Public Spirited

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Kate and her husband Tom were a happily married couple in their mid thirties. They had a healthy and active sex life. They had planned never to have children so Tom had had a vasectomy at 28. Kate’s sister had had difficulty concieving and had asked Kate to donate an egg. This was about a year after Tom’s snip. The strange thing was that Kate discovered that the operation had been unecessary. She was sterile, a similar but more accute problem than her sister.

Tom didn’t mind that he’d had an unecessary operation. They both laughted it off because they had a little secret. Tom and Kate ran a special service in their spare time. They were sex teachers. They had a discrete advertisment placed on a couple of websites and in a local adult magazine.

They had offered the service for the last five years. They would routinely give demonstrations to their clients and it was more common than not for a client to join in. In recent years a new facet of the ‘business’ had emerged.

Some parents concerned at their adolescent childrens’ ignorance in the face of up coming marriage or sexual activity had begun to send young men and women to consult the pair.

So long as the kids were of legal age and consented the happy couple would oblige. Both were happy to encounter young firm bodies, sometimes eager, sometimes nervous and sometimes petrified. This story concerns two such young women.

Jenny came from a loving and liberated home. She had been the product of many nights frenzied lovemaking by her parents and they never wavered in their commitment or attraction for each other. Sadly not all people in this world are as enlightened as Jenny’s parents were. She had an elderly great aunt who from an early age had filled Jenny’s head with horror stories of boys, sex and how she had to endure the pain men inflicted upon women.

Jenny had already left high school and got a job. She had a ‘boyfriend’, Dan, but her parents became concerned that she wasn’t having any sex despite being nearly 20 and perfectly healthy. Her boyfriend was a nice young man but deeply frustrated. When her mother spoke to her about it Jenny admited her terror. Her parents decided to take some action. They had used Kate in the past to introduce Jenny’s mother to the pleasures of saphic love. They knew what to do.

An appointment was made for Jenny to speak with Kate. Jenny was delivered to Kate’s door and welcomed in. Tom was out of the way so as not to spook Jenny. The ‘problem’ was discussed and Kate explained that sex was not a painful process but incredibly pleasurable. She learned that Jenny didn’t and couldn’t or wouldn’t masturbate. She resolved to break this barrier first.

Jenny was flabbergastered as Kate asked her to have drink, take her clothes off and join her in the spa she and Tom had installed just outside their bedroom. Jenny was hesitant but Kate seemed nice and it was just the two women so hestitantly she removed her t-shirt and bra, then dropped her skirt and cotton panties. She was a pretty girl with a nice body. Jenny would love to have ravished her then and there but this was a long term project.

Once they were settled in the tub with a bit of wine in them Kate continued.

She explained about how she learned to play with herself as a youngster and just what to do. Jenny blushed from more than the heat of the spa. Kate was very tuned on so offered to demontstrate. She sat up on the edge of the spa spread her legs, opening herself up and gave Jenny a little guided tour of her pussy before slowly stoking herself to an orgasm. She asked Jenny if she would like to try then or go home and have a try. Jenny opted for home.

A couple of hours later there was a tearful phonecall from Jenny.

“I sancaktepe escort can’t do it mine doesn’t work”

“Don’t worry Jenny. Can you get over here tonight. I’ll send Tom out”

Jenny agreed and turned up about seven. She’d not really felt anything when she stroked herself. Kate told her to reach under her skirt and take off her panties, sit back on the sofa and spread her legs. Her tone of voice brought instant obedience for the nervous teenager. Kate got on her knees in front of Jenny and told her that she was going to remember what was about to happen for a very long time. With that Kate put her lips to Jenny’s virginal little slit and went to work.

It took a full half hour and a couple of false starts but Jenny finally crossed into sexually functional womanhood.

She left tearfully thanking Kate for her help and promised to let her boyfriend do the same for her ASAP.

Dan was very happy to be faced with a pantiless Jenny demanding he suck her off. She had successfully masturbated the day after Kate’s ministrations. She couldn’t wait for Dan to lick her pussy. The spell seemed to be broken. While not as skilfull as Kate, Dan did his best and Jenny had a slow gentle cum on his aching tongue.

Things went downhill from there though. Dan liberated his cock and, at Jenny’s behest, went to penetrate her for the first time. As his cock approached her with it’s flaring head all wet with precum she felt the first twitch. Her nerve failed and her pussy went into an involuntary spasm and not a good one. She felt shame and failure as she burried her head in her hands.

She rang Kate as soon as she felt composed enough and told her about her pussy clamping shut. Kate asked her to come over the next evening and told her that Tom would be there to help. Her protests were overcome when she was assured that the first man into her pussy would be Dan. Tom was merely to help her overcome her fear of the dreaded cock.

Kate sucked Tom off about two hours before Jenny arrived so that there would be no little accidents. She had a subtle but risky plan. She was planning a foursome with Jenny and Tom and another virgin who had hired Tom to penetrate her for the first time.

Tom was not to penetrate Jenny just get her used to the feel sight and sensation of a cock..

The deflowering of 22 year old Francis was to demonstrate how pleasant it could be. Francis was a sad case. She had never known a man because ill health had kept her confined at home. She was physically frail but very beautiful and now the poor thing had only a few months to go before an operation that, should it fail, could leave her in a vegitative state.

She wanted to try everything. Her guardian had declined to do the job as it would have been a breach of trust to her late parents. Discrete inquiries had located Tom and Kate.

Francis was of the mind that the ‘more the merrier’ now that she felt the clock ticking. She arrived for her deflowering showing no sign of nerves. She stood about 5 feet tall. She was slender with small girlish breasts and soft dark hair, no bra and no panties. She wanted to feel wanton and sexual. She was taken to the bathoom for preparation by Kate. An hour later Francis was naked, shaved, washed and scented, in the bedroom being attended to by Kate.

Jenny arrived. Tom answered the door naked. Jenny gasped but came in. Tom behaved as if nothing were unusual. He explained that she was going to witness a young woman have her first cock and that Jenny was not going to be fucked but merely ‘acclimatised’ to cocks.

Tom retained the intiative, he undressed the startled Jenny and led her by the hand to ümraniye escort the master bedroom. Francis was letting herself go all over Kate’s face. She had almost see through skin. She had a tiny perfectly formed body which was now flushing pink and writheing with new found sensations.

As she calmed down she was released from Kate’s mouth and sighed.
Her legs stayed open displaying her pink girl parts as they dripped with satisfaction.

“Hello Jenny, I’m Francis. You’re going to help Tom fuck me tonight. Thank you for being here for my special night.”

Jenny stammered a “You’re welcome.” and sat on the bed. Francis was told to roll over and Tom indicated to Jenny to help Kate and him massage her into a relaxed trance-like state. Jenny was not bi-sexual so far as she knew but the situation was a turn on. She began to stroke the slender silph-like beauty with increasing enthusiasm. Francis was laid out face down with her head on soft pillows, legs and arms spread. All her most intimate pink parts were visible between her legs.

The massaging continued for a good hour when tongues replaced fingers and hands. Jenny could not believe it possible that she was licking and kissing a young woman’s bottom but with each caress her own pussy juiced.

Slowly Francis was raised and her knees spread. She presented herself for Tom’s cock with her head still in the pillows. Jenny was asked to hold Tom and guide him to Francis’ waiting little opening. Jenny remained calm as as she handled Tom. As his cockhead touched the open inner lips of Francis’ pussy she let go of him and watched in amazement as Francis simply reared up and pushed slowly back as Tom was taken in by her tight little maiden hole.

There was neither pain nor tears just a sob of satisfaction. Kate was back onto Francis’ clit as soon as Tom was fully in her. In between gasps Francis told Jenny all about the wonderful treat and sensations she had in store. She told about feeling full and womanly for the first time but soon broke down as the biggest orgasm of her life overcame her.

Tom had not come inside Francis, that would be for later. In time he withdrew and she curled up in a satisfied little ball. Tom turned to Jenny whose eyes opened in fear.

“Don’t worry. Dan will be your first. Just come here and sit on the shaft.”

Jenny didn’t quite understand so Kate assisted her. Tom, on his back, had Jenny with her legs spread and her little pussy folds caress his shaft. She was shaking but her pussy wasn’t in spasm. Jenny stroked her body and as Francis recovered she joined in. Ten minutes of rubbing up and down along Tom’s shaft and her shaking had a completely different cause. Just before she was to peak Kate lifted her away and asked her to get on her knees and bend over. Tom came up behind her and ran his cock head along her lips. She moaned but didn’t show any of her prevous nerves. The rubbing contnued and soon zeroed in on her wet little sex hole. She was in such a state that she tried to push back but Tom stopped her.
At that point his cock was replaced by Kate’s tongue. Jenny lasted about 30 seconds and threw herself forward in an orgasmic thrash.

Francis meantime had lain back and presented herself to Tom’s cock. He sank into her in one fluid motion. As they fucked like lovers Kate kissed and cuddled Jenny telling her to bring Dan over one evening for the big event. Tom felt his seed rising in his in his cock and to encouragement from an ecstatic encouragement her emptied into her pussy sheath. As the second squirt hit her she came with a squeal. Kate licked Francis clean once Tom had withdrawn. He offered his cock to Jenny but understood when tuzla escort she told him the first man she wanted to suck was Dan. With a sly little grin she told him her could have her anyway he wanted once she had consumated her love for Dan. This was progress indeed!

She left the house at midnight a changed woman. Francis didn’t leave for two days and then only to collect some more clothes. She wanted to make up for lost time and spent a week trying every imaginable sex act she could think of.

She turned into a tiny sex monster, she wanted to to tied up and spanked. She lost her anal cherry to a small strap-on of Kate’s. Tom’s cock would never have fitted. Nobody would have believed her life was in any peril. She had become a skilled fellatrix in anticipation of warming Dan up for Jenny.

The big day arrived for Dan and Jenny. Dan wasn’t a virgin and so the plan was to get him unloaded in either Francis or Kate and then go to work preparing Jenny for her first fuck. Hopefully Dan would last a good long time and give Jenny the pleasure she needed to get over her cock phobia.

Jenny had to admit she was still nervous but now she had witnessed what a skilled lover could do for a virgin she just kept telling herself that all would be well. Indeed it was.

The evening started with introductions and a startled Dan getting to choose who was going to suck his cock. He chose Jenny out of loyalty but was told to think again as Francis unzipped him. While this was happening Jenny was having her clothing removed by Tom and Kate. Soon she was down to her panties which were a virginal white satin with a tiny bow at the top of a see through lace pannel. Her buttocks clenched slightly as Tom’s hand’s eased her silky little garment to her ankles.

Jenny felt her pussy being stroked by Kate’s tongue. She relaxed slowly and the ritual that had seen the removal of Francis’ innocence a week before began.

Tom and Kate led Jenny away to the bedroom while Dan had his cock vaccuumed. Francis enjoyed the taste of his spunk as it filed her little cheeks. Dan was sure he’d be arrested she looked so young and was staggered to find she had two years on him. Francis eased up off her haunches and took Dan to the bathroom to remove the rest of his clothes and clean up.

Meantime in the bedroom Jenny was lying beside Tom’s big cock just touching and looking as Kate checked her pussy out hair by hair. Her teachers wanted her to be completely at ease with cocks by the time Dan entered her. Kate ate her gently for half an hour before Dan was escorted in to join them. Jenny got to nominate how she wanted to be taken. She opted to be on her knees like Francis had been. Thus she was laid on her stomach and her legs opened. Four sets of hands and lips went to work on her. Francis was given the job of making sure Dan was ready to enter Jenny when her moment arrived. To this end if ever his hardon began to go flat she would suck him hard again. In time Jenny’s sweet tail was raised and as Tom administered a final taste check to her pussy followed by an unexpected kiss to her little rear hole Dan was put in postion.

Francis was below Jenny’s crotch ready to minister oral relief.
Jenny felt her lover’s cockhead retrace the path Tom’s had taken last week. This time however when she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes to push back, a set of hands on her pelvis pulled with her. She felt the stretch, the penetration, the fullness, the slight strain of taking a man but no pain. Like Francis she was ready and wet and that made all the difference. It was miraculous. Relief swept over her and then Francis hit the spot. As Dan began the twenty minutes of steady thrusting that transformed her from scared virgin to woman Francis brought her off again and again. As Dan climaxed with Kate’s finger up his arse and the load he dropped left Francis on cleaning duty again, not that she minded. Jenny passed out and had to be lifted free of Dan’s cock and off Francis.

Tom and Kate made Jenny and Dan comfortable and retired to the spa with their new partner in crime Francis.

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