Island Discipline Ch. 09

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Kristy clawed her way up from an almost suffocating blackness to find her mistress shaking her shoulder.

“Time to get up slave,” she said, unlocking both sets of cuffs from around Kristy’s wrists and ankles.

As Kristy struggled to sit up she winced as the action caused the chain she was still wearing to chafe against her genitals. Sue noticed this and offered Kristy a reprieve.

“I’m feeling generous this morning, slave,” she informed Kristy. “If you can perform as well as you did last night and bring me to orgasm, I will unlock the chain. If not, you will wear it for the rest of the day. It’s your choice.”

Of course she knew that it was no choice at all. By this time Kristy would be desperate to free herself of the hated chain.

“Please Mistress, let me eat your pussy and make you cum!” Kristy said eagerly.

She was beginning to enjoy the experience and took a certain amount of pride in her ability to bring her mistress to orgasm. Unlike when her master came in her ass, to bring her mistress to a climax required a fairly high degree of skill and dedication. She dutifully followed her mistress to the guest bedroom where she noticed with a jolt, that her bed took pride of place. She was allowed no time for regret however, as her mistress lay down across the bed and spread her legs.

“On your knees, slave, and make sure you do a good job!” she commanded.

Kristy immediately fell to her knees and started to lap at Sue’s pussy. She started with long strokes up between her slit before moving up to tease her clitoris. Sue held back a moan as the little nub started to stiffen under Kristy’s ministrations. Then she moved her tongue back to dart between her mistress’ labia and up into her pussy. She could feel the woman’s juices start to trickle down and her nose inhaled the muskiness of the scent. Soon her mouth was covered with Sue’s juices and she could feel her own pussy getting wet in response. Now she brought her fingers into play. She concentrated her mouth and tongue on the clitoris whilst her fingers stroked backwards and forwards between her pussy lips, lubricating them before she inserted deep into her pussy and started pumping them in and out. One of her fingers encountered a small rough area and she knew she had found the g-spot. Crooking one finger, she started to tap against it, causing the woman above her to squirm and moan in pleasure. She continued to stimulated the g-spot until suddenly Sue’s muscles clenched and Hairstyle’s face was covered in liquid as she ejaculated. Taken by surprise, Kristy stopped dead in shock. What had just happened.

Shuddering in the throes of her climax, Sue nevertheless noticed Kristy’s reaction. She grabbed her hair and shoved her face back into her soaking pussy. “Clean me off, slave!” she commanded throatily. “Haven’t you even heard of female ejaculation before?”

Kristy shook her head but bent to the task of lapping up her mistress’s ejaculate. When she had finished, Sue pulled her head up until they were face to face, forced her tongue into Kristy’s mouth and kissed her deeply.

“Thank you slave, that was very well done!” she complimented her startled slave.

Kristy stared at her wide-eyed. She had never been kissed by a woman before and found the experience surprisingly erotic! Her own pussy was dripping wet by now.

“I expect you want me to unlock that chain for you?” Sue said.

“Yes please Mistress” Kristy replied gratefully.

“Very well, the key is hanging outside the front door. You may go and retrieve it,” Sue informed her.

Kristy couldn’t believe her ears. She was expected to open the door to her apartment stark naked except for the chain in order to retrieve the means of her release. Still, she knew she had no choice. She couldn’t go through the rest of the day like this! She reluctantly made her way to the door and opened it, unaware that Sue was following silently behind. Across the hall she could see a key hanging on a hook. Swallowing hard, she stepped outside the door and moved to retrieve the key and was startled to hear the door slam behind her. Frantically she grabbed the key and spun around, hammering on the door to be let in. Sue waited behind the door that she had deliberately closed. She could hear Kristy frantically begging to be let in and smiled to herself. Another lesson was being learned here. It was only at her master or mistress’s whim that she could escape exposure and humiliation. After a minute she unlocked the door and let Kristy in. Face flaming in embarrassment, Kristy rushed inside.

“Oh thank you Mistress,” she exclaimed, unaware that the door had been closed behind her deliberately.

Sue held out her hand for the key and Kristy quickly handed it over, desperate for the irritating chain to be removed. Taking her time, Sue unlocked the padlocks holding the chain to the collar and removed both. The chain slithered to the floor and Kristy sighed in relief.

“You may use the bathroom to clean yourself up and get ready for work” Kristy was told.

A glance at the clock showed that she was running late and she hurried xslot into the bathroom. She picked up the enema bag and filled it with warm soapy water, inserting the nozzle into her ass and releasing the clamp. She inserted a butt plug and turned on the shower. She swiftly washed her hair and gingerly soothed shower gel over her body, taking care not to aggravate her sore nipples and the angry red welts that criss-crossed her body. A glance at the bathroom clock showed her that the required 10 minutes had passed and she removed the plug, releasing the fluid inside. She gave herself a final rinse and stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel.

Sue met her at the door.

“I have chosen your outfit for today. Dry your hair and get dressed,” she told her.

Kristy made her way to the dressing table, dried her hair and put on her make-up before turning to the bed. Laid out in front of her was a deep purple dress made of a very lightweight silk, with a high neck and full skirt and buttons which ran the entire length of the dress, from collar to just above the hem. A half cup bra in matching fabric was set beside it, along with a matching garter belt and shear black seamed stockings. A pair of 5″ high strappy sandals completed the outfit.

Kristy looked at the clothes and sighed. She guessed it could be worse. At least the dress wouldn’t rub too badly against her welts and the half cup bra provided some protection for her abused nipples, but the material of the dress was so light that the slightest breeze would cause it to fly up, revealing her exposed pussy to anyone in the vicinity!

She dressed carefully and noticed that the collar was completely concealed by the high neckline of the dress. Her mistress hadn’t removed it as she had with the cuffs and Kristy could only assume it was to be left on. She certainly wasn’t going to risk any more punishment by asking for it to be removed!

Sue watched her dress, satisfied that Kristy had accepted the presence of the collar with no question. She rose and walked over to the bed. In her hands were a brush and 2 black elastic hair ties. She grabbed Kristy by the hair and quickly brushed it into a tail, which she secured high on her scalp. She then proceeded to deftly plait it into a single braid, securing the end with the other hair tie. The hair was pulled so tight that it immediately started to make Kristy’s scalp hurt.

She pulled her to her feet and gestured that she was to move into the kitchen. Kristy obediently teetered towards the room and stood by the kitchen table, patiently awaiting instructions.

“You will make breakfast for both of us,” Sue informed her. “You will serve me with an omelette and fresh toast. You will have grapefruit.”

As Kristy opened her mouth to say that she didn’t have the makings of an omelette, she noticed the ingredients laid out on the counter, including eggs,butter, mushrooms, cheese and ham, all in single portions. She also noticed a single serving cafetiere with coffee standing near the kettle. Dutifully, she set to and with quick efficiency turned out a light and fluffy omelette. She put the kettle on and just before it was about to boil poured the water into the cafetiere before placing it back on the boil for her tea.

Sue thanked her for breakfast and tucked in, complimenting Kristy on her culinary skills. When they had both finished, Sue looked at her.

“I think that your service this morning deserves a reward,” she told her. “Clear everything off the table, and then bend over it, face down” she instructed.

Puzzled and unsure of what was in store for her, Kristy obeyed. Sue flipped up the lightweight skirt and eased her fingers between Kristy’s legs. Her pussy was still a little moist from her actions this morning and Sue’s fingers easily slipped between her pussy lips and into her vagina. Slowly she started thrusting in and out, trapping Kristy’s pubic mound against the table as she did so. Gradually she increased speed and pressure and was rewarded when she heard Kristy’s breathing get ragged. She knew when the woman was reaching the peak and said “you may cum, slave.” With a cry, Kristy climaxed although disappointingly, it was not as strong as previous occasions. She was dimly starting to understand that she needed the pain as well as the pleasure to achieve the true heights. Nevertheless, she was truly grateful to her mistress for giving her some much needed relief!

“Thank you Mistress!” Kristy said sincerely.

Sue smiled at her. “You may clean me off and then you are free to go to work.” she said holding out her hand.

Puzzled, Kristy looked at her before realising that she was expected to lick her mistress’s fingers clean! Dutifully she took her fingers and one by one, sucked them into her mouth, her tongue licking them clean. It was a strange experience for her to be tasting her own juices and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Finally, Sue patted her on the head.

“That will be all, slave. Get to work,” she said.

Kristy picked up her purse and laptop back from the living room and looked around for her keys. Sue xslot Giriş informed her that she would not be needing them and that her master would return them to her that evening.

“Pray that he is in a better mood today,” Sue advised. “He was very angry with you last night!”

Kristy shuddered. Her body still throbbed with the effects of his anger and she was determined not to go through that again! With this in mind, she bid Sue farewell and made her way down to her car. Driving to work she was very aware of the collar around her throat and prayed that the dress would not slip and reveal it. As she made her way through the lobby she smiled a greeting at her colleagues and asked after their health. She left a trail of amazed faces behind her as she made her way into her office. A padded envelope lay on her desk amongst the other mail, marked private and confidential.

Kristy greeted her secretary and asked if she’d had a good evening. Susan smiled in response, remembering exactly how nice it had been. Her husband, surprised and gratified that he had his wife all to himself and at a decent hour, had proved just how much he appreciated her, not once, but several times that evening.

“Oh, very good, thank you Ms McCall,” she replied. “By the way, Mr Bourne called. He said he had to postpone this morning’s meeting but asked if you would attend his office at 1pm?”

Kristy breathed a sigh of relief. Now at least there was time for him to cool down before she had to meet him face to face!

“That’s fine, thanks Susan” she said. Could you mark it in my diary please and get me a cup of tea?”

As she waited for her secretary’s return she started to open her mail, leaving the padded envelope until last. She was just about to open it when Susan returned and placed her cup on the desk.

“Will that be all for now, Ms McCall?” she asked.

“Yes thank you, Susan,” Kristy replied. “Could you get that last tape finished for me?”

“Certainly, Ms McCall,” Susan said and left the room.

Kristy turned her attention back to the padded envelope and slit open the top before upending the contents onto her desk. Out fell a thick, black butt plug and a sheet of paper.

“You will insert this whilst in your office,” it read. “At 12 O’ Clock you will present yourself at the address shown below where you will be given something. I will expect to see you promptly at 1pm,” the note continued. It was signed with the initials MD and was obviously from David. Kristy frowned, wondering at the ambiguity of the note but shrugged to herself. She was more concerned with how she was going to insert the plug without lubrication. Opening her desk drawer she noticed a tube of hand cream and breathed a sigh of relief. She squeezed some cream into the palm of her hand and smeared it over the plug. She then coated a finger in the residue and eased it around and into her asshole. Finally she took the plug and taking a deep breath, slid the plug into place. To her surprise, it slid in easily and she felt a stirring of pleasure deep within her. She was shocked to see further evidence of how quickly her responses had been modified in that something she had found so abhorrent was now giving her pleasure!

For the rest of the morning she tried to concentrate on her work. She was sorely tempted to shift position and move the plug inside her for greater pleasure, but she could not be sure that her master did not have means of observing her here as he did in the apartment. In time the clock showed 12 and she made her way out of the office. She programmed the address on the note into her Sat Nav system and let the directions guide her to an unfamiliar part of town. She drew into a space opposite a nondescript door and parked the car. She got out, crossed the road and rang the bell. A buzzer sounded and the door swung open. Kristy walked through into a brightly lit lobby and was met by a severe looking woman.

“I was told to come here and collect something” Kristy told the woman.

“And you would be?” the woman asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name’s Kristy McCall,” she replied.

A hint of recognition flickered in the woman’s eyes.

“Very well, come through here,” she said, opening a door and gesturing Kristy to precede her.

Kristy walked through and stopped short. She hadn’t known what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t this! She found herself in a tiled room sterile looking counters and what looked like a metal hospital gurney in the centre.

The woman stood behind her. “Strip and assume Position 3!” she barked.

Without even thinking, Kristy quickly complied, shedding her clothes and standing feet apart and with her hands behind her head. In this position the marks of her punishment together with her slave collar were clearly visible.

“It seems as if you are a disobedient slave!” the woman remarked.

Kristy hung her head in shame.

“What did you do to incur this punishment?” the woman asked.

“I-I masturbated and came without my Master’s permission,” Kristy stammered, not quite believing that she was talking this way xslot Güncel Giriş to a complete stranger!

“No wonder you were punished!” the woman exclaimed. “How and why did you do this?”

“I had just pleasured my Master and Mistress. They went to take a shower and started to make love. I couldn’t stand listening to them when I was desperate for relief so I started to masturbate. I couldn’t help myself and they were very angry with me!” she explained.

“I see,” said the woman sternly. “Very well, get onto the gurney and lie down on your back.”

Kristy reluctantly complied. The woman quickly moved up to her head and attached 2 cords to Kristy’s collar, tightening them and tying them off so her head was held immobile. She then brought thick leather straps up and fastened them around Kristy’s wrists. A waist strap followed, and she cinched it down tight. Further straps were secured around Kristy’s ankles and with a click the bottom end of the gurney split into two. The woman locked both sections into place and fastened two further straps around Kristy’s thighs. She was now totally immobilised and with her legs spread wide, her pussy and clit were completely exposed!

Finally the woman took out a ball gag and forced it into Kristy’s mouth. She fed one strap under her head, drawing it up and buckling it tightly to the shorter end at the side of Kristy’s head. She then turned to a phone sitting on one of the counter tops and dialled a number. When she heard a voice on the other end she said “Your slave is here.”

She then put the call on speaker-phone and continued. “I saw the punishment marks on your slave and found out what happened last night. I expect you are not very happy with your slave at this gross disobedience.”

“That’s correct,” Kristy heard David’s voice issue from the phone. “In fact I am still very angry today.”

“Then I have a suggestion to make,” the woman said.

“I’m listening,” David replied.

“Your slave cannot be allowed the opportunity to act in this way again. I would advise you to have her inner labia lips pierced in addition to the work already ordered. In this way you can deny all access to that area unless you specifically unlock it.”

Kristy listened in horror as the woman described what she had in mind, but gagged as she was, she could make no protest.

“I had already considered this,” David replied, “and wanted to sleep on it before making my decision. However, I believe the severity of the offence merits your suggestion. You have my permission to go ahead.”

“How may pairs do you want inserted?” the woman asked.

“Make it four pairs,” David replied. “I want to be certain the randy bitch never has an opportunity for disobedience of this kind again!” With that the phone line went dead.

Kristy was shaking in terror. She had no idea what the mystery “work” was, but the idea of having her labia pierced was appalling. She tried to cry out for mercy but her words were muffled by the ball gag.

The woman turned from the phone and opened a cupboard, selecting four matched pairs of titanium rings. She added these to the item already resting on the metal tray holding the tools of her trade. She approached the gurney where Kristy lay, pale, sweating and trying frantically to move. The woman looked at her assessingly and tightened the straps further until Kristy was held completely immobile. Tears were now streaming down her face but the woman coldly ignored her and swabbed her labia lips with antiseptic. Taking up a needle from the tray she swiftly made the first piercing. Kristy screamed as she felt the needle and then the insertion of the first ring. The woman continued, methodically piercing and inserting rings along Kristy’s inner labia until she had 4 matched pairs in place. By this time Kristy was drenched in sweat and had her eyes closed. She felt sick and ill. She didn’t, therefore, see the woman pick up the final item from the tray. Once again Kristy felt the coldness of an antiseptic spray but this time it was around her clit. She screamed as she realised what was about to happen. With smooth efficiency the woman pierced the hood of her clitoris and inserted the final titanium ring vertically through. This ring was slightly different from the others in that it contained a disc bearing the initials DB, making it very clear to anyone who viewed it, that the wearer was his property.

Kristy felt the restraints being released but was too shaken to move. Eventually the woman lost patience with her and pulled her to a sitting position.

“Stop being such a baby!” she demanded. “The procedure is over and you haven’t even bled! Now get dressed and return to your master,” she continued. “Be thankful that he has been so lenient. If you had been my slave you would not have been able to move this morning!”

With that, she turned on her heel and exited the room leaving Kristy to shakily put her clothes back on. Driving back to work was extremely uncomfortable as sitting put pressure on the new piercings but somehow she managed to make it back and tidy her appearance before she presented herself at David’s office promptly at 1pm. Helen was just on her way to lunch but buzzed David on the intercom to let him know Kristy had arrived. He thanked her and told her she could go to lunch. He was sure Ms McCall could show herself in.

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