My Brother, My Slave Pt. 08

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Thank you so much for all the comments on the last chapter of this story! I love reading your opinions, and was surprised to see that a few of you favour Alex. Very interesting!

As always, abuse, vampires, blood, incest, gay sex, etc. Enjoy!


I was still fuming by the time I reached Jacob’s room. Marcus was sprawled across Jacob’s bed, still unconscious. While my original intent was to kill him as soon as I had the chance, my rage would not allow such a merciful punishment. I destroyed Jacob, and now it was time to destroy Marcus.

I picked him up easily, and threw him over my shoulder. I also grabbed some rope. He would also spend tomorrow locked in the dungeon. Unlike Jacob he would not spend his in physical pain, but rather, he would be degraded, humiliated. The result would be the same. When it was over, he’d be broken.

My pace was hurried, and I was being reckless. I felt so out of control. There was only my rage, my hunger and my lust. I was primal now, feral. There was no turning it off.

I flung Marcus to the floor of the dungeon. The sound of his head hitting the stone reverberated off the walls, and I grinned menacingly. Marcus gave no reaction.

I moved towards him, with rope in my hand. My mind was quickly calculating all the ways I could tie him up, the different positions, different avenues I could go. But I decided that simplicity was best.

Marcus was in dress pants, but he was shirtless. I’d leave him like that. I moved him so that he was on his stomach. I pulled his hips up in the air, his face was pressed firmly against the dirty floor. I grabbed his wrists, and tied them to his knees. And I was finished.

“Wake up.” I said, slapping the back of his head. He groaned, he seemed to be quite groggy. He quickly realized though, that he was completely restrained. He fought against the ropes, but it was useless.

“What are you playing at, Alex?” He growled, thrashing against the floor. I stood above him, my feet near his face, and I chuckled menacingly.

“How did you think I would react when I found out? Were you really expecting me to just let it go?” I asked. I pressed my foot down hard on his cheek, forcing his head against the ground.

“Why do you care? You said it yourself, he’s worthless to you.” He said. I pressed down harder on his face.

“I told you that I didn’t lend him out!” I snapped.

“I wasn’t the one who started it.” He hissed. I took a step away from him. I was shocked, but I quickly regained my composure. He was lying.

“He begged me for it. He was desperate to play with someone new,” Marcus hissed. “Face it, Alex, your boy’s a whore.”

I growled. My first instinct was to attack him, but I refrained. He was strong where Jacob was weak…and he was weak where Jacob was strong. Assaulting him wouldn’t do anything, but degrading him, humiliating him… overpowering him, that was how I’d break him.

“You’re right, he is a whore. But he’s my whore.” I walked behind him and sunk down to my knees. With a malicious grin, I grasped the top of his dress pants. “Just like you.”

I tugged on them, revealing his black underwear. He was wearing boxer briefs, they were tight. I licked my lips and grinned.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Marcus groaned, trying to shift away from me.

“Taking what’s mine.” I responded darkly. I pulled his pants down so they were around his knees. I moved my hands back up to his hips, and gripped the thin black fabric of his underwear.

“Fucking pervert.” He spat. I chuckled.

“You’re one to talk.” I ripped the fabric and threw it onto the floor. He was completely naked before me. I felt my cock stiffen.

I’d never seen him naked before. I was impressed. I ran my nails down his back, onto his perfect ass, leaving red streaks across his skin. He quivered, just slightly. His movement wouldn’t be palpable to a human, but to me, it was clear. Despite his bravado, I could sense fear in his movements.

“Don’t you fucking touch me, Alex.” He growled.

“Too late.” I cupped his ass cheeks in my hands. They were firm and round. I was immediately filled with the insatiable desire to see my large cock pressed between them.

“Oh fuck you, Alexander. Of course you’d have to tie me up, that’s the only way you’d be able to get me in this fucking position.” Marcus spat. I chuckled in response.

“You’ll be begging me to tie you up like this again.” I said calmly. I ran my hands sensually down his thighs. His skin was smooth and soft, but I could feel strong muscles just beneath the surface. I licked my lips, and unzipped my pants.

I took my cock in my hand and placed it against his ass. I didn’t push it in, just let it rest of the crack of his ass, so he could feel it. Marcus shifted again, trying to get out of the ropes, but it did nothing.

“Do you know how big my cock is?” I asked, moving my hips slowly back and forth. Marcus growled but offered no other response.

“It’s 9 inches long, it’s bigger than Bursa escort bayan yours. And I bet you’ve never had anything inside your ass before.” I said calmly, moving the head of my dick to his hole. I pushed, just a little. Not hard enough for my dick to go inside him, just enough to let him feel it, feel the pressure of it pushing against his tight asshole.

“You’re a disgusting fuck, Alexander. You’re going to fuck your best friend over this?” He asked. He was trying to sound sure of himself, confident. But I could plainly hear the little undertone of fear in his voice. I knew I was correct, he’d never had anything inside him before.

“I’m not going to fuck you, Marcus. I’m going to rape you.” I said with a smirk. He groaned and tried to pull away again.

I laughed as I stood up behind him. I moved to sit down in front of him. I grabbed his thick black hair in my hand and pulled his head up roughly, inciting a loud and angry groan of pain. I knew his body was probably aching already, being tied in doggystyle with his head planted against the floor. And now, with me pulling his face up, his neck was forced all the way back, in an unpleasant and uncomfortable angle. Not that I really cared.

“You’re going to suck my cock.” I said firmly, holding my dick in one hand and his hair in the other. He looked up at me defiantly.

“Fuck you.”

“Open your mouth.”

We stared at each other. In his state of panic his rage was palpable. But I remained calm and collected. I gave his cheek a hard slap, but I held his head still, so I could watch the pain on his face. He looked up at me again, defiant still.

“Fine. I suppose I’ll just go right to your ass then.” I said, releasing his hair.

“I fucking hate you.” He growled angrily. But then he opened his mouth, just a little. I smirked, taking my prick in my hand once more and gripping his hair. I pulled his head down onto my length, and I was rough with him. I forced him to take about half of my length, and immediately felt his throat constrict around me. Marcus gagged, and he gagged so hard that his body shook.

“You’re not a very good cock whore, are you?” I asked, ignoring his gags and pushing him further onto my dick. Tears started to prickle at his eyes from choking, and I found a sick satisfaction in that.

“Mm, Jacob’s so much younger than you, and he can do it so much better.” I said, letting his head come off of my dick. He gasped a few times, spit ran freely from his mouth. He was being careless.

“That’s okay. By the end of tonight you’ll be a devoted cock slut.” I smirked, pushing him back down on it. I held him in place and pumped my hips upwards quickly. He tried to pull away from me, twisting and writhing in the ropes, but he was unsuccessful. My grip on his hair was too strong, the ropes were too thick. I wanted to do this to him more than he wanted to escape it.

I released his hair and pushed him off of me. He let out a quiet groan when I finally pulled my cock from his mouth. His face was red, and with the few stray tears running down his face and the spit falling from his chin, he looked like a pathetic mess.

I walked behind him once more, and knelt down behind his perfect ass. He was still panting softly, when I gripped his cheeks in my hands and pulled them apart.

“God, you’re seriously going to fucking do this?” He said angrily.

“Beg me not to, and I won’t.” I responded.

My offer was sincere, though I knew he wouldn’t do it. He had far too much pride.

“Fuck you.”

I was hoping he’d say that. I spat on his hole, and he jerked away just slightly. Part of me wanted to just shove my cock up his ass, listen to his cries of pain and then leave him there, bloodied and broken. It would hurt him, but only physically. There was a different part of me, one that wanted to see him humiliated. That part of me was bigger. I’d have to keep my emotions in check.

I spat on my fingers, and then moved them to his ass. I pushed my middle finger inside of him, and felt his hole instantly clench around it. Fuck, he was tight. I wasn’t going to be as gentle as I could be with him, I certainly wasn’t going to be as gentle with him as I was with Jacob for his first time, but I wasn’t going to destroy him. At least, not yet.

I moved my finger at a moderate pace, in and out. He seethed beneath me, but didn’t ask me to stop. His pride would be gone by the end of this. I was determined to make that happen.

It wasn’t long before I added another finger. His toes curled, his back arched with pain, but he offered no resistance. I smirked, pumping my fingers into him, opening up his virgin ass.

“Are you ready to be my fucktoy, Marcus?” I asked with an evil grin.

“I fucking hate you.” He snarled. I chuckled, pulling my fingers from his ass, and moving to my knees. I spat on my dick, and spread the saliva down my shaft, before pressing it against his ass once more.

I pushed into him. He groaned, his body instinctively Escort Antalya jerked away, but he couldn’t go very far. I was going slowly, only forcing the first few inches into him. I was being incredibly deliberate, I knew what result I wanted from this.

I rocked my hips at an agonizingly slow pace, back and forth. With each thrust I pushed a little further into his ass. His tight channel massaged my cock in an almost heavenly way as I fucked him. I grabbed his hips and angled myself a little differently, before pushing into him again. With this thrust I heard him whimper softly. He was trying to be quiet, trying not to give any reaction, but I knew that my dick had just slid against his prostate, and I knew it felt good.

“Not enjoying being raped, are you?” I asked, pulling out and pushing in again, hitting his prostate once more. He gasped, arching his back slightly.

“No, you sick fucking pervert.” He hissed.

I gave his ass a hard slap, and he groaned.

“You’ll call me Sir from now on.” I said calmly, watching the red handprint form on his pale ass. He laughed.

“That’s not going to fucking happen.” He said.

“We’ll see.”

I finally worked my entire cock into his ass. I stayed like that for a few seconds, revelling in the feeling of being completely inside his tight hole. I was raping my best friend, and I loved it. He didn’t, not yet, but he would.

I sped up the pace. I fucked him at a good pace, one that was comfortable for both of us. I kept hitting his prostate, and he was going a good job of giving a minimal reaction, but one look at his hard dick assured me that he was downplaying his pleasure.

My nails dug into the soft skin of his hips, as I held him steady. I fucked him a little harder now. His quiet whimpers and gasps of pleasure turned into soft moans.

“Yes.” He moaned quietly, resting his head against the floor. He was giving himself over to me, allowing himself to enjoy it, finally.

I pulled out of him.

Marcus groaned quietly, but didn’t ask for me to put it back in. I ran the tip of my cock against his hole, teasing him. He actually began moving his ass against me, just a little.

I pushed back into him, and slammed his prostate. And pulled out again. I held it for a few seconds, and then slid my dick into him again. Out and in. He groaned loudly, a little more primal now.

“Alexander, fuck…” He moaned softly.

“What? What do you want?” I asked.

He was giving in now.

“Fuck me.” He said quietly, ashamedly.


“Fuck me.” He said.

“Beg me.”

“Fuck me, please Alex!” He whined.

“That’s not my name.” I growled.

Marcus was panting softly, I could see the desperation in his contracted body, I could hear it in his voice.

“Fuck me please, Sir!” He shouted. I smirked, and slammed my dick deep inside of him. He moaned in pain and pleasure. Now my speed was merciless, I fucked him without reserve.

“Thank you Sir. Thank you.” He moaned. He completely gave himself over to me, let me use his body as I saw fit. There was no more resistance, no more pride. There was just Marcus, and his insatiable need to get fucked.

I held his hips firmly in my hands, letting my nails create deep red cuts in his skin. I thrust into him with all my strength, listening to his primal moans of pleasure.

“Don’t stop, please Sir!” He cried. I could feel his body tensing beneath me, his toes curled and he relaxed his head completely against the floor.

Finally, he let out a load groan. Unlike Jacob’s it was deep in tone, and sounded very masculine. His body shook against the ropes, against my body, and his ass tightened around my cock as I fucked him through his orgasm.

I pulled my dick out of him when he was finished and moved in front of him again. I gripped his hair firmly, pulling his head up so I could look at him. A few tears had spilt down his cheeks, his face was red. I could see the shame and embarrassment in his eyes as he looked up at me.

I held his hair with one hand, and stroked my cock above his face with the other. I pumped my prick quickly, ready for my own release. I came with a quiet groan, shooting my seed all over Marcus’ face. He squeezed his eyes shut just moments before they were covered in my spunk. The rest landed on his forehead, a little bit got into his hair. I released him, and his face fell back down to the dirty ground.

“You’re going to lie here with my cum on your face for the rest of the day.” I said, standing. I tucked my dick back into my pants.

“I’ll send a servant to get you tomorrow night.”

Marcus gave a small nod against the floor, but didn’t say anything. I ran my eyes over him once more, taking in his cum covered face, the cuts down his back and hips, his red ass, the pool of his own spunk on the dungeon floor. His arrogance was gone. He was broken.

“And Marcus,” I said, “if I ever catch you on my land again, I’m going to kill Manavgat escort you.”


“Love is weakness, Alexander. It’s only a tool your enemies can use against you. You must understand that.” My father looked down at me.

“But surely you love our mother. You have to.” I responded.

My father stared at me with his cold, dark eyes.

“Sweetheart, come here.” He said, not taking those eyes off of me.

My mother approached. Her beautiful blonde hair was piled up on her head, her eyes sparkled as she looked at me. She loved me, I could tell.

“Yes, darling?” She asked, gently stroking my father’s cheek. Finally he took his gaze off of me, and instead looked at my mother.

He took her chin in his hands, and she looked adoringly up at him. And then, he snapped her neck. Her head came off of her shoulders, her body fell to the ground. Blood gushed out of her neck, her skin went gray. Her eyes were still open…

I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. He dropped her head, now severed from her body. There was so much blood…

“Love is weakness, Alexander. I will teach that to you, if I have to destroy everything.”

I woke up in a sweat, panting. I rubbed my forehead and let out a quiet groan. Being haunted by 15 year old memories, that is weakness.

I felt groggy as I climbed out of bed. I was exhausted, the nightmares always took their toll. It was why I could never allow Jacob, or anyone to sleep with me. I couldn’t allow anyone to see me like this.


He was still in the dungeon. I pulled on a pair of pants, but didn’t bother with a shirt. I headed down the stairs and into the basement. In the first cell, I could see Marcus, who was still asleep but looked rather uncomfortable. I smirked.

I headed to the far end of the dungeon, where I had left Jacob. He was still chained up, hanging by his ankles. He was also still unconscious, but he was very pale. I was shocked when I saw him. He had cuts running down his legs from his ankles, they looked like claw marks. His skin was covered in raised purple bruises, and welts. There were cuts on his stomach, where the skin had split when I whipped him. His hair was dishevelled and covered in spit that had run from his mouth when he screamed.

I felt no satisfaction. My stomach twisted and my chest constricted. I had gone too far.

I placed one of my arms under his back, and lifted him slightly. My free hand moved to the chains around his ankles, and I quickly undid them. I held Jacob in my arms, and looked down at his sickly frame. I wanted to take him up to my room, and take care of him there. But I had to do what was best for him.

I carried him gingerly up the stairs and through the main hall. He was breathing, but it was soft, laboured. I walked into the infirmary, and set him down on one of the beds. We had a doctor here, but he was usually used for small injuries, things sustained from hunting or attacks from other creatures.

“Alexander, I’m surprised to see you here, and your brother.” Dr. Price said, walking calmly up to us. His grey hair was combed back, he was wearing a black suit. He certainly looked like a doctor for royalty.

“Dr. Price, could you check Jacob out please? He’s looking a little… gray.” I said. I tried to keep my voice level, but I was nervous. I hoped that whatever I’d done to Jacob would heal quickly. I was used to seeing my markings on him, the bruises, the cuts. I loved those. But this was different, these welts… I had not been in control. I could’ve killed him last night, and I don’t think it would’ve slowed me down at all. What had I been thinking?

“Of course, Alexander.”

Dr. Price pulled on a pair of gloves and moved towards Jacob’s feet. He ran his fingers over the cuts at Jacob’s ankles.

“Did you do these?” He asked, keeping his eyes on the wounds.

“No, I don’t know how they got there.” I answered honestly. The doctor’s brows furrowed, and he moved towards Jacob’s arms. He took Jacob’s hand in his and looked at his fingers.

“Mm, he did them to himself.” He showed me Jacob’s hand, and I could see the skin and dried blood on his nails. He must’ve been trying to get out of the chains.

“It’s nothing to worry about. These cuts aren’t very deep, they’ll heal fast enough. Probably by the morning.” Price said, turning his attention to me.

“But of course, if you need him healed more efficiently, you can always give him vampiric blood. It’ll heal him sooner than anything human.”

I couldn’t give Jacob any of mine. He’d see things he couldn’t see. Perhaps I could get some from someone else…

“Now, these cuts are significantly deeper, and these bruises… Can I ask what warranted him this?” Price asked, running his hands over Jacob’s stomach.

“He needed to be punished.” I said simply. I didn’t want to get into it. The doctor nodded and continued inspecting Jacob.

“These should heal within a few days. I recommend that you don’t allow Jacob to do anything… physical until they’re healed. There’s no doubt that his internal organs have been damaged. They’ll heal, but he’ll be in a lot of pain until then.” Dr. Price said. I felt my stomach churn guiltily. How could I have done this to him? A chain? That was far too extreme.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32