Soccer Moms Ch. 04

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Soccer Moms — Part 4

[Author’s Notes: 1) there are underage characters in this story but they will neither have, see nor even hear any sexual activity; and 2) this is a work of fiction and so certain aspects of this story involving youth soccer programs are not completely accurate but they advance the storyline. Please try to look past that to the more important aspects of the story.

Carol was very surprised when she pulled into the parking lot at Tuesday’s practice to find Jen and Melanie already there. She was even a little more surprised when Melanie called out to Katie and asked if she could talk to her for a minute and then walked over toward the field. Katie grabbed her gear and walked over to Melanie as Jen came walking over to Carol. When Carol got out of the car she waited for Jen and then asked “Do you know what’s up.”

Jen looked a bit sheepish as she said “I told Melanie about what Coach Hochbauer had talked to you about Saturday night. I told her that it was my guess and that I was not sure and I did not mention that we talked.” Noise from the field directed their attention to an interesting sight.

Katie was a full head taller than Melanie, but it was clear that the little blond girl was very much in charge of this discussion. Katie just stood there and looked down as Melanie was clearly giving the taller girl a piece of her mind. She eventually stopped and was looking up at Katie very clearly waiting for some kind of answer. When Katie finally nodded her head, Melanie leaned in and gave her a big hug. Then she leaned back, pointed up at Katie and said something brief. The girls then grabbed their bags and headed to the practice area.

About this time, Coach Hochbauer had arrived and asked “Do we know what that’s about?”

“Well…” Carol said “I don’ t think I was able to solve the issue with Katie’s yellow cards, but I think Melanie may have just taken care of the matter.”

Coach Hochbauer just looked out at her players and said “Huh. Oh by the way, Mr. Pennington is going to want to speak to the parents tonight. I know you two have been walking during practice, but could I ask you to stay close tonight?”

“Sure. Can you tell us what it’s about?” Carol asked.

“I could” the Coach replied “but I don’t want to steal his thunder. It’s something good though.” And with that, she went off toward the practice area as well.

As each of the girls would arrive, they would go over to where the others girls were already congregating. They did ball tricks and moved around a little to warm up for practice. As each parent arrived Carol or Jen would tell them what Coach said about Steve Pennington wanting to speak with them. After everyone arrived and practice began, Steven Pennington drove up to the parking lot. His timing again was impeccable as he arrived just a little after the girls headed off to run a warmup lap around the field.

He informed the parents that in case they did not know, this week’s tournament was a major recruiting trip for College Soccer Programs. There would be older teams there as well and that while the scouting would mostly be with the girls who were high school seniors and juniors, he was pretty sure that they would spend a little time at the games their daughters would be playing in, trying to get an early look at players they might want to follow up on over the next two years.

He reminded them that part of why they had signed their girls up for this team was to have this type of opportunity. And while he did not want to overly burden the girls with pressure, particularly this early in the recruiting process, he did want to impress upon the parents that there would be additional eyes on their daughters this week. “We all want to look good and make a good impression because the better we look, the better the older girls will look and in two years, the better the club looks, the better your daughters will look.” Pennington preached.

Under her breath, so only Jen could hear her, Carol said “And the better you’ll look,” Jen did her best to make her snort seem like a cough. With his speech finished, Pennington asked for any questions, answered what was asked and then left the parents to talk amongst themselves. This would be a big weekend for sure.

Carol always arrived early for tournaments, but this week things were already crowded when she and Katie arrived. There were so many other teams and so much tournament activity going on that they decided to just leave their bags in the car and sit in the lobby to watch it all go by. There was a buzz to all this that was exciting. Abigail had not made it to this point and so this was a first for the Rogers’ even though they had been involved in Blue Lightning Soccer for many years.

They went to eat at the Hotel Restaurant and waited for Jen and Melanie to arrive. When they arrived, Carol and Katie went to get their stuff out of the car while Jen and Melanie checked in and then they all went to their room. Unfortunately, there şişli escort was a bit of a mix up. Instead of two twin beds the room only had one king size bed. While the girls dropped their gear and flopped on the bed, Carol and Jen went back out to the front desk. While very apologetic, there was little the hotel could do. They were completely booked and there were no other rooms to which they could switch. They did offer to send up some cots and the mothers went back to the room to inform the girls of the situation.

When they opened the door, both girls were bouncing on the bed, shrieking, and generally having a great time. When Carol mentioned the cots, the girls begged to be able to sleep on the beds. They had big games tomorrow they argued. Both girls looked at their mother with big eyes, hands clasped and said “Please.” “Pretty please.” Finally, the mothers gave in. They even called the front desk and told them to forget about the cots. Since it would be just for the one night, the mothers would sleep in the sleeping bags the girls would use at the team room the following night and the girls could have the bed.

Finally, it was time to go to sleep as tomorrow was a big day. And while they did not share their thoughts at that time, both women were thinking the same thing. Both a bit disappointed that this might put a cramp in tomorrow night’s fun. Neither one knew just how much the other had been really looking forward to it. All the talk this week had been about the tournament and scouts and colleges. Those things were important too and would be important for their daughters, but this had become about extra things as well.

The first game started well enough. Several times Melanie was able to take off down the sideline and get a deep ball. The defense had managed to get back in time, but it seemed inevitable that she would break one. Then on one such ball, the defender, running full tilt could not stop when Melanie put on the breaks. It was not intentional, but she ran right into her, knocking her to the ground. The ref signaled for the direct kick. Melanie went up to Katie and said something to her. Both Mothers thought back to Tuesday’s practice and hoped that whatever Melanie said, Katie would not retaliate and get carded with scouts possibly watching.

Katie seemed to walk away from the rest of the girls who began lining up by the near post. Melanie was going to take the free kick and this gave the Blue Lightning a good chance to score. All eyes were on Melanie as she approached the ball. That included the defenders. Once Melanie started for the ball, her teammates crashed toward the near post. The defenders followed them and so did the goalkeeper. Everyone that is but Katie. She circled away from everyone else and took off for the far post. Melanie’s ball arched beautifully high over everyone’s head and toward an unmarked and streaking Katie who was able to head the ball right past a diving goalie for a spectacular goal. Melanie ran and jumped into her arms as the other girls mobbed them.

Even the other team’s parents made some positive comments which would not be the norm, but the play was just that good. It clearly put the other team on their heels and so enlivened the Blue Lightning that they easily went on to win the game. True to form, Coach Hochbauer gave everyone a chance to shine and so she did take Katie and Melanie out during the course of the game. When Katie came off the Coach gave her a big pat on the back. Then Coach looked across the field, made eye contact with Carol and gave her a big thumbs up.

There was no doubt that play had sent some energy through the team and it carried over to the next game. They again won easily and were the top seed for the next day’s tournament playoff. The good feelings carried over into the team meal. And when the girls went in for their film night, the parents remained in the lobby where they talked some more and drank some more and reveled in what was a very good day for everyone.

The day had been so spectacular that Carol and Jen had forgot about the sleeping situation until they entered the room and saw the one big bed. The sudden silence indicated that they both were now thinking about it intently. They walked in the room and turned on the lights without speaking. Finally Carol grabbed her night clothes and said “I’ll change first.” as she went into the bathroom. She emerged saying “You can go in no…” and stopped mid-sentence as she looked across the room.

Jen was standing there in a cropped tee shirt and very small panties. Her blond hair was still in a high ponytail which made her look so adorable, her blue eyes big and shining. The tee shirt was tight to her body and pushed out by her lovely breasts. Her nipples were clearly hard and pushing out the shirt that much more announcing their turgid state. The shirt being tight and being forced outward at the chest, hung loosely at Jen’s midriff exposing her smooth, flat stomach. Carol’s taksim escort gaze trailed down to Jen’s pelvic bone where the material for a very small pair of panties started. There were only thin straps running toward Jen’s back and Carol assumed they must be a thong. She could see the swell of Jen’s hips as they curved out from her waist and down to her short, toned, tanned beautiful legs. She even noticed the bright blue nail polish on Jen’s toes that matched Jen’s fingernail polish.

She was so overwhelmed with lust that she did not hear what Jen was saying. She just walked, almost hypnotized toward the bed. In a way she had been hypnotized by the petite blonde’s innate sexuality. Fortunately, Carol’s walking toward the bed fit into Jen’s discussion and so her lack of comprehension went unnoticed.

When Carol had gone into the bathroom Jen had grabbed her clothes so that she could change as well. She had specifically chosen her outfit to look sexy, but not completely sure where Carol was in all this, she kept her hair in its ponytail to give off an air of playfulness if sexy was not the way to go. She stood where she knew Carol would be able to see her from head to toe when she came out of the bathroom and waited, hoping that she had judged the situation correctly. She was not worried so much that if she had it would cause a problem for her and Carol, it was more nervousness and the fear of disappointment as she had been imagining where this could all be leading.

When Carol came out and was suggesting that Jen could go in and change, Jen simply said “that’s okay I changed already. I don’t know about you but with all the excitement from today, I am not all that sleepy. I wasn’t sure if you’d want to stay up for a while and relax a little before going to sleep.” She hoped that by relax, Carol would understand that Jen was talking about their masturbation sessions. Although Carol did not say anything, she walked toward the bed and was not turning off any lights. Jen took this to be a good sign and she hopped up on the bed and watched Carol come over.

Carol stood at her side of the bed for a moment and did not speak just staring down at Jen. She was so beautiful and so sexy (Carol realizing those are two very different things) and Carol was keenly aware of just how horny she was. “God you’re beautiful and so sexy.” The words came out without Carol even realizing she was speaking out loud.

“Well thanks Carol. You know I think the same about you.” Jen knew she was good looking and that most people would say she was more attractive than Carol. And truth be told, she thought she was too. But Carol sold herself short. She was a very beautiful woman and had kept herself in decent shape. She had nothing to be insecure about with her looks and as far as Jen was concerned, Carol was also very sexy. Those emerald eyes were captivating. Carol had a curvy body, but an athlete’s body and Jen knew Carol kept right up with her on their walks. Plus Carol had those ample breasts. The fact that she was a redhead was an added bonus for Jen. “How does she not see how sexy she is?” thought Jen. But while these thoughts rushed through Jen’s mind, Carol took the conversation in a different direction.

“When I went into the bathroom to change, I was thinking that maybe we should just go to sleep. I was even wondering if I could still get a cot. But when I saw you as I came out, I took one look at you and I didn’t want to go to sleep. I want to see that pretty face crinkle up as you feel that ultimate moment of pleasure approaching. I want to see that gorgeous body stiffen and tense as the waves of your orgasm wash over you. And I so want to hear the sound that you make at that moment because that is the sexiest thing I have ever heard. I hope that isn’t out of line.”

Jen looked up and said “Carol, that delights me to no end to hear you say that. And just so you know, I also got a lot of pleasure the other week watching you. I know you think I am just saying it to be nice, but I truly mean it. You are a feast for the senses. But doing this with you really turns me on and you really turn me on. So come into the bed and let’s do “this” until the sun comes up.”

Carol crawled into the bed and both women laid on their sides, looking at each other as they each used a hand to begin caressing their bodies. They were just looking at each other and not saying anything. After several minutes, they both started giggling. “I feel like I am doing something naughty at my parents’ house and I am worried they might catch me, but I don’t want to stop.” Carol said between laughs.

“I know. Me too. Like I’m back in high school or something. But that only seems to add to the whole thing if you get my meaning.” Jen replied.

Carol sighed deeply and then said “Yes. I understand completely.”

After a while, the side position was becoming a bit of a problem. They did not have the ability to adequately use both hands or to hit beşiktaş escort all the spots they wished to touch. As if by some unspoken mutual consent they both turned onto their backs and began to touch themselves in earnest. Jen had mostly been playing with her nipples but now she was able to get a hand between her legs and start rubbing up and down her cleft as she began to feel herself getting wet. The moisture made her fingers glide more easily and this served to move her in the right direction.

Carol also found that while she had been on her side, her legs were together and she had been restricted in what she could reach as she rubbed over her sex. Now that she was on her back, she was able to open up her legs more and get her hand further down her body. She had been rubbing her fingers through her pubic hair and rubbing the top of her pussy, trying to coax out her clit from its hood.

Now that her legs were apart she was rubbing all the way down to her rosebud. She did not go all the way to it at first, dragging her finger back through her lips and along her entrance allowing some of the juice that was starting to flow coat her finger. When she thought she had enough to where she could possibly slide her finger inside her back opening, she brought her finger to the tight ring and applied some pressure. With the lubrication provided by the cum on her finger, Carol was able to slide her finger inside her to the first knuckle. If felt wonderful and a shutter went through her body causing her leg to twitch.

When that happened Carol’s leg bumped into Jen’s. Carol felt the contact and immediately pulled back and whispered “Sorry” over to Jen.

“Don’t be.” was Jen’s response. Then Carol felt some pressure on the top of her left foot. She looked down and saw Jen’s blue toenail adorned toes rubbing along the top if her foot. Jen trailed her foot up over the ankle and started up Carol’s shin. Jen then drew her foot back down and continued to slowly stroke her foot up and down Carol’s foot and ankle.

Carol could not exactly describe how this felt other than it was wonderful. It was not so much stimulating itself as much as it seemed to enhance the pleasure that her hands were already giving herself. The sensation was so relaxing and that in turn allowed her to feel the ministrations of her own hands as she had one hand rubbing her chest while she pulled her other hand round to her front side, rubbing between her thighs. The feeling was utterly sublime and her mind was suddenly very clear.

Carol looked down and watched Jen’s foot work its way down hers. This time when Jen reached Carol’s toes, she moved her foot around Carol’s so that this time, the top of Jen’s foot was running along the sole of Carol’s foot. Jen was also rotating her ankle a bit which gave Carol the sensation that Jen’s foot was caressing Carol’s.

Looking at the blue nail polish, Carol remembered what a lovely vision Jen had been when she came out of the bathroom what now seemed like ages ago. In her mind came the image of Jen’s stomach and without even really thinking about it and never remembering her brain telling it to do so, her left hand broke contact with her thighs and reached out and made contact with Jen’s stomach. Carol just allowed her hand to remain where it had made contact. She felt the warmth and the softness of it. She felt it rise and fall as Jen’s breathed. Again, not being sure exactly how long she had laid her hand on her friend’s belly, Carol started slowly stroking her hand back and forth across Jen’s stomach, keeping time with Jen’s foot stroking her own foot.

At this point, Carol’s brain finally started to make itself known. While she did not stop her hand’s movement and she made no effort to stop Jen’s foot continuing to caress her own, she did start to wonder about what they were doing. The touching themselves in front of each other had been fun. Like schoolgirls at a sleepover hoping no one’s parents heard them she had thought earlier. But now they were actually touching each other. This seemed much more adult. Much more serious. There were other considerations involved that would have to be addressed.

However, another part of Carol’s brain was enjoying this so much that it did not wish to be distracted from the pleasure it was feeling and the sensations that were clearly building to an amazing finish. Carol continued to play her hand back and forth across Jen’s stomach. She was circling around her belly button, occasionally allowing a finger to dip into the hole. Carol was enjoying the feeling of her hand running up and down Jen’s stomach. She was also using her other hand to play with her breasts creating two very pleasurable feeling at once. Suddenly Carol realized that she was feeling a third sensation back down in her crotch. There was now a hand rubbing across her vagina. And both of hers were already accounted for.

Now the third hand was dragging up and running across her clit which had come out from its hood and was now front and center as a slender finger that had been slowly running up it started to circle around it. Carol was staring up at the ceiling, she dared not move her head for fear that it would somehow break a magical spell that was sending what felt like electricity coursing through her body.

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