More Than Just…Ch. 1

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More Than Just Good Friends! Ch. 1

Hi I’m Stephanie I suppose I should start this story off by telling you a bit about me. Well I’m an attractive 29-year-old girl I’m about 5’7’’ with long blonde hair down to just above my ass, I’m very nicely tanned due to spending almost every weekend down at the beach. I have a very athletic body I play a lot of sports my favourite of which has to be volleyball. I always thought my worst feature were my tits they are pretty small, especially compared to Sarah but I’ll tell you about her later, I’m pretty self-conscious about them but Sarah assures me that they are perfect.

I met Sarah when I was 6 she was hired by my parents to baby sit for me and far as I was concerned she was the coolest person on the planet we played games together and watched TV she even bathed me when my parents asked her too but I didn’t mind because she always made what we did fun unlike the old women who my parents had hired before her. I had talked about Sarah so much that my parents kept hiring her and they did so up until I was 16. Sarah by this time was 25 and working she didn’t really need the money but she had became good friends with my parents and she said she loved hanging out with me.

But when I was 16 I didn’t need a babysitter anymore, which was true but still a bummer for me. So when she stopped coming over to baby-sit we lost touch and I thought I would never see her again. When I was 18 I had been dating a guy called James Bycasino for a year and things were great we just recently had sex for the first time I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about but it wasn’t exactly unpleasant.

James and I had just got engaged to be married and had planned the date and everything I was in the Mall on my own looking in the Window at some of the dresses that I couldn’t afford when I heard a voice from behind me say “when’s the big day” I turned round and saw Sarah she was as beautiful as ever beautiful long legs long blonde hair and a huge pair of breasts (I did not remember them being this big before but believe me they are real). After an “OH MY GOD!” that the entire mall could hear I flung my arms round her and kissed her on the cheek.

I immediately showed her the Ring and told her “second of December “. With a big smile she said “congratulations”. Well as much as I love talking about this I’m sure no one wants every detail of my life so I’ll just say I took her out for dinner that night and asked her to be one of my bridesmaids she gave out an emphatic yes hugged me and it was all arranged.

Well I’m 21 now and James had went away to France for a month on work I’m of course stuck at home bored out of my mind. Well about two weeks into it Sarah and I were talking (She had now become my best friend we done absolutely everything together well except have sex but that’ll come up soon) and in a comment, Bycasino giriş which didn’t sound any ting like me, I told her I was really horny. She asked had I not been masturbating and I said “Nooooo”. “Why not?” she asked

“Because it’s wrong.”

“Are you telling me you’ve never fingered yourself?”

“Uh Yeah.”

“Ok Steph come with me.”

She grabbed my hand and marched me up the stairs “Ok honey start stripping.” With that she pulled her top straight over her head and said “we’re going to do it together” “Are you sure?” I asked very nervously

“Yes Steph trust me it’ll be fun”

Well I had no reason not to trust her she was my best friend it wasn’t as if she was going to tell anybody so I thought “What the hell” and took off every single piece of clothing I had on. There we were standing there naked I found my self looking down Sarah’s body and found myself getting aroused by this sight it actually scared me a little but I carried on anyway. She jumped on to the bed and patted beside her beckoning me to join her I lay beside her and watched as she moved her hand down too her clit she was completely shaved there so I had a perfect view of what she was doing I was in a trance watching her “Steph why don’t you try it?” she said noticing that I was just watching her so I did but not once did I take my eyes off Sarah her hand started moving from her own clit and headed towards me “well if your not going to do it Bycasino güncel giriş yourself”

I hadn’t realised but my hand wasn’t moving so she moved it aside and put her finger inside me I jumped as she did it and watched as she rubbed my clit with her fingers oh god I was getting wet nothing had ever turned me on like this I soon found myself returning the favour and mimicking everything she done to me on her clit after about ten minutes of this both are bodies started shaking as we climaxed almost in unison (It wasn’t the greatest I’ve ever felt but it was ten times better than anything prior to that).

Sarah immediately sat up onto her knees and as she did I sat up and kissed her deep she squirmed for a second she didn’t count on this but she decided not to fight it we fell back down our tongues exploring each others mouths are naked bodies rubbing hard against each other I ran my hands up and down her back stopping eventually on her ass it was so firm and tight I couldn’t keep off it my finger even explored her anus she moaned when I did that. We heard her beeper go off downstairs she got off me and said shed be back soon in a very sexy voice I smiled and watched her naked ass leave the room it was several minutes before she came back “that was work they need me to come in one of the patients is really ill they want to have a look at her, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it Sarah that’s your job you cant help it.”

She leaned over to where I was lying and laid a long kiss on my lips then went to my closet an put on some fresh clothes I just lay there smiling and watching her dress. Before she went she shouted call me up the stairs to me with that I just turned round and went to sleep.

To Be Continued…

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