Lynn’s Alley Ch. 10

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“Okay, sweetie, now hold that…just like that!”

“Sami, would you turn that rear flood just a tad to the right…..yeah, yeah, just like that.”

The shot was exactly as I wanted it, and I shot off five quick exposures in a nano-second.

“Thanks, ladies, everybody take a deep breath, now,” I jokingly said to Sami and Jenna.

Jenna was at my studio, above the Gallery, for some more shots, the last in the series that she’ll choose from as ‘the one’ she’ll present to Mark for an anniversary gift. She’ll have the ‘tasteful nude’ art photo for their bedroom wall.

Sami asked to help with the shoot so that she could get some practical experience to go with the art classes she’s taken at the University. She was of immense help, her ‘eye’ for shadow and detail very astute.

“Oh, Lynn, that’s the one, sugar, that’s absolutely the one,” Jenna gushed as she went through the series on my computer.

“You sure?” I asked her, again; this was the third ‘one’ that she had picked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gushed once more, looking up towards me, as if for confirmation.

“Okay, then, I’ll have it ready for you, in the frame you picked, in a week or ten days, okay?” I answered.

“She’s got a great looking body,” Sami idly commented as she shut down the lights, rolling up the backdrop, afterwards.

“Yeah, she certainly does,” I answered, my eyes fixed on the computer screen, fixed on Jenna’s great looking body.

“Would you do her?” Sami asked, walking towards me, her chores done.

“I’m not sure that she’s doable, for either of us, but yeah, I’d do her,” I answered honestly.

“Yeah, me too,” Sami returned, rolling up to my desk in a chair, “I was thinking about how sweet that pussy must taste when we, you, were shooting her today.”

“Got you horny now, did she?” I said, my eyes still fixed onto the screen, my mind imagining me between Jenna’s legs, sending a feel of dampness to my crotch.

Reaching her hand under my skirt, Sami leaned in and began licking and kissing my ear, the side of my face, her hand softly stroking my dampness through my panties.

“Yeah,” she breathed heavily, between kisses to my neck now, “she did and I’d like to rid myself of that feeling,” her fingers sliding under my panties, right to my little man, swollen in all his glory.

Sami had become very special to both Ali and I; besides being an ardent playmate with the two of us in our bed, she had also become the only playmate that Ali and I felt it was okay to ‘do’, without the other of us being there. We came to that decision, one evening, when Ali came home and confessed that after she and Sami closed the Gallery, that they had fucked. She cried when she told me and I held her, and I told her it was alright, and strangely, it was. Since that evening, we’ve both given in to our carnal urges with Sami and have had one on one sex with her several times.

“I want to eat you,” Sami said, her voice muffled by her mouth on my breast, her tongue tracing circles on my exposed nipple.

All the while she was unbuttoning my blouse and began kissing my breasts, her fingers moved in and out of my pussy with increasing pressure, my eyes were still staring at Jenna’s pics, though half-closed now, my breathing getting heavier.

Turning my chair on its swivel, I pulled her head down, between my now-spread legs, telling her, “Then you must do, what you must do, my sweet Sami-girl,” my eyes closing as her tongue found my swollen clit.


“Hey baby-doll,” Ali said to me when I walked into the house, and walking up to me, we kissed lustfully.

“Mmmm, someone’s been eating our little Sami-girl,” Ali said, a big smile on her face.

I told Ali of the afternoon’s developments after we had finished with Jenna’s shoot.

“Well, I’m glad that Sami was able to satisfy herself and you too, for that matter,” she cheerfully said, meaning every word.

“Sami’s never disappointed when it comes to love-making,” I said, kicking my shoes off, and dropping into one of the soft armchairs in the sitting room.

“I’ll drink to that,” Ali agreed, handing me a tall Scotch and water, clicking her glass against mine, both of us taking a long pull afterwards.

She sat on the chair arm, snuggled her hips against my shoulder, and we settled into our own quiet moment.

“Got any plans for tomorrow?” Ali asked, breaking the silence in the room.

“Nope, thought about working on the Jenna series, but I think I’ll blow that off until Monday,” I answered, “Why? What’s up?”

“Well, this being Saturday night and all, I thought you and I could go to the apartment in the Quarter and maybe, you know, party on the strip,” she said, the strip, of course, being Bourbon Street and its environs.

“Been a while, hadn’t it,” I opined, mulling over the thought in my mind.

“Yeah, it has, but if you don’t want to….” Bayan Escort Gaziantep Her voice trailing off to a whisper.

“Nope, I’m game,” rising as I said it, reaching for her hand and pulling her behind me, I added, “Let’s go take a shower, and if you’re real lucky, I might just give you my Sami impression,” laughing as I said it.

“Promises, promises,” Ali’s voice cheerfully sounded off in response.


We left the apartment, after parking my car in our garage, around eight or so, both of us a little buzzed from a ‘fat boy’ we shared on the drive to the Quarters. Dropping in at Harry’s Bar, our bartender-friend was off tonight, but we sat and had a quick cocktail, chatting with some of the denizens that we knew.

A few other stops at some favorite haunts of ours, and around ten that evening, we were at the strip club that features ‘trannies’, girl-wannabes, most of whom still had their cock. We’d been here before, a few times, always enjoying the shows, and the tourists who didn’t realize that they were trying to pick up a trannie, and not a girl.

“Feel like watching ‘the girls’ for a bit?” Ali asked as we stood near the door.

I was feeling very little pain, by now, not drunk mind you, but feeling very, very loose.

“Sure, baby-doll, I’m game, if you are,” laughing as I said it.

“Oh, I’m game alright, don’t you worry about that,” giving me a quick kiss on the lips.


The girls were on their game this night, that’s for sure. We had a very favorable banquette from which we could see all three stages. Not only were they dancing well, they were playing the tourists with great skill and moxie. Lots of laughter all over the club, hoots, hollers, everyone was having a great time.

“Buy a working girl, a drink, ladies?” the sultry voice floated down from above us.

One of the performers, a very hot looking blonde, was standing next to our table, her lovely man-given breasts, at eye level when we turned towards the voice.

“Damn,” I heard Ali say, her voice barely a whisper as her eyes locked onto those breasts, barely two inches from her face.

“I’ve noticed you two in here before, and I though I’d say ‘Hi’,” ‘she’ said, and scooting next to Ali, she sat down, Ali scooting towards me to make room.

‘Her’ name is Ty or Tyler, if you’d prefer, and ‘she’ sold herself well.

We bought her a drink and we were soon speaking like we were old friends. She left for a bit, to do her time on the stage, and afterwards, rejoined us, this time sitting next to me.

“Hey you guys,” she said to us, “I’m off in an hour, wanna’ grab a drink afterwards?”

Before I could answer, Ali answered for us, it seemed, “Sure, and maybe we could run by our place for a little herbal therapy?”

“Oooh, that’s sounds like a lovely idea, girls,” then blowing us a kiss, she left, placing her hand high on my thigh for support, her finger gently rubbing on my dress, sending a jolt to my crotch.

“Hard to think of her as anything else but a hot blonde, isn’t it?” Ali said as we both watched her fine ass walk away from us.

“I was just thinking the same thing,” I answered, my crotch still a bit on fire.

“Wonder if she has a small dick, or a big dick,” Ali mused, her hand rubbing the back of my neck.

“Are we really going there?” I asked, not knowing for sure what I was hoping to hear for an answer.

“Only if we want to, baby,” she said, her fingertips gently rubbing the side of my face, tickling my ear in the process.

That was the hook, wasn’t it? Only if we want to and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.

“How disappointed would you be if I said I don’t think I want to go there?” I asked, turning my face towards her. She smiled, placed her head against mine and whispered, “Not at all, baby-doll, not at all.”

“How ’bout we go back to the apartment and you strap on Mr.Big and fuck me,” I whispered back.

“How ’bout we do just that,” she answered.

Reaching into her purse, she wrote a quick note, offering a rain-check on the herbs, and sent it to Ty with a waitress, giving the waitress a nice tip, as well.

Hand in hand, we walked out and headed to the apartment.


And she did. Ali strapped on Mr. Big and fucked me hard, bringing me to several mind-blowing orgasms before I cried uncle, the soreness screaming at me, now. We rested, we cuddled, and then I rolled her over to her stomach, strapped on our toy, and proceeded to fuck her royally, her screams of joy drifting from the window into the French Quarter evening.

“Sorry about last night, baby,” Ali said, as she handed me a cup of coffee, in bed.

“Sorry about what?” sipping the hot coffee carefully.

“I thought that it might be fun to play with a trannie, play with a cock on a girl,” she answered, sitting on the corner of our bed.

“I don’t think I’m ready to go there, yet; I’m not saying I won’t ever be, just not right now,” I honestly answered.

“Mad at me?” she asked, her eyes searching my face over the rim of her coffee mug.

“Not even close, Ali, not even fucking close,” smiling back at her.


We flew to the Twin Cities for Thanksgiving, with my family, and to check in with Teri, my resident Operations Manager of my firm.

Thanksgiving was great, no flair-ups with Jan, and the family very welcoming of Ali into our fold. Driving away, I could see the joy on her face of feeling acceptance. We were to leave on Saturday morning, and opted to spend Friday night at a local gay-friendly bar we frequented when we were in the Twin Cities.

“Anything particular in mind, baby?” I asked Ali as I drove us from the condo to the club.

“Not really, hon, let’s just see who’s at the club tonight and take it from there?” She replied.

As we dressed for the evening, we had both come to the conclusion that maybe a little ‘strange’ wouldn’t be a bad idea. From time to time, we went on the prowl and this was one of those nights.

The club was moderately busy, considering the holiday and all, but we were able to find a table, near the back of the club, just off the dance floor. We like being close to the dance floor because it made it easy to check out who was here.

Ali ordered us a couple of Scotches on the rocks, while I gave the club a quick scan. There, over in the corner, across the floor, was a table with a couple of older gals, maybe in the mid-forties or thereabouts. They were in close conversation, seemingly a light-hearted one, judging by the laughter I saw.

I pointed the table out to Ali after the drinks arrived, asking her opinion of the two gals.

“Attractive, from what I can see from here,” she said to me, straining to focus in the dim light.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” I answered, and just then the DJ started playing some sounds, sweet, soulful sounds that were compelling.

Spying our gals getting up to dance, Ali grabbed my hand, pulling me onto the floor.

“Let’s move ourselves towards them for a better look-see,” She said, steering me in that direction.

They were, indeed, attractive; both tall, taller than either of us, light-haired, both short-cut. They had their arms around each other, dancing with their foreheads leaning into the other’s.

And then, we bumped into each other.

“Oh damn, I’m sorry,” one of them said, “We can’t ever seem to remember who’s leading,” both laughing at the encounter.

“Oh no, I’m sure it’s my fault,” Ali said, “I was so busy admiring the two of you, I lost track of where we were on the floor.”

Well, there it was, out there for all to see.

“Really?” the other one said, “Well, I’m Shirl, and my friend is Madge.”

“Can we buy you girls a drink?” Ali asked, her eyes taking in all of Madge.

They looked at each other and Shirl said, “Our table, or yours?”

They moved to our table, liking its somewhat secluded location. Drinks were ordered and we all did the brief bio-thing, getting comfortable with each other. Yes, there were definite vibes flowing from Shirl and Madge, Ali agreed later, when we talked.

They were locals, both single with little or no family, found each other on a lesbian chat site, met and the rest, as they say, is history. They’ve lived together for a couple of years, are ‘somewhat’ monogamous in their relationship, but have been known to stray off the reservation from time to time.

“Sounds like Ali and I,” I offered to the conversation, “We play with others, usually as a couple, but we have a special friend back home that we play with alone, from time to time.”

Damn, damn, damn, too much information, I thought too late.

They looked at each other, smiled, and then looked back at me. Madge turned towards Ali and began a quiet, somewhat private conversation, as Shirl did the same with me.

“Ooooh, I just love this song,” Shirl said, grabbing my hand, “Let’s you and I dance, Lynn, okay?”

I let her lead me out onto the floor, placing our arms around each other as we moved quickly into synch with our steps, the easy flow of the rhythm seemingly moving us at will.

“You guys are cute,” Shirl whispered into my ear, leaning her head down to do so,

Looking across the floor, Ali and Madge were slow-grinding against each other and talking intimately as they danced.

“So are ya’ll,” I lamely replied, her hand dropping to my ass, pulling me tight against her thigh. I pushed my pussy, now a bit warm and wet, hard against her thigh, enjoying the sensation it gave me.

“Are you guys looking for a little extra-curricular fun tonight, Lynn?” Shirl whispered into my ear, her tongue punctuating her question.

Dropping my hand to her ass, I pulled her against me, whispering back, “That, and some excellent pussy.”

Grinning, she pulled back her head to look at me, saying, “I like the way you think, Lynn-girl. Some simple no-strings sex between the four of us, maybe?”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, reaching up to her mouth with my lips, her mouth opening wide to accept my tongue. Glancing to the side, Ali and Madge were in a similar lip-lock, Ali’s hand fondling Madge’s boob as they kissed.

It was quickly decided, upon returning to the table, that Shirl would ride with me, Ali would ride with Madge, and that we’d go over to their home, which wasn’t too far away.

Once we were in my car, Shirl pulled me towards her and kissed me lustfully, her hand quickly sliding under my sweater to my breasts. For my part, I slipped my hand between her thighs, finding her pantiless pussy, hot and wet, and her bush short and trimmed.

Dropping my head to her chest, I kissed and suckled at the swell of her breasts, while I slipped two fingers into her pussy, her legs spreading a bit to allow me access. She reached up with her free hand and unbuttoned her blouse, pulling her bra down so that I could suck her nipple which was hard and erect.

Sucking her nipple into my mouth, I heard her gasp and begin moaning as I sucked on it, my fingers now moving in rhythm with her hip-thrusts. And just that quickly, she pulled me into her breast as she climaxed.

“Oh, baby-girl, you do know how to treat a gal,” Shirl said, between gasps for air.

Straightening up behind the wheel, I started the car, looked over to her and said, “That’s only the beginning, lady.”

When we arrived at their house, Madge and Ali were nowhere to be found downstairs. Nodding her head, and smiling, she said, “Follow me, sweetie, I know where they are.”

Following her up the stairs, she turned towards me when I reached the top, and taking me into her arms, kissed me hard, her hands freely roaming over my body as I returned her kiss. Breaking it off, she smiled, and taking me by the hand, led me down the hallway, stopping at a door.

She quietly turned the knob, opening the door wide enough so that we could see the bed, Ali and Madge on it, in a sixty-nine.

“Want to watch for a while, baby?” She asked, her hand down the back of my skirt, rubbing my ass under my panties. I nodded yes, and she led me to a loveseat, across from the foot of the bed. Something tells me that this is a fairly regular thing for them.

As we sat and snuggled up, I watched Ali and Madge while Shirl paid attention to me with little kisses, touches, and fingers undoing my garments. I let her do what she wanted, my eyes lustfully watching as Ali eagerly exchanged pussy licks with Madge.

Shirl was very experienced at taking clothes off of another woman and she soon had me buck naked, my hand and hers, playing with my pubes. She quickly stripped, and facing me, straddling my lap, she leaned her breasts towards my mouth for me to suck.

Taking each one in turn, I did just that, my fingers digging into her ass, pulling her pussy against me so that I could feel its heat. Pulling away, she looked at me wickedly and kissed her way down my body until she had placed my legs over her shoulders as she knelt on the floor in front of me; lifting my ass with her hands, she brought my pussy to her mouth, and made love to it with unbelievable tenderness and skill. This lady knew how to eat pussy!

“Aaah, Aaaaaah, oh damn,” I heard myself crying as my orgasm ambushed me out of nowhere. I heard both Ali and Madge cry their orgasms right afterwards, as my body still quaked from the excellent tongue-lashing I had just received.

As I caught my breath, I heard Ali say to Shirl, “Shirl, how about you and I getting to know each other for a bit; Lynn, come say hello to my friend, Madge.”

Crawling into bed, between Madge’s legs, I felt her hands on my head as I kissed her thighs, lightly brushing her bare mons, her hands pulling my face towards hers. As we kissed, her pussy began grinding against my thigh, which was grinding, pushing hard against her dampness. Breaking off our kiss, I slid down her body until my lips found her very swollen clit, taking it into my mouth, sucking it like a baby-cock.

The four of us fucked in their huge king-sized bed for hours; resting, switching partners, two on one, three on one; we did some serious fucking.

Shirl and Madge know how to eat pussy, let me assure you.

Driving home, around three in the morning, Ali and I held hands, silent, listening to a Norah Jones ballad on the player. A very nice moment for the two of us.

“You okay with what happened tonight, sweetie?” Ali finally asked, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, I am, how about you?” I answered.

“Yeah, they were fun.”

“Got any left for me when we get home?” I asked, looking towards her to the side.

“Always, baby; I always have some for you,” she replied, lifting my hand to her lips, kissing it.

It was a gorgeous night in the twin cities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32