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I have always loved coming to London. I have always felt a sense of freedom here that I’ve felt nowhere else. It’s kind of a “letting my hair down” feeling. It starts the moment I get off the plane at Heathrow. I can feel my psyche let go of inhibitions and modesty. I notice other women around me more keenly. I watch them move. Some with grace and elegance. Others with purpose and energy. I look at older women, younger women, large women, petite women, ultra feminine women and asexual ones as well. I love the look of all of them. They all excite and entice me.

To borrow a line from Top Gun it is “a target rich environment” and I most definitely am hunting prey. More than I usually do, I have been anticipating this trip for weeks. I have dreamed of tonight. When I dressed for tonight I planned on not ending my night alone.

So, as I sit here in my favourite lesbian bar which is dark, smoky and lust fillled, I watch you come through the door and look around. How femme and delicate you look. Are you meeting your lover here? Are you early or is she late? When you got dressed to come here did you change outfits more than once wondering if this outfit was too seductive and that outfit not seductive enough? How did you manage to pick out just that particular shade of lipstick that makes those luscious lips of yours look so pouty and so damned kissable? I take in your long sexy legs that lead to an ass that entrances me with its movement. Your sweater caresses your breasts in a way that advertises how round and full they are.

I watch you order a glass of wine and settle at a table off to the side. You look around you with an almost nervous air about you. I can tell that you’re not entirely comfortable here. Bars aren’t your normal scene, are they? After you’ve taken a couple of sips of wine I notice that your foot is taping a beat to the music. You are beginning to relax a little. Still no sign of who you are meeting.

Taking a chance, I ask the waitress to deliver another glass of wine to you. When she tells you where it came from you look over and smile at me. Have you any idea at all how wonderful your smile is? How it melts hearts? I rise and walk over to you and introduce myself. I ask if you’re waiting for someone and you tell me no. I ask if I can join you and you nod towards an empty chair. As we talk, it becomes clear to me that this is your first time in a lesbian bar and I ask you if that’s true. Yes, it’s your first time. You have always wanted to come here and it has taken you years to work up the courage to be here. What are you expecting to happen? You don’t really know but you just knew you had to come here.

I take your hand, and lead you to the dance floor. A slow song has just started and this is my chance to find out if you feel as good as you look. You laugh at your awkwardness. I pull you to me and whisper to you to just relax and feel the music. I wonder at how your body fits into mine. I rest my head against the top of yours and breathe you in. What perfume is that? How delicious you smell.

As we dance, I feel you relax even more and rest yourself against me. I lower my hands to your ass and pull you into me. I hear your breath catch and you look up at me. Yes, that’s what you feel. There really is something there. Your eyes become very large and you bite your lip. I whisper in your ear “Does that excite you?” and you only nod and hug me tighter. As the song goes on and we grind our way around the dance floor, I kiss your neck and blow softly on your skin. I feel you shudder Escort Kız slightly and I know that you’re imagining where this might go.

When the song ends, I raise your face up to mine and kiss you softly on the lips. You return the kiss with some passion. I look into those deep brown eyes and whisper “My God you’re beautiful”.

You take my hand and we go back to the table. You never let go of my hand. As we talk, you are caressing my hand and it sends little signals to the rest of my body. I am very aware of every stroke and touch of you. Your laughter is music to me. Your eyes are shining and expressive. You are flirting with me and I am drinking in every ounce of you.

I ask you if you have ever made love with a woman before and you grow silent. After a minute you tell ne, no, but you have wanted to for, oh so long now. You have dreamed and fantasized and wanted. You tell me about secret crushes on women you work with. You tell me about going online and reading every piece of lesbian erotica you could find. I ask you which type of stories excite you the most you tell me the ones where there is a butch and a femme. When I ask you if you play with yourself as you read the stories, you blush deeply and look away from me. Laughing, I bring your face back to look at me and tell you that we all do. You wonder out loud if I think you’re a silly little girl pretending to be gay. As I lean in to kiss you I tell you that you’re not silly, your definitely not little, and tonight, here with me you are most assuredly gay.

You become very quiet and I see a questions in your eyes. Ask me. Go ahead. “Um, do you, you know, wear that all the time? Only on nights like this, I tell her. You ask me what does it feel like to wear one? Sexy, erotic, powerful. It’s my turn to ask a question. “Do you want to see it? Touch it? Have it in you?”. You squeeze my hand and whisper “yes”.

On the taxi ride to my hotel I run my hand up and down the inside of your thigh feeling the silkiness of your stockings. Your head is resting against my shoulder and your eyes are closed. I can tell that you are surrendering to the sensations flooding your body. You cannot even begin to fathom the height of feeling your body is going to find tonight.

I hold your hand as we walk through the lobby and get on the elevator. I can tell this makes you a little nervous because you think that it is so blatant a signal to everyone who sees us. You think they all know that we are about to become lovers. Honey, they could care less. They are wrapped up in their own worlds. As the elevator doors close, I pull you to me and kiss you. A taste of more to come. When my tongue parts your lips you moan slightly.

As I lock the door to the room behind us I see you become nervous. Baby. Be sure. Be sure you want this. I won’t pressure you. I’ll take you home if you want. No. No. You want to be here and you come to me and wrap your arms around my shoulders and reach up to kiss me again. While we kiss, I peel your jacket off you and then take my own off as well. Never breaking from the kiss, I kick off my shoes and then grab you close to me. Grabbing you by the ass, I lift you up and you wrap your legs around my waist. I carry you over to the bed and sit on the edge of it so that you are now sitting in my lap. I feel you move so that you are settled on top of my bulge. You move a little to feel it all the more.

I slowly peel your sweater up and over your head and toss it on the floor. I reach for those wonderful orbs which strain the lace of your bra. After a few minutes of necking and fondling your breasts, I reach around and undo your bra and throw that aside as well. You lean back a little and unbutton my blouse and remove it. You unhook the front clasp of my bra and release “the girls” from their confinement. Your hands caress my breasts and brush across the nipples. My nipples react by becoming very hard and big. You lean over and take a nipple in your mouth. I can feel your lips right down in my cunt. I can’t help but moan. If you learned to do that by reading stories online, then you have learned well. As you suck my breasts my hands are running up and down your back and I kiss the top of your head. Eventually you kiss your way back up to my mouth and we kiss deeply and passionately. My tongue parts your lips and your tongue begins to play with mine.

I fall back on the bed and roll you over so that I am laying on top of you. Looking down into your eyes I see such sensuality. I push your skirt up as far as I can and run my hands across your thighs in that place between where your stocking end and your panties begin. A garter belt and stockings. You are so femme and it excites me more than I have words to tell you. I feel you kicking your shoes off. I rise up on my knees and after you undo the skirt I peel it down and off you. I slowly undo the garters and peel each stocking off slowly. I reach behind you and undo the garter belt and toss it away. You have on thong underwear that makes your mound look small and perfect. I lean down and kiss your stomach and continue the kisses all the way down to the fabric of the thong. I can hear your soft moaning. I hear you whisper “yes” as I kiss your pussy through the fabric.

Tell me what you want me to do for you. You moan. Darling, tell me. Say the words to me. What do you want? Do you want me to fuck you? Yes. Do you want my dick in you? Yes. Then say it. Say you want me. I push the thong aside and slip a finger in your soaking wet pussy. Your hips rise to meet my fingers and your breath quickens. Tell me, baby. What do you want? Your hands reach for your own breasts and start to stroke them. I slip in a second finger and move them around. Tell me. “Make me cum” you whisper. “Please”. No baby, tell me what you want. I want to hear the words. “I want you in me. I need you in me”. You want me to fuck you, darling? “Yes, I want you to fuck me with your dick”. I take my fingers out of you and place them at your lips. Taste. You suck on my fingers which excites and arouses me.

I reach down and undo my pants and push them down my hips. My panties follow. You raise your head to look down at the harness and dildo on my hips. I grab hold of it and place it at the entrance to your pussy. I rub it back and forth over your pussy and clit. You cannot take your eyes off it. I put the head of the dildo at the entrance to your love hole and slowly start to push it in. Your breath catches and I watch you looking down as it goes in. I give one hard push and it is all the way in you and you moan out loud. I lean down to kiss you and your arms go around my neck and you legs go up across my ass. I plunge in as deeply as I can and pull out again as slowly as I can. You hips are matching my movements exactly. I can tell that you are lost in the feeling of being filled and fucked. Still stroking in and out, I pull back from the waist and lean back into you so that one of my tits is right at your mouth. You hungrily take it in your mouth and start to suck on it like a hungry baby. Oh baby.

I feel the beginnings of my own orgasm start to build. I start to stroke you faster and faster. I can feel your body start to tense as it starts the build to orgasm. Cum for me baby. I want you to cum with me. As you suck on my tit I can barely stand it. My body is on fire and my pumping in your cunt is hard and strong. I hear a low moan escape your throat and your body rises up and tenses. Your orgasm triggers mine and I go over the edge into ecstasy. Your legs are squeezing me tightly to you and I am locked in your embrace.

As the waves of cum subside, I pull out of you and roll over onto the bed. You roll towards me and lean in to kiss me. “That was so wonderful.” I wrap you in my arms and pull you to me. You rest your head against my chest and close your eyes. Soon, I hear your breathing change and I know you are sleeping. I get up and cover you with a blanket and leave you there in the bed while I and go to take a shower.

When I come out of the bathroom I stand and watch you sleeping. How beautiful you are in sleep. There is just the hint of a smile on your lips and your hair surrounds your angelic face. I find myself thinking “I could fall in love with this one” and I’m surprised at the depth of the feeling. I lay back down on the bed and feel the need to touch you again. I lift the blanket from your breasts and take a nipple in my mouth. My tongue plays circles around the nipple and I feel it getting hard in my mouth. My left hand takes your other breast and strokes and caresses it. I feel you stirring. A soft sound escapes your lips.

Now that you are awake, I remove the blanket completely and get between your legs. I release your nipple and start to kiss my way down your belly. I stop to pay attention to your belly button. I continue my journey down to that wonderful pussy. I spread your pussy lips and my kisses play ever so softly around your cunt. My tongue goes into your hole and plays there. You are moaning again and I love the sound you make. It makes me want more. My mouth finds your clit and I take it in my lips and suck on it. Your whole body tenses up and your hands go to my head and play with my hair. You are pushing my face into your pussy. You’ve fantasized about this for a long time, haven’t you? Your eyes are closed and you have surrendered to the feelings. Baby, you are so wet and ready. I run my tongue in circles around your clit and your hips start to rock back and forth. I can tell you are very close to coming. I reach a hand underneath you and find your ass. I know this will do it. As I push one finger into your asshole, you go over the edge and orgasm rocks your body. You cry out my name over and over and over. I take my finger out, and crawl back up your body to kiss you. I want you to taste what I have tasted. You lick my face to get all the juices off it and then kiss me long and deep.

Finally you get up to use the bathroom and I pull down the covers on the bed. When you come back I hold open the blankets so that you can crawl in next to me. You rest your back against me and I wrap myself around you. I whisper in your ear how beautiful you are before I fall asleep.

The next thing I realize you are kissing me awake. You are showered and dressed. You have to go. You have to go home and change before you go to work. You have left your phone number on the desk and would I call you the next time I come to London. As you rise to leave me, I pull you back to me and kiss you again. Meet me at the bar tonight. Dress sexy for me and meet me. You get up and head for the door and as it closes behind you I hear you say “8 o’clock”.

Yes, I could fall in love this one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32