Impossible Ch. 03

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You flew in from out of town, I was picking you up from the airport and scrambled to get ready and leave for the airport on time. After agonizing over what to wear for hours, I finally settled on a body hugging black dress with a sexy little blue lingerie ensemble underneath. I sped most of the way to the airport to make up for lost time, and breathed a sigh of relief when I pulled into the parking garage thirty minutes before you were due to land.

After waiting what seemed like forever, I finally saw you come down the escalator

toward baggage claim and saw you smile and speed your pace toward me as I moved toward you. My heart skipped a beat when you finally reached me and wrapped me in a tight warm hug and kissed me.

We headed out to the car together and I popped the trunk for your bag and after you put it in you came around to the drivers side, I turned toward you thinking you were wanting to drive. Instead, you pulled me roughly against you and squeezed my ass, kissing me deeply, thrusting your tongue forcefully against mine. When the kiss broke I was entirely speechless. You gazed at me possessively and said if there hadn’t been people around you would have taken me right in the airport because I looked so good.

Just that simple action left me dripping, wanting, and feeling completely desired. I couldn’t wait to get home and ended up speeding most of the way there.

When we walked into the bedroom the gloves were off. I kissed you this time, rough and demanding, trying to convey how turned on you made me during the drive. All the while pushing you back toward the bed. As the back of your knees touched the edge, I pushed you back onto the bed and followed you down. You kissed me back hard as your hands ran down my legs and back up, cupping and squeezing my ass as I ground down onto your cock through our cloths.

Moving your hands to the top of my dress, you began unbuttoning, pulling it down and following the trail with your mouth. When your lips wrapped around my nipple I was in heaven… The sensations rushing through my body first from your hands, then from your lips, made my blood heat and my already aroused senses respond with more urgency.

You slid your hand down between us brushing your fingers across my clit through my clothes. I got up and unbuttoned the rest of my dress, letting my little sparkly chemise show in full view as my other clothes fall to the floor. I come back to the bed and open your pants, grinning at you escort bursa like a cat about to get some cream.

“I want your cock in my mouth so bad” I say, as I pull your pants down and off you, then kiss and nibble my way up your leg until I follow the pants with your boxers, leaving your cock fully exposed for me.

Coming back over you, my body covering yours, I kiss you again, sliding my fingers down to wrap around your hard shaft and moving it teasingly against my exposed sex.

I continue kissing, passionately and deeply, feeling your hard length pressing insistently underneath me as I gyrate my hips on top of you. You groan and grab my ass, propelling me upward so my pussy is right over your mouth. Your tongue darts out to flick across my clit and it’s like an electric jolt as soon as you make contact. Your tongue flicks and probes, sending me into an upward spiral of pure pleasure. I grab onto the headboard and ride the waves of sensation as your expert tongue drives me wild.

You pulled me down onto your face and sucked my clit gently, then flicked at it again, then probed my pussy with your tongue before returning to my clit. I didn’t know what sensation to focus on, it all felt so good! Finally, your tongue settled in a smooth rhythm over my clit, that you interspersed with suckling it gently. The feeling of your tongue and mouth relentlessly pushed me closer and closer to orgasm.

I felt my body tightening, preparing for the imminent explosion; feeling your mouth pushing me further toward your goal. I couldn’t take it anymore, I came in violent waves, riding your face and writhing in ecstasy. It went on for what seemed like forever, rocking my body to the core with one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

You kept teasing my clit, following me as I pulled away whimpering, knowing you were driving me crazy with sensation overload as I went into hypersensitive mode after cumming.

Finally I moved off of you, seeing your face covered in my juices was unbelievably sexy. I bent down to kiss you and lick up some of my own cum, loving how I tasted on your tongue. I got impatient to feel you and slid my hand back down, wrapping around your thick, hard cock. Gazing at your thick cock, I felt myself get even wetter. I moved down to wrap my mouth around the head of your cock, gently swirling my tongue around the tip, then sucking on it gently. With that little tease, I wanted to feel more of that delicious shaft in my bursa merkez eskort mouth. I slowly slid my mouth down the entire length, trying to get as much of your cock into my mouth as I could without gagging. No easy task! Your cock felt rock hard and huge inside my mouth and pulsed against my tongue with each ever more rapid heartbeat.

I slid my mouth up and down the length of your cock, savoring the feel of you fully penetrating my mouth, and loving every little sound you made as I sucked. I kept suction on you cock as best I could, and slid my mouth up and down trying to be careful not to accidentally graze you with my teeth. My ass was pointed toward your face as I was sucking, and you soon got other ideas. Pulling me over to straddle your face, my mouth still stuffed full of your cock, you started licking me again… It was all I could do to concentrate on your cock and try to keep sucking and licking in some semblance of a rhythm. Your mouth felt amazing on my pussy and I wanted to feel you inside me so badly.

Your cock just seemed to get harder and harder, feeling like it would burst through the skin if it didn’t get release soon. By this point I was aching to be filled, and I slid my body down and pushed your cock inside me, straddling you reverse cowgirl style. Your cock pushed in almost angrily, stretching me around you and making my body accept your length. I groaned in pleasure and started moving up and down on your shaft, trying to fit all of your shaft inside me by pushing down forcefully on the downstroke until it felt like your cock would shove through me. I started out with long strokes, moving almost completely off your cock with each stroke, then pushing back down onto you hard. You grabbed my calves and squeezed, running your hands up and down my legs. I wanted more leverage to fuck you, so I turned around, straddling your hips and lowering my pussy down to envelope your thick hard cock again.

Feeling you from that direction made me gasp as you forced me to stretch around you from a different angle. I wrapped just around the head at first, then slid down a little, back up, back down, not quite taking all of you inside. Finally, I slammed my hips down, and yours thrust up to meet me, jamming your cock as deep as it could go. I winced in pain along with the tremendous pleasure of being so totally possessed. Your cock was relentless, pounding up into me with urgency as I slammed down to meet bursa sınırsız escort you, while your mouth came up to suck and nip at a nipple and your hand twisted and pinched the other one.

I felt myself building to orgasm again, your cock invading me so thoroughly was pushing me there. You pushed me off you and pulled me to my hands and knees, positioning yourself behind me and ramming your cock home. The shock and force was astounding. As you pushed deeply into me and bent down to bite my shoulder and my neck. I came. Exploding around your cock for the second time that night as you pounded into me and I slammed my hips back to meet you. I just kept coming, your cock jack hammering into me.

You grabbed my hips and flipped me over again, pinning me underneath you and arranging me so my legs were completely spread with you kneeling between them, buried to the hilt inside me. I dragged my nails down your back as you thrust into me, your cock hitting deeper than I thought possible and causing that painful stretching that leaves a pleasant ache for days. You bent down over me and kissed me passionately, your tongue scorching my mouth and making me need to feel you everywhere at once. The way your cock claimed me while your tongue did battle with mine made me feel fully taken, owned almost. And I liked it.

You kept thrusting, filling my pussy from a new angle and leaving your nipples right in front of my face, I wrapped my mouth around your left nipple and sucked, causing you to pulse inside me and groan. I kept sucking, using my hand to tweak and roll your other nipple between my fingers. Knowing I was making you feel even half as good as you made me feel acting as a catalyst to spur me on. Your cock was throbbing now, I could feel it spasm every time I squeezed down around you.

I pushed you off me and positioned my mouth over your cock again. “I want your hot load in my mouth,” I said.

I wrap my lips around your cock and swirl my tongue under the head while stroking your shaft with my hand, wanting you to fuck my face with your hard thick dick. You thrust up into my mouth and I keep sucking, moving my mouth up and down your shaft fast and trying my best to keep sucking as you thrust into my mouth. Finally, I felt your cock start twitching, I groan and keep sucking for all I’m worth as you started to cum, shooting stream upon stream of cum right down my throat. I could feel the warmth and the force of it as it shot out against the back of my throat, and fuck did I love the taste of you! I swallowed every drop, making sure to suck any left off your cock.

Completely spent, you collapsed on the bed. Your cock still pulsing as I released you from my mouth. I felt completely satisfied getting to end the night with drinking your hot cum.

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