My BFF is a Lesbian Ep. 03

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Gabby was excited to have confessed her feelings to her best friend and that it had led to them making love. Over the next several weeks the girls were wrapped up in their exams. They managed a few afternoon sessions together, in between intense revision and the exams themselves. But they never got the chance to get naked and kiss and play with one another. Gabby especially missed their intimacy. She thought of them as lovers. But Mary just saw it as fun and exploration. By not giving Gabby oral sex she felt she was maintaining a line. If she didn’t do that then she wasn’t really a lesbian. It didn’t matter that she let Gabby do it to her. But she did missed it too, almost as much as Gabby did.

Post exams celebration

The weekend of the end of their exams finally arrived. Gabby had her last exam on the Friday before but Mary didn’t finish until the Wednesday. So they had agreed to celebrate the following weekend.

The plan was for Gabby to stay at Mary’s all weekend. On the Friday night Mary’s parents had invited them out for a posh dinner. They were going to the only Michelin star restaurant in the area. On Saturday they would go to the bar in town and meet lots of their friends. The bar was hosting a leavers’ night for all the 18 year olds leaving school. The theme was ’70s Night’. The girls had fun deciding on their costumes and had a brilliant plan for what to wear.

But on Friday the girls were very excited to be dressing up in their finest clothes. They spent the whole of Friday afternoon in Mary’s rooms doing hair and make-up and getting dressed.

Gabby couldn’t keep her hands off Mary. She complained about their forced abstinence during the exams. Gabby confessed how hard it had been and also that she often played with herself and thought of Mary.

“Did you do it too?” Gabby asked.

“Yes, sure. I’m not a fucking nun,” Mary retorted as they stood side by side at the vanity basins.

Gabby moved to Mary and tugged at the belt of her dressing gown. It fell open revealing her naked body. Gabby opened hers too and hugged Mary. When their naked bodies pressed together Gabby kissed her. Her tongue exploring her mouth, “God I have missed this. I can’t wait to get you in bed tonight. I can’t stop thinking about licking you,” Her fingers caressed Mary’s bushy pubes as she started to kiss her neck.

Gabby sensed that Mary wasn’t as responsive today and asked, “Is that OK? If I do that later?”

“Sure, if you want to tongue me that’s alright by me.” Gabby wasn’t reassured by this slightly aggressive response, but decided to let it go. But then Mary added, “You know. I just think I need a cock.” Pushing Gabby back and wrapping her robe back around her she continued, “Don’t be offended, Babe. I mean you are a really good kisser and I love it when you lick me and do all your lezzy things. But I think I need a proper fuck.” She then leaned in to Gabby and kissed her lips softly. Her hand found Gabby’s pussy and diddled her clit for a moment. Gabby smiled and relaxed into it but then Mary shattered the moment by grasping a handful of pubes and saying, “I just wish you could grow a big dick here and just fucking ram it up me.” She swirled around and continued her preparations.

The rest of the afternoon was confusing for Gabby. Mary was affectionate one minute then off-hand the next. She kissed her and touched her. But always curtailed things as Gabby responded. Gabby was perplexed but put it down to Mary’s ambivalence and decided she would just have to go slow to re-establish their intimacy.

A Grand Entrance

At last they were ready. They arrived down stairs and made a dramatic entrance in their gorgeous dresses and heels. Mary wore a short dress with a flared skirt. The dress was white with a lacy outer layer. The skirt revealed her slender legs and she wore white sandal heels.

Gabby looked equally stunning in a floral lace, emerald green A-line dress. It wasn’t quite as short as Mary’s but her legs looked fantastic in her matching emerald green satin shoes. The heels were the highest she had ever dared to wear and she looked elegant and womanly. She was almost sure that she caught Mr Quinn’s eyes tracing up her body. But Mrs Quinn put an end to it by gently pushing him and declaring, “OK mister, you’re driving.”

The restaurant was amazing and the food was incredible. Both girls were thrilled and also enjoyed a few glasses of wine. escort Gabby especially loved that Mr and Mrs Quinn were so cool; her parents would never let her drink alcohol.

“So Gabrielle, are you excited about starting at Queen’s?” Mrs Quinn asked.

“Yes. Well hopefully. Fingers crossed,” Gabby smiled at her, referencing the wait for her exam results.

“You will be fine. You both will. You have worked hard and deserve it. I had a great time there. Mrs Quinn chuckled and took Mr Quinn’s hand.

“Oh no. Here we go the great love story of how they met. Run away Gabs!” Mary teased her parents.

“Ignore her Gabrielle,” Mrs Quinn scolded jokingly, “It breaks my heart that she won’t take law.”

“Boring,” Mary taunted.

“You see, Gabby dear,” Mrs Quinn rolled her eyes, “I know, I have a great idea, you should come into the Practice during the summer. I could arrange a week or two of work experience for you, if you’d like that? Let you see what it’s like to work in a law firm.”

“Jesus Mum, Gabby wants to have fun in the summer, not be one of your slaves,” Mary whined.

“I’d love to Mrs Quinn. Really if that would be OK I’d love to come in to your work.”

“Then that’s settled, dear, let me know what fits in with your parents and I’ll arrange everything. You will learn a lot in just a couple of weeks.”

“Jesus Mum, a couple of weeks! Gabby and me have plans for the summer y’ know,” Mary continued to complain.

“Thank you, Mrs Quinn,” Gabby was diplomatic, “Our summer plans aren’t until August anyway,” she gave Mary a look to silence her.

“You see Mary, some people are interested in their careers.”

“Yeah, yeah… Whatever,” Mary teased, making a face like she was being sick. Then added, “Give me more booze mother,” she held up her empty glass, “so I can make it though your boring stories.”

The rest of the meal passed with lively conversation like this. As the night ended Mary announced she need to go to the loo, “You coming?” she took Gabby by the hand. They dashed off to the Ladies.


As they often did they went into the stall together. Mary hitched up her short dress and pulled down her pants. She sat and wee’d then made way for Gabby.

As Gabby pee’d Mary leaned back against the door. She still had her dress up and pants down to her knees. She slowly fingered her pussy and looking at Gabby said, “You still want to lick me tonight?”

Gabby hesitated and Mary bent down and kissed her, “Sorry about earlier, Babe. I’m all yours tonight if you want me. Do you?” she added uncertainly.

“Of course I do.”

Mary grinned, “Great,” leaning back and presenting her pussy to Gabby she added, “Would you like a little starter?”

Gabby was pleased and excited and eagerly placed her mouth over Mary’s pussy and licked her. For a few moments she licked and Mary encouraged her then she stopped her saying, “We better go.” They dressed and washed up and left to re-join Mr and Mrs Quinn.

The journey home was too slow for Gabby. She had relished the first taste of Mary for a while and eagerly anticipated what was to come. Mary was clearly eager too and kept running her hand along Gabby’s leg. She would push up under her dress and press her fingers into Gabby’s crotch. This was very thrilling. But Gabby was scared that Mary’s parents would see. She hoped the darkness in the back of the car would hide their secret.

They arrived home and the conversation continued in the kitchen. Gabby thought she might explode with anticipation but at long last they said good night and scrambled upstairs.

Alone at last

Once behind the closed door Gabby wanted to kiss Mary but thought she shouldn’t push things. But Mary wasn’t holding back tonight. She kissed Gabby and dragged her to the sofa.

“I’m so fucking horny, Babe. Make me cum.”

Mary flopped down on the sofa and spread her legs kicking off her shoes, “I want you so much.”

Gabby was delighted and started kissing Mary who was already moaning with lust, “Don’t be so noisy or your mum will come in here,” she scolded.

“Don’t worry about them. Didn’t you see how they were all over each other. They will be fucking their brains out by now.” Both girls chuckled at this then Mary kissed Gabby passionately. The mood became more serious and she urged, “Will you get the hairbrush and fuck me with it as you lick me please?” bursa eve gelen escort Gabby liked that she was being allowed to do such naughty things to Mary.

She kicked off her shoes and padded to the bathroom to get the brush. On the way back she stepped out of her dress and knelt in front of Mary’s spread legs in just her pink bra and panties.

Mary already had her hand at work inside her knickers, “You look gorgeous. I still can’t believe we’re having sex.”

“You look amazing. I love you so much.”

“I’m so fucking wet. Pull my knickers off.”

Gabby did as she was told and exposed Mary’s thick bush of pubes. She could see her pink lips protruding. She stroked them with her fingers and Mary wriggled in pleasure.

“Stick your fingers in me. God I need you to really fuck me.”

Again Gabby followed her instructions and slid two fingers into her friend’s slippery pussy. She worked back and forth and Mary writhed up to meet each short thrust. Gabby leaned over her and kissed her mouth. As her tongue swept back and forth across Mary’s lips, her fingers slid rhythmically in and out of her pussy.

Mary moaned into her mouth but then broke off to ask, “Use the brush. And lick me please.”

Gabby shuffled down between her legs. The brush was beside her on the floor and she positioned the long, smooth handle between Mary’s labia. She bent her head and licked Mary’s clit as she slid the plastic phallus into her. Mary responded my moaning and encouraging her. Gabby licked her faster and faster and increased the speed of her thrusts with the brush.

Mary loved it. Her eyes were closed. She was holding Gabby’s head gently in her hands. Encouraging her. She wanted to cum. She knew she would cum hard like this. She imagined some gorgeous older guy fucking her, she so wanted to lose her virginity soon. God this was so good. If this is what fucking a cock is like she couldn’t wait. She felt her orgasm swell up and engulf her; hot waves of ecstasy washing over her again and again. Gabby had stopped moving but still held her mouth on Mary’s clit teasing out the last of her climax. As she slid the brush out of Mary, Mary jerked through one final surge of pleasure. Finally she calmed down and allowed her breathing to return to normal.

Gabby crawled up next to her and kissed her face and lips. Then she helped Mary out of her dress and they went through to lie on the bed.

As they kissed Mary complimented her, “That was amazing. You are such a good lover. I can’t believe you make me cum like that.”

“You are so gorgeous, I can’t believe we’re making love.”

Mary was feeling in a generous mood, ” Maybe I can do something for you?”

“I’d love that,” Gabby was hopeful.

“I don’t know if I can.” Mary was hesitant, “I mean I don’t know if I know how.”

“Oh, Babygirl, please. Just do what I do to you.”

“OK, I’ll try,” then added quickly, “Just because I love you. And I might be a little drunk,” at this Mary giggled.

Gabby stripped off her bra and pants in a flash as Mary slid down the bed. Gabby opened her legs and Mary was confronted by a close-up of her flaming pubes and rosy lips.

“Shit, babe.”

“Here,” Gabby helped her by reaching down and spreading her pubes and lips slightly to expose her pink hood and clit. “Just here.” She diddled her clit for a few seconds.

“Sure you wouldn’t prefer to do that,” Mary chuckled, looking up at her. She scurried up to lie on Gabby and kissed her right nipple. “I could just kiss your boobs and you play with yourself.” It wasn’t really a question and Mary was already slowly sliding down again.

“Please,” Gabby said simply.

Mary repositioned herself and leaned in and gave Gabby’s pussy a tentative lick. It was nice. She smelt good. There was no funny taste. She loved the way Gabby’s whole body shuddered in reaction.

Gabby held her breath as she saw Mary’s head duck down. She anticipated the touch of her tongue and when it came she shivered with pleasure. She tried not to react too much, afraid to break the spell. But she couldn’t help that first shudder and gasp.

Mary was enjoying giving Gabby pleasure. This was really exciting. She was sure it was the result of a few glasses of wine and a wonderful orgasm. But she wanted to do this for Gabby. She wanted to be more intimate than she had görükle escort been. She wanted to be a little dirty. She lapped at Gabby’s pussy with relish. Her own pussy still tingled form the orgasm her friend had given her. She wanted Gabby to experience the same pleasure.

Gabby’s eyes were closed. Her beautiful best friend was licking her pussy. She was in heaven. She knew she wanted this. She wanted Mary. She could admit to herself that she was a lesbian. Every touch and kiss from Mary was exquisite pleasure. She couldn’t imagine feeling like this with a boy. Maybe it was just Mary she loved for now. But she felt certain that she wanted to experience other girls too.

Mary had settled into a steady rhythm lapping at Gabby’s clit. She seemed to know instinctively how to give her pleasure. At first she had just held her labia apart gently to expose her pussy. But now she slipped two fingers deep inside. She felt Gabby’s hot vagina grip her fingers. Mary slowly ground her hand against Gabby, pinching her labia between her thumb and third finger as she gently finger fucked her friend.

Gabby was close, she could feel the climax welling inside her. Her hips moved involuntarily to meet Mary’s mouth and fingers. Not forcefully, but in harmony with one another. Her breath was coming in gasps. She could feel her whole body yearning for the release that was coming fast. When it arrived she couldn’t stop the raw, animal groan that burst from her throat, “Awwww, ffuuchh,” it was not even words. She felt her insides melt and flush with heat.

Mary was licking and probing Gabby’s pussy when it arrived. She felt her pussy gush with hot wetness. It covered her hand and chin. But she wasn’t repelled. She was excited by it and dipped her head to lap deeply between Gabby’s lips. It was hot and deliciously erotic. But didn’t really taste of anything. She pressed inward, almost French kissing her friend’s pussy until Gabby couldn’t take any more and gently pushed her back.

They lay silent for a few moments. Gabby was breathing hard. Mary’s head rested on her side and she could feel the rise and fall of her torso. She savoured the moment and admired Gabby’s body at close range. She really is beautiful Mary thought. Perfect sized breasts with thick ruddy nipples that she thought were much more womanly that her pert girlish mounds and small pointy nipples. Gabby had a real hourglass figure. She found herself wondering if girls liked that. She hoped so as it was clear that Gabby was really into girls.

“Thank you, that was lovely,” Gabby sighed.

Mary crawled up to kiss her face, then teased her, “I can’t believe you wee’d on me again.”

“Shit, oh God, sorry.”

“Right in my mouth too.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“It’s disgusting.”

Gabby looked distraught, “I can’t help it. Is it really…” she didn’t get to finish. Mary was kissing her; deeply and passionately; her tongue swirling into Gabby’s mouth.

As they parted Gabby asked softly, “Was it OK then?”

“Yes,” Mary was still kissing her lips softly. “Bit weird. But kinda sexy really.” Then she teased again, “Smelt of fish.”

“No it doesn’t,” Gabby pushed her back giggling.

“No it doesn’t. More like cheese.”

“Stop it!” still giggling.

“Really old cheese that’s gone off. Like really stinky bree.” Mary was enjoying teasing her.

“Your fanny smells like your slippers,” Gabby tried to battle it out.

Mary moved in to kiss her again briefly, “Then countered, “Oh, so you won’t want to lick it again?”

Gabby hugged her, then looking up into her eyes said, “Stop it. Yes I will. Any time you like.”

“Good, because after licking you I am really horny again. So get down there and do some more of that lezzy shit you do.”

“You do it too now,” Gabby joked, then added, “Better still, you come up here,” she pointed at her mouth and lay back waving Mary to crawl up her body.

Soon Mary was astride her face with her bush on Gabby’s mouth. After a few jokes about not being able to breathe Gabby found her target and started working on Mary’s clit. This time she also inserted two fingers and worked Mary’s pussy like Mary had done to her. Within minutes Mary came again and jerked though her orgasm still riding her friend’s face.

Shortly after that they snuggled up to sleep. Gabby was still aroused but she could see that Mary was drifting off. As they lay in a half spoon embrace Gabby idly played with her pussy. She wasn’t actually trying to cum.

Mary nuzzled into Gabby’s neck and whispered sleepily, “Sorry, babe, too tired. I’ll do more for you tomorrow.”

Gabby was actually very content and soon drifted off into a blissful sleep.

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