Busted in the Car Park

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This is my first story that I am putting down in writing. I figure it is a good place to start because it was the first amazing thing that actually happened to me personally. Mind you, there have been a few others since!

About two years ago I was seeing a guy by the name of Adam. We had a pretty sexually charged relationship, which probably occurred because of the way things started between us. We initially met at a pub and after he got me thoroughly pissed he coaxed me into giving him a blowjob outside in the car park. I can still remember just unzipping his jeans and devouring his cock in reckless abandon before swallowing a huge load, all while kneeling in a garden bed trying to keep my balance.

Anyway, at the time I was working in a bakery as a part-time job. The shop was situated in the car park of a more major shopping complex and was part of a three-shop building. One night after closing the store Adam came by to say goodbye as he was going camping with some friends for a week or so. He surprised me as I was locking the back door by putting one hand under my skirt to rub my pussy and grabbing my breasts with his other hand while pushing an obviously hard cock up against my arse. I jumped in fright but then realised who it was and started to grind my arse back into his cock. Adam reacted to this by shifting his hand from my breast to the same position under my shirt and nibbling on my ear.

“God, you horny prick,” I said. “Your mates better look out while you’re camping with the way you’re acting!”

“No they won’t,” Adam replied. ” Coz you’re going to get me off now.”

“How did you know?” I asked in mock surprise.

“Because you always do,” he laughed. “Come on, Mel. You’re the girl who rocks up at my house after I have finished work just to give me a blowjob then leaves ten minutes later.” I couldn’t deny that. I love getting guys off it makes me feel good. I know how much guys love getting head, and seeing as how I am one of the few girls I know who really likes giving it, the guys I am with tend to get very lucky. I did used to stop by Adam’s house just to blow his load after work and if I ever stayed at his house it usually involved sucking him off as soon as he got home from work, once in the later evening and then again before he headed off to work the next day. And, of course, we had some pretty good sex in bed as well! There were even a few occasions when I sucked him off too much and when it came to my turn to get some sex at night, he would take a while to get excited.

“All right, buster.” I said, “how about this?” And with that I slipped my panties off under my short skirt and put them in my handbag. I was already wet from Adam rubbing up against me and groping me so when he put his hand between my legs to touch me I got tingles sent up my spine. I reached around, still pinned up against the door, and unzipped his jeans and fumbling around removed his cock. I left it waving around in the cool breeze for a while and grinding my arse back into it before grabbing hold of his shaft and guiding the head towards my wet pussy.

Up until now I had not thought that me could easily get busted, either by one of the shoppers passing by or by a staff member of one of the sakarya escort adjacent shops. We were partly secluded by a toilet block, but still pretty damn open! As soon as Adam’s cock pushed against my pussy though, all thoughts of being caught went out the window.

He teased me like that for a while and was fumbling around under my top with one of his hands, making my nipples hard with excitement against my bra. Knowing we didn’t have long, but wanting to make things as exciting as possible, I reached behind and undid my bra, slipping it out the sleeve of my work polo shirt. This bought a loud moan from Adam who now started using both hands against my bare tits. By this stage I was ultra-horny and figured if we got busted, we get busted so wanting to make the situation as risqué – and therefore arousing – as possible I threw my bra away, aiming to get it clearly in public view. Adam’s and my eyes followed my bra through the air and I could tell he liked my idea by the way his cock jumped on the edge of my vagina. However, as my bra landed we both got the shock of our lives. There, standing outside his shop was Chris, the 50-something year old owner of the florist next door.

Adam jumped back from me and then, realising his cock was showing at full length with his knob glistening with his own pre-cum and my juices, tried to fit it back into his pants to my amusement although I could not show it at the time. Adam might have only been a good six inches but any guy would know how hard it must have been. I had the easier job of smoothing my skirt back down. I looked down to check I was all covered up, which I was, but my nipples were sticking firmly through the material of my uniform. This was VERY embarrassing!

Now, I knew Chris well enough and he was a nice guy, always friendly but seemed very straight and serious. I had no idea how he would react to this. He did not say anything for what seemed like a long time and then bent over to pick up my bra. As if for effect he only picked it up between his thumb and forefinger and looked at it in a very concerned way. Chris then slowly walked the couple of metres towards us and handed my bra back, which I took very ashamedly. I could not look Chris in the eye however I could tell he was staring straight at me. He then looked over at Adam still fumbling with his cock. I looked over too and saw Adam end up undoing the button at the top of his jeans and then laying his cock flat against his stomach and holding it in place with his waistband before doing his jeans back up. He had started to get softer, probably because he was not really thinking about sex anymore but he had a long way to come down.

Chris then looked back at me and with a slight grin he shook his head in bewilderment. “God, Mel.” He said, “couldn’t you have waited until you got home?”

“I’m sorry, Chris,” I said. “Its just that Adam came to say goodbye before he went away and things got carried away. We’re very sorry.”

“I’m not mad,” he said. “But this shopping centre gets enough bad publicity for gangs hanging out here and all that sort of stuff that an employee having sex in the car park might not go down too well. I am just wanting izmir escort to protect my business.” I nodded in understanding as Chris continued talking. “Look, if you two are that desperate you can come into my shop for 10 minutes before I go. You can use the storeroom while I sweep out the front and water some plants. That way you don’t have to reset your alarm in the bakery and you get your little fun. How’s that sound?”

I could not believe this. I looked over at Adam in bewilderment and his facial expression was just as stunned as mine.

“Look Chris,” I said. “That is a very kind offer but it might just be too weird. Things are already awkward enough so maybe we will just leave it.”

He replied, “Look guys. I was young once and remember what it was like. I will just leave you to it and we can forget the whole thing. I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t serious. I am just trying to help you out, nothing else.”

I looked over at Adam again but he just looked stunned. Chris noticed nothing that Adam was in no state to make a decision so he just grabbed him and hustled him inside to his own amusement. I followed close behind, pinching myself as I went. Chris showed us the storeroom and then left us to it. I went in behind Adam and closed the door. Adam looked like he might back out, which I suppose I could not really blame him for as a stranger had just busted him with an oozing erection in public and now we were to fuck in that same strangers shop! However, I wasn’t about to let our last time together for a while get spoilt especially when I realised how wet and horny I still was.

To kick start things I slipped my top over my head revealing my tits. I was (and am) quite slim and athletic because of my netball but I was also blessed with rather big breasts for my size. Not massive but big enough to get attention on my smallish frame. I know Adam liked them and at the sight of them it was on again. Knowing how much he liked giving it to me from behind I bent over a small table and lifted my skirt up over my butt. I heard Adam’s jeans being unzipped and dropped to the floor. Then I felt his hands on my arse moments before the head of his penis began rubbing against my wet lips. He was teasing me, the bastard.

“Stick it in you prick,” I gasped as I felt tingles shoot through my pussy. “We don’t have time to stuff around. I want you to bang me so hard that I am still wet from it when you get back!”

Well that was all the encouragement that Adam needed. With one thrust he entered my tight pussy and boy did he bang away. I had to struggle to maintain balance as his balls slapped to and fro against my thighs. To speed things up I reached under and rubbed my clitoris which made me moan. I knew this was going to be a quick cum. Adam’s cock felt so good inside of me and every time he thrust he made my pussy shiver in delight. I moaned to Adam to grab my tits, which he appreciatively did. This just about sent me over the edge.

“Oh God!” I moaned. “You sure know how to make me cum quickly you hot piece of cock.” In only about 3 minutes of thrusting I could feel my orgasm very close. I rubbed my clit harder and arched myself right back, thrusting my tits mersin escort into Adam’s hands. That was it for me. I bit into my arm to keep things quiet and moaned and writhed in ecstasy as Adam pumped harder and harder into me. I could tell my cumming turned him on wonderfully as his hard cock made me shiver right through my orgasm.

With that I signalled for him to pull out while I sat down facing him and took his hard, slippery cock in my hand. I began to wank his cock and lick it at the same time, sucking down his length and massaging his big balls. I could tell he liked it and was about to blow his load.

“Quick!” he gasped between breaths. “Put it in your mouth, I’m about to cum!” When I didn’t and instead just licked his shiny, pre-cum covered head before pointing his cock at my tits he gasped again. “Mel, what are you doing? You’ll have to swallow it in here!”

“Oh do I?” I asked in mock innocence. Then I winked at him, which sent him crazy. In order to make him blow his load quickly I grabbed his heavy balls with my other hand and squeezed and massaged them while my other hand slid up and down his hard slippery cock. I could have had him stick it in me again but I knew we had little time left. As it turned out, either did Adam. With a grunt he sent his first jet of hot creamy cum shooting onto my tits. I loved it and it felt so good hitting my heaving breasts. I aimed a few sprays at my face and hair so by the end I was pretty well covered. As soon as Adam stopped cumming we stopped for a passionate kiss. I let him taste his pre-cum mixed with my pussy juice. Just as we were parting and Adam was zipping up his fly, Chris knocked on the door.

“You guys finished yet? Coz I’m about to close up,” he said.

Getting a wicked though in my mind I called back, “Yep, we’re fine Chris. You can open the door.”

Adam shot me a wild glare, as, although he was covered up, I wasn’t. My cum covered breasts were still in the open and as soon as Chris opened the door he could see them. He stopped dead and stared. I have got to admit I would have made a fair sight!

“Thanks so much for your generosity, Chris,” I said. “While I would love to help you out in return, I think it would probably make things a bit awkward so you can have these instead.” With that I reached into my bag and threw him my bra and panties. “Plus, you got to see my boobs anyway.” The last bit I added with a very cheeky smile.

“Thanks,” Chris stammered. “But you didn’t really need to.”

“I know,” I said. “But you like it I am sure.” Seeing as how I was making a show of this now I wiped my finger across my hard nipple and then licked the cum off of it before directly licking the cum off of the other one. I figured the show was over now, even though it did occur to me Chris might like a blowjob. When I looked at his crotch I could tell he definitely would!

However, I did not think it would be a very good idea in the long run as I had to work next door to this man who was always very friendly and took his business very seriously. So I pulled my polo shirt back on which stuck to the cum on my tits which was uncomfortable but felt and, I thought, looked sexy. I gave Chris a kiss on the cheek of thanks and then Adam and I dashed out the door before things got any weirder. Chris called out after us that it wasn’t a problem and wished Adam a good holiday.

I saw Adam off on his trip but I was left in a very horny state. Needless to say I had many masturbation sessions thinking of the whole experience while Adam was away!

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