Charles , Midori Pt. 02

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Midori woke up the next morning. Her head was pounding a little, but she had experienced much worse hangovers back in college. This was nothing a glass of water wouldn’t fix. As she got up, she was almost confused, but then remembered Molly and Alyssa leaving her with Charles the previous night. As Midori poured her water, she remembered pissing in the stairwell. She wondered how Charles had reacted to it.

“Morning,” Charles whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind. “How’s your head?”

“I’ve had worse.” Midori drank the water and turned to kiss her boyfriend. “I didn’t cause much trouble last night, did I?”

“Not in here, no. But…when I was helping you up the stairs…”

“I know I pissed in the stairwell.” Midori poured another glass of water. “No one saw me, right?”


“You didn’t look? I always knew you were a gentleman, Charles.” She drank the water and smiled. “I also know you peeked.”

“I…” Charles sputtered a little as Midori giggled. “I did look a little, out of curiosity.”

“You’ve never seen a girl pee before?” Midori asked. She felt the rest of the beer from the previous night make its presence known in her bladder. “Would you like to see it in its full glory?”

Charles was unsure how to answer. He did not know much about himself sexually, but one thing he did know was that he had a piss fetish. In pretty much every video on his hard drive, at least one woman was urinating, and rarely was she sitting on a toilet. Charles wanted to watch Midori take her morning piss. But while he had gotten to know her pretty well and knew what her sense of humor was like, he was not entirely sure if she was fucking with him or not.

Midori, on the other hand, knew Charles’s answer. She knew he wanted to watch her piss. And she wanted him to watch, as she also had a piss fetish. Her hard drive had yalova escort a lot of videos of gay men whipping out their dicks and spraying each other. One thing on her bucket list was for a boyfriend to watch her pee, and then she would watch him pee. While she and Charles had only been dating a month and had known each other only slightly longer, she trusted him. That, and the water seemed to have gone right through her.

“It’s happening, whether you want to or not,” Midori said as she grabbed Charles’s hand and led him to the bathroom. “But I think you do want to see it.”

“Yeah, you got me,” Charles said with a nervous laugh. “Maybe it’s something in the different plumbing structure, but I’ve always liked watching girls pee. Legally, of course.”

“I’d hope so.” Midori dropped her pants and panties. “Though I highly doubt you’d waste time hiding in a bathroom or setting up a camera when you have an internet connection.”

“You know me quite well,” Charles chuckled as he pulled his dick out. “Um…do you always pee standing up?”

“Ever since mastering the art.” Now that there was more light and she was not spreading herself, Charles could see how flappy Midori’s pussy was and that she had a rather large clitoris. Her pubic hair seemed trimmed, as Midori only had a little, arranged in a neat triangle on her mound. “You can stare later, Charles.”

“Right. Yes.” Charles aimed himself at the toilet, but now he was hard. Probably too hard to pee. “Oh, boy, this’ll be fun.”

Midori started peeing. She had indeed mastered peeing while standing, as she knew how to properly start and push her stream. Pretty much all of her piss went into the toilet, and only a few drops went down her legs. Charles stood staring. Midori noticed his throbbing erection.

“You really shouldn’t hold it in,” she edirne escort jokingly admonished. Midori knelt and blew on Charles’s tip a little. “I’ve seen guys do that in videos. It can help them relax and soften just enough…there we go.”

Charles emptied his tank while Midori held and aimed him. When he finished, she sucked on him just enough to get any remaining drops from his tip. She stood and pointed at her pussy, and without missing a beat, Charles knelt and licked her clean.

“Could you go get us some breakfast while I make some tea?” Midori asked. “I think we’re due for an interesting conversation.”

“What gets your engine running?” In record time, Charles had gone out and gotten them breakfast sandwiches from a coffee shop a few blocks away while Midori brewed them some green tea. She had asked him as soon as he walked back through the door.

“Can I at least take the sandwiches out first?” Charles tossed Midori her sandwich. “Pee gets my engine running.”

“Only female, or does it matter?” Midori pulled Charles into the kitchen and held him close. As she had expected, he was hard again, and she could feel it, even though they were both wearing jeans.

“It’s been female most often.” Charles took a sip of tea. “Though after much searching, I have come across some videos of transmen peeing.”

“Like, they still have their pussies?” Midori asked.


“Send me some links. I’ve been looking everywhere for those, myself. What else gets you off?”

“I don’t know, honestly.”

“No fantasies?”

“I have a few. I know I’d like to eat you out, and…well, it’s a bit out of the ordinary…”

“Charles, you’re talking to someone who fantasizes about pegging her boyfriend. I don’t think anything will be all that out of the ordinary.”

“Well, that’s erzurum escort it. I’ve wondered what it’s like to be pegged.”

“Interesting.” Midori smiled. “Well, I think we can help fulfill each other’s fantasies.”

“What are yours?”

“Oh, let’s see…well, I know I want to pee on you, and I want you to pee on me. I do want to peg you…I want to tie you down…there’s a few I have, actually. But we can start with those and see where we end up.” Midori got wet thinking about it. “But pissing has always been my bread and butter. It started when I started masturbating. Since my pee hole is between my fuck hole and my pleasure button, I decided to try masturbating in the backyard with a full bladder.” She smiled at the memory. “Good thing I was in the backyard and my parents were out for the day.”

“For me, it started with late night TV,” Charles remembered. “I was watching a show about hookers in some city and one of them said she had to piss, so she went over to a tree, spread her legs, and pissed without removing her skirt. I went to the web, since I was curious, and you can figure out the rest.”

The couple finished their breakfast, both thinking a few heated thoughts about each other and what they had divulged. As Charles put the dishes in the sink, an idea hit Midori.

“Hey, take it out again,” she said as she dropped her pants. “I want to know something.”

“What?” Charles took out his dick. Midori held it, eyeballing a measurement and memorizing its shape. “Taking a survey?”

“No, I just want to draw it later.” Midori was an artist, which was fitting, because Charles was a writer. “There we go. And to keep it fair…”

Midori took off her pants, allowing Charles to eyeball her pussy again. She was clearly aroused, with her clitoris sticking out in its 1.5 inch glory.

“Sure that’s not a micropenis?” Charles joked.

“Do you want me to cut your balls off?” Midori pulled up her pants. “Take me home. I want to change.”

“Sure.” Charles put his dick away and went for his keys.

“Oh, and we’re going out for lunch, and then we can play a game.” Midori giggled quietly, as her game was going to be more fun for her.

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