Mrs. Wentworth is Naughty

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This is the tenth episode in the Mrs. Wentworth series of stories. It follows after Mrs. Wentworth and Stephen. I’m sorry for the long break between this and the last episode. I got busy and I’m still trying to figure out exactly where to take the characters. I am always grateful for ideas and suggestions and comments and I reply to anyone who uses the feedback function and leaves an email address to reply to. I hope you enjoy Mrs. Wentworth as much as I do.


What started out as something annoying had changed my life. When my mom made me stay with Mrs. Wentworth while she went off to some meeting, I was originally annoyed that no one trusted me enough to stay by myself. I was almost 19 and didn’t need to be babysat by some old lady who had been my teacher. It turned out she wasn’t as old as I thought and she was really nice. And then, well read the first nine chapters and you can see how well we got along. I realized that I loved staying there and didn’t want it to end.

I was amazed when Mrs. Wentworth had my on my knees after dinner out the other night. But I don’t want you to think our life together was one sexual thing after another. There was a lot of time when we just enjoyed each other. In fact, she was often two different people. In the mornings she much more like the person she was when I first got there. She was more quiet and more proper I guess. In the beginning she almost seemed like two different people because at night, or at least some nights, she became like the person she pretended to be on our first pretend date. She had me call her Lana in front of people and she was wilder and everything.

But for the next few days she was mostly like the morning person. We spend the next few days just living mostly. We did a lot of things together at her house and didn’t leave the house at all almost but nothing really sexual happened.

A few days later we had breakfast and after we ate and cleaned up Mrs. Wentworth asked me “are you worried at all that no one has called?” When I looked like I didn’t know what she was talking abut she added, “you know, remember the woman who dropped you off here? Its been a while since she called. Are you okay with that?”

I laughed. I had almost forgotten about my mom and she hadn’t called in a few days but I didn’t care I guess. So I said, “No, I’m not worried. I guess I don’t care if she calls or not.”

That made her happy. I guess because I was happy or didn’t care. I’m not really sure why actually. Anyway, she grabbed me and said “come on, let’s get ready.” I had forgotten her friends were coming over again.

She had tea or lunch with a few of her friends every few days or least while I was there she did. An she liked me to act like a waiter or butler or something like that. It was really the only she ever asked of me so I didn’t really mind. Besides it as fun to wait on three or four women as they slowly drank more and told each other stories.

As we walked into her bedroom, she told me that I needed to wear the tight shorts she got me before. “I don’t think we can trust your friend not poke out and expose himself,” she laughed. “It’s important to make a good impression for people. Anyway, since you’ll be in black, I’ll wear white today.” She tossed me the black shorts that she had bought a week before to hold me in and then she went into her closet.

When she came out I had my shorts on and had tucked myself down the one leg in case I got bigger and was slipping the pants on over the shorts. It was a good thing I tucked in because she came out wearing just a white bra and panties. The panties were these thin white silky ones that were very tight. She thought there were too small but said she liked the way they looked. I know I really liked the way they looked. On top she had a white lace and silk bra. The panties weren’t small. They had a full back and covered a lot even though they were tight. The bra wasn’t tiny. It covered a lot. But they were really sexy together. They were very feminine and elegant and nice.

She saw me staring but didn’t get mad or cover up. She started rubbing the front of her panties like it was a natural thing and said, “I know what you’re thinking. They’re small, right? And they are so thin and silky that they seem fragile like if I’m not careful they would just rip and fall right off. Is that what you think?” I didn’t want to tell her what I was thinking so I just nodded.

“Don’t worry, Stevie, dear. It is nice of you to be concerned about my comfort but I’ll be very careful. I’m slipping on these thigh highs that don’t need a garter just to be careful. That should avoid chances for ripping. And I’m going to wear this long cotton dress to cover up everything. As she started to put it on, she looked thoughtful and stopped. “I think for now, I’ll leave it off so we can clean and set the table. I want to be careful with white and it’s only right I help you set up.”

With that she walked slowly away, heels in one hand and dress in the other while I quickly dressed to catch escort mecidiyeköy up.

We spent the whole next hour getting everything ready and Mrs. Wentworth wore her underwear the whole time and didn’t put her dress on. It was killing me. It was almost like a slow tease but she acted like it was perfectly natural and nothing was unusual. Every time she bent over it stretched those tight panties even tighter across her butt. I stopped what I was doing and stared. It seemed like she had to bend over a lot. Then I watched her as she crawled around on the floor of her dining room and her living room. She said it helped her find things to pick up to be at that level. It drove me crazy but I couldn’t show it or she’d be offended or think I was a pervert or something.

By the time her friends got there I was as hard as a telephone pole and of course the stupid waiter’s uniform and the tight underwear didn’t hide it. Sure the shorts kept it in place down my leg but between the tight spandex shorts, even with a loose leg pouch, and the tighter pants you could see if you were looking for it.

When the doorbell rang, Mrs. Wentworth almost answered it then ran off to the laundry room because she forgot her dress. “Stephen, please get the door. I almost forgot. That would have been terrible and what would people have thought! I’ll be right out.” Close call I guess but I was happy to get the door and do my butler act.

I opened the door for Janine and Kim, just the two of them today, and said, “Good afternoon, Madam. Mrs. Wentworth will be right with you. Please come in.” I was like a guy playing a butler on TV and I think they were impressed and also thought it was funny. Kim gave me a nice hug. Though when it was Janine’s turn she gave me a hug and reached down to grab at my crotch and whisper “someone’s glad to see me. This makes me hungry.”

I turned a little red but actually liked it. Janine let me go though as Mrs. Wentworth walked in. She greeted them each with a kiss on the cheek and we all went into the dining room. The three of them all sat down and Mrs. Wentworth said “you may serve.” I started by moving to each one of them with a plate and placing some of the food on their plate. It was a chicken and salad dish so it was easy. Kim was nice and Janine managed to touch my bulge while I served her. Mrs. Wentworth pretended not to notice anything.

When they all had some food, Mrs. Wentworth said “let’s start with the wine and skip the tea.” I served her first and they all drank pretty fast though.

I stayed and ate too but they talked mostly to each other. Kim told Mrs. Wentworth she liked her dress but Janine started early. “It’s nice and white and boring. Is it show you can show Stevie here how boring you are? It’s like you’re saying hi stevie, I’m boring and even my clothes have no color. I bet he’s been bored the whole time he’s been here. Have you even gone out at night or does she make you stay here and just be bored?” With that she looked at me but Mrs. Wentworth interrupted.

“Don’t be ridiculous Janine. I’m a lot of fun and Stephen is enjoying himself and learning new things.”

Janine rolled her eyes and said, “yeah, I’m sure he is. When was the last time you even went out when he wasn’t here?”

Mrs. Wentworth wasn’t offended but she said “Remember the charity event I told you about and also I took Stephen to the opera so that’s a full social life.”

Janine almost laughed. “I’m sure the opera was very exciting for a man like our Stevie. Everything he dreamed of.” She was being very sarcastic but she was more right then she knew. She added, “oh and I hate to tell you that a charity event by yourself is thrilling. Did you make a late night of it?” When Mrs. Wentworth told her she had been home by 9, Janine actually laughed but no one seemed offended.

They had finished the bottle of wine so I went to the kitchen for another. Janine never realized I could hear everything said when I was out of the room. I heard her saying, “So what do you say we take your houseguest and lay him on the table and have him for dessert.”

Kim laughed and told Janine she was naughty. I thought Mrs. Wentworth would be offended but she just laughed too.

I stopped to pour Janine’s wine first but she had me wait while she drained her glass with one hand while the other reached over and rubbed my bulge just below the height of the table. I was embarrassed but she didn’t stop when she put her glass down and said in a husky voice, “fill me up Stevie.” I don’t think Mrs. Wentworth was mad but she was staring a little.

When I moved to Kim, she kept her hands to herself but spent the whole time staring at the bulge Janine had made so much bigger in my pants. By the time I moved to Mrs. Wentworth her glass was empty and she was breathing very hard but that’s all. She did drink her wine pretty fast though. She looked at my bulge too but didn’t say anything and didn’t touch of course.

They were all done pretty quickly after that and I went back to kitchen where escort şişli there was dessert ready to be served. It was cheesecake for each person. I got two plates at a time. I went back and had placed one in front of Kim. I asked if she wanted coffee too but she pointed to her still pretty full glass of wine. I guess she was driving so she drank slow.

Janine made me wait again while she finished another glass. This time she didn’t touch me but her dress was up a little and was showing a lot of leg which I liked. I poured her wine but there wasn’t as much left as I expected. I went back to kitchen for mine and Mrs. Wentworth’s. As I grabbed them, Mrs. W came in saying, “Steve, honey, I saw we ran out of wine. I had an extra glass so I used it up before you gave the last little bit to Janine. You should bring another bottle so she can have a full glass.”

When I turned to tell her I would, I could tell she was staring at me. She had a weird look in her eyes and even looked a little unsteady on her feet. She listened to me but didn’t stop staring and just stood there for a minute before rushing back into the other room.

I followed with the cheesecake. I set one before Mrs. Wentworth and then the other across the table at my seat before taking the wine over to Janine. “I’m sorry to give you so little before but we opened another bottle.” I was enjoying sounding so official.

Janine leaned in and grabbed my crotch and said “okay Stevie baby, give me what you got.” I gulped and poured and lingered a ittle until she let my throbbing crotch go.

I was about to put the bottle on the side table when Mrs. Wentworth said, “as long as the bottle’s open, I’ll have another little bit.” So I went over, noticed her glass was empty again even though she had had a lot more earlier. I poured a little and she told me to “keep going” until I poured another full glass. She still looked strange to me but for some reason it was a little exciting, not that anyone else noticed.

They talked some more and I made sure everyone had some wine. when I would pour, Janine would touch me each time and Kim would just stare. The last time I poured I saw that Janine had her dress riding very high and split open. It was a wrap around dress like a coat that tied in front sort of. So the part leading up to where it was buttoned and tied was like a slit but in front. When she sat it showed a lot of leg. By the end of the afternoon she had exposed more and I could see her panties. They were blue and I am positive she was showing them on purpose to tease me.

The last glass I poured for Mrs. Wentworth poured slowly and noticed her hand behind me on my butt. She just set it there but I was surprised. But it wasn’t long before we were done and they had to go. I went to the door to say goodbye as each left. Once again as Kim hugged me, Janine or someone shoved my hips so I pushed against her. By this time I was very hard and large and there’s no way she didn’t feel it. Kim was quiet but I kind of think she liked it.

Janine made a big show again and kissed me hard and squeezed my bulge while she did. She said in a loud whisper that everyone could hear, “I’d take you right here if these other two weren’t here. See you soon, sexy.”

Mrs. Wentworth was right behind as they walked out. She stood next to me as the two ladies walked down the steps and I closed the door.

The minute the door closed something changed. Mrs. Wentworth grabbed me and showed me into the door and started kissing me. It wasn’t like Janine’s flirting. Mrs. Wentworth was hungry and probably a little drunk. She kissed long and with a lot of tongue and with her hands all over me. I felt her pulling on my belt and my pants. It was like she had more than two hands.

She was panting and groping and excited. Soon my pants were down to my knees. Soon after I was exposed and her hands were on my cock as she was moaning like she found something special. She pushed me to the living room but my clothes were around my ankles and I fell to the floor half in the living room and half in the hall. There I was laying, clothes around my ankles, naked up to my waist but dressed waist up.

She stepped over me and lifted her dress much higher than her waist. She pulled the tight and I think really wet panties down and off one leg so they just hung from one knee. Her thigh highs were on but she started lowering herself on top of me. I felt a hand grip my throbbing cock and slide it into her as she lowered onto me with a moan. Then she sat and kneeled on me and started to ride me up and down and with an animal lust.

She was bouncing and moaning and I was trying hard to last but it was pretty exciting. Behind my head I heard the door open. I couldn’t see but the lust crazed Mrs. Wentworth could. She didn’t say anything but just kept riding and squeezing me as she got more and more into it. I don’t know but just kept going and tried to think about the door.

It turned out it was Janine who forgot something I guess. I figured out later that Janine escort taksim stood there and watched and Mrs. Wentworth just kept going. She was noisier and noisier and I could tell what was coming. Not long before Mrs. Wentworth’s orgasm, I heard Janine say “isn’t this different? It’s like college but I’m watching you get fucked.” Just then Mrs. Wentworth started screaming through her orgasm and it seemed like a pretty good one. Two other things happened. I heard the door close again and I let go and came a lot into Mrs. Wentworth’s quivering body.

She collapsed on top of me for a few minutes, breathing heavily. I was amazed at how unexpected and exciting it was to have sex right there on the floor not even really undressed. After a few minutes, she sat back up and was smiling. I think she was a little drunk but also kind of drunk from the excitement not just alcohol if you know what I mean. She was grinning and slowly lifting herself off me and leaning one side so she could grab her panties and slide them all the way off the one leg they were still on. She slowly stood up a bit until I came out with a squishy popping noise. she was looking down the whole time and watching my semi-hardness slide out. Then she looked at me and smiled. my cock was coated and then slowly some of the cum I had pumped started sliding out of her and onto me. She took the panties, still wet, and starting using them to clean the mess we’d made. I liked that a lot.

Then she stood and I did too. She smiled in a funny guilty kind of way. “Lana’s a very bad girl I think. I should have stopped when Janine came in but I couldn’t. We were very very naughty weren’t we?” She was almost laughing as she said it.

I was trying to be serious and also to play along. “Yes, Lana is very bad. I guess bad girls have to be punished.”

She got a playful look on her face. “Oh, yes. Punished. Lana needs to be punished good. Such a naughty slut.

Lana is a naughty, dirty, bad girl who needs punishing.” She said it slowly almost like a chant. I liked the spanking part of the night. inever knew what to expect but I knew now that she didn’t mind it either.

I also had a question. I remembered Janine saying something and even though I couldn’t see her when she was talking, I wondered if it was a joke or what. “Lana, what did Janine mean about this being like college but the opposite? Did something go on back then or what? I didn’t really know what she meant but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention right then.”

Mrs. Wentworth looked embarrassed and not sure how to respond. She didn’t say anything at first and just kept busy adjusting her clothes and going upstairs to get dressed. But I could tell I was supposed to follow and she was thinking.

We went into her bedroom and she started looking through her drawers and her closet and finding some clothes. She started talking without even looking at me. “Stephen, when I first went to college I was young and a little naïve I guess. In my second year, Janine was assigned as my roommate and she wasn’t naïve at all. She was also very active and had a system that made sure she had the room to herself if she was going to need to. But one time, I was already in bed and asleep when she came in with a guy. She told him not to worry that I was a heavy sleeper, which she knew wasn’t true. In fact I think she knew I was awake and was just being funny. I had a pretty good view of her bed anyway from where mine was. Our dorm room wasn’t big. On top of that she talked a lot and the guy actually kept saying to be quiet because he didn’t want to wake me. He couldn’t tell but a couple of times I actually lifted my head to look a little more. The second time I noticed she could tell. She was very noisy during it and I couldn’t help looking. She and I didn’t talk about it but she did it seven or eight more times that year. I think that’s what she might have meant.”

Then she looked at me. “I hope you don’t think it’s weird that I was a voyeur for a few years in college. I guess today was the reverse of it. I didn’t plan on being an exhibitionist today but it just happened. And I think I enjoyed it a lot. I hope you don’t mind.”

Who was she kidding? Of course I didn’t and I said it. “Mind? I thought it was awesome. Mrs. Went, I mean Lana, of course I don’t mind and who cares about college. I mean I think I’d have watched too. I think a lot of people like watching people do things like looking in a window and seeing your neighbor or whatever. I mean that’s what I hear. And a lot of times sexual thoughts can be very different and it’s just going with whatever seems cool at the time. I did kind of freak when I first heard Janine’s voice but what the hell, right? I mean I went with it and it was real fun. Maybe knowing someone is watching is kind of a turn on for some people.”

That made her feel so much better I guess and she said, “oh I knew you would understand! But it was definitely still naughty. Very naughty I think and you are right to think that Lana is a dirty girl who needs to be punished right after dinner.” She was very happy and got dressed but not in anything comfortable. She put on red underwear and more stockings and then just a silk robe over everything and then led us both downstairs.

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