Louise and Her Journey Home

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Fucking S

Louise stood on the platform. Her train was late again for the third time that week. She has started working at the hospital after recently qualifying as an Ultrasound Specialist and she loved her new role. The days were long but rewarding. The evening as a little cool but still enough heat left in the air following the warm summer day that had just finished. Her pale blue light jacket around her shoulders partly covering the crisp whiteness of her medical uniform. The dress was standard issue but Louise had selected a size smaller than she would normally. Her non strict diet had helped her loose a couple of pounds but she knew her body was in good shape. The slightly undersized outfit hugged her hips and the swell of her breasts beautify accentuating her curves and highlighted her narrow waist. The fastenings up the front held the garment together securely apart from the top and bottom buttons that she had undone in the cloakroom as she relaxed at the shift change.

The train station was very quiet. The late shift meant she had to take the last train home but at least she would get a seat. The only other people on the platform were an elderly couple with suitcases talking to a porter at the far end. Two minutes to wait. She wiggled her toes in her heeled court shoes. Not totally hospital policy but the three inch red patent stilettos gave her petite body that little extra height she liked. She looked at her nails checking that the French manicure she had treated herself to the previous day was still intact and she smiled to herself as she examined her feminine fingers.

The station PA system interrupted her thoughts as it announced the imminent arrival of the train that would convey you home. Moments later, lumbering tons of steel swept into the station, its wheels squealing as the brakes were applied. The previously still air was whipped into a turbulent wind as the engine passed where she stood, blowing her hair across her face.

Louise picked up her small handbag and moved to the nearest door just as the train stopped and the double doors hissed open. She stepped back to allow a young couple to jump of the train and watched as they stumbled arm in arm towards the exit. Smiling at their public affection she boarded the train. The carriage had groups of seats, thee in a row and grouped in fours, two pairs facing each other with a central isle. The compartment was empty apart from one guy seated against a window his eyes closed, apparently asleep. She chose a seat on the other side of the passage way but in the same section and facing him.

She settled into her place. Shrugging her jacket off her shoulders, arching her back in the process. Her breasts pushed out against the fabric of her dress testing the security of the fastenings.

As the doors began to close another man entered the carriage stepping through the gap just in time. Louise looked up and studied the new arrival. He was tall with a reasonable physique He wore a dark grey suit with a white shirts and navy tie. He looked towards the empty rear of the compartment and then turned look to the front. Their eyes met and for some reason she could not look away. His blue eyes sparked and the corner of his mouth edged with the smallest of smiles. The train lurched as it pulled away. The suited man held onto the backs of the seats and he walked to take his seat directly opposite Louise. Their eyes met again and this time he nodded in acknowledgement and gave her a bigger smile, before taking out his mobile and began scrolling through the screens images.

Louise tried to look out of the window but the darkness behind the glass just made it an effective mirror. She studied the “Suit” opposite her. He was older than her but not much more with strong masculine features and a well-kept appearance.

In contrast the guy across the carriage was younger maybe early thirties and dressed for more manual labour, maybe construction, but his blue jeans and checked shirt were not too dirty. His hair was a bit too long and he wore a couple of day’s stubble on his chin. Not really her type but still attractive in a rugged sort of way.

Louise lent her head against the glass. The long day and rocking of the train soon had her feeling drowsy. She began to doze, not a deep sleep but just on the edge where dreams could be found. Erotic thoughts crept into her brain and she began to have nice mental images of being touched and caressed and taken hard. Her body wanted to follow her thoughts. And in her mind she was naked on a larger bed writhing against white silk sheets…

The train horn blew for some unknown warning jetting her back to consciousness.

At first she was unsure of her situation but slowly it dawned on her.

As her dream filled her awakened memory she remembered her hands roaming her body. In fact she had subconsciously been acting out the same moves but on the commuter train! She had slid down in her seat her knees had spread a few inches apart causing another fastening on the skirt part of her bursa escort dress to pop open and the hem of the skirt to raise to reveal the top of her shear lace hold up stocking. Her hand rested on her chest and she felt the curve of her breast against her own touch. Looking down she saw that more poppers were loose and the cups of her red lace bra were just on view.

She glanced over towards builder guy hoping he had not noticed but found him staring straight at her. A hungry look on his face and a lump clearly visible in his work trousers!

The seat in front of her was empty…where was suit guy? Her question was answered by a warm strong hand being placed on her thigh. Fully awake now she began to sit up straight but the firm hand on her leg kept her laid back. She looked to see the Suit sitting next to her. She was about to struggle and protest but the look on his face changed her mind. His eyes bore into hers and without a spoken word they commanded her to relax. The half-smile returned to his face as he felt her thigh muscle relax. He softly stroked a stay hair off her face and back behind her ear.

“I’m sorry Miss but you appear to be in need of a little assistance”. And he squeezed her leg causing another press stud on the dress to part exposing a couple of inches of creamy white thigh above her stocking top. Louise eyes burnt with a mix of fear, embarrassment and… she suddenly realised how aroused she was.

Suit leaned forward and she could smell his cologne. Subtle and not overpowering but manly. She inhaled deeply. Her breasts swelling with the intake of breath. He looked into her eyes and then without warning kissed her lips. Louise could not resist. His mouth moved against hers and she felt her lips part accepting his. How was this happening she thought? Was she still dreaming? But the fingertips that stroked her cheek and ran down her neck felt so good. As they grazed her collar bone and dipped down into her cleavage she knew it was real. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth holding her firm and she felt his hand drift down her body undoing each remaining press studs as it past. Her heart rate quickened and her breathing rate increased.

Suit sat back and spread the two sides of the unfastened white dress apart. She lay transfixed unable to move as he devoured her with his eyes. She chewed her bottom lip, now missing his kiss. The red gloss flesh puffy from his suck.

He looked down her body not rushing, taking in her spender. Her slim smooth neck, her chest rising and falling, to the curves of her ample breasts still held in the lace cups of a delicate scarlet bra.

Her toned stomach with a cute navel and down to the flimsy shear triangle that coordinated with her matched her bra. With her legs slightly open the Suit could see a darker red patch on the thin gusset betraying her arousal. Her legs extends down to her shapely knees and calves fitted within the gossamer nylon of her hosiery. Her feet still wearing the killer heels. For some reason she was under his spell not even raising a murmur of objection as he applied a little more pressure to her thigh; spreading her legs wider apart.

Suit stood up and stepped across in front of her and between her knees. Louise was totally entranced. In no time she had gone from a demure medical professional on her way home to a wanton slut, semi clothed on a public train.

A public train! The shock of that though caused her to look over at the only other passenger. Builder guy had moved over one seat and was watching the activities intently. His hand rubbing the cylindrical lump that was growing at the top of his thigh. His eyes roamed freely over her exposed flesh and he licked his lips as though he had just been presented with a twelve ounce prime rib eye steak.

A short tinny hum filled her ear and she recognised the sound of a fly opening. Her attention snapped back to the Suit standing before her. He bent and kissed her for forehead but said nothing. Her mind was in turmoil she knew exactly what he expected; but how was this happening. With a tentative hand she touched the front of his tailored trousers, sitting up and forward in her seat. Her palm flat against his open zip. She felt a hot firmness through the material. She looked up and their eyes locked again. His strong and commanding, hers shy and submissive under her fringe. He gave a slight nod and she knew what to do. Her fingers dipped into the opening and found he was without boxer shorts. Her finger stroked the warm lump of flesh that twitched at her touch. Her hand pushed deeper past the open zip and she curled her fingers around his meaty shaft, gently easing it out into view.

His cock was a good average size or maybe a little more as it hung before her eyes semi erect. A thick vein snaked along its surface conveying blood to the member making it swell as she held it with her fingers. It grew with her touch and she watched mesmerised, her thumb and forefinger now circling the base then kestel escort pulling up the fleshy phallus, stroking the smooth skin against the throbbing core.

His cock grew to its full seven inches and stood out horizontally from his body its head pointing at Louise’s face in line with her pink painted lips. She reluctantly pulled her eyes from the object before her, hypnotised by its strength and size, and glanced up at the Suits face. He was still calm and composed but a fire now burned behind his eyes. He laid a hand gently on her head and drew her forward.

Louise swallowed and licked her lips. The head of his cock nudged where she had just moistened and she opened her mouth hesitantly. His warm cock head pushed between her lips and across her tongue. His fingers gripped her hair and he pushed further till his foreskin was tickling her throat. Louise fought back her tears and her gag reflex; her throat began to spasm around the dick as it slipped another inch into her throat. She struggled to breath.

With a gasp he withdrew and she inhaled deeply. Saliva drooled from her mouth over her chin and bridged in wet strings to his hovering cock. She had had a taste and now wanted more. She began to lick and kiss his shaft around the head and down its length. Then taking him back into her mouth and sucking his flesh, tasting the dribbles of pre-cum that increased her own arousal. She heard him groan deep in his throat and knew she was pleasing him. After a few minutes he pulled away leaving her gasping like a fish out of water, wanting more of his dick to taste.

Louise returned to reality and checked her surroundings. Her dress was still fully open and hung down her arms. A bra strap had slipped off her shoulder. She looked around the train carriage. Builder guy has edged closer and was now in the closest seat across the aisle. Her eyes widened to see that he too had released his cock and was leisurely stroking his meat as he had watched her administer her wanton blow job to the Suit. His cock was large, about the same length as the one she has just sucked but slightly thicker. A shaggy unkempt mane of pubic hair surrounded his hard penis where it emerged from his opened work jeans. She preferred men who looked after their appearance a bit better but the size of his dick and the state of her arousal allowed her to over-look this defect. He continued to rhythmically stroke himself, the helmet slick with his early discharge making it glisten in the harsh fluorescent lights of the train. Their eyes met and she shuddered at the lustful leer he returned.

A hand touched hers and the Suit regained her attention, and he guided her to her feet before him. He passed an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips met hers and he began to French kiss her; his tongue invading her mouth and fighting her own tongue. Her knees sagged as the passion of his kiss overwhelmed her. He held her tight, pulling her even closer. His cock rubbed over her stomach leaving a silver trail of moisture from its tip on her smooth skin. He maneuverer his hand and eased the remains of her white dress down her arms to fall on the dirty floor at their feet. The bright red of her thong scribed a thin lace line between her tight butt cheeks which were now exposed for her audience of two. Suits hand brushed up from her lower back and his dexterous fingers easily unclasped the little hooks of her balcony bra. The pressure around her breasts released as the silky red lace fell away from her chest.

Louise felt her nipples harden even more as they became exposed to the cool air. But only cool for a moment as the Suit cupped a breast in each hand and kneaded them softly her pinched her teats hard between her fingers. She gasped as the pain shot directly from each tit to her pussy, and a drip of moisture added to her already wet labia lips. Another surprise followed. A hand stroked over her bum cheek and squeezed the left globe firmly. Louise reached back and found Builder guy now next to her, his rough hands pawing at her sensitive skin. She was now sandwiched between her two male co-passengers.

Suit, spun her round, still holding her tight, possessing her, but at the same time sharing her with the rough workman. His cock slid against her ass crack as he ground against her from behind while at the same time he began kissing her neck. Builder guy with less finesse grabbed and pawed at her tits that were pushed up and out. Suit was holding both her wrists tightly behind her back so she had little chance of resistance. Builder’s breath was a mix of coffee and cigarettes. She hated smokers but could only turn so far away from him.

Suit pulled her away and turned her around to the triple bench seat and guided her to kneel along the padded seat with her head facing the aisle. He pushed her shoulders down to arch her back, bum raised. One leg kneeling close to the back rest, the other spread straight and stretched down to the floor. Suit hooked his fingers into the thin elastic gürsu escort strings at each hip and in a sudden move ripped her thong from her body. The ruined wisp of lingerie landed on the seat in front of her where it was thrown. Her skin stung from the sharp violent removal of her last covering, but she was so turned on now. Suit moved behind her and settled into position, undoing the button on his smart trousers to give him more freedom and allowing his balls to swing free.

He wiped his erection against her wet pussy, transferring her juices to coat his solid penis. Louise could not resist and rocked back against him seeking the penetration she now craved. His tip eased inside her but he held her still not giving her what she so desperately wanted. She looked back over her shoulder with a pleading look on her face. Suit dug his fingers into her hips and drove forward hard and deep filling and stretching her hot demanding pussy. She gasped and threw her head back as she was impaled on every inch he could give her. Suit reached over her back and pulled on her hair lifting her face. Builder guy stood in the passageway directly in front of her. His jeans around his knees and erection in his hand.

The cock in her pussy was sliding in and out at an increasing pace and the sound of her wetness, and slap of their colliding thighs filled the compartment. The grip on her hair tightened, pulling her back even more onto his pounding dick but also guiding her mouth to the second cock. Louise had no choice as the dick entered one of her other orifices. Her lips stretched to accommodate his girth and as soon as he had inserted two inched he began to fuck her mouth. The two men mirroring their movements, one trusting in while the other pulled back.

Louise was being used. Spit roast fucked. Naked except for her high heels and hold up stockings on a public train. And she was loving it! Her hair was a wild mess. Juices trickled down her inner thighs from the three climaxes she has already ridden. The guys were relentless. Neither had cum yet but her mouth just dribbled a mixture of her saliva and the Builders essence. Her pussy was red and throbbing from the pounding it had received. Just when she thought she could not experience any more pleasure, the Suit behind her rubbed two fingers through her fluids then gently began to work one then the other into her ass hole. Louise tried to moan in pleasure but just a muffed hum emerged from her cock stuffed mouth.

Her strong anal sphincter fought his intrusion but gradually relaxed as the fingers twisted and pumped into her ass loosening her forbidden entrance.

With no apparent warning both guys pulled out leaving Louise feeling empty and wanting more. She caught her image in the glass window and the reflection showed the wanton slut that she has become. Her make-up was smeared on her face and a sheen of perspiration covered her naked body. She licked her lips and smiled at each guy in turn and was about to reach for her dress when the suit who had sat down on the bench seat took her by the waist and lifted her onto his lap. Louise was held tight with her back to his chest and his legs forced hers apart exposing her dripping vagina once again. Suit reached under her and adjusted his position then slowly but with increasing pressure pushed his still erect cock up into her tight little rear puckered hole!

Louise wigged and tried to resist briefly but gravity and the hands holding her firmly from behind slowly and steadily lowered her down; inch by inch; the Suits cock gradually filled her anus. Her tight butt muscles tried in vain to stop the intrusion but finally gave in to the invasion and relaxed. It had been a while since she had felt the painful pleasure of anal sex but the full feeling was making her feel so good. She rotated her hips a little getting more comfortable and the last part of his hard cock settled deep in her ass.

She leaned back against his chest and his hands reached up to cup her tits and tease her nipples even more. Suit moved his knees and used them to spread her legs wide again fully exposing her sweet pink pussy. She moaned in delight as her carefully ground his sold dick up into her backdoor.

Builder guy by now had kicked off his jeans, somehow removing them over his heavy steel toed work boots. His rampant penis still hard and angry pointing in her direction. She felt the Suit move behind her, passing something forward which builder lifted to his mouth.

Louise sat mesmerized being fucked from behind in a seated reverse cowgirl position as she watched the construction workers rip open the condom packet and roll the latex sheath down his erection. He gave it a couple of strokes with his clenched fist then pushed his lower limbs into the tangle of legs before him and crouched down, aligning his missile with its target. Louise’s eyes widened as she realised what was about to happen.

She had never had a double penetration before but it had been a frequent fantasy over the last couple of years. Builder guys cock head rubbed against her dripping vaginal lips and pushing over her so, so, sensitive clit. Suits hands held her hips firm as the second penis filled her open orifice. She groaned in delight, totally lost in the lustful pleasure she was experiencing.

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