Love Patrol Pt. 02

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Ray found himself once again sitting in the parking lot of the gym he had been scoping out as another potential patrol area. There was never any real intent to catch anyone or put a stop to the cruising. Just to have hot, illicit encounters with the (usually married) men that sometimes caught the patrol cop’s eye. And due to rumors from several sources, this particular gym seemed like a great place to continue that trend. A place to continue his modus operandi of attracting these men, gaining their trust, and then utterly dominating them. That is, until Dylan.

It had taken all of Ray’s willpower not to go right back there the next day to see him again. Not just because of the hot shower sex, but also because something about the short interaction before had infatuated Ray. That man had brought out a side to Ray that he often kept hidden and he had done it effortlessly. After four long days, Ray went back. He tried to seem natural as he walked over to the side room where Dylan had emerged before their previous encounter. From the doorway, Ray saw Dylan – all six feet and three inches of him. This time, he was working out with a young black guy, even coaching him as they went along. Ray observed just long enough to be impressed, both with the coaching and with the heavily loaded barbell Dylan effortlessly snatched over his head.

A repeat of the previous shower shenanigans was out of the question. Instead, Ray turned his focus to a real, grueling workout that would continue until after the object of his infatuation had showered and exited the locker room. He conveniently positioned himself to be in full view of anyone who happened to be walking out. It was a view that would catch anyone’s eye: a six-foot-one formerly enlisted marine with the body of an amateur bodybuilder and whose bald head – once a source of insecurity – actually added to his appeal and made him seem more worldly than the average 34-year-old.

When Dylan reappeared, wearing khakis and a short-sleeved polo shirt with the gym’s name on it, the two men exchanged a wave and a knowing look. Ray took that as his chance to make a move and soon found himself being waved, genially, into the manager’s office as the big man sat behind his desk. The hulking figure had a presence that dominated the room even while sitting down. Ray plopped down onto the beat up looking black couch adjacent to the desk.

“So, you have any more shower fun lately?” Ray asked hoping that the answer would be no.


Ray suppressed a smile. It faded after what Dylan said next.

“A friend of mine pointed out that having sex in the shower is probably a bad idea now that I work here. He’s a lot smarter than I was in my twenties.”

“You told your friend about me?”

“Well not specifically. He doesn’t know it was you if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“I’m more worried about the competition,” Ray said.

Dylan smiled. “You got nothin’ to worry about there.”

Ray had already thought about how this conversation might go. Had figured out the best ways to learn more without coming on too strong. Ray was not a very introspective person but he was aware that he could be a bit intense. In a short time, Ray was able to get a better picture of who this guy was. It was a picture that Ray liked. They had similar backgrounds – both had joined the marines shortly after high school – and both were single. But that was where things got complicated. Dylan had started the conversation guarded but after loosening up a bit Ray found out that Dylan was currently staying with a friend. A friend with benefits. Not a problem for sex but that was not all that Ray was looking for here. Sex was however, inevitable. The attraction between the two was undeniable.

When Dylan stood up from his desk, Ray felt his pulse quicken. His eyes drifted to the center of that powerful body and he sat up expectantly, as Dylan moved toward him. There was momentary disappointment when the confident stride continued to the office door, but it went away when Ray heard the click of the door lock.

“Can’t do anything in the showers, but no one can catch us here,” Dylan said, now standing directly in front of Ray. Without a word, Ray got on his knees.

Afterward, while Dylan was sated and appreciative, Ray decided to venture further.

“Seems like you had fun,” he said.

“Yeah man, this was a nice way to start the day.” Dylan had zipped up and sat back down at his desk.

“So, does that mean we could do something again? Maybe somewhere else, like a clean apartment with a comfortable bed?” Ray was fishing for a way to get this man to his place.

Dylan was not an open book. At least not to Ray. He gave very little away and it was hard to gauge what he was thinking. It was infuriating and alluring at the same time.

“Sure, we could do that,” Dylan finally said.

After exchanging numbers Ray exited with an uncharacteristically chipper mood.


The text came early one evening. There had been messages back and forth about when to meet up again Yakacık escort bayan for over a week but now, without preamble, Dylan made it clear that he wanted Ray tonight. He was more than willing to come to the apartment or anywhere else.

Ray told himself that he would be in control this time, at least of himself. But just in case, he decided to shower and prepare himself for anything. Stepping out of the bathroom, cleaned both inside and out, he thought about how to best present himself.

Eventually, he decided on a sleeveless t-shirt that opened far down each side and showed off not just his massive arms but also the sides of his pecs, lats, and obliques. For bottoms he pulled on a pair running shorts like the ones he wore in the Marines that left very little to the imagination. The muscular mounds of his bodybuilder ass filled out the back and stretched the fabric across his thighs and groin where there was an unmistakable bulge. No socks, no underwear.

Ray’s heart started to pound as he heard the sound of someone coming up the steps outside of his apartment. A knock on the door came just seconds later. Forcing himself to be calm Ray walked over to the door.

When he opened it he wasn’t sure how to start or what to say but he then realized that that didn’t matter. Dylan stepped in without waiting for an invite, forcing Ray to take a step back. He pushed the door closed behind him and without a word grabbed Ray by the front of his shirt, bunching it in his left hand and exposing most of Ray’s chest and both of his nipples. Ray was pulled into a kiss that immediately disarmed him. He didn’t want to give in so easily but quickly forgot why. As the two kissed Ray moaned into the hungry mouth consuming his and pushed himself into the large body that so perfectly matched his own.

Rough hands travelled all over Ray’s body until the made their way to his ass and gave it a squeeze. Ray could feel Dylan’s erection poking through his sweatpants and pressing up against his own. He could have gone on like this for hours but Dylan had not come there for kisses. A large, strong hand suddenly gripped Ray’s throat.

“Get on your knees,” Dylan said, before shoving his tongue back into Ray’s mouth and giving him a downward shove.

Ray dropped with a sense of urgency that he had not felt since boot camp, reaching for the drawstring of Dylan’s sweatpants before both of his knees even hit the floor. With one hand sliding down the pants and the other tugging them downward, Dylan’s cock sprang free in moments, already hard and almost lunging towards Ray’s face. He took a deep breath and a second to gather himself. Suddenly there was a large hand on the side of his face. He looked up found intense eyes staring into his own.

“Open up,” came in a deep voice that was calm, measured, and authoritative.

With that Dylan spat into Ray’s open mouth and the shoved his cock in, gliding over the tongue and reaching the back of his throat in no time. Ray was not prepared for this. Nor was he prepared when the figure towering above him pulled out of his mouth completely and shoved it in a again.

Strong, unyielding hands gripped Ray’s bald head and pulled it back and forth as if using a sex toy. Ray gagged and choked, making noises that for a moment he couldn’t believe were coming from his own mouth. Then, he regained a since of control. Instead of letting the cock poke and prod the back of his throat, he grabbed the bucking hips in front of him, made direct eye contact and took the entire length of it down his throat. As his lips rested at the base of Dylan’s long cock, the cop paused, maintaining eye contact, before he pulled back and took in the entire length in one fell swoop. The big man shuddered. Ray felt pleased with himself, and picked up the pace. Now Ray was in control as much as he could be. His head bobbed and swerved as he sucked up and down the length of the long, throbbing cock. After several moments Ray felt himself be pulled upward. He resisted. The feeling of having such a large manly marine towering over him pushed him to a place that he seldom went. He wanted to keep sucking and servicing Dylan for as long as he could. His cock was so hard it was throbbing against his shorts.

A second, more insistent pull brought him to his bare feet. Where before his hungry mouth had been filled with hard cock, it was now again invaded by Dylan’s tongue. These men’s hungry mouths enveloped each other and Ray relished giving a man a taste of his own cock. He mindlessly lifted his arms as Dylan yanked his shirt over his head and went to put his tongue back into to Dylan’s mouth but before he could his short running shorts were being pulled down roughly to his ankles. Ray stepped out of them without a thought and in a few short tugs found himself completely naked. More ravenous kissing ensued and soon Ray couldn’t wait any longer. He got back down on his knees but this time Dylan joined him, still forcefully tonguing him. He felt the weight of his lover pushing him backwards and suddenly Dylan was Escort Atalar on top of him.

“Spread your legs,” Dylan commanded. In a flash the man between Ray’s legs licked his fingertips and administered a wet, open-handed slap to his asshole.

“Ahh!” Ray jumped, shocked, his cock twitching. He spread his legs instinctively and gasped, “Do it again.”

Ray got what he wanted and next felt welt fingertips swirling around this tight hole. He knew that at any moment one the fingers would venture into him. The expectation drove him crazy.

“Fuck me,” he said.

“We’ll get to that,” Dylan said matter-of-factly. “Just lay back.”

With that he placed his hands on the back of Ray’s thighs, feeling the massive hamstrings, and pushed the legs up. Now on his back, Ray felt the air hit his asshole and looked down to see that head of red-brown hair lowering further down. It started with a wet kiss on his taint and soon Ray could feel those lips and tongue kissing and licking their way toward the opening. When he finally felt the tip of Dylan’s tongue start swirling around he let out desperate groan and grabbed the backs of his thighs just under the knee, holding his legs open. Dylan pursed his lips to Ray’s asshole and pushed his tongue through, working the tip in circular motions. He was teasing Ray, who could feel every flick around the perimeter of his hole. With every lick, the tongue ventured further.

“Mmh,” Ray moaned, as he felt the tongue advance. Now, if he looked down, he would have seen Dylan’s head moving vigorously. He pushed his tongue as far into Ray as possible, licking in fast, aggressive circles, sometimes taking a moment to almost make out with Ray’s hole. Ray feel the lips and tongue working fiercely in and around him and all he could do was moan and hold his legs apart. The hot mouth worked its way up to Ray’s huge balls and at this point Dylan’s body shifted. He pushed Ray’s legs pushed in a circular motion, forcing him onto his stomach. The ass eating continued, now from behind. Ray had never had someone give this part of his body this much attention. It felt amazing. He was putty in Dylan’s hands. He would have done anything at that moment.

“Get your ass up,” Dylan commanded, separating his skilled mouth from Ray’s sensitive hole.

Chest to the floor, Ray raised his hips and presented his ass for fucking. They were both feverish now. Ray could feel the air behind him shift and looked back to see Dylan upright behind him. He clearly had his cock in his hands Ray soon felt the cock that just been in his mouth prodding against his rectum. Lube. They needed lube. But Dylan had already thought of that. Before Ray could mention it Dylan produced a bottle from one of his pockets and slathered both his cock and Ray’s hole with it.

“You ready?” Dylan said with a slightly menacing tone.

He didn’t wait for a response. The slick tip of Dylan’s long cock pushed not-so-gently against the tight, pink ring of the bodybuilder’s hole. One hand on his cock, the other on Ray’s hip; the big top man pushed his way inside.

“Uhhn,” Ray sighed. He could feel himself being stretched and loosened up. Dylan was taking his time, but Ray was impatient. He wanted more and he wanted now.

“Come on,” he exhaled. “I’m ready. I’m so fucking ready.”

In response, hands grabbed his hips roughly. Ray was held steady as the man behind him steadily forced more rock hard cock further and further inside him. Ray jerked up and placed his hands flat on the floor. He could feel everything. The cool air of his apartment on his bare back. The rough grip of Dylan’s large hands on his hips, even the hem of the large man’s t-shirt brushing over the top of his ass cheeks. But what he felt most of all was the full hilt of a man inside him. Dylan had pushed the entire length of his cock through Ray’s wet hole and was holding it in him.

As Dylan started fuck in earnest Ray held steady on his hands and knees, keeping and impressive arch in his back while trying not to be fucked into the ground. They were both very physically strong but the sheer force of Dylan’s strokes threated to knock Ray off balance.

“You like that?” Dylan said.

“Yeah,” Ray said.

That wasn’t a good enough answer for Dylan who abruptly pulled his cock almost entirely out and then slammed it back in. It was like a punch and its recipient jumped, both startled and excited.

“YEAH?” Dylan asked, his hips pressing into Ray’s ass cheeks with the full length of cock throbbing inside of his hole. Again, he pulled out completely and punched his way back in. This time he leaned forward and reached a long arm up to grabbed his bottom by the neck.

“CALL ME DADDY,” Dylan commanded with another hard slam. He bucked his hips into another hard stroke, still holding Ray’s upper neck and the bottom of his face. The intensity in his voice was met with total submission in Ray’s.

“Yes, daddy,” Ray moaned. Another hard pump. “Fuck me daddy.”

Dylan let loose. This hard, manly, bodybuilder’s total submission Kadıköy escort fed the part of him that needed to dominate. He fucked harder and faster, eliciting loud moans the fed him even more. Any shame or self-consciousness Ray might have felt was totally overcome. In between pumps Dylan finally ripped off his shirt, already starting to soak through with sweat.

“Put your ass up,” Dylan instructed. “Arch that back!”

In doing so, Ray gave his top better access. Made it easier to fuck him deeply and in that moment that was all he wanted. His palms, flat on the floor, held his body steady. His top was relentless. Ray’s helpless moans and guttural grunts blended with the loud slapping sound of Dylan fucking him wildly.

“Back up,” Dylan grunted. “Get your knees under your hips.”

Dylan was wearing him down. With each pump Ray felt himself being pushed forward and losing his grip. After one hard punch up the ass Dylan held his cock up there and leaned forward leaving Ray with no choice but to lay flat as Dylan mounted him in a jockey position. The full weight of a six-foot three inch powerlifter pinned Ray to his living room floor. The sweat on his back mixed with that of the barrel chest on top of him. Ray felt hot breath on his neck and after a moment a hand on the back of his bald head, pushing his face into the floor and without being told, he lifted his ass.

“Gooood boy,” came from the gravelly voice above and behind him. And again, the assault continued now with Ray leaking precum onto his floor. When Dylan finally turned Ray over, it was like a second wind. Ray spread his legs and finally reached for his thick, throbbing cock.

“That’s right, spread those fuckin’ legs boy,” Dylan said as Ray spat into his hand started to stroke his shaft.

The bodybuilder cop had no idea how long they had been fucking. It seemed like hours. His cock was so hard and now getting fucked in this position made it slap against his abs. Dylan hooked his hands around Ray’s massive thighs and lifted his body just enough to hit the prostate perfectly, making Ray throw his head back, moaning even louder. His hand now glided up and down the length of his long, thick shaft.

“Jack that dick,” said the man inside of him.

As Dylan continued to rapidly pump his cock in and out of Ray’s asshole, he started to feel that familiar tension. He clenched and unclenched on the cock inside of him, his legs stiffened, and he was felt himself getting so close. But he needed just a little bit more.

“Harder,” Ray moaned. “HARDER!”

Dylan picked up the pace as he continued to masturbate furiously.

“You Fuckin’ Like That?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Ray’s fist now slapping the head of cock against his abs. He was so close. He looked up at the hard body that held him in submission. Glistening, dripping with sweat. The flexing abs and pectorals and finally the look pure of intensity on this man’s face. A nasty, snarling, menacing expression. Ray’s body tightened, his legs locked, and his asshole tightened.

“I’m gonna cum!” he almost screamed as he finally released.

“That’s right boy, shoot that load,” Dylan goaded.

And he did. A geyser of the hot sticky semen splattered across Ray’s abs and even as far as his chest. He tugged and tugged his spasming cocking as he continued to shoot wave after wave of cum all over his torso. Even as the torrent of cum dwindled down to a dribble he continued to twitch and moan and he realized that it was not over.

Ray laid on his back helplessly as Dylan continued to pound away. This man was so strong that he effortlessly lifted Ray’s ass up off of the floor, fucking him deeply. Although he had just come, the bottom’s cock still twitched and pulsed with the after effects of his orgasm and with the passing of hard dick over his prostate again and again. His moans were helpless now and his hands lay at each side bracing the floor. He could feel Dylan ramping up.

“Are you gonna come?” Ray moaned.

“Fuck yeah. You want this cum?” He replied, pounding now even harder. The shear intensity of cock pushing violently in and out of Ray made his eyes roll momentarily back into his head. Dylan reach down and gave his face a little slap. “Huh? You want this load.”

“Yes!” Ray managed.

“Yes, WHAT!”

“Yes, daddy.”

Ray was fully enthralled and he knew what was coming. The raspy grunts of the man inside of him intensified and Ray clenched with anticipation. He wanted it so badly that it was almost embarrassing. He couldn’t wait to feel that hard cock flood him with thick, warm cum.

“Do it,” he moaned. “Give me that cum daddy.” The words sounded to him as if they were coming from another person.

In response Dylan did something unexpected. He quickly lowered the tree-trunk legs from his shoulders. Ray jumped when he felt the cock suddenly slip out of him. In a flash Dylan moved up Ray’s body and was suddenly straddling his chest.

“Suck my dick,” Dylan said, grabbing the bald head that laid back before him. His other hand and vigorously stroked his slick cock. Ray leaned forward just a bit and found his mouth invaded once again by hard cock. Only now, he could taste himself as it slid across his tongue. Even though he had already had an intense orgasm, Ray obediently sucked and stroked the cock in his mouth.

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