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This is my (rather belated) entry in a friendly lesbian short story contest with two other authors, AwkwardMD and AmoryParks. Do check out their stories because it is some of the best erotica this site has to offer. I hope it turns out at least modestly well. Let me know what you thought with your comments.

This story is my homage to The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits style of futuristic short storytelling. Most recently, Black Mirror has done a great job of it (check it out on Netflix because it is unreasonably awesome).

A vote of thanks to my beta reader, KatieTay, and my editor, secretsxywriter, for their help.

* *

March 22, 2053

Manhattan, New York

“Good Morning, Lisa. How are you?”

“What time is it, JJ?”

“Four am,” JJ, the state-of-the-art home automation assistant, replied. “Would you like me to go over your schedule for today?”

“Go ahead.”

“You have a conference call with Jonas and Stelios in an hour. They set it up while you were asleep. Apart from it, you had dedicated the morning and afternoon to working on the Braga proposal and getting it ready to show the board members next week. Do you want me to order lunch for the afternoon, or should I book a table at La Chalet? You preferred their duck l’orange last time.”

“Actually, JJ,” Lisa Sangster said, stretching her arms, “cancel all my calls and meetings for today. Send out an alert to all of my contacts that I am unavailable and I’ll check my messages later.”

The simple sentence seemed to frazzle the AI’s decision making.


“You have never skipped a work-related call in your life, Lisa. Are you feeling all right?”

“I am,” she said. “Draw up some warm water.”

“As you wish.”

A display popped up on the wall opposite to Lisa as she watched the temperature of her bath slowly rise to her comfort level.

“What do we have available to cook with, JJ?”

“Some bacon, eggs, ham, bread, and some produce. Would you like to order something?”

“How long would it take?”

“A few minutes, if it’s available in the supplier’s depot. I can get them to send a drone over right now.”

Lisa quickly mentioned a list of additional supplies she needed before getting into her bath. A few touch panels on the side wall set the mood lighting and music while the bathtub adjusted to her ergonomic needs.

“You’re getting a call from Stelios,” JJ chimed suddenly “Are you sure you want to ignore it?”

“Yes,” Lisa said, repeating her authorization code to ensure she would not be interrupted again. The day was far too important.

A moment later, JJ’s voice interrupted her again. “The drone has been dispatched. The supplies should be arriving any moment now.”

“Good. JJ, do a quick diagnostic of all the kitchen appliances. It’s been a long time since I cooked something.”

“It’s been five years, seven months, and twenty two days exactly since you cooked.”

“Thank you, for the reminder,” she said, rolling her eyes.

* *

“Would you like some help, Lisa?”

Lisa stood in front of her kitchen range surveying all of the equipment before her. She had, at best, a functional idea of how any of it worked. She touched a familiar looking dial and saw the wall display light up with options.

Bake. Grill. Roast…

She tried recalling what to do next then selected a few options from the display.

“That is not a valid option,” the kitchen range politely informed her. “Please try again.”

Lisa went back one display before trying another option. Now she could see further controls to set temperature and duration to her choosing.

“That is not a valid option. Please try again.”

She swore loudly.

“Would you like some help, Lisa?” The home assistant repeated its offer.

“Play an instructional video,” Lisa grumbled. “French breakfast.”


The wall in front of her lit up in vivid high-definition and showed a friendly man in a white coat.

“There is no more ideal way to wake up than with a French breakfast,” the man said with the hint of an accent in his voice. “Let me demonstrate.”

“This could take a few tries,” JJ said.

“Shut up, JJ.” Lisa returned her attention to the video in front of her.

* *

Dawn finally filtered in through the opacity-controlled glass. Ayomi stirred at the warmth of the morning sun. She turned her head towards the door and her eyes went as wide as saucers.


“Shh… don’t say a word,” Lisa said, carefully balancing the tray carrying breakfast over to the bed and placing the stands on either side of Ayomi’s supine form.

“What is this?”

“Don’t you remember, Ayomi? Our honeymoon in Villefranche sur Mer. When we had breakfast delivered to the royal suite. I’ve tried to recreate it.”

Ayomi’s clear blue eyes moved from the array of delectable food laid out before her to the figure of Lisa standing by her bedside and back again.

“Is this a bursa otele gelen escort hologram? JJ, is this a joke?”

“No it isn’t, Ayomi,” Lisa hurriedly interrupted and held her hand, ensuring her that she was really there. “It’s been a long time since I made you breakfast in bed, that’s all.”

“Yes, Lisa,” chimed in the omnipresent and helpful AI. “It has been five years, sev-”

“Thank you, JJ. That will be all,” Lisa hollered loudly. “How about a scenic setting? The French Riviera should complement our food nicely.”

“Sure, why not?” Ayomi said, still not quite able to come to terms with the surreal experience.

Ayomi watched in awe as the room melted away to an idyllic coastline. The climate control made the air crisp and warm without being oppressively hot. She could see the looming cliffs being thrashed by waves rise from the beaches. Numerous small and large boats dotted the blue sea until it melted into the sky.

“What’s going on, Lisa?”

“Just wanted to be spontaneously romantic today,” she shrugged in response. “Not a crime now, is it?”

“Didn’t you say you had a meeting with—”

“The meeting got postponed. It reminded me how I hadn’t shown you how much I love you in ages.”

Lisa slid in beside Ayomi and kissed her alabaster white skin, starting at her shoulder and continuing up her neck and the side of her face.

“I’ve made your favourite French breakfast.”

Ayomi took a bite, and the illusion was complete. It was still their honeymoon. The scenery unfurled all around her. Waves crashed against the cliffs periodically, and the air glinted with a fine mist of seawater. Distant squawks of seagulls punctuated the sounds of the waves.

“Here, let me,” Lisa said, taking a breadstick and coating it liberally in fondue before holding it to Ayomi who gently bit the end off. Her eyes never left Lisa’s while she ate. Soon, she had consumed the remainder of the breadstick and kissed Lisa’s hand.

“Do you like it?” Lisa asked, curling her arm around Ayomi and drawing her closer. Suddenly, her lips planted themselves on Ayomi’s smooth skin. She kissed her on the forehead and cheek and drew back to see her open-mouthed look of surprise.

Ayomi felt the heat of a faint crimson tinge blossom on her face. Lisa leaned in again for a kiss. This time, Ayomi saw it coming and tilted her head to receive the lips with hers. Her arm caressed Lisa’s cheek as she kissed her deeply.

Lisa’s lips trailed lower. She kissed down Ayomi’s neck and used her hand to pull aside her dress. Her attention was drawn to the newly exposed left breast. Lisa took a moment to presumably admire the smooth, conical flesh culminating in a pale, protruding nipple which she took between her fingers and rolled gently.

This elicited a sharp yelp of surprise from Ayomi who threw her head back in pleasure.

“I love you so much more than I could ever show you.”

Lisa drove her shoulders under Ayomi’s thighs and pushed her legs upwards. Her face nestled inches from Ayomi’s engorged lips.

“May I?”

“Yes, please,” Ayomi desperately panted.

“Yes, please…what exactly?” Lisa rested her chin on Ayomi’s labia and looked up at her with a mock quizzical look.

“Please. Put. Your. Tongue. Inside. Me.”

“You’re very persuasive, it must be said.”

Lisa dove in with her tongue. Side to side, top to bottom, she repeated her actions over and over again, spurring an increasingly slurred series of expletives from Ayomi. Inspired, Lisa held her hips at a higher angle to allow her mouth better access to the vagina splayed out before her.

As her wife’s mouth remained fastened on her inflamed pussy, the arousal bubbled up within. It grew until she felt she was bursting at the seams and promised to drench Lisa’s face.

Suddenly, Lisa’s tongue stopped. Ayomi was about to protest when she felt two fingers slip into replace it. Then the agonizingly slow trip into passion began again. The pads of her wife’s fingers rubbed against her inner walls until they pushed up against her most sensitive place. She felt Lisa curl her fingers deep inside her amour, making her tremble with arousal.

Articulation had left Ayomi, leaving her with a babble of monosyllabic moans and grunts. Lisa drew her finger back and forth slowly. The pad of Lisa’s fingertip furrowed the familiar path driving Ayomi crazy.

“Harder. Faster. Oh, yes! Right there. Fuck!!”

Lisa clamped her lips around the clit and plunged her fingers in and out of Ayomi with a breathless rhythm. Ayomi’s screams grew increasingly shrill until finally there was only silence. Her head finally rested on the pillow, and her face was flushed with what she imagined was a beautiful tinge of carmine.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you today,” squeezed out Ayomi between laboured pants, “…but, thank you. It’s been too long.”

They lay in a sweaty mass of flesh and limbs and she closed her eyes. The only sounds she could hear were the waves crashing bursa eve gelen eskort against the cliff, punctuated by the occasional squawk of a seagull.

* *

“JJ, I thought I was clear I am not receiving any calls today,” Lisa said sharply.

“Apologies, Lisa, but this came in using your company master override code. You had not instructed to block those.”

“Who is it?” Lisa asked.

“Mr. Mayfair-Evans from the London office. Should I put him through?”

“Honey?” asked a voice from the other room. “Is everything all right?”

“Be there in a second.”

Lisa pulled up the call controls and pressed a few buttons before the face of a balding man appeared on the screen in front of her.

“Lisa, are you all right? We’ve been trying to reach you for hours.”

“I cleared out my schedule for today and put out a DND. Didn’t you get it?”

“I thought it must have been a mistake,” he said defensively. “You’ve never taken a day off, and you were the one who insisted we discuss the Braga proposal today. You had specifically wanted to go over the investment portfolio point-by-point.”

“Well, something has come up. If you will excuse me, I’d like to not be bothered again today.”

“But, Lisa—”

“Harold, you have over a thousand quants at your disposal. I’m sure you’ll manage for one day without me.”

He looked flummoxed more than anything else when Lisa closed the call.

“JJ, I don’t want to hear so much as a ring for the rest of the day. Are we clear?”


Lisa sighed and turned towards the door. Ayomi stood there in a svelte red dress sans sleeves. She wore a similar shade of lipstick, and her hair came down on either side of her face all the way to her shoulders. So many years into their relationship, and yet watching Ayomi’s flawless elegance often took Lisa’s breath away momentarily.

“Come here, you,” Ayomi said and pulled her gaping wife into a tender kiss. With a coquettish smile playing on her lips, she asked, “What do you have planned for me now?”

Lisa kissed her lips again and held her hand.

“Let’s find out.”

She led the way to their basement, which had been redesigned into a movie hall. The ambience was set up exactly as she wanted it. She led Ayomi to one of the plush recliners and sat down beside her.

“What are we seeing?” Ayomi asked, interlacing her fingers in Lisa’s. The dim lights gradually gave way to darkness as the massive screen in front of them lit up.

“Oh, my God!”

Sunrise on the Danube flashed on the screen. Directly beneath were the words : Directed by Ayomi Takahara.

Ayomi turned to look at Lisa who gently wiped a teardrop off her face and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Remember when we went to the premier? Five minutes in, I got a phone call from work and spent the rest of the movie outside. I felt so bad, but you understood and didn’t make a big deal of it.”

The opening credits played.

“Today, you have my undivided attention. Tell me every little thing you wanted to tell me about the movie that night. No one will call me today, I’ve made sure of it.”

“Lisa, I…” Ayomi started.

Lisa silenced her with a passionate lip lock. She placed her hand on her wife’s chin and pulled her deeper into the kiss. When she drew back, Lisa saw the corners of Ayomi’s beautiful blue eyes were glistening.

“The movie is about to start. What’s it about?”

“It’s about a family of four living in Budapest…” Ayomi began, her hand firmly locked in Lisa’s.

Lisa smiled and listened intently. Giving Ayomi attention that was long overdue.

* *

“Music, JJ.”

“What would you like, Lisa?”

“Slow waltz.”

A deep melody drifted through the room. Lisa gently kissed the back of Ayomi’s hand.

“May I have this dance?”

Ayomi put her other hand on Lisa’s shoulder and drew her closer.

“Lights, JJ,” Lisa instructed. “Ballroom.”

The bright lights gave way to a dim, red hue. Lisa looked at the way the lights painted one side of Ayomi’s face and seemed to kiss her cheek. Her hand went to her waist while she guided Ayomi forward and then back. Forward and back.

Their eyes remained riveted on each other. So close that Lisa could see each feature and contour of Ayomi’s face vividly. Her almond-shaped eyes with a distinct curve at the crest and the brightness therein.

To the left now. And forward.

“Remember our first dance as a married couple?” Lisa asked.

The same tune played. Not loud and garish like in a club, but slow and measured. The velvety notes caressed them while they remained wrapped in each other’s arms. Moving as one.

Ayomi nodded and sighed. “I love the way you feel against me.”

“I love everything about you,” Lisa replied softly. “I love the way your smooth hair tickles my hand on your shoulder. I love the way you smile without ever thinking about it. I love that your eyes can see nothing other than me right bayan escort bursa now. Most importantly…”

Lisa’s voice trailed off as Ayomi craned her neck closer to listen.

“I love the fact that you know nothing about what I intend to do to you next.”

Ayomi tilted her head and drew Lisa into a deep kiss. Her tongue slowly explored its counterpart, cajoling it into a slow waltz like they were engaged in at the same time. Their lips angled and pressed together while their tongues duelled for supremacy.

Back and forward and … fuck it!

The waltz ended abruptly while Ayomi sank into the kiss. Her lips parted from Lisa’s for the briefest moment before returning with renewed hunger. Her tongue jostled for position in Lisa’s mouth and yet, pressed her sumptuous lips with exquisite ardency.

When she finally drew back, Lisa saw the returned glimmer of moisture in the corner of her eyes.

“I love you so much, Lisa. I can’t even find the proper words right now.”

“You don’t need any words, love. Your eyes speak more than an infinity of words ever could.”

Lisa kissed her again, letting her fingers roam over Ayomi’s luxuriant black hair. She curled her hand around the back of Ayomi’s head and pulled her deeper into her mouth before her lips kissed her smooth skin, trailing down the side of her neck. All of Ayomi assaulted Lisa’s senses, and she wanted her devour her wife.

All pretence of the waltz was abandoned. Lisa wrapped both arms around Ayomi and squeezed hard enough until there was no space left between them. Bodies tightly pressed together, they kissed hungrily. Lips, tongues, and flesh melded seamlessly into a single, pulsing organism.

Urgently, Lisa yanked Ayomi’s designer dress down to expose both her breasts. She crouched until she was at eye-level with her nipples and observed the protruding nubs for a moment. Her tongue snaked out gently, and the tip made the merest suggestion of contact with a nipple.


She felt the shudder that made Ayomi tremble at the simple act. Lisa grinned up at her and moved her head to the left until her tongue was just about to touch the other nipple. Delicately, she stuck out her tongue until the pointy end of her fleshy appendage kissed the crest of the areola. Deliciously slowly, she traced the edge of the darker ring of skin. Her tongue teased the sensitive flesh by coming closer to the centre with every circle. Ayomi pressed her breast towards Lisa, apparently trying to push her to the centre of the circle faster.

Lisa could barely conceal her smile when small moans of pleasure emanated from Ayomi’s lips while she continued to tease. Beneath her fingers, she could feel the tension that had built up in Ayomi; she knew her wife would burst soon from the pent-up arousal. Lisa swiftly latched onto her nipple with her lips and lashed at it furiously with her tongue.

Ayomi took the initiative to strip her expensive dress down to a satin puddle at her feet. She winked when Lisa looked up after noticing her wife had conveniently missed putting on any underwear. Even as Lisa continued sucking and licking her nipple, she let a hand trail down and caress the inflamed lips so invitingly exposed to her.

Lisa’s index finger grazed the outer lips tenderly all the way from Ayomi’s pronounced clit to the very bottom. Relishing the moan of pleasure coming from above her, she traced her finger back up and gently rolled the mound of flesh at the very apex between her thumb and forefinger.

A sharp cry of pleasure told Lisa she was onto something. She smiled devilishly and sank to her knees in front of the nude goddess she could not get enough of worshipping. Her hands framed Ayomi’s shapely hips, and her mouth pushed forward into her warm, wet folds.

Ayomi’s legs shook. Lisa feared she would have a meltdown around her tongue. She licked hard and fast, thrusting her tongue as deep into Ayomi as she could before drawing it back. Her tongue seemed prehensile, an organism unto itself, with the way it hit all of Ayomi’s most erogenous spots and engulfed her in a torrent of pleasure.

It was getting harder and harder to hold her upright. Ayomi continued to writhe and shake her hips, her nervous system probably going into sensory overload from the feelings radiating out of her vagina.

Suddenly, she collapsed in a heap, and Lisa took the small break in action to remove her own dress before she curled one leg around Ayomi’s right leg and pulled her closer.

Lisa looked down between them and saw their lower lips almost touching. Ayomi’s was pale and bereft of any hair while Lisa had a deeper skin-tone with a short patch. The contrast excited her into pushing closer until they touched. The sensation seemed to send a paroxysm of pleasure through both of them.

The first of so many.

Lisa grabbed the back of Ayomi’s head and yanked her into a kiss while their pussies kept grinding against each other. The short patch on hers must have a bristly feel against her partner’s sensitive mound, heightening the pleasure for her.

“Harder,” Ayomi grunted out.

They flexed and mashed against each other with renewed vigour. Jolts of electricity emanated from the point their bodies met and flowed through Lisa. And apparently through Ayomi based on the sounds she was emitting. They were a single being now, desperately humping and moaning into each other’s mouths.

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