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The club was one I had visited on many occasions. It was clean, simply and tastefully decorated, the staff were very friendly and the girls typically ranged from nice looking to purely gorgeous.

I had learnt from my visits that the really beautiful girls almost always fell into two types: those that had enough experience and arrogance to treat you like a cash machine, and those which were new to the business, were nervous, shy and reluctant to try anything but the most ordinary massage, suck and fuck. As a result, I always chose the nice over the gorgeous. Older was better too: Enough experience to make it fun, but young enough to still make your dick weep at the sight of her naked body.

My favorite was definitely M. M. was in her 30’s but had a trim, firm figure. She out shone most 20 year olds. She had short blond hair, was almost always shaved and loved sex. She had a perfect combination of beauty and brains. She chose to work at the club after a stormy end to a relationship, needing the money and loving the sex. For her this was part hobby, part work. After the first time with her I was addicted, and I wanted to make sure she always had fun.

The club had only a small reception, and the normal protocol was that you were shown directly into a free room by the receptionist. The girls available that day were then introduced one at a time. On this occasion the last to introduce herself was M. I was immediately struck with her: A captivating combination of self assurance and alluring beauty. Once all of the girls had left, the receptionist returned and asked me if had made a choice, and if I would life any refreshments. A few minutes later M. entered with a small beer for me. She sat beside me on the double bed and started with the normal pleasantries: Was it my first time, did I know the house rules and prices… When it became clear that I was a sort-of-regular, she asked me what I would like. Always eager to be polite and considerate, but completely captivated by M, I fumbled for the right way to express my overwhelming desire but not seem like a fuck-and-chuck asshole. After a few awkward starts, she was starting to wonder if I would ever make up my mind, and just went straight for the direct approach:

“OK. So do you want to fuck me?”

There was only one simple answer to this.


So we began. She slowly and seductively undressed, while I disrobed in a more functional manner, all the while watching her every movement. By the time I was undressed, my cock was rock hard and oozing clear tears of natural lubrication. M. got into the shower while I waited naked on the bed while my cock continued to dream of her warm haven. When M. stepped out of the shower and I handed her a towel as any gentleman should. I took her place in the shower and made sure I washed all the important bits in anticipation of what lay ahead. When I stepped out M. was lying on the bed, having laid out a large, clean towel for us both to lie on. I climbed onto the bed and she gently asked if we should start with a massage. I lay on my front and M. oiled my back and began to gently kneed into the tissue in a way that felt blissful. She took her time, and the massage alone was worth the money. She moved down to my legs and eased out the tired muscles. She then slowly moved upwards and between my legs, first gently caressing my balls, then grasping them and stroking them. This was delightful. I eased my ass off the bed as she reached towards my cock and slowly stroked its length. She could see Trabzon Escort and feel my exited, clear excretions, and used them to add to the oil lubricating my cock. M. changed her rhythm repeatedly to work me up into a frenzy, and then to slow to a gentle caress, to leave me time to calm down before the next wave of excitement. Like the body massage, I would have been happy for this to go on for ever. After a while M. said:

“I think its time to roll over”

Which I duly did.

To my disappointment M. began to oil and massage my chest and legs, but just as before, migrated onto my groin and re-lit the fire in my cock, once again using my own juices to cover my cock. Occasionally she would slide her firm breasts the full length of my torso, mingling the natural lube with the oil on her chest. Once my erection was as hard as granite, M. stopped, cleaned off the oil and juices with a tissue, and slipped on a condom. She gently kissed my dick and began to lick its full length and massaged it all over again with her expert mouth. When I was almost ready to come, she stopped and said:

“Now I think you are ready to fuck me”

She eased me up as she lay down to take my place. I slipped my cock gently into her warm pussy and began to thrust. I was so exited that I only managed the one position, and burst in her warm pussy in a record time. Relaxed and mentally exhausted I lay down beside her as she began to clean me up. When volunteered to do that, she said:

“No you are the customer, and this is all part of the service.”

Having spent my semen, we then lay together and began to get to know one another…


I went back to the club a few times in the following month, but it was a several weeks before my visits coincided with M. On seeing her again, my heart skipped a beat. I had almost given up on the possibility of seeing her again. I was now doubly excited at the thought of having her body again, but nervous at what she may recall of my anxious start and quick finish on our first encounter. Fear of humiliation fought with lust, neurons vs. hormones. Eventually my cock provided the wining vote in pressing its urgent need to dive back into M.’s beautiful pussy.

When M. came in, she immediately said in a warm and affectionate voice:

“Hello again. Its really nice to see you back.”

I was caught off guard. Again.

“I am impressed you remember me. You must have an astonishing memory, or my performance and behavior must have been appalling. Truthfully, I am a little nervous given my lack of stamina last time.”

“Nonsense. You were a little nervous, and I am here to make you feel relaxed and for you to have a good time. Besides what I remember is that you were a real gentleman and we had a lovely talk after the sex.”

“Normally I am not unnerved by the ladies, even a little adventurous, but with you, there is something that really gets my adrenalin going just by looking at you. When I talk with you it only gets more intense. I get nervous because you deserve to be treated like a lady, but my mind is full of wild sexual ideas. I am reluctant to suggest anything that you might think is a little strange”

“I think you will find that I have quite wide limits on what I think is strange. Why don’t we get undressed, shower and start with a gentle massage, and you can tell me all about your adventurous side.”

When we were ready she repeated her skillful massage, as we chatted. M. was a master at giving you the smallest details Escort Trabzon about herself, while displaying a real interest in me. It made me feel as if she was opening herself up, but in reality she gave nothing away. Slowly the conversation started to head into more arousing areas, starting with the foundations: How often have I visited clubs? What kind of body type do I look for? Do I like to have a variety of girls or do I prefer the familiar? Do I like pussies to be shaved or natural? Do I like to give and receive oral sex? What’s my favorites position?

M. then steered the conversation deeper. Have I ever had two girls at the same time? Did they pretend or were they really into each other? Did I fuck them both, or could I manage only one? Have I had sex twice in one hour? With different ladies? Have I ever had a finger in my ass? A dildo? A strap on? A dick? Would I like to try? What about bondage? Ever been tied & helpless? What about just tying my cock and balls? Ever on a leash? Was it me or was it her on the leash? Was I a pet or a slave? Was I a good dog, or did I need to be spanked? How did the dog like fucking his mistress? Did I ever agree to meet a girl outside the club? In public? Ever taken a girl to a swingers club? Would I like to?

It was exhilarating and exhausting. All the while M. was gently massaging my back. She kept me hard the whole time without once touching my dick. Seeing none of her beauty, but listening to her erotic questioning was enchanting. Then suddenly:

“Maybe we can try some of these things together, but right now I want you to fuck me.”

I was only too ready. This was clear from the wet patch on the towel where I had been lying. I knelt up and M. dabbed off the fluids and slipped my dick into something more protective.

“How about doggie? It can remind you of your last doggie experience.”

“I just want to remind myself of your tight warm pussy, but doggie is good.”

Once again, the excitement of the preamble had substituted stamina for intensity. I lasted 5 minutes and exploded. M. felt the pulse though the condom, and let out a brief, almost inaudible sigh. Until then I had felt like a lion. The sigh crushed me. I had let her down. She never showed any other sign. She cleaned me up in her gentle, soothing way, and we lay a chatted about everything except sex until my time was up.


A month went by without a visit to the club. I wanted M., but I also wanted her approval. Caught in a physiological jail, I experimented with restraints. Something that would be a sign of submission, but in reality had little real effect. I came up with a simple solution: A length of chain and two mini padlocks. The chain went around my dick and balls. Locked. The chain then continued between my legs, up my back, and around my neck. Locked. The effect was purely visual.

Eager to try out my new arrangement, I returned to the club. M. was there. For the third time I was in the horns of a dilemma. With emphasis on the middle syllable. I summoned my courage. It would have to be M., and I would offer, not ask, her to use the chain on me.

When we got to the room, M gave me an affectionate peck on the cheek.

“Its been some time. How have you been?”

“OK. Missing this place, and missing you.”

“You are very sweet. Are we going to do the same as usual?”

“Actually I have been experimenting. Nothing radical, just something to make it clear that the lady, not me, is in control. I was hoping to try it out Trabzon Escort Bayan once before seeing you, just to make sure it all works like it should, but when I saw you were on I just could not resist.”

“What is it? Do you have it here?”

I emptied my pockets onto the bed. The chain and locks looked pathetic. My heart sank.

“So how does it work?”

I began to try and explain. It made no sense. It was all going badly before we even started.

“I think it is easier to show you than to explain”

I quickly got undressed as she stood and watched. This was an unintended, but intoxicating, twist to the power play. For a moment I stood there naked, with M., arms folded fully clothed. Her advantage. This was getting better already. I attached the chain and locks. I stood there while M. had a good look. My cock slowly began to swell. It ticked up 5mm every time she looked at it.

“Nice. Are you my slave or my pet?”

“I’m not sure. All I was looking for was for the lady to be in control”

“Well it certainly does that”

She began to nonchalantly disrobe. A bead of fluid eased itself out of my fully erect cock.

“Would you like to try a leather collar, rather than the chain around your neck? It would be more comfortable, and you could attach a lead as well. That way I could lead you around the room… or even into reception… or the street outside.”

My heart stopped.

“You wouldn’t, would you?”

“Of course not. The club has firm rules about keeping the play in the rooms. We have to maintain discretion.”

M. Stepped into the shower.

“It’s a pity to take that off, but after you have a shower I will put it back on, now that I know how it works.”

It seemed like seconds later, we were both rose fresh and naked. M. was delicately securing my cock and balls. Once the neck lock was on, M. gave the chain a firm hard tug. My cock stood to attention.

“Seems secure. Why don’t you walk around a little and let me see this in motion?”

After a while M. stood up, slipped a finger in the neck loop, and led me around the room. She stopped, began to caress my balls with her free hand.

“Yes. I definitely think a collar an lead would make a nice addition.”

She led me to the edge of the bed and gently pushed me into a sitting position, with my balls over the edge of the bed. She continued to play with them, and alternated with massaging my cock. No oil was needed. I provided all the lubrication necessary. After a while M. grabbed the neck loop, pulled me round, onto the bed on all fours. She gave the chain across my back a sharp tug, simultaneously tensing my cock, balls and neck. My dick released a slimy dribble in response. M. placed her hand over the head of my dick, gathered the juices and stroked its length.

“Someone seems very excited.”

She used a tissue to mop my dick, then gently covered it with a condom. In a smooth movement she closed her lips around my cock and provided another of her oral massages. This time she sucked my in bursts, allowing time between to let the excitement dwindle. During a pause she said:

“We want to go slowly to make sure you have enough energy to fuck me.”

When she was ready, M. tugged my neck chain and positioned my at the edge of the bed. Slowly she eased herself onto my cock. With long , slow strokes, she rode me for about 10 minutes until I could hold out no longer. The burst of semen swelled the

condom. When M. saw it she commented:

“You’ve been keeping a lot of cum in store for me it seems. Volume and duration. This is getting better every time we fuck.”

“I was just thinking the same thing. I would like to promise both, but we will just have to see.”

We cleaned up, and finished off with our normal chat. I was a happy man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32