Neighbors Catch Up

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“Be there in 15 minutes.”

Tina, a former neighbor, had borrowed my tent for a party she organized a few months earlier. The tent hadn’t been returned. I called her, figuring I’d better pick it up before a season passed and the tent was forgotten.

20 minutes later, I was standing at Tina’s front door, ringing the bell. Tina yelled from an upstairs window to come in and she would be right down. I stepped inside the front door and I heard her coming down the stairs. I was a little surprised to see her wrapped in one towel that was clearly too small while she dried her hair with another.

“Do you have time for a coffee and a chat or are you in a hurry?” she asked.

“No hurry,” I replied. “Just running some errands this morning. How are you doing?”

“Great!” she said and continued to bring me up to date on her life, kids and loves. Truthfully, I couldn’t tell you everything she said as she busied herself moving around the kitchen. Tina is tall, probably 5’10” and thin. Not bony, unhealthy thin but rather sexy, fit thin. Her breasts are small and her ass skinny, but nicely shaped. She struggled to keep her towel in place as she reached up on a shelf for coffee cups. The towel raised up as she did and I’m certain I could have seen her lips had I dipped my head only slightly. The thought of it sent blood rushing southward.

She gave me grabbed both of our cups and suggested we sit in her sun room while we talked. With both hands full, she had no way of holding the towel up. I followed Tina, watching as she tried to keep the coffee from spilling while simultaneously squeezing her arms to her sides in an attempt to keep the towel from doing what gravity had destined it to do. Within steps, the towel slid slowly down her frame and on to the floor. I could only stare.

When Tina lived next door, I frequently checked her out. An attractive woman working around the yard can’t be ignored. We often flirted but nothing beyond a hug, a kiss and a random squeeze. Now she was standing in front of me, facing away with that beautiful ass within a couple feet… I stood there for a second.

“Snap out of it,” she joked. “How about a little help?”

Honestly, I didn’t exactly know “how” to help. Should Sakarya Escort I grab the towel and try to cover her up? That seemed like a dumb idea. Or should I take the coffee so she could cover herself? Important decisions like these take time. Too much, I guess, because she asked me to take the coffee. I moved to the front of her and took the two cups, sitting them down on the glass-covered sunroom table.

I turned back to face her and found her smiling while taking a rather long time to get the towel re-situated. Her breasts were quite small but her dark-brown nipples were puffy and poking straight out. I glanced further down her body – glad that she was taking her time covering up – to see her pussy. The lips were shaved smooth but there was a small tuft of hair just above her clit. From that brief, probably only seconds look, Tina’s pussy seemed perfect. It was meaty with full lips and slightly distended labia. As compared to her thin frame, Tina’s pussy looked puffed up. Just like her nipples. I was mesmerized.

“That was smooth,” Tina said coyly. “You probably didn’t expect that when you decided to come over today.”

“No, I didn’t expect it but it was a welcome surprise,” I replied, looking directly into he eyes and smiling. “You made my day!”

We talked for only a short time before Tina was once again fidgeting with the towel. Through the glass table top, I could see that she was having trouble keeping her sex covered. Finally, in apparent exasperation, she stood up, letting the towel fall completely away.

“Come with me,” she said.

I’ve never been shy but, I that moment, wondered what would happen next. I followed Tina upstairs into her bedroom. Her butt, only a foot or so from my face, swayed back and forth as she climbed. I could swear I could hear wet, quishy sounds coming from her pussy with each step.

I had barely entered the threshold to her bedroom when Tina made an abrupt about face. She didn’t move quickly. Slowly, she moved to a position directly in front of me, looped her arms under mine and around my back. She pulled me close, looking directly into my eyes. Raising her chin slightly, she kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t a sloppy kiss but rather Sakarya Escort Bayan firm. I could feel passion and energy in that first kiss.

Tina pulled away slightly, putting her hands on my chest, still looking into my eyes. It was my turn. I reached out and pulled her back to me. Admittedly, I didn’t know how far this was going but wanted to go as far as possible.

With my arms still around her, I moved Tina over to the bed. I eased her back gently onto the bed so that only her legs from her knees down hung off the side. I didn’t do anything for a moment or two. I looked over her body; her face, her neck and her breasts moving up and down with each breath, her nipples now swollen and firm. I looked at her thighs, spread only about a 12″ at the kneed. I looked at her pubic mound and her slightly splayed pussy lips. I looked because I never knew if this would ever happen again and I wanted to brand each image into my brain.

I moved up between her legs, spreading them slightly more. Tina curled up reaching for my belt but I pushed her back. I put my hands on her sides and let them roam all over her body. It was an exploration and I didn’t want to miss a single discovery. My hands roamed her torso until I got to her breasts. I simply couldn’t resist sucking gently on each nipple. I sucked, tugged and nibbled at each. Tina let out a sigh and what I can only call a short “hmmm.” I assumed she liked what I was doing.

I moved my hands further down Tina’s torso. My fingers began a light massaging action as they passed over her stomach to the top of her pussy and then outward towards her hips. My hands roamed down the outside of her thighs to her knees before moving to the inner thighs and gently moving the bigger inner muscles than reach up into her groin. The gentle massage had the desired affect. Her legs spread further apart as I moved closer to her sweet spot.

I knelt on the floor between Tina’s legs and, with my hands on her hips, pulled her pussy to my face. The smell was a combination of freshly bathed and musky sex. If my cock hadn’t been hard up to that moment, it surely was when I first nuzzled her already wet, slippery pussy.

I moved slowly at first with Escort Sakarya light kisses and the occasional lick on her lips, both outer and inner all the way up to her clitoris. The pressure of my mouth on Tina’s pussy was slight – and obviously not what she wanted. Tina arched her back, increasing the pressure between my mouth and her sex. She lowered the arch, leaned forward as if doing a crunch, grabbed my head and pulled my mouth tight against her. She knew what she wanted and I was determined to give it to her.

I placed her legs up over my shoulders with my hands on her thighs just below her ass cheeks. I pushed her legs forward until her pussy was totally exposed and free for the taking. I licked and sucked at her pussy. First, those beautiful, fleshy lips before moving up to her clit.. I looked up to see that Tina had put her hands behind her knees holding them just inches above her shoulders. Her eyes were closed tight. She was breathing heavily but not consistently; she seemed to not breathe at all before taking in gulps of air. She seemed to be getting close and my goal was to make Tina cum.

I moved my hands down to her inner thighs. My mouth concentrated on her clit. I drew the nubbin into my mouth sucking on it gently, tickling it with my tongue. I increased the pressure while at the same time beginning to ease the first and middle finger of my right hand into her welcoming hole. Tina’s clit was hard by the time both fingers were fully inside her. Simultaneously, I sucked hard on her clit and used my fingers to rug the front wall of her vagina. The combination did the trick.

Tina took a gulp of air but didn’t exhale. I could see her stomach muscles tighten, pulling her together in a way similar to a crunch. She took a deep breath and crunched again. I continued my efforts as her breathing quickened as did the little crunches. I could hear little whimpers and grunts as she came. No words that I could understand. Her juices flooded my mouth but I continued licking and sucking until Tina finally relaxed. Realizing that I was still working on her, Tina pushed my head away. “Oh, fuck,” was all she said.

At that exact moment, the door bell rang and the front door apparently opened. “Tina!” said the female voice came from downstairs. “Tina! It’s Lucy. I have your tools.”

“Oh hell!” said Tina. “I forgot Lucy was coming over. Wait here. I’ll be back in a few minutes and you had better be ready for round two.” She grabbed a robe, threw it over her shoulders and left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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