina as she slowly approaches the end of the bed. James positions himself between her legs. James quickly puts the head of his cock into her tight hole, just before the membrane. “I’m sorry it had to be this way. I wanted to deflower you tenderly, but I guess I’m going to have to do it the hard way.” Katarina nods to James. He quickly pushes himself into Serene’s virginal hole as he breaks the barrier. Serene screams as her womanhood is taken. She starts to cry, sobbing. “Please. Please Mistress. Make it stop. I’m sorry!” She screams as James pounds his hard cock into her, stretching her hole wide, her virgin blood covering his cock. Katarina looks into her eyes, “You will find pleasure soon, Whore.” Serene cries out again as James hits her G-spot, but this time with some pleasure. “There. James fuck this bitch harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone.” “Yes Mistress.” James increases his speed and intensity as he pounds Serene’s pussy. Blood mixes with Serene’s wetness. She starts to cry out again as James moans. “Mistress. Mistress. Please. Please may I cum?”

Katarina doesn’t answer her right away, so Serene asks over and over until she can no longer take it and screams “PLEASE MISTRESS PLEASE!”

Katarina looks to James and nods. “Yes you may.”

James and Serene cum at the same time. He fills her up with his cum as her body contorts with pleasure. He immediately exits her and stands at the end of the bed. Serene sits up as Katarina crosses to her. She places a hand on Serene’s sore hole and puts three fingers in it. Serene winces as she’s penetrated again, but eases into her Mistress’ fingers.

“Did you enjoy that Pet?” She asks as she pumps her fingers in and out of her Pet’s pussy.

“Not a first, Mistress.”

“Was it extremely painful?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Do you ever want to be in that amount of pain again?”

“No Mistress.”

“Good. Then don’t’ disobey me again, or I will do the same thing to your little asshole.” Katarina reaches around and circle the tight muscle as Serene gasps.

“Now watch your Mistress being pleasured. James.” She lies back on the bed as he once again positions himself between her legs. “Kneel. Do not touch yourself Pet.”

Serene kneels as she did when she first got into the room. She watches her Mistress get pounded by James who moans and gasps more than he did with Serene. Katarina pushes him over and straddles him. She begins to ride him, grinding her body against his massive cock. She presses herself against his torso, her nipples hitting his chest. He looks to her breasts as she nods and he begins to pinch and tease her nipples and breasts as she bucks on top of him. He pulls her in closer as he begins to climax with her. He rolls on top of her, pounding her hard as they both start to cum. His cock throbbing and twitching inside of her as he fills her with his cum. He waits a moment before looking to her for permission. She tilts her lips towards him as she give him an intimate kiss. He kisses her neck as Katarina looks to her Pet. “That’s enough James. Come here Pet.”

Serene crosses back to the end of the bed. Katarina spreads her legs. “Kiss me.”

“What Mistress?”

“Kiss my cunt, Pet. That’s how you truly say thank you and please your Mistress.”

Serene looks to James and he nods, letting her know it’s ok. Serene positions herself between her Mistress’ legs and looks at her cum filled pussy. She lightly kisses her clit. “Again.” Katarina commands. Serene kisses her clit again. “Now lick.” Serene stares at her Mistress, but does as she says. She lightly licks her clit with little laps. “More.” She licks more, with some confidence as her Mistress moans. She gains some speed as she licks harder and harder. Katarina’s breath becomes louder as she moans with pleasure. Suddenly, Katarina has an orgasm, smaller than the one James gave her, but an orgasm none the less.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32