Mum’s Friends Ch. 07

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Two weeks later Paul and May were sitting in the lounge. May’s iPhone rang. May looked and said, “it’s Sue, my sister”, May said, “Hi Sue, how are you?”

Sue replied, “I have a problem. I have phoned you because I know you will be discreet, I have terrible pains when I pee, my urine is very cloudy, my vagina just feels hot all the time. What do you think it could be?”

May answered, “When was the last time you had sex?”

Sue replied, “Last week, I am seeing three priests at the moment, two of them are older but there is now a younger one, he is only forty, he is the last one I had sex with.”

May asked, “When did you last have sex with the older priests?”

Sue answered, “Six weeks ago, I had a threesome with the two of them. I also have a vaginal discharge and a very sore throat.”

May replied, “Did you give the young priest oral sex?”

Sue answered, “Yes I sucked him off first, as he cums very quickly, then he fucked my ass and pussy. I feel dreadful telling you this, but I have nowhere else to go.”

May replied, ‘Do you know Debbie’s surgery?”

Sue answered, “Yes, Debbie is my gynaecologist, but I don’t want her to know.”

May replied, “Don’t worry, Debbie will know nothing. Can you be there at two this afternoon?”

Sue answered, “I will be there at two, May.”

May replied, “Ask for me when you arrive. Now phone this priest and tell him to go to a Health Center and tell him to tell them he thinks he has gonorrhoea. Are you sleeping with any more men?”

Sue answered, “No, all the priests I slept with are either dead or too old. The young priest worried me as I think he may be bisexual. I love anal, but that was all he wanted from me along with oral. Could you check me for HIV?”

May replied, “Don’t worry I will check you for everything.”

May replied, “You must have a serious look at what you are doing. Did you have any sex with nuns?”

Sue answered, “I am bisexual, I love being with a woman. I have been with a lot of nuns, but they are all getting old. Do you think I am bad?”

May replied,”I didn’t have a good life with Alex, I stayed with him because of Mags. Phone the priest now and tell him he gave you gonorrhoea and you don’t want to see him again. I will see you at two. Don’t have sex with anyone until I tell you can.”

May had the phone on speaker phone. Paul had listened to the whole conversation. Paul said, “We should take more interest in Sue when she is clean. I remember one day she was in for lunch with a priest at the Bistro. I took her order, and her tits looked beautiful. The priest was very old, I don’t think he could have done much with Sue, she was very nice to him paying for his lunch.”

May replied, “This is the first time in my life I have discussed sex with Sue, I was like you I thought she was very religious as she was at church so often. My parents thought the same. God knows how much my family has given to the Catholic Church. That annoys me. I always wondered why she had so much lingerie. Before we moved to the flats she lived in her own townhouse in the west end of the city. If I was at her house I once checked her laundry basket, it was full of very expensive lingerie.”

“I was surprised why she didn’t come to Alex’s funeral. I thought she may have been abroad and didn’t know about it. My father over the years built up an enormous property portfolio. Sue worked there for years before she joined Sotheby’s. Then a firm of Accountants managed it for us. Sue and I own fifty percent each.”

“It makes a lot of money. We both live well from it, plus we have enormous assets in the properties. I think Sue is just a plaything for a few priests. I am very submissive; I think she is the same. I must try to get her to change her habits. She will be clean in seven days, but she needs other interests rather than being a plaything for a few priests.”

May arrived at Debbie’s surgery, and Sue was sitting in the reception area. May took Sue to her consulting room.

May did a lot of tests on Sue. The surgery had its own laboratory, which May took the samples and tested them herself. She gave Sue a thorough physical examination. May thought Sue has an incredible body. She had wonderful breasts with a shaved pussy. May checked everything then gave Sue an injection of antibiotics; she took two pills from a packet of twenty-one pills. She gave the two pills with a glass of water to Sue; Sue swallowed the pills.

May said, “You have gonorrhoea, take one pill this evening then three a day for the next six days. You will feel a lot better tomorrow, but you must finish the course of tablets. I want to see you here next Monday but do not have any sex until I tell you. You do not Esenyurt Escort Bayan have HIV; you must now be careful in what you do. “

Sue replied, “Thank you. I will do as you ask. Can I stay with you this week as I don’t trust myself to be alone with my iPhone and laptop, they try to contact me all the time. I don’t think I am strong enough to refuse them.”

May answered, “Let’s go back to my place for a coffee then we can talk about it.”

They arrived at May’s ten minutes later. May made some coffee then they sat in the lounge. May asked, “What happens with your iPhone and laptop?”

Sue replied, “There are a lot of priests that use me as a peep show, they get me on cam with Skype or Google then I have to masturbate for them.”

May answered, “That is not okay. Have you spoken to the young priest?”

Sue replied, “I phoned him this morning after I had talked to you. I told him that he had given me gonorrhoea. I told him to go to a doctor. He then asked me to go online with him as he needed some relief. I told him to fuck off and never to contact me again.”

May answered, “Give me your iPhone and laptop; I will sort these ass holes out. I was wondering why you didn’t come to Alex’s funeral.”

Sue replied, “I detested Alex, he was a horrible man. Do you remember Bishop Kerr? I was his favourite for maybe ten years. The Bishop said that we could use a friend of his farmhouse.”

“We used that farmhouse a lot. The Bishop got me a nun’s habit, which I had to wear when I gave him a hand job or blow job. He would only ass fuck me. Then one day Alex came into the farmhouse. Alex then showed me videos he had recorded of me performing with the Bishop. He then told me to put on the habit.”

“I then had to perform for him. I had to suck him off or give him a hand job; I had to talk dirty to him as I did it. Then he would ass fuck me. He was always saying we must keep these pictures and videos our secret as we wouldn’t want other people seeing them. He was blackmailing me for years. I couldn’t let father and mother know about them.”

May answered, “Alex was a sick bastard, Sue, we must keep this to ourselves, I would hate Mags hearing about this. I have a nun’s habit which Alex got me. I had to wear it when I did the same things you had to do. Alex owned the farmhouse. I have just sold it. It is good you are part of the Antique Center. I think Sue you should get involved with us at the Center a lot more.”

Sue replied, “I need to change my life, I can’t continue with what I am doing. I love Antiques. I will now stay away from priests and concentrate on my work on television and the Center.”

The next week was spent at the Antique Center. They were all spending a lot of time there. Business was growing. Because of Jean, Margie and Sue, there were a lot of dealers buying from them. Mags was down every day; it was working well for her. Her daughter would come on the weekends. It was incredible how much Mags was learning from it.

Monday came, May and Sue went in the afternoon to Debbie’s surgery. May tested Sue for everything again. Then she told Sue to strip. May started on her breasts, Sue’s tits became hard instantly. May thought Sue has the best breasts she had ever seen. May started to suck a nipple, as she moved her hand down to Sue’s wet vagina.

May then slid two fingers inside her. May continued to work Sue’s vagina. May was now fisting her. May then went down on her, sucking her big clit as she fisted her. May was very happy as Sue was gripping her fist as she was fisting her. Sue came very quickly. May had taken some of Sue’s cum in her mouth. Then they kissed. May said, “Sue, now you are clean, and you taste wonderful.

Sue replied, “Thank you May, you have done so much for me in the last week, I feel human again. I will never forget what you have done for me. The calls and messages are getting less and less every day.”

May answered, “Sue, I am happy that I was able to do it for you. I am so happy that you are clean now. Within our group, you are forbidden to have sex with anyone from outside the group. You must abide by this. Paul has a very big cock, would you like that Sue?”

Sue replied, “I would love it. All those in the group are wonderful. I will not stray. I have felt so comfortable being around all of you last week. Let’s get home so I can have some of that wonderful Champagne.”

They arrived at May’s flat. Sue went for a shower. Sue put a lot of thought into what she would wear tonight. She put a crotchless bodysuit that pushed her tits up. She put on a silk blouse and skirt, then her pearls in three strands hanging between her breasts. She looked stunning.

May then kissed Avcılar Escort Bayan her again, this time, both their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. May had undone two buttons of Sue’s blouse, then had popped out her left breast then started stroking her hard nipple. Sue was pushing her pussy against May’s pussy; she was dry riding her.

Paul came beside them; Paul had a bottle of Champagne and glasses, he put it on the coffee table, then sat May on the sofa as he spread her legs open. Paul started to finger May’s pussy; she was pushing against Paul’s fingers, May was getting very wet.

May had taken off her top and skirt. She took her tits out of her bodysuit then opened her legs. May asked, “Sue, would you like to eat my pussy as Paul fucks you?”

Sue had just seen Paul’s cock, Sue said, “Yes please but Paul must be careful as I have never seen a cock as big before. I will have to be very wet before he goes inside me.”

Paul felt Sue’s pussy, she was tight and wet, he slid four fingers inside her, Sue moaned with pleasure. Sue was now licking May’s vagina. She was sucking May’s clit. May was playing with May’s tits then she started to suck them. Sue’s vulva was exactly like May’s. Slightly swollen with a perfect slit.

Paul felt he could now go inside Sue; he went into her doggy style as she knelt in front of May, Paul was very careful as he went inside her. Two minutes later Sue was taking his full length comfortably. Paul could feel Sue gripping his cock, she was good. Sue’s breasts looked wonderful as they wobbled as Paul rode her.

Sue had cum three times then she had a massive orgasm. Sue then kissed May giving her some of her cum in her mouth; Sue said, “May, I love the taste of your cum, it is so sweet and fruity.”

May replied, “Thanks, Sue, you did that beautifully. May are you ready for Paul?”

May answered, “I am always ready for Paul, would you like me to eat you as Paul does me?”

Sue replied, “Yes please May.”

May then knelt in front of Sue: May had got very aroused as she had watched Paul ride Sue, she hoped she wouldn’t cum too quickly when Paul started to ride her.

May was eating Sue when Paul slid inside her. Paul soon had a fantastic rhythm going; he was riding her very hard know which was the way May loved it, then Paul started rubbing her clit, May then had an enormous orgasm, May moaned very loudly then Paul came out of her.

Paul started rubbing Sue’s clit with one hand, his other hand was playing with her tits, Sue’s nipples were now so hard. When Paul started rubbing her Sue began to ride him harder, twenty minutes later Paul came inside her.

May said, “Paul, I am so sorry I came so quickly but watching you fuck Sue aroused me, I think if Sue and I had you we could do a lot of interesting things, would you like that?”

May topped up Paul’s and Sue’s glasses. May and Sue were sitting on the sofa with Paul in the middle.

May said, “Next weekend I think we are going to the Chateau. Then we’ll go to Serge’s restaurant; his food is excellent. Sue, you will love the Chateau. You will meet Colette and Nicole, they go to a lot of markets and buy Antiques for us, they are both excellent. They have both put twenty thousand pounds into the business. Have you had any messages today Sue?”

Sue answered, “I’m looking forward to seeing that, Yes, I have had one message today, he wanted me to go online and give him a peep show, I didn’t reply to him. I am getting my life turned around. When I think of the things that they made me do, I cringe.”

May said, “Sue, how can we give Paul a special night tonight, do you have any thoughts or will we try lots of different things? Let’s walk to the Italian restaurant for dinner.”

They arrived back at May’s flat two hours later. They all went into the lounge. May then took her blouse and skirt off; Sue did the same. Both were now sitting in crotchless bodysuits with self-supporting stockings. Sue then took her pearls off then put them back on with one strand, she wrapped the strand around each of her breasts once then with the length that was remaining, approximately eight inches.

Sue asked, “Paul, would you like to put your cock in with my pearls, it is wonderful for both of us, don’t worry the thread is extremely strong, it won’t break. You will be the first person I have done this with, I have only done it with dildos, it is a marvellous feeling.”

May then did the same with her pearls; she too got about eight inches inside her, May said, “That feels wonderful Sue, Paul after you have fucked Sue, you can have me the same way.”

Sue and May went down on Paul; they spent a lot of time on his cock. They were both licking and sucking his testicles, Paul was fingering both of them, it felt good with the pearls inside them as both were gripping his fingers as he fingered them. Paul then adjusted the pearls, so the pearls were stimulating both of their clits, both said that changed the whole thing.

Sue then got into the missionary position, Paul got on top; he then slid inside her, it felt wonderful as Sue was gripping his cock as Paul was riding her. May was sucking Sue’s tits, Sue was rubbing her clit and adjusting her pearls for maximum stimulation, it felt wonderful for both of them. After fifteen minutes Sue came, Sue said, “That was fucking beautiful for me, how was it for you?”

Paul replied, “I enjoyed it, it is wonderful when you grip as you get so many sensations, we must do this again as I think the more we do it the better we will become.”

Paul then went into May; it was the same feeling. May was gripping with a lot of pressure. Sue was sucking May’s tits, May was also adjusting her pearls for maximum stimulation and rubbing her clit, May was gripping now, she had cum a lot, ten minutes later Paul came, he and May felt his squirt; May was moaning with pleasure. Paul pulled out; May brought the pearls out, there was a lot of cum on them, May then licked the pearls clean, Sue pulled hers out and did the same.

They then went to bed. An hour later May was fast asleep. Paul was in the middle, he looked at Sue, she was still awake, then Paul felt Sue’s hand touch his cock, it felt so good, Paul said, “Let’s go into the lounge.”

Sue replied, “Come with me to the bathroom, I want to wash you first.”

They went into the bathroom; Sue adjusted the temperature then using shower gel she washed all around Paul’s cock and testicles, pulling his foreskin back she washed the tip then gently squeezed open the slit and washed and rinsed there too. She then washed around his ass. She put some shower gel on a finger then slid the finger inside Paul’s ass. Sue asked, “Paul, do you have any lube?”

Paul replied, “Yes, do you want some?”

Sue answered, “Good, I want you to ass fuck me later.”

“Paul, after university my father bought me a flat. I enjoyed that, I fell in love with a young nun.”

“I was in my early thirties; she was three years younger than me. She had a degree in maths and a teaching degree. She had joined a closed convent, which meant her family couldn’t visit her. Which was as well as her mother had died when she was eighteen, her father was an alcoholic. In the convent, she discovered sex and she loved it. I only knew her as Sister Mary; she was a dream, very intelligent, tall with a fantastic body.”

“When she was thirty she left the convent, she got a position in a very good Secondary school. We met several times, but we had to use hotels. The headmaster of the school was a widower, he took an interest in her, they started dating. Then she wrote to me to tell me she was going to marry him. She wanted to finish our relationship, I was so sad as I truly loved her. She wanted to make it work with her husband. Paul, she had the most gentle touch. If she looked at me, I would orgasm.”

“That was over twenty-four years ago, I had one letter from her saying she was very happy, she had just had a son and both were doing well. I always wondered how her life had turned out, I only know her as Sister Mary, she never told me her real name or her husband.”

Paul said, “Sue, I am so pleased you have been so honest with me, thank you for that.”

Paul then kissed her, then Paul said, “Sue, put your tongue into my mouth.”

Sue laughed then did it with lots of feeling. Paul started playing with Sue’s breasts; Paul said, “Sue, I love your breasts, they are beautiful.”

Sue replied, “Sister Mary used to call them my twins, Paul, she had wonderful breasts too, I called hers her twins too.”

After fifteen minutes Sue said, “Paul, your cock feels wonderful in there, that is the best I have ever had. Can I go on top of you now?”

Paul then lay on the floor, and Sue went on top, Sue said, “Paul, finger my ass as I am riding you.”

Paul then fingered her ass and rubbed her clit with his other hand. Sue soon had a wonderful rhythm going; she was gripping Paul’s cock now. Paul thought he was going to put Sue’s pearls in the next time as it felt better.

After twenty minutes Sue and Paul came within seconds of each other. They lay on the floor kissing. Sue said, “Paul, we are very compatible, we both like the same things, I can be very naughty if you want me to be naughty. I can talk very dirty if you want. May and I are very similar in bed. I am sure we could do a lot of nice things together. Would you like that darling?”

Paul replied, “Sue, I am enjoying you, if you think of something we can do, I enjoyed the pearls, they do make a difference when they are inside you when I ride you. I think you are like me and love a lot of variety.”

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