Good Neighbors Ch. 179

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When we were enjoying our last night on the old mattress, I took advantage during the night to seduce and make love to my fiancée. That was last night. It was a wonderful send off for the old mattress until I saw the tears in her eyes when the movers removed it. I was the biggest fool to expect there be no emotional attachment to the mattress. My intentions this night was to wait before trying a similar feat on the new mattress with the new sheets. Although we were both sleeping in our favorite outfits (i.e. naked) I was intending on behaving.

That was my intention. It really was.

What I didn’t count on was her making the first move. I had no idea what time it was. The only thing I knew was I was waking up to her hand stroking my cock. As my eyes opened, I saw her above me. One hand was stroking me while she leaned her face closer to mine before smiling with that passionate look in her eyes.

“I am a little disappointed, Romeo,” she started. “I didn’t think you’d pass up the opportunity to take your good girl on the first night with a new mattress.”

“I..I..I didn’t think you wanted to. Especially after this afternoon.”

She kissed Porno me softly on the lips before pulling back a little.

“It’s one reason I love you, Leo. You always put me first. I love the fact that you were trying to allow me time. It’s just…”

As she was in mid thought, she lowered her head and took me between her lips. She went straight down my cock one time before licking around the head. As she pulled back up, her soft hands kept stroking me.

“Mmmm. It’s just that there’s something about new sheets and a new mattress that screams to me that we need to break it in right. You catch what I am saying, Leo?”

I nodded my head before I noticed my arms were not moving. I looked over and saw my right wrist cuffed to the bed. I looked at her and saw her smile before she whispered.

“Oh…I figured I’d punish you a little for last night. It was very sneaky to take advantage of your fiancée like that. I figured it was my turn.”

With that revelation, she went back to teasing my cock slowly with her lips. She kissed down the underside of it before she started running her tongue along my balls a bit. I closed Altyazılı Porno my eyes for a moment before she started running her tongue back upwards before swirling it around the head again. She was teasing me so much at that point. I could feel the moan coming from deep within my core. I did as much as I could to prolong it before I allowed my moan to flow straight through my throat. I watched as she smiled.

“That’s my good boy,” she whispered.

She slid upwards until she started rubbing the head of my cock against her love box. Her eyes looked down on me sparkling before she slid down my shaft.

“Yeah, that’s the stuff. I’m going to fuck your brains out, Leo.”

We started getting a bit more hot and heavy. All I could do was allow her to control everything. She would do a slow rhythm before she would go a bit faster for a bit before she bottomed out and paused. It took all the control I had to not cum too soon. I was afraid if I did, she would forget to uncuff me. As she kept moving, I started to feel the signs I feared. I struggled to say something before she leaned down and kissed me.

“I want Brazzers you to cum, Leo. I need you to coat my pussy. I need it so bad. Cum for me.”

I couldn’t stop after hearing that. She bottomed out once more and I felt my seed shoot upwards inside her. Her smile was brighter at that point as she stayed there, basking in the mess we made together inside her. After a moment, I watched as she opened her eyes and looked down at me.

“I am tempted to keep you cuffed, Leo. I so enjoy having the control sometimes.”

She then lay on top of me as she reached for the cuffs and started undoing them. As soon as she released my wrists, my arms went around her and held her to me. She looked down into my eyes and smiled before we shared a deep intimate kiss.

“You miss my arms too much,” I whispered.

She snuggled against my chest.

“That’s true. I would miss you holding me. You know what it feels like?”

“You tell me.”

“I feel safe. I feel protected. I feel loved.”

I smiled as she said that. I started imagining what the future would hold with this goddess that stole my heart. Three more nights and she would be my wife. Yet, I wasn’t thinking about that at the moment. I was savoring the feeling of her warmth in my arms, her body pressed against me and the delightful sound of her snore as she slept on top of me. I closed my eyes confident that it wasn’t a dream, but she was there.

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