Dancing With Aunt Lana Ch.02

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NOTE: The following story is a very nasty, explicit one of incest and features sexual situations involving elderly sisters and a young man, including forced cum eating and domination. If this appeals to you, read on, vote and comment. If not, there are many other stories out there. Thanks.


An hour ago, Bart was a virgin. An hour later, he’d become ensconced in a world of sexual adventure unlike anything he could have ever imagined.

With his grandmother and aunt.

And it wasn’t his idea.

Bart, 18 and a college boy, was staying over at Granny Trish’s house not far from his campus, which he’d often do when dorm life got too raucous for the shy young man. She was a kindly woman, gorgeous for 70, with curly blondish-gray hair and a magnificent figure for a gal her age.

Staying over at the same time was Trish’s sister, Lana, 65, who looked and acted markedly different from her older sister. Lana was brash and bold and beautiful, a thickly built woman with dark hair and a penchant for drinking far too much and acting on impulse.

That wasn’t Bart’s style. He was careful, methodical, practical, planning things out and not letting his emotions get the better of him. This day, for example, he was going to a college dance, and was alone in his room pressing his clothes.

But he was sexually as curious normal as any young man, and earlier had been watching his granny and aunt from his room as they lounged by the pool, smitten by the sight of the older women looking stunningly beautiful in their snug swimsuits. He was ashamed as his cock stiffened while he watched, shooing the prurient thoughts away, returning to his ironing task in his boxer shorts.

He’d just willed his burgeoning boner down when Lana came upstairs with the slurring intention of teaching him to dance, growling “C’mon, kid, I’ll show ya a thing or two…”

He tried to stop her advances, but she was too drunk, too willing and too horny to be dissuaded.

She’d forced herself to him, holding him close and tight, and being a normal healthy young man, he responded, involuntarily much to his chagrin. His cock hardened as she held him, and though he fought it, his prick escaped his boxers to lance into Lana’s suntan-oiled thighs as they danced, milking him much against his will.

But it was a battle he couldn’t win. She was too strong, her thighs too slick and silky and proficient.

“Mmmm, baby, that’s nice, so nice,” she cooed as they dirty danced, licking his neck. “The top of your dick is RIGHT on my old pussy…”

She quivered those gripping thighs, the slick insides milking Bart’s cock. And like that, she made him cum in her clenching gams, then forced him to his bed and flattened herself atop him, those thighs working him. She ground out her own orgasm in the process as he flooded her meaty limbs with his sperm.

Then even more to his shock and disgust, she sat on his face and made him lick up the mess he made, smothering him, using his face for her pleasure and threatening to tell her older sister if he did not.

He obeyed her – and Lana told on him anyway.

Moments later, his seemingly outraged grandmother stormed into his room, and replicated the dirty dance of her kid sister, pressing the stunned young man into a wall and taking his still stiff cock in her own thighs, slender and fleshy and much smaller than Lana’s.

And in that position, his face pressed into her saggy old tits, she fucked him, standing, sheathing his cock to her hairy pussy and demanding that he not cum. Which he could not stop, paying the price moments later when she straddled his face as he knelt before her, crushing his head in her wrinkled, powerful thighs, forcing his messy creampie down his throat.

As if that weren’t bad enough, there he was on his hands and knees, lapping up the residue of his load that had leached out of his granny’s hirsute pussy and streaked her calves and thighs, when Lana walked back into the room.

“So, one old lady wasn’t enough?” she growled, waltzing in to stand beside her sister, both looking down at the boy with cum smearing his lips and cheeks.

“Apparently not,” Trish sighed. “What are we gonna do with him, sis?”

Lana smiled.

“Well, he is going out tonight, probably looking for more action with girls his own age,” she shrugged. “But we can’t let him go out like that!”

Both women looked down at the embarrassed boy’s crotch where to his chagrin his cock was betraying him again, sticking straight out of his boxer shorts, despite having had two massive loads pumped from it moments earlier. He looked up, frightened.

“Please…Aunt Lana…Granny Trish…I’m sorry…I just…” he babbled. “Aunt Lana was…she…oh my God, please, please!!”

“Oh, you just what, you just couldn’t resist two old ladies, your aunt and your grandmother no less, you couldn’t fight us off!” Lana laughed, reaching down to pinch his chin in her strong hand and twist his head back and forth.

She Ankara escort stood, looking at her sister.

“Only one thing we can do, sis,” Lana said.

“Yup,” Trish sighed. “Gonna have to drain him dry before he goes out and attacks other women!”

“It’s the only way,” Lana added. “Milk him good!”

“No…no, please…Granny…Auntie…no…,” he whimpered, trying to back away.

They grabbed him, dragging him to the bed and tossed him on it, his desperate gaze darting to each of them as they slipped out of their suits, big bushes dripping wet, eyes intently staring at him, sinister smiles on their pretty old faces, their bodies sweaty and slick.

“Oh God,” Bart moaned, closing his eyes and feeling them on him.

“Oh, suck it up boy, it’s not so bad,” Lana snarled, twisting him up to lay vertical on the big bad, sitting at his feet and spreading her legs.

“And speaking of sucking it up,” Trish added, shuffling over Bart’s face on her knees, slack thighs wiggling on either side of his head, his eyes staring into the yawning wet hairy chasm of her cunt. “Suck THIS up! I think you missed some of your filthy cum I ordered you not to put inside me!”

She squatted down, smothering him in her furry, drenched pussy, lips spreading wide over his nose and mouth, sealing him into her moist sex. The stench and taste of cum and sweat overpowered him, and seconds later a new humiliation was added to the painful mix when Aunt Lana extended her thick legs between his and started squeezing his nuts between her feet, crushing and rubbing up and down with the papery pads of her wrinkled soles.

“Do you believe this? Kid is hard as a rock, still!” she laughed, twisting her feet to each side, making him scream into his grandmother’s suffocating snatch, his hands desperately tugging at her thick, dimpled ass for a breath, his nose lost in the wet clamp of her asshole.

“Mmmm, your nose feels so nice up my bum, you dirty boy, you dirty, dirty boy!” Trish roared, hunching her hips back and forth, scraping her dripping cunt all over his nose and mouth. “Eat it, baby, eat your granny’s nasty pussy!”

He had no choice, lancing his tongue through the matted, wet fur and spearing her hole, scooping out any of his cum he’d missed, along with the endless oozing of her own orgasmic gel as she came with a deep growl on his face. Her gyrations intensified, hips snapping, snatch grinding until he feared she’d shear his nose off inside her clenching ass ring and erase his face with her pounding pussy.

“Goddam, you’re ridin’ him good, sis, you GO, girl!” Lana howled, now cupping her soles around his cock and stroking him, using his oozing precum for lubricant. “Damn, look at that thing, it won’t go down!”

“Maybe this will help,” Trish growled.

She leaned over Bart in a 69 position, reaching back and pulling his hair, ramming his face into her dimpled white ass, cinching her wrinkled but hard old thighs around his neck and bending her locked calves up against the back of his head. His face was firmly imprisoned in her ass and pussy, his mouth at her slick snatch.

“Ever been blown before, Bart, hmmm?” Trish growled, madly stroking his cock, lapping the oozing tip with her velvety tongue.

He had not. Which made the shame all the greater in that his very first blowjob was about to come courtesy of his horny old grandmother.

He gasped into his pussy prison the second her scorching, puckered mouth sealed around his cock tip, inching its way down with exquisite slowness, her tongue slurping around every inch. He had no basis for judgment as to what constituted a good blowjob but as his grandmother now devoured his dick, the tip of it tickling the back of her throat, the muscles in her neck working the shaft, he knew he’d be hard pressed to ever find a better one.

“Goddam, you haven’t lost your touch sis!” Lana laughed, releasing Bart’s agonized balls from her clenching feet to slither up between his legs for a closer view. “You still got it!”

“Mmmmmm,” Trish happily hummed as worked her wrinkled mouth up and down Bart’s cock, sucking and stroking it faster, harder and wetter, her spit running down to soak the boy’s quaking nuts.

“God, they’re huge,” Lana growled, snuggling her face between Bart’s thighs to lap at his bloated, smooth balls. “Tasty, too…”

Bart was lost in a fog, his face buried in his grandmother’s soaking-wet pussy, his nose in her gripping asshole, his eyes pressed into the warm meaty wrinkles of her butt. He could only paw at the flesh embracing his entire head, as she continued her blistering blowjob and his Aunt Lana sucked both nuts into her hot mouth, her tongue washing over them.

“Oh…oh God…please…Granny Trish…Aunt..Lana…oh, oh, OHHHHH!” he screamed, a muffled moan muted in his grandmother’s pounding pussy.

He came with a force unlike any he’d experienced before, greater than even the milking of his aunt’s slippery thighs or grandmother’s gripping pussy earlier, Ankara escort bayan his nuts throbbing inside Lana’s munching mouth. He screamed into the meaty flesh of his granny’s ass, unleashing thick blasts of cum directly down her throat, her hand madly stroking out every creamy drop. She finished him slowly, deliberately, jerking him, slurping off the wet tip and letting his cock flop back against his belly. Lana popped his spent balls out of her sucking mouth and brought her face to her older sister’s.

“C’mere, baby, share the wealth,” he heard Lana hiss, followed by the sound, obscene and loud, of cum being shot into each other’s mouths.

As they kissed, Granny Trish unlocked her gripping thighs and sat up on Bart’s chest, Lana on his legs, the two sisters wrapped in each other’s arms, hugging, mouths locked, a thick blanket of cum sloppily smearing their faces. They fell to the side in the embrace, laughing, kissing, sharing, as Bart lay in stunned silence watching them.

“Goddamn, so much cum,” Lana cooed, holding Trish’s face in her hands and lapping the cream bubbling around the corners of her mouth and over her cheeks smeared with Bart’s goo. “We got our work cut out milking him more!”

“Lay down, baby, you’re due,” Trish giggled, pushing her kid sister to her back, Lana’s huge meaty thighs spreading wide, that giant dark wet bush exploding into view. “Get down on that, young man!”

Bart was frozen in fear, unable to move, so Trish impatiently grabbed his hair and twisted his face to his aunt’s waiting snatch. She growled with pleasure the instant his mouth mashed to her furry cunt, slamming those chunky thighs around his ears, cupping his head in her hands and pulling him in so tightly he saw stars swimming before his eyes.

“Eat me, baby, eat your auntie’s pussy, that’s right…that’s right..work that tongue in there, deeeeeeper, baby, deeeeper!” she howled, pushing her thick ass up off the bed to pound her pussy into his trapped mouth.

His own ass was upturned, facing Trish as he lay flat on the bed, trapped in Lana’s legs as she pumped into his mouth, using his face. Trish lay on his legs, kneading his tight young white ass in her strong hands, pulling the flesh open and licking up his crack. He shuddered at the intrusion of her tongue as it speared his virginal hole.

“Auummmmmmm, nice, nice,” Trish cooed, tongue fucking him rapidly, her mouth mashed inside his crack, fluttering it in and out. “I’ll bet you never been rimmed before, either, right?”

He couldn’t answer as his mouth was too busy frantically working his aunt’s gushing cunt. Lana looked over his back to her big sister’s mouth glued inside her nephew’s ass and laughed.

“You are SO bad, baby!” Lana roared. “Get in there good sis, eat that boy’s ass!”

Trish laughed and continued to rim her grandson, looking up over his ass at Lana, who was now thrashing on the bed, hands gripping the sheets as she thundered out a powerful orgasm, her big thighs gripping her nephew’s scissored head so hard they quivered and shook around his skull in a meaty, gripping wave. Bart was nearly out cold by the time she quieted down and let her crushing thighs relax loosely around his face, and he gasped for the air long denied him.

“C’mon, boy, you got one more in ya at least,” he heard Trish say from his ass, and then felt something beside her tongue push into it.

“Granny Trish!” he screamed as his grandmother not-too-delicately wormed her long middle finger into his virginal asshole, going knuckle deep in one shove. “OWWWWW!!”

“Shut up and take it, boy, take it,” Trish snarled, knifing that finger more rapidly into Bart’s ass, twisting and wiggling it, loosening him up. “Just be thankful I don’t use one of my dildos on you!”

“Wow, that’s so hot, sis, so fucking hot,” Lana growled, releasing Bart’s head to sit up on the back of it, pressing his screaming face into the mattress, smothering him. “Gonna make him cum again, aren’t ya?”

“That’s the plan,” Trish said, earnestly focusing on finger fucking her grandson’s tight young ass, the freckled skin of her tight forearm dancing with sinew as she worked him.

“Be a shame to waste the load on the sheets, thought,” Lana smiled.

Trish laughed and while keeping her finger deep inside the boy’s ass, lifted his hips off the bed, letting her kid sister slip beneath him. She used her other hand to grab his stiff cock and fit it to Lana’s insatiable pussy, pushing it inside and laying the trembling boy flat atop her, balls deep in his aunt’s cunt. She snapped her legs up around his back, locking her ankles and pressing her feet to his spine, holding him snugly inside her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled his moaning face to the sweaty depths of her massive cleavage, his mouth lost in the meaty tits, barely able to breathe.

“Hit that trigger, baby,” Lana growled, cinching her arms and legs tighter around her nephew, completely immobilizing him. “Make him cum again!”

Trish Escort Ankara laughed and slipped another finger in next to the other and wriggled the tips of them side to side, tickling Bart’s prostate and unleashing his fourth massive orgasm of the afternoon. Lana shrieked with pleasure as she felt the bolts of his young cum spiral into her womb, filling her up, the heat and volume of it triggering her own orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her cunt, mixing with his, sheathing down his nuts as Trish slowly pulled her fingers from his tight asshole.

“Holy shit, this boy can shoot!” Lana laughed, unlocking her arms and legs from her nephew and pushing him off, legs wide, pussy open and running with white.

He flipped to his back, his young cock hard if slightly flagging.

“No more…please..no more…” he begged, practically in tears, his cock aching and raw.

“I need some of that cock,” Trish growled, climbing atop him and quickly inserting the spongy head to her butt, reaching to her sister’s pussy to scoop out some cum and slather his cock and her asshole with it. “In ya go!”

“OH MY GOD GRANNY TRISH!!” Bart screamed, his cock trapped inside his granny’s clutching asshole as she pounded down, taking him deep in one stroke, his dick sensitive from the orgasm seconds ago. “PLEASE…PLEASE!!”

“Shut him up, sis,” Trish snarled, pointing to his face as she sat up on his dick, swiveling her hips and grinding him deep inside her bowels.

“You made this mess, boy,” Lana barked, leaping up and coming down atop the boy’s protesting face, legs splayed wide, gushing pussy on his mouth. “NOW CLEAN IT UP!”

“Oh God, no, MMGLFFF!!” he screamed, his mouth instantly filled with a thick river of cum.

He had no choice but to gobble it down, his mouth trapped in his aunt’s sloppy pussy, his nose and eyes lost in the sweaty crack of her ass, the butt flesh folding around him. He swallowed and sucked and fought to breathe as she ground painfully down, spreading her big thighs wider, forcing her soaked cunt even wider and deeper into his gulping mouth.

“Oh, God,that’s so hot, baby, so hot!” Trish hissed, wrapping her arms around her kid sister’s shoulders and drawing her face to hers, locking lips and kissing her, tongues lashing wetly as they continued their incestuous domination of the boy trapped beneath them. “Drown that son of a bitch in his own cum!”

Bart was exhausted and spent, or so he thought, but as he continued to lap at Lana’s tireless pussy, he felt his aching balls throb. He wasn’t moving, Trish was doing all the work, thrusting up and down, back and forth, twisting her hips and pumping her gripping asshole onto her grandson’s cock. He pawed at his aunt’s thick rump as it smothered him, and felt his orgasm building, and moments later, he exploded, another load streaming out of him, blasting into the clutching rectal walls of his horny grandmother.

“FUCK YES!” Trish howled, hugging her sister’s head to her bosom as Lana laughed and suckled on her swinging, saggy old tits.

She slowed her fucking and then pushed Lana off Bart’s face, inching up his chest toward his protesting face.

“No, please Granny Trish, not that, PLEASE!”

His words were muffled as she launched herself from his belly to his face, plastering it in her ass, spreading her cheeks and positioning her dripping hole on his sputtering mouth. He felt the flow of his cum, hot and nasty, ripple into his mouth, forced to swallow to keep from drowning and regretting the volume of his orgasm.

“Just when I think you’re as nasty as you can be, you surprise me, sis!” Lana laughed, laying between Bart’s legs now and fisting his softening cock, slick with cum, jerking it into her mouth. “God, look at that ass, so fucking beautiful!”

She sucked Bart’s cock, the boy squirming as she lapped at the super sensitive tip, tongue washing over it, tickling, nibbling, making him scream inside the soppy wet confines of his grandmother’s ass. He gulped down the spew she was forcing down his throat, ignoring the taste and texture as her asshole opened wider, sealing over his mouth.

“Is he getting hard for ya, sis?” Trish grunted as she contracted her butt on his mouth, forcing out the rest of his load to be gobbled down.

“No, not yet, the fucker,” Lana hissed, slurping the softening meat into her mouth and squeezing his balls until he screamed in pain up his granny’s hunching butt. “I need some help here.”

Trish finally dismounted her gasping grandson and walked to her dresser, opening a drawer and coming out with a vibrator. Bart’s eyes darted from his aunt sucking his flaccid dick to his grandmother coming back to bed, snapping on the vibe and smiling at him.

“This should do the trick,” she laughed. “C’mon, Bart, we know you got one more in ya!”

“Which would make what, six?” Lana laughed, popping the wet dick from her sucking mouth and slapping it against her cheeks. “Not bad, kid, not bad…”

“Oh my God,” Bart warbled weakly, unable to move.

Trish lay beside her sister now, holding the vibrator against Bart’s cock, making him scream. She twisted her legs up by his head and plopped the long, wrinkled sole of one foot over his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32