My First Fuck Buddy Pt. 01

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This is the first of many experiences I had with what would become my very first male fuck buddy.


For some reason I find that I tend to act on my bi-sexual tendencies more frequently when I’m in a relationship (with a girl). Whenever I’m single, the vast majority of my hookups are with the ladies. Having said that, I had recently begun a new long term relationship with a foxy brunette a few years back. After a few months of the usual fucking like rabbits every night-any chance we could get really-I started to have those familiar urges.

One night when the girlfriend was out of town I decided to throw up an ad online: Straight looking to suck and maybe bottom. Be hung. Typical, no bullshit. I had a few flakey responses throughout the night as per usual, and didn’t really expect much to happen. I started on a 6 pack while casually looking at porn and edging.

Around 11:00 I checked my email one last time and was surprised to find a pretty legit response with a picture of a very thick, slightly longer than average cock:

“Hey Bro! Just saw your ad, I live right in your neighborhood. I’m a straight acting gay male, totally not a part of the lifestyle. I love getting sucked by other masculine straight acting dudes!”

Needless to say I responded with interest. I was not comfortable hosting someone at my house for a first time hookup and he couldn’t host so I suggested a few local outdoor spots that I have discovered (not cruising places, mind you, just places I have found on my own and feel very comfortable hooking up at). He was fine with the outside play so we set a time and I headed on out.

The place was a little secluded spot behind a local restaurant that backs up to a small creek that runs through town. You drive probably 50 yards down a pretty steep slope to get to the water, and there’s only one way in and one way out so plenty of time to hide if you see headlights or people. As I pulled into the parking lot I was alarmed to see a cop pulling out of the same parking lot. I drove past the restaurant and parked near a tattoo parlor (only business open at this hour) in the shopping center right next to the restaurant and waited to see where the cop went.

I was slightly relieved when he seemed to motor on down the road, but after a nice buzz from the 6 pack, my paranoia had been heightened. I drove back towards Sakarya escort the restaurant and headed on down to the water, looking for my new friend. After a couple quick scans I spotted a guy maybe 30 yards from the parking lot waving his lit cellphone towards me. Something about the cop pulling out and the guy waving his cellphone just completely spooked me. I turned around and headed back home.

I only lived 5 minutes away so as soon as I got home I pulled out my phone to email the guy with some sort of bullshit apology. There was already an email waiting for me:

“Hey was that you? Did you not see me? What the hell?!”

I responded back that I saw a cop and it just didn’t feel right, maybe we could do it another time.

“Hell fucking no dude, you got me out here in the woods with a hardon, you need to get the fuck back here and suck my fucking cock!!”

He was pushing all my buttons and I was even more turned on, but still responded back that I wouldn’t be hitting up that spot tonight.

“Well you better figure something out bro. Either let me come over or find another spot to meet”

I loved how aggressive he was being with me. I decided to let him in on an even better spot, literally 5 houses down from me. There was a neighborhood park with no lights and total coverage by trees. It was PITCH black at night. I had been taking chicks back here since high school but never had been back there with a guy. I figured what the hell, it’s not like he’ll know I live right next door.

“Be there in 5, be on your knees.”

I could have probably came just from re-positioning my rock hard boner in my shorts but I was smart enough to avoid touching it. This park was even safer than the other spot, situated back behind a gated pool and tennis court, with the parking lot in the front completely lit so nobody could sneak up on you before you saw them coming.

I was disappointed to find out that he really did make it there and 5, and was back there waiting for me so I was unable to fulfill my order of waiting on my knees. It was obviously very dark but he looked attractive enough. 5’9 or so, gym fit, had some tats running down his arms and wore a hat pulled down low. We had on similar outfits, shorts and t-shirts with flip flops. I started to apologize about bailing earlier but he seemed to be over it.

“It’s Side escort bayan all good bro, at least you didn’t totally flake.”

I did not want to waste anymore time, so I reached straight for his zipper and pulled it down. Not at all surprised to find that he was not wearing any underwear and was probably sporting about a 50% semi. I slowly started stroking him while looking at him awkwardly, not sure if he was the kissing type. Up to that point I had not yet kissed another man, not that I was opposed to it, the opportunity just had not presented itself yet.

He gave no indication that he wanted to kiss, so I lowered myself to my knees. He motioned to undo his shorts but I stopped him. I wanted to suck it through the fly. He was still only half hard so I put the head to my lips and gently started to lick and kiss his cock. As I felt it begin to gently grow larger, I worked him into my mouth little by little, relishing the feeling of feeling him becoming fully erect.

After a minute or so it was safe to say he was completely hard. I remembered his email stated he was 7 inches long and a full 6.5 around. Fuck, that is thick. I was finding that out the hard way as his girth stretched my jaws to the max. I had to ease off and just focus on the head for a minute to relax my jaw. I slowly stroked him at the base while swirling my tongue around the head. He chuckled to himself.

“Haven’t had one this thick before have you?”

I definitely had not. My jaw felt better so I opened up and tried taking him in again. I was able to begin administering a normal blowjob. Lips sliding halfway down his shaft and then bobbing back up. Deepthroating was out-this time. I tried to increase the pace but it just made my jaw sore again. Trying to get creative, I stood up and began jerking his cock and my cock together with one hand. He looked at me again and I just decided to go for it. We began hungrily making out while I continued to stroke our cocks together. He had that aluminum smell that smokers have in their mouth, which is actually not a turn off for me. I dated a couple girls who smoked and I got used to that taste during our kinky drunk fuck sessions.

He broke up the kiss and pushed me back down to my knees and started whipping his thick cock across my face. I guess this was my punishment for almost standing him up. After Escort izmir 5 or 6 very heavy thuds, he pushed it back in my mouth, grabbing me by the back of my head. My only option was to just open my mouth as wide as possible and relax my jaw. He started thrusting, and we settled into a nice rhythm, although I’m sure he wanted to thrust deeper. A few times I felt the head tickle against the back of my throat but never more than once or twice in a row. I fondled his heavy balls with my left hand and slowly worked my own cock with my right hand. He was definitely getting close. but he was not going to be able to get there with these short shallow thrusts into my mouth.

He pulled himself out and started stroking, still holding me by the back of my head. I REALLY wanted his load on my face, but I felt like swallowing was the LEAST I could do for all the trouble I had caused. As he got closer he asked me where I wanted it.

“Please cum all over my face.”

I had a surprise for him. As I felt his balls tighten and he positioned his cock head right over my eyes and nose, I closed my eyes as if to prepare for the impending load of cum. Right before he came, I opened my mouth and took his head in my mouth, forming a vacuum with my lips. He started moaning and groaning loudly and I was sucking ferociously. I felt the first burst of cum hit the back of my mouth and I positioned my tongue right over his cockhole, firmly licking the hole while he continued to spurt. He had a LOT of cum, and I kept my lips sealed so as not to lose any of it. When his orgasm finally subsided I opened my mouth to show all the cum I collected on my tongue before tilting my head back and swallowing the whole spunky load.

I thought we were done but he would not let me leave without seeing me cum. My dick is pretty thick as well, not as thick as his obviously but its a good size and he wanted to jerk it off until I came. He placed a firm grasp around me and began to very efficiently stroke me off. It didn’t take more than 15 or 20 pumps before I came, shooting long ropey strands, thick enough to hear it hitting the ground with a surprising thud.

I pulled up my shorts and tucked his cock back into his. I apologized again and turned to leave. He insisted it was all good, and said something along the lines of “see you next time”.

When I got home I emailed him, telling him I’m usually a much better cock sucker, I just need practice on his thick tool, and couldn’t wait try again. He responded back:

“No problem bro, most people struggle giving me head. We can definitely get together again soon and give you more practice ;)”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32