Sara and Linda in Mountains

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Sara and Linda had been looking forward to their ski trip for months. Meticulously planning all the details. A remote cabin where you could ski in and ski out. All the supplies they would need for 2 weeks. Some tequila for the cold nights. Plenty of warm blankets and all the ski gear.

After the three hour drive they were exhausted and got to sleep. The next day they skied to their hearts delight. Sara, a 43 year old professor at the University of Colorado, and Linda, her 41 year old lover of 8 years, had made this trip only twice before and had decided to make it a yearly ritual to refresh themselves and get some precious alone time. That first night they were so tired they fell right asleep, cuddling through the night, postponing until the next night any amorous undercover adventures.

After a late morning brunch, they turned on the local rock station and heard a ski report that said fresh powder was on the way with a new storm front. And boy were they right. After a few lazy hours lounging, showering and getting their ski gear ready for an afternoon run, the storm hit. Snow fell like huge cottonballs quickly covering their car and the surrounding trees with a blanket. Sensing the conditions to cold to venture, they started a fire and started kissing. Deep kisses that older lovers who knew the other so well could give, surrendering to the other in total trust. No need to even do more, as they had explored each other’s bodies so many times, little was left to explore. But the kisses remained their favorite parts of lovemaking, allowing them to build anticipation until one gave in and undid the other’s jeans and fingered so sweetly. This night was no different. This time Sara did the honors and brought sweet Linda to a nice climax with her hand in her panties. No surprises but they didn’t think they needed one. As the wind howled and muffled their lovemaking sounds, Linda let loose more than normal and let out a breathtaking scream. It thrilled them that no one was around for 10 miles at least. Fortunately, their cell phones worked there and their SUV was a rugged Land Rover.

They decided to turn in early so they could go for a sunrise run on the fresh powder. As they brushed their teeth they heard a familiar sound, but which was still unexpected. In the middle of the storm, another SUV pulled up. The faint sound of alternative rock suddenly stopped as they headlights beamed through the curtains. Who could that be?

They opened the door and saw two girls emerge from the snow covered vehicle. Neither could be much older than 20 and appeared to be on their winter break from college.

Sara inquired: “What can we do for you?”

Marie: “We are like totally lost…do you guys have a phone?”

Sara, taking charge, “Come on in…call whoever you need.”

After talking to someone, it appeared they had taken a wrong turn in the fork of the road outside of town and were 1 hour away from their destination. It was 10:30 p.m. and their car was barely visible under the snow. It was really coming down. Marie hung up and told her friend Carol that they should start out or they would never make it by midnight.

At that point Linda butted in. gorukle escort bayan “You can’t get back on that road, you can barely see the road anymore”

Marie: “Well, we can’t stay here!”

Sara: “Of course you can, at least until the storm passes….its supposed to be clear by morning.”

After some back and forth about the limited sleeping conditions, there was only one bed in the cabin, they settled on just crashing next to them since it would only be for one night.

They returned to their car to get their toothbrushes and jammies and hopped back into the cabin. After telling them all about their studies and trying to see if they had any friends in common at the University (they didn’t), they opened the bed and staked out a side. They never explained they were a couple to the girls, as they had not come out to the administration and didn’t want to make any trouble. The girls didn’t seem to care. So they turned out the light and turned in, with Sara and Linda taking opposite sides of the bed and Marie (age 20) and Carol (age 19) in the middle. The bed was big and there was plenty of room and it was near midnight so they all slept almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow. The fire blew out so they pulled the huge covers over themselves. Carol and Marie had huge over sized tees on and athletic socks and Linda and Sara had flannel pajamas from Lands End, nothing too sexy.

Sara had noticed how cute these girls were, but was used to resisting the temptation as many of her students were both young, cute and off limits and most were not lesbian or even bi. Sara herself was a lovely 5’7″ blond with short hair and slim hips. Her lover Linda, a gorgeous Italian woman, 5’5″ with huge D cups and very generous hips and buttocks. Both were above average in looks but didn’t flaunt it.

Marie was a classic with a brunette bob and huge brown eyes, petite, 5’2 and pert, gravity defying b cups which both girls took turns peaking at as she changed earlier. Carol was a vixen with raven black hair and very light skin and the most enticing green eyes. She looked to have some Greek in her, but was hard to tell for sure. Carol was more buxom, but very firm, with c cups and a very flat tummy. They seemed athletic yet very feminine.

After a few hours of sleep, the covers started to weigh them down to much, trapping their collective heat and making them much too warm. Without waking up they pushed their covers down and extended their bodies, inevitably crossing legs with each other. In their sleep not one noticed whose bodies where whose, but after a huge howl from the trees, Sara was suddenly awake. The girls and Linda still slept deep, the sounds of their deep breathing competing with the outside howls.

Sara noticed that Marie’s leg had cross over to her side and pinned her left leg under it. Her thighs spread provocatively and her huge tee up around her waist exposing her pretty pink cotton panties to the moonlight. What was she thinking? This was too much to resist. Maybe she could place her hand on her pelvis and just let it rest there.

If she woke up she could pretend to sleep and pretend she unconsciously did it. Who nilüfer escort bayan would know? Linda certainly couldn’t get jealous as it would be an accident. Linda would probably do same thing if she got the chance. Slowly Sara slid her hand and lightly placed if over sweet Marie’s pussy, resting her long fingers right over the fabric that covered the lips and slit.

Success! She hadn’t woken up and it felt so good. Better than she imagined. A bit moist from sweat and oh so tender. This started to excite Sara, more than she could control. So close to this hot girl and yet so far away from the true source of her desire. Then, Marie started to stir. But not as if to awake. A slight hip swivel. The right kind, too. Her hips moved just enough to force Sara’s hand back and forth over her most precious spot. Then a very subtle feeling emerged under her finger. The ever so slight fleshy protrusion of her clitty, which seemed to harden under her cupping hand. This was too much to take. Marie started to say something.

Oh god, she was going to get caught! Before she could move her hand, she heard Marie say in a whisper, “oh Jules…”

Jules? Was this a boy’s name? Or a girl? Was she dreaming of being touched. Sara’s head swam with ideas and couldn’t stop her hand from taking the next step. She moved her middle finger ever so slightly in small circles over the clitty now protruding more prominently, touching sweet Marie as she had touched Linda earlier. Sara knew just how much pressure to apply and after a few brief seconds, new moisture seaped into Marie’s panties fabric. This was too much for Sara, who was now in a semi delirium. The soft cotton fabric almost made it sexier, keeping the forbidden treasure hidden from deeper probing. Sara continued her teasing. Marie’s breathing deepened and then suddenly Linda stirred.

Sara was beyond the point of caring and still had her game plan in case she was busted. So her lust overpowered her and urged her to continue. Sensing what Marie needed she rubbed her more firmly, pressing the soft fleshy clit against her pelvic bone expertly. Then, she heard Linda take a breath, as if she was about to wake up. Sara put her plan b into play and quickly pulled her hand away and pretended to be asleep.

At that point two things happened that surprised Sara as she held her eyes closed tightly. Linda resumed her sleeping breathing patter and a hand encircled her wrist. She opened her eyes to find Marie staring at her with her big brown eyes lit by the final burning embers of the fire remnants, and holding her naughty hand by the wrist.

“Please don’t stop….its been so long since I’ve had a woman touch me like that…they are sound asleep. I used to make love with my girlfriend Jules right under Carol’s nose. She sleeps like a rock”, Marie whispered to Sara in her quietest voice.

Sara was too shocked by how forward this young girl was, to notice that this might have been her plan all along. Had she kissed Linda down at the town coffee shop? Had these girls noticed and followed them up? Who knows and at this point Sara cared not.

Sara whispered back, in an almost motherly bursa otele gelen escort bayan tone, “ok… then keep quiet so they don’t wake ok, sweetie?”

Marie nodded furiously and pulled a sheet over them to hide their naughty touches. This time Sara wasted no more time and slid her hand right into Marie’s now very soaked panties, and discovered what felt like nirvana. A very tight wet, juicy pussy, freshly trimmed all around, enhancing its juicy center with neatly trimmed pubes. Sara, again, knew just what this naughty girl needed, first inserting her finger in deep and finding her fleshy G spot, then withdrawing her finger to finally touch her fully nude clitorus. Sara loved this moment. The first sexual touch, the discovery of new lovers, an older expert and her nubile sweetheart.

Marie responded beautifully positioning her hips just so, to maximize Sara’s access. Oblivious to her surroundings, Sara worked her magic, as Marie struggled to suppress her moans. She was good, keeping her breathing through her nose and avoiding any loud sonic peaks. It was clear to Sara that his girl was near her peak and about to burst.

Then, as was inevitable, Linda awoke. But Sara and Marie both were too lost in their pleasure to even notice…. until a second hand joined. Sara looked up and locked gaze with Linda. Linda and Sara knew instantly that this was just what the doctor ordered. A trip down a forbidden road, they both never spoke of but both secretly lusted for, to explore a sweet younger version of themselves, not in the form of an affair, but together, an integral part of their soul mate’s journey.

They wasted no time, pushing Marie’s panties down to her knees and now taking turns teasing her clitty and deeply finger fucking her.

Marie let out a slight yelp as her first orgasm overtook her. A delightful feeling to be so pampered by these two loving ladies, but all such pleasure has consequences. Carol, her 20 year old friend was now awake, and this was about to get very messy.

Carol: …what are you doing…is it time to get up??? its so dark….

It only took a few seconds for Carol to wake up enough and her eyes to adjust before she could see what had just happened, as Marie pulled her panties up slowly, not showing particular concern for her friend’s discovery of their naughty games.

Marie: “Go back to sleep…we were just adjusting….”

Carol: “Ok, so what’s the deal? is there a reason this never happens with me?

Marie: “We’ve talked about this…I KNOW your curious, why don’t you ever just try it to see what happens….”

Carol: “I will…I’m just waiting for…for…”

Marie: “For the perrrrfect girl? She doesn’t exist…”

Carol: “Ok then you can’t tell Mike ok? We’re getting married in Fall and he’d kill me…

Marie: “Oh, goodie…”

Linda and Sara watch all this with intense anticipation, like kids right before dawn at Christmas… And now, the fun really starts…. Linda pairs up with Carol, and Marie and Sara do same…and the sound of first kisses fills the empty cabin..soft kisses, no tongues then tongues darting in and out of sweet young mouths… then as Sara and Linda pause the two girls turn to one another and they lock in a deep kiss they both seemed to have waited for for an eternity.

Basking in the warm glow of young love, Linda and Sara reach around them and hold hands surrounding them with their own love. But soon, the proceedings start down a not so innocent path….

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