His Sweet Boy Ch. 03

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Eric was resting his chin against his right palm while his left hand still carded through the boy’s hair when a snort from Ben made the dom jump.

He looked down and realized with some humor that Ben had managed to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position that Eric could think of and was now snoring lightly.

The poor boy must be truly exhausted. Eric bent down and scooped up Ben into his arms and walked over to the couch. He placed the limp form on it and held his head so he could place one of the pillows under it.

The sub let out a grumble and cracked his sleepy eyes open and eyed Eric.

The dom smiled and brushed some of the hair that was in the boy’s face behind his ear, and went to step back.

Ben latched his hand around Eric’s wrist.

“Don’t go.” The boy murmured.

“Ok, baby. I’ll stay.”

Eric situated himself and Ben on the couch so that the sub’s head lay in the dom’s lap. He also grabbed a blanket out of the one of the aftercare kits that was carefully hidden around the room. He draped the blanket over Ben’s form and heard the sub sigh in contentment as he shifted himself so he was more comfortable.

Laying an arm across the sub, Eric kicked his feet up and let them rest on top of the coffee table while he laid his head back against the top of the couch.

Neither of them heard the door being opened thirty minutes later by Darryl who peaked his head in and smiled at the sleeping figures on the couch. Darryl carefully closed the door and left the two in peace.


Ben was the first to stir. He blinked his eyes open and looked around his surroundings confused at first. This wasn’t his room, and his head was definitely not on any pillow he had experienced using before.

The boy shifted his head up to see Eric conked out on the couch. Ben carefully sat up so as not to disturb the Dom. The blanket fell down to his lap. It was a soft flannel thing. Perfect for curling up under.

How long had they been sleeping? Probably not long . Ben stood and walked over to the one way mirror but both rooms were dark and empty of people.

What time did the club close? 1, 2? They couldn’t have been asleep that long…could they?

Ben dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone, checking the time. It read 3:47 am. Shit he needed to get home. Not that there was anything waiting there for him. But still it was the principle of the thing.

Turning the sub planned on waking the sleeping dom. But stopped when he saw the peaceful expression on Eric’s face. He couldn’t disturb the sleeping giant, not when he looked like that, all soft and cuddly.

The boy just wanted to climb into the Dom’s lap, curl up and go back to sleep, but no. That was a stupid urge that needed to be squashed. Ben was perfectly capable of taking care of himself; he didn’t need to lean on Eric for anything, (even if he really really wanted to).

So instead of waking Eric up or curling back on the sofa, Ben decided to do a little exploring. He left the sleeping form and made his way out of the VIP room and down the stairs to the dance floor.

It was a little eerie to walk around a dark and deserted night club, but it was also kinda fun. Now if only Ben could stop jumping at every shadow.

He approached the bar and examined the other side, then followed his curiosity to the DJ’s stage. It was raised up on a platform, allowing for the DJ to see over the crowd and judge the mood of the room.

Ben continued to let his curiosity rule as he meandered his way toward the door that led to the dungeons side of the building. On the way he passed the non VIP bathrooms, making a mental note of their location (just in case).

The dungeon side was even more creepy than the dark dance floor. There were five stages spaced out around the room with some seating and tables in front of each. The room appeared to be set up so you could flow through it with relative ease, stop at a stage that interested you or sit down and enjoy the show. There was also a set of stairs that led down with a sign above it that read in neon lights “private dungeons”. That sent a chill down Ben’s spine.

Turning away from that sign, Ben focused his attention on examining each stage. One had ropes suspended from the ceiling, another had a black wooden X in the center, the third had a medical looking chair with straps, the fourth contained a hanging swing, and the fifth was empty.

Unwillingly, the boy’s imagination started to run wild with ideas and thoughts of what each of those stages could be used for. Like most people when they first discovered porn, Ben had been curious and delved into the darker side of things, just to see what people were talking about. It had been…an experience. One that scared the shit out of Ben, not because it was repugnant, but because it made him want things he didn’t understand, nor wanted to understand.

After that, when Ben watched porn, which was rarely, he stuck to mecidiyeköy escort strictly vanilla gay porn. But now being confronted with all those emotions again, plus the experiences he had had with Eric, it was hard to ignore the ache in his heart.

Ben was interrupted from his thoughts by the lights being turned on. The boy whirled, blinking, trying to adjust his eyes to the brightness.

Eric stood in the doorway leaning against the wall, watching him.

“Find anything interesting?”

Ben emphatically shook his head no. He did NOT want Eric to know the thoughts that had been racing through his head. It would be far too embarrassing.

The dom Shoved his shoulder off the wall and walked towards Ben with lithe grace. The boy took a hasty step back, but forgot that the empty stage was directly behind him. He tripped over the edge which caught him in the back of his knees and fell back onto the stage hard.

“Ow.” Ben moaned.

Eric raced forward to check and see if Ben was ok.

“Would you stop falling into things, or at least wait to do it when I’m there and can catch you?” The dom said looking one part exasperated, and the other like he’s suppressing laughter.

“It was your fault I fell in the first place. Both times.”

“I didn’t even do anything either time.”

“Yea, you did.” Ben muttered as he checked his elbows and hissed as he poked at the scrapes, and watched with irritation as blood began to ooze from both.

Eric sighed and shook his head. “Come on, can’t have you bleeding over everything. Let’s get you bandaged up.”

Ben allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and shepherded away, until he realized they were heading towards the private dungeons.

“Oh hell no. I am not going to some private dungeon so you can tie me up and torture me!”

Ben moved too quickly and tripped over his feet as he raced backwards. The boy would have fallen on the floor and done more damage to himself if Eric hadn’t reacted so quickly and wrapped an arm around Ben’s waist to keep him upright.

“Why do you always think the worst of me? Am I really that scary?”

Before the boy could stop himself he nodded his head yes. Eric’s face fell as he let go of Ben and backed away, giving him a respectful distance of space.

“I’ll just…call you a cab or Uber or something to take you home. There are paper towels at the bar and a sink you can clean up in.” The dom mumbled looking small and defeated.

It was an expression that Ben never expected to see on the man’s face. How could such a large, confidant, and strong man look so…miserable.

A wave of guilt swamped the boy, he couldn’t handle being responsible for that level of pain on Eric’s face.

“I’m sorry.” He croaked out.

“No it’s not your fault,” Eric murmured his body still turned away as he pulled out his phone.

Ben strode forward, determined to fix this. He grabbed the dom’s arm making the man jump and turn.

“I mean it. I shouldn’t have said that. I know you won’t hurt me. Sometimes I just…freak out.”

“You freak out because of me. I’m the cause. See you even injured yourself trying to get away from me. You were right this was a bad idea.” Eric said, trying to shake Ben off.

The boy wasn’t about to give up. He had to show the man that he did care. That he wanted to be here (god help him, he needed to be here.)

“Eric, I’m an asshole. A mean stupid asshole.”

“You’re not an asshole, Ben, you were just being honest. Forget about it. This obviously was a bad-“

“No it wasn’t.” Ben said practically stomping his foot. “I like spending time with you.”

Eric seemed to freeze, staring intently down at Ben, finally seeming to listen. The boy gulped at that intense gaze but pushed forward.

“I’m not fighting against you, I’m fighting against myself. You were right how much it scares me. It terrifies me that I want to curl up at your feet right now, and go back to that blissful state where I don’t have to think. So instead of allowing myself to be scared I lash out, trying to think the worst of you to protect myself.” A single tear rolled down Ben’s cheek. “If your a monster, then it’s easier to forget how much I want-“

The boy was interrupted by the smashing of lips against his own. It was an awkward kiss, mostly due to Eric’s over enthusiasm, and Ben’s lack of experience. But it was also the best kiss either of them had had. Except the one after that was better, and the following one was even better.

Ben was in bliss as the kisses drugged his system with happy endorphins. It felt so good to have Eric’s tongue delving into his mouth so he could suck on it. The explosion of the dom’s taste just left Ben wanting more. No one should taste this good. Like warm honey, sweet and delicious, with a hint of something deeper and richer like dark chocolate. Yea that was it. Dark chocolate honey. Ben’s new favorite flavor.

Eric grabbed Ben’s elbows to taksim escort stabilize them and pull the boy closer. Which sorta broke the mood as the sub let out a little yelp of discomfort and they both remembered that Ben was bleeding little droplets that were falling to the floor.

Huffing out a laugh, Eric shook his head. “Sorry, I should’ve asked. Didn’t mean to attack you. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“No it was-I liked it.” Ben blushed to the roots of his hair while they walked over to the bar and Eric washed his hands while the boy tried to keep from bleeding on everything.

Eric gave a wolffish grin. “Me too. You taste good, like peppermint bark.”

“I taste like peppermint bark?”

“Yea, rich and minty.”

“…and that’s a good thing?” Ben asked as Eric started to gently clean each elbow.

They weren’t that bad; it was more show than actual damage.

“I think so, peppermint bark is my favorite sweet during the holidays.”

“you taste like dark chocolate and honey.” Ben murmured before realizing what he just said.

The boy turned away, blushing to the roots of his hair once again. He shouldn’t have said that, so stupid, he just sounded like a total idiot admitting that.

Eric grinned. “Dark chocolate and honey, huh. Never heard that before. Do you like how I taste?”

Ben gave a huff “wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Yes I really would, but I’ll ask when you’re not being a snappy little badger.” The dom teased.

“What does that even mean? Being a snappy little badger. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds.”

“Not at all. Do enlighten me, oh self-conscious one.”

“I’m not being self-conscious, just being mature, unlike some people.” Ben muttered the last bit as the dom checked to make sure the bleeding had stopped. It had.

“So grumpy.” Eric tutted. “And who said I’m being immature, maybe you should stop worrying what other people think. We’re the only one’s here.”

Ben looked around the room and his eyes snagged on the clock. It read 4:32 am. “Oh my god, it’s passed four in the morning.”

“Yea, so?”

“So? I should be home.”

“Why, do you need something from there, have a pet you need to take care of?”

“No…it’s the principle of the thing. This was supposed to be a date and turned into…I don’t even know what.”

“I agree that this has been a rather unconventional sort of evening.”

“Unconventional? Really?” Ben’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Well what word would you choose?” Eric countered as he rested his hip against the bar, arms crossed over that massive chest.

“How about crazy, insane?”

“Those sound so negative. Was it really that bad of a night.”

“…No. but, here look at it from my point of view. I never do this.”

“Do what? Go on dates, fall asleep next to someone, explore someone’s place of business, have someone patch you up when injured?”

“Not really no. I usually stick to myself.”

“Ben, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. That sounds a lot like surviving, not thriving.”

The boy gave a shrug.

“Not all of us can be 6’4″ and 200 lbs.”

“Technically I’m 6’5″ and 236 lbs but who’s counting.”

Ben gaped like a fish.

“What?!” Eric demanded looking a little defensive.

“We can’t be the same species. You have to have giant blood in you.”

The dom burst out laughing. “I’m not that big.”

“Yes you are. You outweigh me by 100 lbs. That can’t be normal.”

“Most linebackers are about my size if not bigger.”

“Yea exactly and everyone knows that linebackers have giant blood in them.”

“You’re never gonna think otherwise are you.”

“Nope, you are half giant and nothing will convince me differently.”

Eric chuckled. “At least I’m only half.”

“That’s still 50%.” Ben grumbled crossing his arm, careful to not bump his elbows.

“Well if I’m not fully human then I’m not bound by morals so I can do this.” The dom mock growled and he lunged forward towards the boy with tickling fingers extended.

Ben shrieked and ran around the bar and back to the dungeon, Eric following close behind. The pair ran around the room, the boy shrieking with laughter, while the Dom playfully growled over each of the sub’s evasions.

Finally Ben’s back was against a corner and he was trapped. Eric began the tickle assault which had them both laughing. He finally stopped when the boy begged for mercy.

The two grinned at each other like idiots, before Ben pulled himself together to glare at the dom.

“And the snappy badger is back again, at least I got to see the snuggly bunny for a minute.”

Rolling his eyes at Eric’s words, Ben shoved his way out of the corner but was suddenly caught in a hug from behind.

The warmth that surrounded the boy made him melt into that touch. “And there he is.”

“Who is he?” Ben mumbled trying to keep his eyes open, while Eric’s hands rubbed up levent escort and down his upper arms in that way too soothing way he had.

“The submissive inside of you. The one not afraid to be held and have someone to lean on. Don’t get me wrong. I love myself some snappy bratty Ben. But this is the prize. Seeing you become pudding in my arms.”

The boy wanted to be mad. But it was too hard, so instead he just turned and buried his face in Eric’s chest, rubbing his cheek along those delicious muscles.

He wanted to lick them, and wasn’t that an interesting thought. But it was gone, being swept away by that light, dizzy feeling of relief of letting all that stress and anxiety go.

“Ben, I’m going to ask now, do you like how I taste?”

“Mhm. You taste good.” Ben mumbled and lifted his head, wanting to experience that flavor again.

“What do you want, baby. Ask for it.”

“I want you to kiss me again.” The boy said, not caring that he sounded needy, because he was.

“That’s my sweet boy.” Eric whispered against Ben’s lips as he bent down and took the sub’s mouth with his own.

Melting into the kiss, Ben wrapped his arms around the dom’s broad shoulders, then let out a squeak as Eric lifted him up so they were on the same level. The sub wrapped his legs around the dom’s slim hips and locked his ankles as the kiss deepened further.

Their tongues tangled and detangled in a sensual dance that had Ben growing hard in his skinny jeans. The arousal became worse (or better) when the sub could also feel Eric’s hard member rubbing against his own.

The boy pulled his mouth away with difficulty, but he needed air. The dom continued to trail his lips down to Ben’s Adam’s Apple which he tongued.

That shouldn’t feel so good, fuck, it was like Eric was trying to suck his soul out through his neck, and it felt dangerously good, practically addictive.

Whimpering, Ben ground down with his hips, seeking friction. Eric growled a warning which the boy ignored in favor of repeating the motion.

“You sure you want to keep doing that?” The dom’s voice had dropped down to a lower range, with a more commanding tone that sent a shiver down Ben’s spine.

The boy bit his lip and nodded as he went to do it again.

“That’s too bad, sweet boy,” Eric growled as he lifted Ben’s hips away from his own and held them there. “You need to earn it.”

Some of the haze cleared from Ben’s head as he was kept from his desire.

“That’s not fair!” The boy whined.

“I never said I was fair. You need to learn patience.” Eric rumbled into the sub’s neck as he licked a long strip up it.

Ben struggled but he couldn’t break that impossible grip. Letting out a frustrated growl the boy spoke. “Oh, so the minute I give in you take over and decide everything?”

“And there’s my bratty boy,” Eric said as he looked up with dilated pupils. “You need to learn how to give up control even in this. You may not always get what you want. But I promise to give you whatever you need. And right now we need to slow down.”

Ben grumbled but allowed Eric to lower him back down to the ground.

“Hasn’t that what you have been wanting to do to me all night. Pick me up, pin me against a wall, and ravish me.”

Eric just shook his head. “And there’s that one sided thinking. If that is all I wanted there are any number of willing and might I say enthusiastic subs that attend my club that I could have in an instant. I don’t want just sex from you. To be honest with you the last few scenes I’ve done have felt empty. I want to form a lasting connection with someone. And it seems to me that you need to learn to stop surviving and start living.”

The man paused before continuing: “I want you to take some time and really think about what you want. I’m not going to coerce you into another date or get together. If you really want whatever this is between us you can come to me of your own free will. I won’t even ask that you give me your number. You know where to find me. I’m here every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. And most other nights as well. Now, do you want me to drive you to your car, or have an Uber pick you up?”

“You can drive me.” Ben murmured, unsure how to feel about Eric’s statement.

It was so much easier when he could blame it on the dom in front of him for doing all of this to him, but this choice where he had to make the conscious effort to chase this, was that what he really wanted?

Luckily he didn’t have to decide now, it could wait until another time. Right now they were getting into Eric’s car and the giant of a man was driving them in silence back to the harris teeter where Ben’s car still sat.

When they got there. Eric placed a chaste kiss on the boy’s cheek. “I hope to see you again but will understand if you choose otherwise. Goodbye, Ben.”

The boy wasn’t sure how to respond so he didn’t, leaving the dom sitting in the black car behind him, as he got into his own beat-up SUV.


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