Listening to Records

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Kimberly shook slightly as Brandon planted a kiss on her neck. To her, it was startling yet oddly satisfying. The two were listening to a record, Kim admiring the ones on his wall when he came behind her and kissed her neck. He felt her shake, and immediately released the kiss. Kim looked at Brandon, he was looking back. As their eyes met, they stared for a brief moment before the two kissed again, this time on each other. Kim turned towards him as they kissed, and brought her hand up to the back of his neck. Brandon brought his hand to her back, and around to her side, holding it firmly. Their lips disconnected, yet their eyes remained closed. Their foreheads touched as Kim raised her leg, her lower thigh touching his hip.

One hand remained in his hair while the other moved towards his belt. She starting unbuckling it before Brandon went in for another kiss. The excitement startled Kim and her hand slipped to his crotch. In just a second, she felt a hard bulge in his pants and realized he was erect. Brandon was startled at the feeling of her hand on his boner that the two fell onto his bed. Brandon fell on top of Kim, and she felt his bulge hit her own crotch. Through her leggings, it felt good, and Brandon realized it. He grabbed the waistband of her leggings, and slowly pulled them off. She wore no underwear, and she became exposed.

Kim smiled as he admired her wet shaven pussy. After pulling off her leggings, Brandon moved his hands up their legs, and laid them on her thighs. He leaned in, and dragged his nose up her shin, and began painting saliva on her leg with his tongue starting at her knee. Kimberly’s legs tightened around his head as his rough tongue felt amazing on her smooth legs. As he reached her vagina, he Sinop Escort dragged his nose around her labia, resting on her clitoris. Her pussy became the canvas, his tongue still the brush. As he went to work, she became even more wet as her thighs tightened around his back, her hands having a firm grip on his hair.

She began panting loudly, and even moaned at some points. Brandon looked up to see that her head was arched backwards, her eyebrows bunched together, and her mouth wide open. Kimberly looked down to see Brandon looking at her. Her fingers moved towards his shirt, and Brandon got up, pulling it off. Now upright, sitting on his knees, Kimberly leaned up with him. As he was taking his shirt off, she finished unbuckling his belt. She then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants as he lifted her shirt. She pulled her shirt off, and Brandon admired her breasts. He leaned in, and began sucking on her hard nipples as Kim lowered his pants, his hard penis springing from his tight jeans. Kimberly smiled as she lifted Brandon’s head from her breast, and kissed him. Their tongues danced as she slowly masturbated him.

Brandon lightly moaned from the feeling of her cold fingers on his warm cock. Kim smiled even more as she pushed him off the bed. She pushed him into a wall as she pulled his pants down to his ankles. She got down on her knees, and grabbed Brandon’s dick. She moved her tongue all along his length before inserting his pinkish head into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around it as Brandon’s head hit the wall. He started moaning as Kim giggled, putting his whole penis in her mouth. Because of it’s size, she was able to fit the whole thing. Brandon groaned, holding Kimberly’s hair tightly. Kim enjoyed Sinop Escort Bayan making him feel good. He kneeled down with her, and brought her up, kissing her. They turned around, and Brandon had Kim against the wall.

He lifted her leg as she spread her vaginal lips. He inserted the head of his penis in, but hesitated. He was still a virgin, and wasn’t sure about losing it. Kimberly, however, was eager. She grabbed his ass, and pushed him into her. With every inch, Kimberly’s mouth opened more and more. When he couldn’t go any further, she moaned loudly and for a while. Brandon smiled deviously as he slowly pulled out, but not all the way. Kimberly looked at him intensely. Their tongues touched, then their lips. At that point, he went all in. He pounded her fast and hard, and Kimberly moaned loudly with every thrust. Her eyes rolled at the back of her head as her nails dug into his back. Her leg that was up shook as the other was on it’s toes. At each pound, more of her love juice dropped out of her, some of it flinging on the walls.

Brandon leaned in, his forehead on the wall and his eyes in her shoulder. He panted with sounds of pleasure as he fucked her against the wall. Every section of flesh on their bodies shook at the rhythm of their passionate fucking. With one hand, Brandon held up Kimberly’s seizing thigh, the other on her breast. The two moved from the wall, but kept the same position. A poor Rolling Stones record was covered in Kimberly’s sweat, as they had been fucking on it. They stood, fucking in the middle of the room. Brandon’s hand had now moved from her breast to her ass. He held is tightly, feeling it jiggle as the two continued to fuck. Occasionally, he would slap it hard, Escort Sinop and Kim would yelp with passion on each hit.

Eventually, the two lost their balance, and they fell onto a chair. Laughing, the two adjusted their position. Kimberly was now on top of a sitting Brandon, one hand on her breast, the other on her ass. They continued panting and moaning as they kept fucking in the chair. Brandon moved his fingers around her ass, squeezing it, and moved his finger to her anus, rubbing it and slightly putting his finger in it. Kim got even more excited, and pulled Brandon back onto the bed. They adjusted their positioning again, and now Brandon was behind her, Kim on her hands and knees. Brandon seemed to fuck her even harder, spanking her while doing it. He leaned down, and continued fondling her breasts.

Kimberly looked at his wall, and her eyes began closing. She moaned even louder as his downward motion stimulated her G-Spot. They continued in this position until Brandon cried out, “Ah, Kimberly! You’re amazing! I think I’m gonna-” Kimberly yelled out, “Me too! Me too! I’m gonna cum!” The two moaned even louder. Kimberly came first, moaning loudly. Her arms gave out as her chest hit the bed. She bit into the blankets as she moaned so loudly. Her legs spasmed as they wrapped around Brandon’s ass. Soon, he started moaning louder. “Ah, I’m cumming!”

Brandon pulled out quickly, flipping Kimberly over. She lightly fondled his balls as he came all over her chest. His jizz shot out in four or five waves, each one splashing across her chest, some drops hitting her face. He lost his balance, and collapsed on top of Kimberly. His penis went down her crotch, touching her pussy. They held each other closely, panting from exhaustion as Kim felt his semen continue to drip from his now soft cock and onto her pussy. The two looked at each other, and kissed once again. Brandon rolled off of Kimberly, both covered in each other’s fluids, and the both stared at the ceiling, smiling from their passionate fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32