Into Her Depths

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She sat there, in the small rolling computer chair; her hands tied behind the back of the seat, cloth in her mouth, her voice muffled. She was naked; the round buds of her nipples were perked from the chill of the room. She heard a sound and turned her head. He stood there, naked, his sex already hard from the site of his next victim. A grin formed on his face as he thought of all the things he was going to do to her. Walking over to her, he ran his fingers through her hair and yanked. She moaned, pain and pleasure coursed through her body. She could feel her sex get warm and twitch. He pulled her hair back more, making her head tilt backwards, their eyes met as he leaned down, pulling the gage aside and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth. His fingers ran over her neck, he squeezed gently, showing her his power, then ran his hand down to her breasts, squeezing them tightly, rolling the buds between his fingers.

She tried to get lose from her binds, but they were tied too tightly. He let go of her hair and kneeled down, his tongue running over her face and down her neck, stopping at her breasts, he nibbled on the round nipples, his hand tracing her stomach down to her thighs. He forced her legs open, and ran his fingers over her sex, slightly opening the lips. A few drops of her juices spilled out and over his finger tips. He bit hard on her nipple, sending her into a moan. She tried to squeeze her legs shut, but he grabbed them, and pushed them further apart. Leaning down, he let his tongue run over her hotness. He could smell the lingering scent of urine mixed with her juices, this turned him on and made his cock throb. Nibbling on the nub of her clit, he sucked up some of the juices, savoring the sweet tangy flavor. She moaned and wriggled, the sensations making her hot. Running his hand to her breast, he played with the nipple, as his tongue ran down her pussy lips, and then slowly he pushed his tongue inside of her, drinking down the sweet nectar. She moaned more loudly, an orgasm festering in her loins and slowly moving up her body.

He wanted to see her tight xslot ass, so he pulled her off the chair, her hands still tied, and made her kneel on the chair, her ass in the air. Her breasts fell over the back of the chair as the coolness of the room sent goose bumps all over her back. He ran his hands over her ass, squeezing each cheek, examining the shape and firmness. He kissed the back of her neck, nipped at her shoulders, and ran his tongue down the middle of her back, all the way to her tail bone. Spreading apart her cheeks, he gazed with lustful eyes at the pink hole that hide between the soft cheeks. Leaning down he sniffed the fragrance of her ass and his mouth watered, sticking out his tongue he gently ran it from her pussy all the way up over her ass. Chills ran through her body and her eyes closed.

She had never felt anything like this before, and she wasn’t sure what to make of it, didn’t matter because she was tied up. She did like the being tied up part. He gently pressed his tongue inside her ass and fingered her pussy, he could tell that she was getting wetter by the minute, and this made his cock begin to drip a little. He slowly removed his fingers from her pussy and licked the juices off of them, then took his thumb and slowly pressed it into her ass, licking the hole at the same time. Her legs twitched and she moaned, her eyes pressing tightly together. He could tell that she’d never experienced this before, her ass was so tight. So he took it slow and gentle, if he was going to get her to like it he had to be nice. He removed his thumb and stood up; leaving her there to wonder what he was going to do next.

Walking over to a cabinet on the far wall, he opened it up and inside was many different kinds of toys. He reached in and pulled out a string of beads. The largest at the top and then as you looked down they got smaller and smaller. Snatching up a bottle of lube, he walked back over to her, and could see her fingers moving about, a sign of her nervousness, he liked that. He leaned down and blew on her ass, goose bumps formed again. He then xslot Giriş licked her ass cheeks and bit each one gently, then slapped them both hard, leaving palm prints, she moaned. He got on his knees and gently spread open her ass cheeks and licked her ass hole again, getting it really moist. Popping open the top of the lube bottle, he squirted a decent amount of the cold clear liquid onto her hold, then gently spread it around, inserting his thumb into her ass.

Taking the smallest of the beads he began to gently push them into her hole. She moaned and squirmed a little, but he kissed her cheeks and her back as he slowly pressed another ball into her ass. He licked her and caressed her breasts, then ran a finger into her wet pussy. He wanted to make sure that she was experiencing all the pleasure he could give. After a few minutes he was down to the last ball, the biggest of them all. He licked the area that the balls had entered, making it moist again and slowly pressed the ball halfway inside, and he could tell that it wasn’t going to go any further, so he slowly began to pull them back out. She tilted her head back, moaning, her fingers interlocked together. Each ball began to appear from her cavity, slightly covered with ass juice, he licked them as they left her hole. He ran his finger back into her pussy, fingering her clit as he pulled each ball out.

Finally the last ball came out and he lapped up the juices and dirtiness of her hole, running his tongue in and out of it. He thought to himself if she was ready for his monster of a cock, but decided that she could handle the balls, she could handle him. He stood up, grabbing her hands and stroked his throbbing cock; he ran his fingers into her pussy again, getting his fingers all wet. Using those juices he ran his hand over his cock again, getting it ready to go into the nethers of her cavity. He could hear her moan, but he couldn’t take not hearing her voice, so he leaned forward and removed her gag.

What came out of her mouth made him shudder with lust. He heard her tell him that she wanted xslot Güncel Giriş his cock in her ass. That she wanted to know what it felt like, that she wanted him to finger her pussy as he pressed his hot sex into her. His mouth watered, and he let the saliva drip down onto his cock. Running his hand back and forth he moisten his shaft, and then spat onto her hole, getting it wet too. Grabbing her hands with his free hand, he pulled her close to him, and gently pressed the head of his cock into her ass. She gasped and moaned. He let go of her hands and ran his fingers over her back and through her hair. As he pressed his cock deeper into her, he pulled on her hair, arching her back.

She moaned with pleasure and asked him for more. So he obliged and shoved his cock into her to the hilt. She let out a deep gasp as if the breath in her was shoved out. He enjoyed that very much. He could tell that she was going to enjoy everything that he had in store for her. Running his hand to her shoulder, he proceeded to press his cock in and out of her, building up speed with every thrust. She moaned for him to continue, her breathing heavy. She turned her head and let her tongue run across his fingers. He liked that. He decided that she didn’t need to be on the chair anymore, so he ran his hands around her belly and pulled her off the chair, his cock still in her ass, and lay down on the floor, her sitting on top of him. He left her hands tied, because he liked the power, but he did help her a bit.

Running his hands under her cheeks, he helped her rise up and down on his cock. He moaned at the feeling. He could feel his cock getting ready to explode inside of her. She moaned for him to not stop, and so he didn’t, he fucked her ass, until he couldn’t any longer. His orgasm shot through his body like a volcano erupting, and his load spilled into her ass and out of it, all over his cock as he pumped one last pump. He lifted her off of him and laid her on the ground. She lay there, her hands tied, her breathing heavy. Running his hand over her thigh, he removed the binds and kissed her wrists. She laid there, on the floor next to him, his milky juices seeping from her cavity. She never thought that she would have ever enjoyed what he had just done to her, but she realized that there was much she probably would enjoy that she never considered before in her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32