Liz’s Adventures Ch. 02

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Her life and saga continues, Matt grows with his family and she gets a clearer picture of the future. This is fiction that follows Matt & I, and Liz Part 1.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching as I retrieved my panties and blue jeans. I had cum, it felt great, but I also felt regret at having done it, perhaps now I could complete the drive without my mind drifting off. But I was still asking myself ‘why?’ why did I have to cum?

I looked at my note where I had written down her address and the directions. I stopped at a grocery and got a bottle of good wine and a bouquet of very fragrant flowers. On the way out to the car I caught a glimpse of myself in the window of the store; a woman carrying wine and flowers. It looked like I was going on a date. I was and then it hit me, hit me hard! Reality, reality hit me right in the face. She is only 19 and really not legal to drink. Nineteen!!! Nineteen??? The thought hit me, she’s just a teenager, a mature teenager, but nonetheless a teenager and I was infatuated with her. Alright, she’s about to be twenty but right now she’s a teenager.

Lisa wasn’t home when I got there but she had left a note and hidden a key. I let myself in and was pleased with the small one-bedroom apartment that was spotless. There were pictures on the wall, some of her with another girl, some of her with Melissa, which had to have been taken a few years ago, and a much younger girl whom I assumed was April.

The door opened and she almost ran inside, throwing herself against me, into my arms, and was immediately kissing me. Her kiss was long, passionate, wanting; her arms were around my neck and her body was pressing into mine. Is this what I was wanting? This kissing, hugging, touching, a prelude to sex. I wasn’t as horny as I had been earlier but my mind was speaking though my lips that were locked to hers and our tongues were seeking and sucking the other; my mind was saying ‘what are you doing? This is a teenager! Oh god please let me go ahead!’

I pushed her back so I could catch my breath and take the moment to evaluate where I wanted to go with this. She looked wonderful, blue jeans, t-shirt, combed hair, and very little makeup. Her taut little body was just so desirable but then I blurted, “Lisa. Do you, oh my god; do you realize how old I am? What, what are we doing?”

She put a finger to my lips. “I don’t care how old you are. I like you and I like fucking you. I like the taste of your pussy and the way you eat me.” She looked at me with a puzzling look. “You do want to be with me don’t you?”

I had been reeling with the reality of the situation and the reality that I should stop this, now, and end this relationship and had been asking the same question. She was so young, but I had been thinking about her or rather about her body and threw caution to the wind. We wasted little time undressing each other and tumbling onto her bed. I wanted to taste her and spent little time with her puffy nipples until I could get between her legs and get her hooded clit in my mouth.

“Do you like my pussy? Oh, please say you like my pussy!”

“Yes, I like your — pussy.” I had never used that word to describe a vagina, I had always used the clinical terms but saying it made me think differently. “I – like – your – pussy” I stammered as I returned to licking and sucking her clit.

I felt her hands on my head pressing me against her and heard her soft moans. I put a finger into her opening and began moving in and out when she pushed my hand away. “Don’t do that, please”, she whispered.

I kept licking and sucking and felt her woman juices begin to flow into my mouth. She was about there. Her body began to shiver and undulate beneath me; her legs were up, knees pressing against my sides, then she gave out a low moan followed by a hushed scream and climaxed.

I held her for moments as she enjoyed the aftermath of her orgasm then she flipped me to my back and was quickly between my legs, her mouth, her tongue, her fingers were all over my — pussy, yes, pussy and I was dissolving into the bed and into that longed for pleasure. ‘My pussy, my pussy, my pussy’ I was purring to myself as she licked and sucked me and I edged into that wonderful void that spacious darkness that began to consume my body and I floated and climaxed.

I pulled the sheet over us as we lay there, breathing, enjoying the closeness of our naked bodies and returning to the norm. She giggled, “Wow! That was soooooo good.”

“Lisa, when we were, uh, making love you didn’t want me to put my fingers in you. Is there something wrong?” I was thinking some physical ailment or injury that might need tending to.

“Yes, sort of. My ex brought home a vibrator, escort bursa one of those long silver tubes, she was using it on me, you know on my clit, and then she pushed it inside me, hard. I was a virgin and it hurt, it really hurt. I screamed and yelled for her to pull it out but she laughed. I was hurting and bleeding and I wanted her off me and that thing out of me. That’s the day I told her to get out and I haven’t seen her since. I don’t want anything inside me again.”

We lay there for a while longer, silent, my mind whirling about what I had done and what I should not have done, what she said, how she felt. I had let her fuck me or I fucked her once again even though I knew it was wrong. After all, I now knew her family and I felt ashamed at what they would think if they knew.

“Hey! Did you get with that man you said you would?” Her question came out of nowhere and took my by surprise.

“Oh, you remembered that.” Should I answer her? This is really very private. “Yes, yes I did, more than once I’m happy to say.”

“But you came back to me. That makes me feel wonderful.” Before I could interject anything she continued. “Is he a man about your age? I mean since you’re a widow you might have a man in your life that could be your new husband. Oh, shit, I guess I’m prying; nope I’m curious, I mean we just had sex so that gives me some rights to ask questions. Right?”

“‘I guess it does but it doesn’t mean I’ll answer them.” I took a deep breath, “No, he’s younger, much younger.”

“My age?”

“He’s twenty-six; I’m forty-six. I’m older than your –,” I caught myself as I was about to say her mother. “I’m old enough to be your mother. Doesn’t it make you feel awkward being with a woman my age? I mean, you’re so young; you could probably have any girl on campus. Why me?”

“Why you? You’re beautiful and sexy and smart and a great fuck.”

She didn’t look at me but remained looking at the ceiling. I was wondering how I was going to get into reality with her and I had opened the door. “Thank you for saying that, but I – I’m, older than your mother.”

“My mother? How, how would you know how old my mother is? I didn’t tell you, I don’t think. Oh, I know; you’re guessing.”

“I met her a few days ago, when my grandchild was born; rather our grandchild. My son is married to” – I had to pause and swallow, “your sister. I didn’t know that when I was here, I didn’t put your last name with Melissa’s and —”

I could feel her body tense and the mood change. “Then you’re the one who told mom how to find me?”

“Yes, but I didn’t tell her how I knew you, just that a Lisa worked at the Inn. We talked quite a bit while at the hospital and she told me a lot about your difficulties with your father and I’m sorry, so sorry. I thought it would be important to you to know you have a niece and your mother desperately wanted you to know. She misses you.” I reached out to pull her to me, to hold her, but she shied away.

She left the bed and I followed her. She stood in the kitchen, leaning against the cabinet. I moved behind her and put my arms around her. She leaned back against me. “I think if mom really cared she would come here and looked for me. I mean the call was great and knowing I have a niece and all, but she knew I was in this town and going to this school and she never came. I think she’s afraid of dad, of what he might do if he found out she came here. At least she called.”

I kissed her neck. “She told me how furious he got when she once tried to call you from home, so yes, I believe she is somewhat afraid. I do know she would like to see you; I saw that in her eyes. You know, I guess we’re sort of related now. I mean my new granddaughter is your niece, and your sister is my daughter-in-law.”

She turned in my arms, our naked bodies touching. “If we’re related then, then this is, what do they call it, oh yeah, incest. Isn’t it?”

“I don’t think so. We aren’t related by blood, like sisters or cousins. So, no, it isn’t in the true sense of the word. Oh, I guess some people would try to infer that if they knew but, no, it isn’t. I guess the worse thing is our age difference, and that bothers me.”

She moved from me to the sofa where she sat, drawing her legs beneath her. Her sweet small pussy was wide open and I caught myself looking at it. “Being with me bothers you don’t it? But, you’re here and we fucked, so now what are you going to tell my mother?”

I sat across from her, naked, nudity was not at issue. “Why do I have to tell her anything? I don’t know when or if I will see her again. I live 250 miles from here and a longer way from your parents. I may run into her again when I’m visiting Matt bursa merkez escort and Missy but that doesn’t mean I have to discuss you.”

“You called her Missy. That’s what we all called her. She’s a great girl, very smart, good looking, very straight. I guess she found a good guy. Missy is uh, twenty-three. How old is Matt?”

How quickly the conversation changed. We were discussing us and her mother now we’re talking about Missy and Matt. It was one of those things about being 19 I guess. “Twenty-six,” I answered hoping she wouldn’t remember.

She gave me a quizzical look. “Twenty-six? That’s the same age as your lover.’ She paused, tilted her head. “Oh my god! You didn’t – he isn’t–?”

I sat there, looking at her questioning face. I didn’t acknowledge her question.

“You’re not going to answer me, are you?”

“I think I should go and get a room at the motel. I, uh, you have a lot of things to think about and so do I. Perhaps it would be better if I wasn’t here.”

I quickly dressed without saying much to her. She was still sitting on the sofa, naked, and looking so beautiful. “Let me just say you should consider going to your sister, seeing your niece, visiting with your mother. I’ll give you the address and directions.” I knew walking out like this was shitty and would hurt her, but I wasn’t prepared to discuss having sex with my son and it was right that I should end this now; right now.

She sat there, still naked, her feet drawn up, her arms around her legs, but the look she gave me was one of sorrow, fear, disdain, all rolled into one. I didn’t expect her to say anything and she didn’t, thankfully.

I checked in, took a shower, a long hot shower that helped me think and reflect on what I had done, why I had done it, and consider where I was going. Tomorrow I would go to the facility and tomorrow I would work to get Lisa out of my head. I had a towel around my wet hair and nothing else on when there was a knock at my door, it was Lisa.

She stepped inside and only casually acknowledged my nudity. “Are you angry with me?”

“No, honey, I’m not angry with you. It’s just, just that I don’t want to discuss things that are private and have nothing to do with you, or, uh, us. You’re so young, so beautifully young so I have to be the mature woman here. There are things we don’t need to talk about and you shouldn’t think about.”

“You mean like having sex with and falling for a woman?” She put her arms around me and I remembered I was naked. “And knowing my mother and my family history? And having sex with your son?

I pushed her away and reached for a t-shirt, I didn’t want to be naked right then but even after putting on the shirt I still felt naked because she was asking questions that went to my core. “I’m not going to answer that. I think you should leave now.”

“Why? You fucked me, you like fucking me, you like me, and I like fucking you. I like you. Do you think I would do anything to hurt you? So what if you fucked him; it doesn’t affect me. Hell, I’ve always wanted Missy, I’d fuck her if she’d let me and I guess that’s the incest thing. I used to watch her when she was showering or changing clothes because we were naked together many times, a sister thing, and I wanted to touch her; I wanted to fuck her; still do. Maybe my father; you know, had a concocted idea that I might do Missy. Shit! He never thought for one minute that Missy might want to do me or be with me. No, hell no, that wasn’t it. Missy was always perfect in his eyes and he’s just a bigot, a big bigot and gay people offend him.”

I sat on the bed considering my answer and the ramifications it might have. She continued.

“You met my mother and you know about my father but I had already told you about my upbringing before you met her. Did you tell her about us and how you know me? No, you didn’t. I don’t think you kept us from her just because you fucked me and didn’t want her to know you liked girls, I think you didn’t tell her because you like me and want to be with me, or were you afraid of what Mom might think about you? I don’t give a damn that you’re forty-six, you’re sexy and I like being with you, and I don’t give a damn if you fuck your son, that’s your business.”

I looked at this young girl who had just driven herself into my heart once again. There had to be a tear in my eye as I stammered to answer. “Yes. Yes I did make love with Matt, wonderful love. We’ve been lovers for a while and it has been one of the best things in my life. I’m not proud of it, a mother making love to her son, but not ashamed of it either. I know it was, it is wrong, but he was there for me when my husband was sick and I needed bursa escort someone and I was there for him. He has Melissa and I know he loves her and the baby but it’s different with him and me; I mean we share something that’s more than mother and son, something special and probably always will. I’ll never replace Melissa and wouldn’t try but at one point I thought Matt would remain with me and be my lover forever; it didn’t turn out that way and is probably for the best.”

She sat beside me and put her arms around me. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry about the way I acted and about my tantrum. I guess I ask too many questions and I got into your business. It’s okay, really okay. Its right for you and nobody will learn about you and, uh, Matt from me.” We kissed the kind of kiss couples do to acknowledge their feelings for each other.

I told her about my relationship with Mike and Angela and even about Angela’s family relationship. She soaked it all in with a look of amazement and surprise. “Wow! I mean, if my old man knew about all that he would probably have a heart attack. So, until me Angela was the only woman you had been with?”

I nodded. “I had never really thought about being with a woman, but something inside me changed when she told me about her bi-sexuality and relationship with her family and how wonderful it all made her feel and I wanted to be with her; to explore the unknown and it just happened. I guess it awakened me and excited me the same way I became excited when I saw you and you touched me. I thought – I hoped you were seducing me, and I was right. Angela seduced me with words and her body and our relationship. You seduced me with youth and beauty.”

“Do you still want me to leave?”

“I don’t know. Yes! No!” We kissed again, lightly, and hugged. I held her face in my hands, exploring those blue eyes.

“Let’s make love.” She was staring into my eyes as she asked.

I shook my head. “No, it isn’t right; at least not for me. I’ve just opened up to you, told you things most people keep as deep dark secrets, and the mood, well its not a make love mood. I – I love you, in a special way, but I’m not in love with you. I like being with you but—.”

“It’s okay. I think I understand.”

“I don’t think you do. Since leaving you I’ve been evaluating us; the reality of you and me and the frailty of our relationship. It’s frail because you’re twenty, or will be, and I’m forty-six; it’s frail because you live here and I live 250 miles away, it’s frail because I am bi-sexual and it’s frail because we have a family relationship, as distant as it is. Lisa, honey, we’ve only known each other a few days, a great few days, but not long enough to be in love. There is a fire in us, a passion fire, but that won’t be enough to sustain a long distance relationship, at least not for me. You will find someone young, beautiful, and you’ll fall in love with her then you won’t want this old woman around and when that happens I want you to tell me about her, tell me about your love for her and about school and all those things.”

“You want to be another mother to me?” Her voice was shaky and she was wiping her eyes.

“No. A best friend, a distant relative, one you can count on, one who knows you like no one else. Like I said, we’re related now and I’ll be there for you. Look, it will take you about 4 hours to drive to Melissa’s and you told me you have no school or work tomorrow so why not go? You’ll be there before dinner time.”

“I can’t, I don’t have money for such a trip. I don’t want to leave you, please. Besides, my old man may be there.”

I opened my purse and took out $100. “Here. This should buy your gas for the trip and food. Now, go home and throw in a pair of jeans, a top, and some undies and get on the road. Kiss your mom and talk to her, hug your sister, and kiss your niece. Get to know your brother-in-law, he’s a great guy. You don’t need to stay with me, you don’t need me; you need those people waiting to see you and you need the hugs and kisses of your mom. And, as far as I know, your father isn’t there but even if he is, you’ll be in your sister’s home, not his. Got it?”

Lisa hugged me, gave me a wonderful smile, and a welcome kiss then left but there was a tear in her eye. She hugged me a second time, a hug that lasted a long time. I think I did a good thing, probably for both of us and I was glad she was young as her youth and need to see her mother kept her from protesting further. I had lied to her when she asked me to make love; I wanted to climb in that bed with her, I wanted to fuck her, but I knew I had to end the relationship. For her I felt it was love at first sight; hell it was love at first sight for me too, but I couldn’t afford to let it continue. As time passed I would learn that she and her girlfriend had broken up only a few days prior to being with me and I think she was looking for some assurance that she was desirable and needed sex as part of that assurance. I’ll love her forever, but in my own way.

To be continued.

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