My Bad Day Pt. 01

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It had been a bad start to the day, I had a meeting I was late for, the client was waiting patiently, while I was stuck in traffic, I had my assistant bring them coffee and apologies for my tardiness. I was zooming along when I ran a red light, and wouldn’t you know it; a policeman was there waiting to pull me over.

I sat in my car as I waited for him to come up to my car to issue the ticket, I quickly called my assistant and asked the client to either wait or I would come to them this afternoon, they chose the latter. I now had a clear schedule till this afternoon. The young cop came up to my car, he sauntered more than walked over he clearly had a long day ahead and was not about to rush for me. When he got to my side of the car he leaned in and asked politely,

“License and registration please sir! You do know I caught you running the red back there?”

“Yes sir officer I don’t deny it I was in a hurry and ran it, I am sorry!”

He kind of gave me this look, he stood up straight, repositioned himself so his crotch was in my line of sight, the outline of the mans cock was there in plain site, there was no hiding his massive cock he had concealed in his policeman’s uniform pants. He seemed to be trying to show me that his cock was semi erect, and he had no intentions of trying to hide it.

As he walked back to his police cruiser I watched his ass as his cheeks went up and down, like two perfect orbs that begged Bursa escort to be fondled, my own cock was fighting to be released from my trousers, I tried to place it so it would not be so obvious, then I realized he was not trying to hide his own cock in any way, maybe he wanted to give me more than a ticket, I would have to test the waters.

He slowly walked back to my car, I could see his huge cock had made its way down the right side of his leg, he was not trying to hide his erection one tiny bit, the man was clearly in need of some relief, I only hoped I was the man for the job. He made his way back to my car window,

“I really hate to write you up for this, I know you said you were guilty of running the light!”

“Is there any other agreement we could come to instead of the ticket Officer?”

As I licked my lips, he came up to the window his crotch area right there for me to reach out and touch, he was handing me his cock for me to grab, unzip and take out and suck.

“Perhaps we could meet in a more private area Sir?”

“Yes yes, that might be a good idea!”

I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the Officers cock, it was so thick, and so long, I could barely get the words out properly.

“Any ideas?”

I did not hear him, my eyes were on the prize presented in front of me, luckily I was only about three blocks from my own home at the time,

“You could come by my place Antalya escort bayan I am only three blocks from here!” He quickly rearranged his package,

“Yes lets do that I will follow you!”

Within a few minutes I was back home where I had started this awful day. He quickly parked his car, called in his dispatch he would be off the air for a few minutes, got out of his car and headed up my walkway. I opened the door and let him in. Once inside he unbuckled his gun belt, placed it on the floor, he stood before me,

“I don’t have much time, can we do this now, here please?”

I got on my knees and proceeded to unhook his trousers, sliding the zipper down, I opened his pants like a present, I slid them off over his buttocks, he wore a pair of boxer briefs, his cock ached to be let out, I grabbed his waistband, slowly sliding his underwear off, his cock flopped out, it was truly impressive, I would say nine maybe ten inches long, and so very thick, uncut, and dripping its precious clear fluid that I had to have in me.

I leaned in and licked the precum about to spill from the tip of his beautiful cock, I peeled back the foreskin, his knob glistened, my tongue lapped at the piss slit, I milked his cock to try to get more, he was both sweet and salty at the same time, I placed my lips on his knob, sucking on the hole at the tip of his cock, I slowly rolled back the foreskin, I grabbed a handful Escort Manavgat of balls the man had huge nuts, in a hairy ball sack.

I had to attempt to take him to the base, see if I could swallow something this big, I had about half in my mouth, I would have to unhinge my jaw to get it all in. His cock slowly disappeared down my throat, he grabbed my head feeding it to me, holding it deep down my throat, he guided his cock out, then right back in, I barely got a breath in. The man fucked my mouth hard, he needed release and I was to help him in his task.

His huge hairy balls quickly rose in their sack, I could feel his cock swell, he only fucked my mouth harder, all I knew was I wanted my creamy reward, I would not have long to wait, he blasted my tonsils, then my mouth and tongue, some on my lips, then more down my throat, I milked his cock to get all he had to give. He fell back on the entrance door, I licked his cock clean and placed it back in his underwear, pulling his trousers back up over his amazing ass, he zipped back up, tied his gun belt back around his waist.

“Thank you so much you have no idea how much better I feel!”

“You’re most welcome love to do this again, maybe when your off duty? In a bed?”

He pulled out his note pad, scribbled something on the paper, handed it to me

“Text me after four today, I may be able to meet up with you tonight!”

“Sounds good have a good day Officer!”

“It’s Rob or Robert you too?”

“Tom it’s Tom!”

“You too Tom Bye!”

And he was gone, I texted him at exactly four I did not get a reply till about five, overtime, he was free later that night if I was still willing. Like anyone could stop me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32