Mistle Family Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Aunt Mandy’s Dirty Secret

Readers: This is the first of ten stories based on the Mistle family; recently divorced Jenni Mistle and her eighteen-year-old daughter Chelsea Mistle. If it hasn’t been placed in a series, call this 1 of 10. This series may be placed in the Lesbian category, but it does contain an incest angle where Chelsea is guided through her promiscuous aunt, Mandy, in the ways of a woman’s love. I’m new to writing for Literotica, so if I screw up etiquette please tell me. Thank you for reading.


Eighteen years, nearly a lifetime of memories, and it all fit neatly in thirteen boxes. Clothes, from T-shirts to short skirts, from ankle socks to sports bras, all that she owned packed away. Chelsea picked up an old long-forgotten white T-Shirt with a pink unicorn running along a rainbow road. A birthday gift, but she forgot which year. A pair of jeans she hadn’t worn in years, which made her wonder if she should unpack these boxes or donate them. Keep a few outfits of course, but donate the clothes she hadn’t worn in years. It would give her a reason to purchase a new wardrobe. New house, new life, may as well have some new clothes. She picked up her old bathrobe with a smile. This baby blue robe is something she had for years; she wouldn’t donate this old thing. Underneath the robe and padded on all sides by shirts, skirts, shorts, and sweaters, was the one family picture she could never part with.

Daddy, with his handsome smile, neatly trimmed goatee, and those striking blue eyes; Chelsea was always told she had her father’s eyes. Mommy was in the picture holding baby Chelsea, who couldn’t be more than four years old with her curly locks of raven-black hair. Daddy was holding Mommy’s hand and they seemed so much in love. They were, back then. Chelsea dropped the picture in the box, embittered by recent events and the sorrow of happier times long dead.

It started with a smack across her mother’s face, followed by an apology. It evolved into arguments, which grew with intensity. Then a shove against the wall. Shoves became slaps. Slaps became punches. Punches became kicks. She watched her mother being torn down and demoralized by insults so cutting that Chelsea could never repeat them to her worst enemy. Mommy said don’t worry and it would all be fine. It was fine. Until last week. He wouldn’t stop hitting her this time, even when she begged. Chelsea grabbed his arm, pleading with Daddy to stop. Finally, he stopped. After he stopped he slapped Chelsea hard enough to send her to the floor. Daddy left the house before the police would arrive; they caught up with him at his favorite bar. That dark moment led to Aunt Mandy inviting the girls to live at her house, which was certainly big enough.

Chelsea tossed the picture aside and searched through the boxes hoping to find something that would brighten her day. Her teddy bear. Teddy was the first present her parents gave her on her first birthday seventeen years ago now. Poor Teddy was dirtied from years of use in her younger days without a single wash. He did not look like the furry white hero he once did, but he made her smile all the same. A smile. Was that the first one this week? The first smile of the month, perhaps. A smile when her entire life had fallen to shit and much like her teddy bear, the old memories became dirtied.

“Chelsea,” her mother called out as she walked down the hall to Chelsea’s new bedroom, “I’m leaving for work.”

“Where’s Aunt Mandy?”

“She’ll be home soon, hun. Just unpack—”

“I am unpacking,” Chelsea snapped back.

Jenni stood in the doorway, watching her daughter hold that old bear. She wanted so badly to wrap her arms around Chelsea and tell her that everything would be all right. To kiss her head, hold her tight, and assure her that leaving Daddy behind was the right decision. She couldn’t though, there wasn’t enough time. It was 7AM and Jenni only had half an hour to get to work. Not that it mattered. No amount of reassurance could prevent her daughter’s tears again. Nothing she said, nothing she did, ever seemed to soothe her.

“I’ll see you soon, bay…” Jenni’s voice cracked for a brief moment and she knew if she spoke another word, she would break down in tears again. With a heavy heart, she turned around and walked away.

Chelsea’s vision blurred, staring down at Teddy. A teardrop fell onto the teddy bear’s plastic blue eye. She clutched the bear to her chest as tears showered his head. The eighteen-year old threw herself on the bed, sobbing bitterly. Crying for the loss of her family, the loss of her bedroom, the loss of home, her friends, and everything she once knew. Chelsea closed her eyes and in time she cried herself to sleep.

— — —

Two voices woke her up. It took her a moment to regain her senses after the impromptu nap, but Chelsea eventually recognized one of the voices. Aunt Mandy. bursa eskort The second voice was not her mother. Mandy’s friend, Chelsea assumed. After wiping away the sleep drool from the corner of her lips with the back of her hand and rubbing the sorrow-filled puffiness from her eyes, the teen groggily stumbled from her new bed; leaving Teddy on the pillow to continue his rest. She hadn’t seen Auntie since last night when she and her mother first arrived.

Chelsea could hear the two women chatting and laughing, but in her sleepy state Chelsea couldn’t tell where they were. She yawned as she wandered down the hallway. Not in that room, Chelsea noted, that was her mother’s bedroom. It looked just as empty as her own. Yellow walls, drapes, and sheets as if the sun itself had given birth to this room. In the corner were boxes stacked on boxes of all her mother’s belongings. The boxes would remain unopened until Mommy returned home later; if she bothered unpacking at all.

Chelsea continued down the hall, slowly emerging from her grogginess. She found Aunt Mandy’s bedroom. It was nice. Big. A sensual and passionate red, like Valentine’s Day, was the theme Mandy shot for when designing this room. Red pillows laid out against the cherry oak headboard. White bedsheets covered by an artistically abstract red and maroon comforter. A maroon rug jutted out from under the bed, but didn’t cover the entire hardwood floor.

The young lady wandered in, touching the lampshade on the nightstand. The scratchy fabric of the lampshade felt nice on Chelsea’s fingernails. She ran her fingers down and onto the smooth red porcelain of the lamp. It was all very fashionable, very Mandy. Chelsea sat on Mandy’s bed, much softer than her own, and opened the top draw of her aunt’s nightstand. As expected, knowing her sexually active aunt as he does, she found a long purple vibrator; Mandy had bit of a reputation in the family, promiscuous was the word her mother used to describe her younger sister. This had to be the second smile of the month, because Chelsea grinned deviously once she lifted the vibrator from the drawer. The pair of voices drew closer. They had to be walking down the hallway. Chelsea panicked, still holding the vibrator.

“You’ll be a star, sweetheart,” Mandy said to her companion just outside the room. “There are so many advantages once you become a star.”

Chelsea couldn’t leave the room. She jolted toward the closet. The door was open and Aunt Mandy would be in the room any second. The eighteen-year-old opened the closet as quickly and quietly as possible, before ducking inside. Louvered bi-fold doors meant Chelsea would be able to keep watch through the spaces between the panels and wait for auntie and her friend to leave. She hoped no one would find her, realizing she was still holding her aunt’s vibrator.

“Do you really think I have the talent for it?” Mandy’s friend asked.

“Destiny, sweetheart,” Mandy said while leading her friend into the bedroom and onto the bed, “If I didn’t think you had the talent, I wouldn’t bother representing you.”

Mandy possessed the kind of beauty that can cause a person’s heart to stop. Piercing icicle-like blue eyes, straight brown hair, luscious red lips, and a body like nothing Chelsea had ever seen before. Mandy, like her sister Jenni, stood at five-feet eight-inches tall, which came in handy when she started work as a model in her late teens. Long tanned legs with just enough thickness to jiggle a bit as she swung her hips with each seductive stride. Chelsea was quite the opposite of her favorite aunt. She couldn’t tan very well, neither could her mother, she wasn’t very tall, and her hair was naturally wavy.

Still, Chelsea admired Aunt Mandy and looked up to her since she was a child. She admired the fact that her young aunt could tan beautifully, Mandy was a seasoned pro under the sun or on a tanning bed. She admired her toned physique from years of yoga. Most of all, Chelsea admired her fashion sense, red complemented the thirty-one-year old’s flawless complexion. Only nine years older than Chelsea, whenever they spent time together she felt more like an older sister than an aunt.

“So…my audition went…” Destiny struggled to gather her breath as Mandy’s body drew closer to hers.

“The first half went perfectly. Lunch together, shopping, small talk, all of that was nice,” Mandy said in her ear. “But there is so much more to it than that.”

The seductive talent agent sat on the bed and patted a spot next to her. Destiny did not look anxious to make a move. Rather than sitting next to Mandy, she remained standing. Chelsea would guess this young lady was new to the seductive advances of a woman. When it seemed the young lady would turn and run away before she allowed things to go further, she sat beside her prospective agent.

“Like what?”

Like what, she asked? Even Chelsea rolled her eyes at that question. It seemed pretty obvious what Aunt Mandy bursa bayan escort had in mind. But, they weren’t going to…were they? She realized that was as dumb a question as Destiny had posed. They were going to, she was certain of it, and right before Chelsea’s eyes. Mandy had taken this beautiful ebony-skinned woman into her house, into her bedroom, and onto her bed for one purpose. A warm wave of arousal swept over Chelsea.

“I’m going to suggest a few things,” Mandy shifted away from her apprehensive guest. “You have the right to deny any request and it won’t affect my representation of you to the casting director.”

Destiny breathed in an audible deep breath and exhaled; albeit shakily. “I’ll do whatever you like. I’m sorry if I seem nervous.”

“You seem very nervous,” Mandy laughed.

“I know. I’m sorry. Look, I came here on my own, I know why you brought me here”

“You do?”

“Yes. I…I have been with a woman before.”

“Have you? Well, would you like to show me what you’ve got?”


Destiny grabbed Mandy’s face and kissed her lips. Chelsea held her hands over her mouth to prevent the women in the bedroom from hearing her gasp. She had never seen two girls kiss before. It was strange. It was erotic. It was beautiful. Mandy’s hands reached for the bottom of Destiny’s white T-shirt and pulled it up over her head. The hot young starlet wore a white bra to match her white shirt; smart move, Chelsea thought to herself. A black bra would’ve been too obvious, showing through the shirt. A white bra, and a shirt which was still semi-transparent, lent itself a subtle seductiveness which this girl was sure would get Mandy’s attention.

All the same, Chelsea couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She watched as her aunt, whom she had grown up alongside, wrapped her fingers around this girl’s face from under her chin and kissed her lips with such ferocity their faces may be joined together permanently. Mandy’s fingernails dug into her protege’s cheeks as she lowered her down to the bed. Her lips made a path from Destiny’s cheek, down to her neck, along her chest, and with her fingers deftly moving her lover’s bra strap away, Mandy continued onto her breasts.

Still hiding in the closet, watching intently, Chelsea slipped a hand down her shorts and under her panties. When Mandy sucked a dark nipple into her mouth, Chelsea’s fingers found her clitoris. The voyeur’s hand sunk lower until her moistness allowed a finger inside. Watching Aunt Mandy’s tongue twirl around the sexy stranger’s areola made the teenager rub herself in rhythmic ecstasy. Chelsea fantasized that it was her making love to the body of this gorgeous young woman; who couldn’t be much older than herself. She wondered how it would feel to touch a woman in such a way. Having a woman’s soft sensual flesh at your fingertips, on your lips, the tip of your tongue, in your mouth. How would it taste?

Chelsea became so enamored in her fantasy that she hadn’t seen her aunt undress, but there she was on full display. Was it wrong to say that Mandy, her aunt, was sexy? Was it wrong to wonder all the same things about her that she wondered about Destiny? Her arousal and sexual stimulation was so strong that Chelsea never stopped rubbing herself despite her apprehension. When rubbing was not enough, Chelsea fingered herself.

One finger at first, working up a slow and steady pace. Gradually, as Mandy planted kisses all along her lover’s thighs, Chelsea added a second finger. Chelsea’s fantasy became stronger than the action she was watching. She imagined opening the closet. They would invite her over to the bed. Destiny would kiss her lips as Aunt Mandy would strip her. She pictured both woman sucking her breasts. The fingers inside of her, those were Mandy’s fingers. Both women would work on her until they made her cum. Then…Chelsea desired to continue her fantasy, but she realized the moaning she heard was her own. She clamped a hand over her mouth and looked out to the bedroom once again.

A sigh of relief. They didn’t seem to hear her. Mandy’s face settled between Destiny’s legs and Chelsea couldn’t see much of the action as a result. Her aunt cleared the obstruction, which had the black starlet drop a foot to the floor. Now the young voyeur had the perfect view; near-perfect, she would’ve liked to be much closer. Mandy began the act with light kisses to Destiny’s puffy lips. Her arms reached down and grabbed two big handfuls of Mandy’s hair.

Their love-making increased in its passionate aggression. Mandy buried her face in Destiny’s snatch. Destiny, in turn, pulled Mandy deeper. Destiny’s thin body contorted as her pleasure grew. She moaned and screamed wildly, lifting her body up on elbows, then dropping back down on the mattress. Chelsea fingered herself rapidly, trying to match their passion. It simply wasn’t the same.


“Let it happen, love,” bursa ucuz escort Mandy said soothingly as she pumped two fingers in and out of Destiny.

While fucking her client, Mandy turned her head toward the closet and smiled. Does she know? Chelsea asked herself. No, of course not. Mandy winked knowingly. She does know. But, she’s not saying anything about it. Chelsea masturbated hard, her eyes locked on Mandy’s. She moaned and didn’t bother muffling herself. Now would be the time to come out and join them, Chelsea decided. Could she step out of the closet or would revealing herself cause more problems? She decided it would be more fun to join them. However, when she started opening the door, Mandy shook her head and focused on Destiny again.

Destiny screamed, clenched her fists, and sprayed a liquid from her vagina. This caused Chelsea’s jaw to drop in shock. What was that? She stopped masturbating and her arousal sank as questions arose in her mind, trying to process what she just witnessed. Did Destiny…pee? How? Why? Is her bladder that weak? Wait, was it cum? Chelsea had felt orgasms before, but none had made her…ejaculate. It seemed so unusual, yet strangely erotic.

“You can stay right there for this, sweetheart. Just shift your body this way for me.”

They shifted their bodies just a bit to complete whatever position they were planning to do next. Aunt Mandy’s vagina, with a neat line of hair down the middle to her clit, was now in full view of her peeping niece. Mandy’s knees on the bed, eyes closed, breasts in her hands. Mandy’s body shuttered the moment Destiny’s tongue made contact with her sex. Chelsea watched in awe. Her aunt’s body was a thing of erotic beauty the likes of which she only believed existed in magazines and porn. Chelsea had forgotten Destiny’s ejaculation and instead focused on her aunt.

Destiny’s tongue poked and prodded deep inside of Mandy. Moaning, touching her body, her breasts, then down to grasp her lover’s hair, Mandy enjoyed every second of pleasure. At one point her eyes opened, she squinted, and it seemed like she could see Chelsea in the closet. By now, Chelsea was certain she could. Her aunt smiled deviously and lifted her hand in a small knowing wave. Then she closed her eyes again. That was almost enough to send Chelsea over the edge.

It was then that Mandy lost herself. She moaned wildly. The muscles in her toned stomach were clenched. Destiny reached an arm up, grabbing a handful of one of Mandy’s breasts. She squeezed, thumbed her nipple, and continued tongue-fucking her new agent. Chelsea watched her aunt orgasm, a bed-shaking, wild, animalistic orgasm. As Mandy lifted her body, Chelsea made note that nothing sprayed out. She just looked down at her lover, whose face remained between her legs, and she smiled. Chelsea hadn’t stopped, yet. She was three-fingers-deep and still fucking away at herself; but three seemed a little too crowded in her nubile sex. The heat from their bodies, their sex, permeated the air with a musky thickness. The pheromone scent reached into the closet and tickled Chelsea’s nose. With that and her fantasies, Chelsea hadn’t stopped.

“What the fuck!” Yelled a familiar voice. Chelsea suddenly stopped.

— — —

“Shit!” Mandy hopped off of Destiny.

“Mandy…seriously? You’re not the only one in the fucking house anymore! What if Chelsea saw this shit?”

“She’s not even home.”

“She could’ve been. You left the door wide open! At least close the—”

“Should I leave?” Destiny asked.

“Who the fuck are you? Yes, you should leave! Now!”

Destiny scrambled for her clothes without being given a chance to get dressed. She scurried past Jenni, her feet beating rapidly against the hardwood floor. Chelsea felt bad for her. This was like being caught cheating by an angry spouse. The moment the innocent young lady had dressed enough to leave the house without being indecent, Jenni’s attitude cooled down.

“Jenni, you bitch!” Mandy threw a pillow at her sister. “I can’t believe you did that!”

“Why?” Jenni laughed. “Was that another client of yours? Another young mind you wanted to corrupt?”

“Me? Corrupt her?” Mandy gathered herself and sat up on the edge of the bed. “This clearly wasn’t the first time the girl has worked a pussy.”

The sisters laughed together and Jenni sat down on the bed next to Mandy. Chelsea was disappointed that she hadn’t been able to orgasm, yet. She was close, though. If her mother hadn’t walked in when she did, Chelsea might’ve gotten there. Now, she remained stuck in the closet with no escape until both women left the room.

“How are you holding up?” Mandy asked.

“I’m good.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Mandy said, placing a hand on Jenni’s bare thigh. Chelsea’s mother was wearing denim shorts, which proudly displayed her thick luscious thighs. “You can lie to yourself, you can lie to your boss, you can even lie to your daughter, but you can’t lie to me.”

“Fine. You’re right, I’m miserable,” Jenni admitted. “He screwed up the family and here I am living with my little sister. At this point in my life, if feels ridiculous. I feel like the entire situation is my fault. I feel like I’ve ruined a good thing. I feel like I ruined Chelsea’s life.”

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