Kenyan Queen Ch. 03: Adding Elements

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Bill was at work when got a message from Maria telling to him to come to her room at 6pm tonight. Bill replied that he would be there at 6 and asked Maria if she wanted him to bring anything. Maria sent Bill a list of things to bring and that she had a surprise for him. Bill seemed a bit eager to get to her room, he kept thinking of what the surprise could be. Time seemed to run slow but it was finally time to clock out. Bill left to pick up the things Maria requested and headed to her room.

Bill knocked on Maria’s door and a few moments later the door opened “set my table so I can eat.”

Bill nodded with his eyes down “yes my Queen” and set the table so she could eat.

Maria looked at the table and smiled with approval, then showed Bill his big surprise in her bathroom. There was a blue tub filled with soap and water with clothes soaking in it.

“You are going to hand wash my clothes, then you will hang them up and then go are going to clean every bit and every room in my house. Follow me to the kitchen first.”

“Yes my Queen” answered Bill as he followed Maria.

“Now your hands were full of xslot items for me when you entered. For that you are waived of your duties when you see me so now show respect to your Queen by getting naked, fall to your knees, bow down before me and kiss my beautiful royal ebony feet.”

Bill closed his eyes “yes my Queen” then he took off his shoes, then his pants, then his shirt, followed by his boxers and then his socks.

Bill put them into a pile as he stood there naked, then he fell to his knees and bowed before Maria kissing her beautiful royal ebony feet.

“Good slave, you are learning your place, now go do your tasks, when you finish come find me, now go slave.”

Bill knelt up “yes my Queen” then he went off to do his chore list.

Maria ate her dinner and then went to use her computer and watch tv. While that happened Bill washed Maria’s clothes and cleaned her house from top to bottom. It took Bill a couple of hours to complete his tasks. He worked pretty hard and looked tired from doing his work. When he was finished he went to where Maria was. Bill dropped to his knees, bowed down xslot Giriş before his Queen and kissed her beautiful royal ebony feet.

“I see you finished your list slave. Well time for you to get on to your next task. You are going to lick the bottom of my feet clean, get to it slave.”

Bill picked up Maria’s foot and licking up and down from heel to toe. His tongue lapped up and salty sweat and dirt from her foot.

“How does it taste slave” asked Maria?

“It taste divine my Queen” answered Bill.

“Such a smart answer slave, you are coming along well but still have a way to go to become what I want you to be.”

Bill licked her foot for awhile longer. Maria pulled her foot away and handed Bill her other foot. Bill proceeded with the same method on her foot. When Maria wanted Bill to stop she puller her foot away and placed it on the floor.

“Slave you are going to do something else for me. Go make me a cup of tea and come back here” said Maria.

“Yes my Queen” replied Bill, he got up and Maria some tea.

Bill prepared Maria’s tea and then brought it back xslot Güncel Giriş to her. He slowly got down on his knees and hand the tea to Maria. Maria took the tea and Bill continued his routine by bowing and then kissing the feet of his Queen.

“While I drink my tea you are going to lick every pair of shoes clean, get to work” ordered Maria.

“Yes my Queen” replied Bill, he went over started to lick every pair of shoes Maria had.

Maria sipped on her tea playing on her computer while her slave licked all of her shoes clean.

Right when Bill finished Maria finished drinking her tea “take this to the kitchen slave.”

Bill grabbed the tea cup and took to kitchen where he washed it clean. Bill came back into the room where he got on his knees, bowed and kissed Maria’s gorgeous feet. Bill staying in his position bowed at Maria’s feet waiting for her next instruction.

After a few moments Maria spoke “slave you are going to kiss my feet one last time and then thank me for enslaving you and letting you serve me in every way I want. Then you will get dressed and you will leave my Queendom, now get on with it slave.”

Bill once again kissed Maria’s feet “thank you my Queen for enslaving me and letting me serve you in every way that you want, being your slave gives my life meaning.”

Bill got up and put on his clothes and left Maria’s Queendom.

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