Couples Sex Therapy

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It didn’t seem like anything eventful. New people move into your neighborhood and life mostly goes on as usual. But a couple of years ago, something decidedly different occurred.

Our new neighbors seemed like a nice enough young couple. Kevin, a guy of average looks and build, and Mona, a cute blonde, were in their early thirties, had been married for about 8 years, and had just purchased the house next door to me and my wife Renee.

Being the warm and welcoming people that we are, we invited them over for dinner shortly after they moved in. We found that we all had a lot in common. Kevin and Mona had met and fallen in love back in college, just like Renee and me. They both were amateur musicians in addition to holding down full-time jobs. And we all had similar tastes in music and movies.

We developed a camaraderie and ate dinner at each other’s houses on a regular basis over the following months. One night in particular was very memorable. We were having fun mixing drinks and sitting around the living room talking. I’m a little blurry on how the subject came up, but we started talking about our sex lives.

When Renee gets a couple of drinks in her, she becomes much more relaxed while talking about such things. She related a couple of our early “adventures” and regaled our friends with the ribald memories, going into more graphic detail than she might under more sober circumstances.

Mona sat her drink down and sighed. She said she remembered the first blush of new love and how exciting things used to be. She admitted that things had become a bit dull in the bedroom, and Kevin nodded his agreement.

This took Renee aback and she related how we continued to have exciting sex and sought out new and different opportunities to “spice things up”. When Mona asked her to elaborate, Renee told a couple of more recent stories about our encounters, again going into exciting detail.

I was sitting back and enjoying the stories. But I was also enjoying checking out Kevin and Mona’s reactions to them. I listened and realized that their breathing had become more shallow and rapid. I noticed that Mona’s non-drink hand was rubbing almost imperceptibly across the tops of her jeans, slowing brushing against her thigh. She obviously wanted her hand to roam closer to somewhere more pleasurable, but didn’t dare at this point.

Kevin was also being delightfully tortured. The knuckles on each hand were tighter, one hand gripping his drink and the other his knee. Both he and Mona listened to Renee as if they had been hypnotized.

After finishing another erotic story, Renee got really bold. She asked Mona what was lacking about their sex life.

Mona shrugged. “We both work so much,” she explained, “we just don’t have a lot of time for sex anymore. And when we do, it’s pretty quick and to the point.”

Renee got a wicked little smile on her face and looked me in the eye. “It sounds like these two just need a little help with some fresh ideas on how to get things jump-started. What do you think, hon?”

I didn’t know exactly what she had in mind, but was feeling in a dreamy sort of buzzed state myself. I decided to let her take the lead and see where the evening would lead us. So I nodded in agreement and gave a low, “mm-hmm.”

Renee got up from the floor where she’d been sitting, cross-legged and barefoot, and walked over in front of the couch where Kevin and Mona sat. “I think one thing that might shake things up for you is if you were adana escort to both see a strip show together.”

Kevin got kind of a goofy grin on his face and blushed just a bit. Mona looked intrigued, but replied, “I’ve been curious to see one, but I don’t know that I’d have the nerve to actually go in a strip club.”

Renee walked over to our CD player and popped in a disc. The soulful sounds of Joe Cocker’s “You Can Keep Your Hat On” poured out of the speakers. She’d put on our funky dance mix CD. She twirled around and said, “Perhaps we can make your first strip show a bit more personal.”

With that she strutted to the middle of the living room in time to the music. Once there she started dancing very sexily. After a few bars of the music she reached down and slowly peeled off her top, twirled it above her head and threw it over into a corner of the room. She continued bumping and grinding and then reached behind her and unhooked the clasps of her bra. She twirled that over her head and threw it in the same corner as her top.

I should mention that Renee is a buxom brunette with curly hair and a killer body. She looks much taller than her 5-foot-3 because of the way she carries herself. I attribute it to her dance training, which she was putting to very good use.

Her breasts jiggled and swayed as she moved in time to the music. Her eyes had a sensual glaze and I looked over to our guests. They were both watching mesmerized with their mouths hanging open ever-so-slightly. I, of course, had seen variations of this performance. But I never tire of seeing that sexy body slowly exposed.

I looked back to Renee who unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped the fly, and then slowly pulled them down and off. The discarded jeans joined the other clothing in the corner.

There was a slight pause as the song ended, and then the compelling sounds of Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally” filled the sexually-charged air. Renee gyrated in front of the captivated couple on our sofa. Then she turned away from them and slowly bent over as she removed her panties, her ass mere inches away from the gaping faces behind her. After stepping out of the undergarment, she turned back around. As she pranced backward away from the pair, she tossed the panties into Kevin’s face.

As he pulled the discarded underwear away, Kevin was treated to the sight of my wife really getting into her sexy dance. She pushed her hair back with one hand and spread one hand across her belly and gently eased it down the front of her. She twirled and strutted some more and as the song came to an end. She collapsed into a kneeling position in front of Mona and Kevin.

“Wow,” said Mona. “You’re really good.” Her voice had kind of a far-away quality.

“You have no idea,” I said lustily, and everyone had a good laugh at that.

“Taking your clothes off in a sexy way is always a nice way to get the ball rolling,” grinned Renee. “Are you ready for some more ideas?”

Mona looked intrigued but hesitant.

Renee jumped in before she could say anything. “Let me show you a few tricks that can really spice things up.”

With that she raised herself slightly on her knees and started to unbuckle Kevin’s belt. Kevin seemed a little panic-stricken and looked quickly over to Mona, whose eyes were bulging out a little bit. But Renee’s hands were quick and decisive. She quickly had the belt undone, the waist unbuttoned, and the fly unzipped. eskişehir escort She grabbed the left side of Kevin’s pants and boxers and, as she began to pull, said to Mona, “Help me pull these down.”

I was only a little surprised when Mona complied, as she seemed to be in an aroused trance. Kevin was obviously very excited as his erection jumped out to full attention as his pants came off. After tossing the garments aside, Renee looked at Mona and said, “We all know that men just love oral sex. But you want to start off slowly, just tease his cock a bit, to start off.”

Renee licked the underside of Kevin’s shaft starting at the very bottom and progressing very slowly up to the tip. She licked and kissed around the whole bone, massaging it with her hand, and I found myself getting incredibly turned on by the whole scene that was unfolding. Little did I know that I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Renee looked up at Mona, who was watching wide-eyed. “I don’t think it’s fair that I’m the only one who’s naked,” she said. “Why don’t you take your clothes off?”

I thought Mona’s eyes had been wide before. She hesitated, looking at me, and then back to Kevin. He smiled slightly, and then the smile disappeared as Renee started sucking on his cock in earnest.

Mona stood up slowly and swayed in time to the music now playing. Slowly she took off her blouse, bra, pants, and panties. She was not nearly as showy as Renee had been, but she was stripping in a very sensual fashion. Once Mona was completely nude, Renee looked up and patted the floor beside her. “Come here,” she said. “You take over.”

Renee held the base of Kevin’s shaft and Mona started to suck on it in a very timid manner. “Oh no,” said Renee. “That will never do.”

She grabbed the back of Mona’s head and gently pushed her down onto Kevin’s cock. Kevin’s eyes were the ones that were now bulging and his breathing was really heavy. Renee grabbed Mona’s hand and placed it on the base of Kevin’s shaft. She kept her left hand around Mona’s hand as her right hand still grasped the back of Mona’s head.

“Sometimes you want to work your hand up and down the shaft in tempo with your mouth.” Renee worked Mona’s hand and head just as she had instructed. “And sometimes you want them to be in opposition.” She pulled Mona’s head and hand in opposite directions. “And sometimes you can use your hand to give your jaw a rest.” She pulled Mona’s head up and off Kevin’s cock manipulating Mona’s hand to caress the full length of it. Kevin’s breathing was quickening.

“Ooo, it sounds like he’s about to come. Are you about to come Kevin?” Renee asked with a devilish smile.

Kevin breathed a heavy “yes”.

“Then there are a number of ways he can come,” she told Mona. “On your boobs, in your hand, in your mouth. What would you like to do, Kevin?”

“In her mouth,” Kevin managed to gasp after a couple of tries.

“Then in her mouth it is,” declared Renee and she pushed Mona’s head back onto Kevin’s pulsing rod. She pushed Mona’s head with increasing speed as Kevin moaned and emptied his load into her mouth.

Kevin collapsed into a very satisfied heap on the sofa. Renee released her hold on Mona, who gently removed her lips from Kevin. She looked sheepishly at Renee.

“Never had Kevin come in your mouth before?”

Mona smiled and nodded a negative.

“Follow me.”

The two magnificently naked ladies disappeared into sakarya escort the kitchen and I heard the sound of spitting followed by the tap running. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but the gentle sound of feminine conversation and laughter made its way to my ears.

They strode back into the room and surveyed the scene: themselves naked, Kevin naked from the waist down and slumped in the corner of the sofa, me still fully dressed and quite flushed.

Renee grinned at me. “I’m going to take care of you in a minute, honey. But first I think these two need one more lesson.”

I smiled my assent and Renee pointed at the chair opposite the living room from our sofa. “Go sit over there,” she ordered Mona, who did as she was told.

Then she looked at Kevin. “Okay, mister, you’ve gotten your pleasure. But you need to know how to give as well as receive. That’s only fair, right?”

Kevin raised himself a little on his elbows and grinned. “Well, sure.”

“Okay,” said Renee. “Women like to be teased even more than men. So you need to build your way up. Don’t just jump into the clit.”

She went over and knelt in from of Mona, who had begun to look apprehensive again. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Renee gave a gentle kiss to the inside of Mona’s left knee, and then another to the inside of her right knee. She worked her way up, alternating kisses and little licks to the inside of each thigh. Mona’s tension began to dissolve as she gently relaxed back in to the chair.

“You want to take your time. Don’t be in a rush.” Renee gave a long lick at the spot where leg meets crotch. Mona gave a little moan and a shudder. Kevin stood up and moved over to the side of the chair so he could get a better look.

It was more than I could take. I quickly stripped and moved over behind Renee. I sank to my knees and moved behind her, grabbing her hips in my hands. She looked up and over her shoulder in time to see me pushing the head of my cock into her. She let out a loud moan and pushed back onto me, driving me in up to the hilt.

I held Renee to me, enjoying the sensation of being buried in her pussy. I held her in place, not wanting to come too soon. After a brief respite, I began to thrust into her and Renee grunted and pushed back against me. I stopped again to catch my breath and Renee looked up at Kevin. “Come down here,” she ordered him. “Come and eat your wife.”

In a flash, Kevin got down so that his face was only inches to the left of Renee’s. She was too taken with the thrusting I was giving her, but didn’t want to neglect her tutorial duties. She instructed Kevin on the places to lick, how to move his tongue, and other techniques which soon had Mona writhing and groaning with pleasure.

Mona was the first to come, screaming loudly and holding onto Kevin’s head for dear life. Kevin rested but a moment, then got up and plunged his newly hard pecker into Mona before starting to pump in earnest.

Renee moved and arched her back so that I was hitting her G-spot and let go with her own loud orgasm. That was my cue to finally let go. I plunged all the way into Renee and filled her up. I could feel the tingling all the way from my toes up to my crotch.

The two of us collapsed on the floor and watched as Kevin pumped hard into Mona. Having come once already, he was obviously able to hold off a little longer. But the excitement of the situation caught up with him soon enough and he let loose with a loud growl.

The four of us lay panting and spent for several long minutes while the CD continued to play in the background. Finally, Renee propped herself up on one elbow and said, “Okay, I think that was a good first lesson. Next time we’ll explore the use of toys!”

Everyone gave a satisfied laugh and agreed it sounded like a great idea.

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