My Best Friend

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It was the weekend of Halloween, I was home from college and had been down because my girlfriend and I were fighting so my best friend Katie invited me to a Halloween party. Katie and I had always been extremely comfortable together and close and if truth be told I was extremely attracted to her. She had this long dark hair and these perfect legs and lightly tanned skin. Her boobs were perfect, not too big and definitely not too little, but definitely smaller than mine. Her ass was small but was the perfect shape. I always thought about touching it to see how soft it was.

Before the party she came to my house to get ready, she tried so hard to cheer me up, she knew my girlfriend Lindsey was a bitch and was always stressing me out so whenever Kate was around she would tease me just to make me smile. She’d always touch me in spots she secretly knew turned me on and just shamelessly smile. I was sitting on my bed trying to decide what pants to put on when she crawled over from where she was sitting on my floor and rubbed her hands up my thighs then smiled and said she loved how dark my legs are and kissed my knee then got up. I finally decided on my Levi’s got dressed and told Kate to hurry up. I always get ready quicker than her, she’s way more feminine than I am and I swear she just sits in her underwear for 2 hours before she even does her hair or makeup. I don’t have to worry about none of that.

Finally after an hour and a half of waiting Katie was finally ready to go so we called a cab and waited Bycasino outside. While we were waiting she turned to me and kissed me and said were gonna have a great night tonight and again with the smile only this time it was like she had something planned. The cab came we jumped in, it was a quiet ride but that didn’t stop Kate from rubbing her hands up and down my thighs.

What was she doing? She’s never usually this forward? I like it though. We pulled up to our friend Hilary’s house, the house was packed, I guess we were the last ones to show up. As soon as we got in the house my buddy Tyler handed me a bottle and told me it was time for shots, he grabbed me and pulled me in the other room I looked back to see Kate give me a look as if she was saying I’ll see later.

The night progressed and it wasn’t before long I realized I was drunk and wanted to find Kate. I asked Tyler if he knew where she was he told me he seen her heading upstairs to the bathroom. I went up and seen her waiting at the door for someone to come out. I came up behind her and grabbed her, she turned around and hit me because I scared her, I laughed as she pulled me into the bathroom as a group a girls came out. She closed the door and started fixing her makeup in the mirror. I just stood there and watched. She looked over and noticed I was staring at her.

I could feel the wetness between my legs when she started to walk towards me, I just stood there when she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth, Bycasino giriş I grabbed her and pushed her against the door still kissing her deeply, my hand ran up her legs going for her pussy when there was a bang at the door telling us to hurry up. So we stopped and left the bathroom, we walked down the stairs when Hilary ran up and told Kate to come dance. They took off when I headed to the kitchen to take some more shots with Tyler. I was loaded shortly after and ready to head home. I searched the house for Kate and found her standing at the door waiting for me to go home.

“There’s already a cab waiting outside for us” We got in the cab, she looked at me and kissed me, I felt a chill go through my whole body. She pulled away and just looked at me with lustful eyes. I knew I was going to take her tonight. This drive is feeling like forever. I couldn’t wait I just wanted to feel her pussy, I slid my hand up her dress and was about to pull her panties aside until I realized she wasn’t wearing any. She looked at me and whispered “easy access” and giggled. I spread her lips and felt how wet she was, I started rubbing her clit lightly, I could tell she wanted to make a sound but couldn’t in fear of the cabbie noticing.

I slid my finger down to push it inside her before noticing my house was coming up. I stopped reached for my wallet chucked a 20 bill at the cabbie told him to keep the change, grabbed Kate’s hand and headed in my house. We went to my room she sat on my bed while I Bycasino güncel giriş changed into some basketball shorts and a T.

I walked over to her took her hand stood her up and pulled her dress over her head, and ripped her bra off. I pushed her back onto my bed. I couldn’t help but be aggressive I’ve been waiting for this all night, I needed to taste her. I spread her legs and instantly stuck my tongue inside her. Oh my god, she taste so good. I wanted to taste all of her, I ran my tongue up her pussy and started sucking on her clit. She let out a loud moan and grabbed my head while grinding her pussy against my face. Her body started to tremble, I knew she was about to cum so I kept licking and sucking until she climaxed in my mouth.

I wasn’t done tasting her though I turned her over onto her stomach and spread her ass cheeks and stuck my tongue into her ass, she let out a sound I’ve never heard before I knew she was enjoying this so I continued tongue fucking her sweet ass until she begged me to stop.

She lay there with her face in the pillow trying to catch her breath when I climbed on top of her and stuck two fingers into her tight wet pussy she let out a scream and started throwing her pussy back onto my hand. She said “I been wanting to feel you inside of me since I met you, fuck me and fuck me good” I fucked her, with everything I had until she started squirting all over my hand.

I rolled over onto my back trying to come to terms with what just happened when she got up pulled my shorts off and told me now she wanted to taste me. I spread my legs and she started kissing my clit, I was so wet I could feel it dripping down to my ass. She licked and sucked on my clit until my whole body exploded at her touch and I never felt so good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32