Nude Model Gets Tricked

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It’s been many years since I posed for art classes. I started when I was 22, and modeled for around 10 years. I was in great shape back then, but quite thin. I looked much younger than I actually was.

When I was 24, I moved to a new state to be a graduate student. I did have a teaching assistantship, but it only paid $6000 per year plus tuition. I really liked art class modeling, so this was a good way to supplement my income.

Because I had just moved into the area, I needed to make the rounds and get my name on the model lists at the local colleges and private drawing groups. There was no Internet then, so I made contacts by calling people.

Since there was a private art school ten miles from where I lived, I decided to try them. I called them up and made an appointment to talk to the owner of the school (let’s call him Bob).

When I arrived at the school, I met Bob. He was somewhat fat and in his 60s. He told me that they paid $20 per hour, which more than what schools typically paid back then. They typically hired models for classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays – 9am to noon and 1pm to 4pm each day. The model would usually work both morning and afternoon. They liked to have two male models and two female models available, and their models would work once every two weeks. He told me that one of their male models had recently left the area, and they were looking for a new model. But before he hired me, I needed to audition for him.

I Çekmeköy escort bayan wasn’t really expecting this, but I was still fairly new to modeling, so I was game. We went into the empty studio, and he showed me a small closet where I could take off my clothes. He handed me a robe – he said it was their policy to always have the models use their robes. He assured me that they were always freshly washed.

I went into the closet, took off my clothes, and put on the robe. It was fairly short, and came to my upper thighs. I walked out to the studio, and he told me to sit on the platform.

He said that I needed to show him a few sample poses. He wanted to see what I would do for a one minute pose, a five minute pose, and a twenty minute pose. He would draw me.

I took off my robe, and did a good gesture pose for the one minute, something very twisty. I did a standing pose with a mild twist for the five minute, and a reclining pose for the twenty minute.

When the twenty minute pose was up, Bob came over to the platform. He told me that my poses were great, but there was one more thing. He told me that since it was important for his students to know anatomy, he would sometimes need to touch me or even draw on me with charcoal. Would that be OK?

This seemed fine; I’ve had teachers point at me and touch me before. Drawing on me was a little weird, but OK.

He then wanted to show me what he meant. Escort Gebze He asked me to sit on edge of the platform, and then he came over to me. He said that the shoulders and hips were the most difficult parts of the anatomy to get right. He held my right arm, and moved my arm various ways.

Then he asked me to lay down and he held my right thigh, and moved it in various ways. This was getting a little intimate, but nothing compared to what happened next. He said that his students also needed to get the anatomy of the male genitals correct. He then reached out and put his hand on my penis, and moved it around. As he moved it around, I could feel the blood go into my penis, and I started to get hard.

He told me that this was totally normal. And he said that if I had a “reaction” while he was doing this during class, he would just get a tissue and clean me off. This was beyond weird, but then it was over.

And then it got even stranger. He told me that the morning class was advanced, but the afternoon class was full of beginners. He stressed that I really shouldn’t get an erection for this class, but since I was young that might not be guaranteed. After all, look what just happened now. So his solution lately has been for him to give his model a blowjob immediately before the afternoon class. He said that would take the stress off. And would it be OK if he did this right now?

Now I had to weigh whether the job was worth Şerifali escort it. I really needed the money, but was it worth it to have this fat old man suck me for it?

I said this would be OK, and he got to work. I continued to lie on the platform, and he stepped onto the platform , kneeled over me, and took me in his mouth,. I shut my eyes so I wouldn’t see what was going on. He really was good at it, and I came in his mouth after a few minutes.

So I got the job, and did it for a year. Every other Tuesday I would pose for the morning class, get sucked by him during the lunch break, and then pose for the afternoon class. I would leave with $120, which was great for me in those days.

After the last class of the year, I told him that was it – I would be too busy next year to pose during the day. He thanked me for the year, and wished me well. He then gave me a hundred dollar bill as a final tip, told me I had been a great model, and he really enjoyed sucking me all year.

He said I was actually the first model to agree to this – he usually paid all the models the usual $10 an hour, but decided to try an experiment with me since I was so young. He had been getting increasingly attracted to his models, and he wanted to see what I would do for money. He wanted to see whether models these days would be willing to have sex for money like in the old days. Would an outrageously high rate make me decide to let him suck me?

If I had said no, he still would have hired me to model, but at $10 an hour. He told me if I would be very welcome if I ever wanted to come over again. Now that we both knew what was up, he said that he would gladly give me $10 an hour to model for me, and $60 to me to be his whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32