Liar Ch. 06 – The Search

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For those following the LIAR series, I hope you enjoy this installment. Those who are new to the story line, forgive me if there isn’t enough character development. Being an ongoing set of characters, it would be rather lengthy to provide complete background on each prior to getting into the story.

For readers who have also read some of my other stories on Literotica, I hope you have fun with the crossover characters. Jim and Sara show up along with Jill, Jason, Sandy, and Flavia. Flavia becomes an important character for this story.

Also, a last note. I try to write stories that have actual plots and themes along with the “erotica”. So if you’re expecting characters to instantly be in bed together, you might want to try another story on this site. But there are several highly erotic situations that fill complete chapters in this story… just be patient with it.


Thanks to Sara who shared my midlife crisis and helped make it so much fun.

Thanks “Billie” for being my “Billie” wherever you are today.

Thanks to “Amy Madison” who brings me joy and sparked a post-mid-life-mid-life-crisis

Thanks to “Austin” for his unintended inspiration.




Got It!

Light rain pelted against the window in almost stark contradiction to the sunshine that flooded the hotel room. Rain in Colorado Springs can come and go within minutes, returning the city to sunshine and blue skies as if it never happened. Sometimes the sun continues to shine brightly through the brief waves of rain. The occasional pinging sound of raindrops against the glass was not even noticed by the couple enjoying a mid-afternoon encounter.

A young, petite, brunette secretary with fair skin rested back against the headboard as her middle-aged boss was busy. Clothes were strewn across the room where they had vigorously undressed. Her sprawled legs gave ample room to accommodate his face between them. He knelt before her, licking at her clit as if he had never experienced such a pleasure before.

With his attention completely focused on orally pleasing her and gratifying his lust, he couldn’t see that she held the expression of someone who might just as easily been filing documents at the office. Although, each time he glanced upward to her, she quickly changed her expression to one of orgasmic pleasure. Her eyes shuddered gently and her mouth opened with a slight, sexually indulged grin. When he would return to his task she roll her eyes at him in mocked distain.

Good secretaries know how to get what they want from their bosses. She was a very good secretary. She gripped the back of his head as he ate at her, before offering an approving moan to urge him on. But she may have urged him on a bit too much. He was becoming aggressive in his sexual appetite.

He rolled over on his back; his middle-aged gut, spread a bit to the sides of his frame making him less round looking in some ways. His cock sprung upward with anticipation of the fulfillment of his fantasies. For weeks since she came to work at Crowe Horwath, he had thought about what she looked like without those nerdy glasses and starched business dress shirts. The tartan skirts she often wore, were just a bonus for his vivid imagination.

Taking her hand, he guided her fingers to his cock. As her soft hands gripped him, his eyes closed and his head fell back against the pillows.

“Tell me again how you outsmarted the stupid IRS investigators.” She said as she began to stroke his cock, bringing a demonic smile to his face. Feeding his ego made his cock twitch with delight.

“They’re just not bright enough to see it. I laundered twice as much as Crowe Horwath’s total earnings last year. Hidden in plain sight.” He grinned at the thought before begging, “Come on now. Show me how much you enjoy working for me.”

She leaned over and gave his throbbing knob a quick lick, then hesitated with her lips barely touching his cock. She spoke, her lips move against his tender flesh of his head, letting him feel the warmth of her breath. “So they all just send you money?”

“Yes”, he said, putting his hand on her head to force her to take in his cock.

She took a deep plunge down onto his cock with her mouth and let her tongue roll around the sides, wetting him with her saliva. She rose again to tease, her lips barely touching him. “You do have your routing number and password securely hidden don’t you?” She asked. “Your career is on the line if anyone finds out. Not to mention you’d probably go to jail.”

This time, she took a huge gulp of his cock, urging him to speak. His hips lifted to deeply thrust into her throat making her nearly choke.

“I don’t write things down. My mind is a steel trap. It’s a long series of numbers that they’d never figure out.” He said while being gratified by her mouth. “Easy to remember if you know the collegiate mountain range. Simply the elevation of each mountain in the order of the college Bursa Escort names. I memorized those names in alphabetic order along with their altitude when I was a kid.”

She hesitated, rising off of his cock. “Did you get that?” She asked as she raised her head and stared off into the distance.

In the next room, Ross was busy typing digits into a computer. He held one finger up to his partner, telling Max to hold on for a moment. Suddenly a smile crossed his face and he shouted, “GO!”

The look of confusion on the boss man’s face turned instantly into shock as the hotel room door was thrust open and several FBI agents came barging in. Shouting as they came, the black t-shirts bearing the highly visible, white initials made it clear that he had been set up.

Britney stood and casually walked away from the bed as they stormed the room. Her male companion seemed stunned and outraged, but she seemed calm and unshaken by the chaos of people coming into the small space.

Max Wright was toward the front of the pack with a robe that he quickly threw around Britney’s shoulders. She tugged the robe closed and looked over at her ‘boss’ who was being cuffed. The recitation of miranda rights being quoted from a card in the hand of one officer was interrupted by obscenities he was shouting at the agents.

They got him up and covered before hauling him unceremoniously out the door. One agent quickly grabbed his clothes and threw them into a black plastic bag before following the parade of black t-shirts down the hallway. Britney and Max were left in the room with newfound quiet.

She moved to the couch where she began to dress. Max turned away to give her privacy. “Okay, you’ve got to explain it to me.”

“What?” she asked, as she tugged a tartan skirt up her legs and over her hips.

“You researched him and had him pegged on every count. So what made you choose the skirt, fake black glasses, and these nerdy dress shirts?”

“Please. That was a no brainer.” She exclaimed as she put on her dress shirt and tucked it into the skirt. “I’m decent.” she said a she started buttoning her shirt.

Max turned back slowly as he questioned her. She started running her fingers through her hair, combing down the locks from her tryst with the boss. “I’m missing something here then.” He said shaking his head.

Ross entered the room and waved a USB stick at the two of them with a grin, indicating he had the recordings saved and copied. Max nodded approvingly before Ross started moving through the room, collecting microphones from the lamp, tv, and one in a reading light on the headboard.

“He’s an accountant.” Britney said as if to ask why it was so hard for him to understand.

“I would have guessed a tight, short dress and perfect makeup.” Max admitted.

“And you would have been completely off base. Accountants seem to go for the nerdy girl thing. Tartan skirts, starched dress shirts, glasses, even the occasional thin, black tie. If it was later in the fall, I would have gone with a bulky sweater and a short wool skirt.” She finished buttoning the sleeves of her dress shirt and stepped into her shoes that had been thrown to the side of the couch earlier.

Max shook his head, “Still, he’s a red blooded American guy. I would have put an agent in here who was blond with fake tits and long legs.”

“Oh, you mean Cynthia in consumer fraud division?” Ross asked.

“No, … I mean.. Ross?!” He threw Ross a disapproving look as Ross gave a ‘what the fuck?’ glance of confusion back. Max just shook his head with dismay at his junior partner before looking back to Britney.

“Accountants like the innocent little girl thing. They want to have a bit of control and feel like they know more than the poor, innocent kid who they can teach.” Britney said, throwing on the fake glasses for additional effect. Then she shot them a broad, nerdy girl grin and threw her arms wide as if to say, ‘ta-da’.

Xs and Os

The next morning Ross and Max arrived back in Pittsburgh. The uneventful, early morning flight gave them time to discuss how they would approach the collection of evidence in their case. A young FBI rookie was waiting for them at the arrivals area in a typical nondescript, black SUV. It was normal procedure for a recent recruit to be waiting for them. They were often used to transport senior agents back and forth from the airports. Max jumped in the front seat as the rookie placed their luggage in the rear. Ross stretched out in the back seat, filling the entire space with his long legs and computer bag.

Both men were exhausted. Max rested his head and closed his eyes, working through the operational details in his mind. He kept his eyes closed as he mused through possibilities.

“This data dump is great, having the password to his off shore account is great also. The circumstantial evidence of his involvement may sway a judge to hold him. But that still doesn’t tell us specifically how he did it. We’ve got to Bursa Bayan figure out his method to make the case stick.” Max was speaking to Ross but it was nothing more than rambling at this point.

“Hidden in plain sight.” Ross mused as he fumbled through the files on the tablet he had pulled from his bag. “Most of these accounting systems seem to have a common base spreadsheet that runs in the background with a simple user interface program for data entry.”

Max considered the situation before sitting upright and opening his eyes. He turned as if to be thinking through something Ross had said. Speaking to the young driver who was getting into his seat. “We’re going to make a stop on our way back to the Clarksburg FBI Center.”

Twenty minutes later, they pulled up to a typical office building located toward the back of a business park in Canonsburg, PA. “We’ll try not to be long.” Max said as he and Ross got out and headed for the front door.

“Jim, good to see you again.” Max greeted a middle aged man who met him as they entered the building. “Thanks for taking us on such short notice.”

?”I was a bit surprised to hear from you Max. Or should I say, Seth?” Jim said as he took Max’s hand.

“Ross, Jim and I met up during several of my undercover operations through BDO. This is a remote BDO workspace his team uses while working on projects.” Max explained to his partner.

“Why all the way out here in Canonsburg? I thought BDOs Pittsburgh office was in the One Triangle building downtown.” Ross quarried.

“Yeah, the main Pittsburgh office is there but most of us work all over the area. Do you have any idea what office space cost per square foot at One Triangle? So Dan, the Pittsburgh regional director, has an office there with his staff. We go there from time to time, but we’re farmed out all over to reduce the cost of operation.” Jim replied, shaking Ross’s hand. He turned his attention back to Max before saying, “Well, let’s take this discussion up into my office.”

Jim led them down a hallway and up a half flight of steps. “Three road warrior teams are based at this office. I’m actually heading out for a week as soon as one of my team members gets here. We’re driving down to Louisville today. Starting a job there tomorrow morning.” He explained.

As they passed an older, distinguished looking woman at a half circle desk, the group waved and she nodded as she continued to listen to someone on the phone.

“Our teams coordinator. She cares for travel schedules, planning the conference spaces and compiling data files for the three teams that base out of this office.”?

He led them into a small working office, piled with data charts and computer screens. Sitting behind the desk, he powered up his computers that began lighting up several video screens on both his desk and a work table to his left. “What do you have for me. I’ve got a few minutes to look at it before we have to start loading up.”

“Well like I told you on the way over, this spreadsheet system is something that was written by a guy at Crowe Horwath. He’s probably going away for a long time on tax evasion and money laundering, embezzlement and possibly racketeering.” Jim explained as Max took the USB stick and started calling up files.

“The guy bragged that his method was hidden in plain sight.” Ross added as Jim fumbled through the files.

They bantered as Jim opened dozens of electronic documents, glancing through them, bouncing the screens left and right. Suddenly he stopped and leaned forward into the screen. “Damn bifocals.” he muttered as he threw his glasses on the desk and put on reading glasses. “Hit my late 40s and everything is falling to shit. Guess some call it a part of the whole mid-life crisis thing.” He continued to mutter.

Ross grinned as Max shot him a cautious look. Jim was only a few years older than Max.

“Yep. Here it is.” Jim said, turning the screen to face the agents. “There are dozens of rows and columns in this file that are just visually zeroed out.” He explained by dragging and widening a column to the right and exposing a line of cells previously hidden. Each cell had an icon indicating that a calculation was set for that cell to process. “Wow. You say this guy works for Crowe Horwath? I didn’t think they had anyone at their company that was this bright.” Jim commented.

Suddenly a young woman opened the office door. “Oopsies” she said, as she realized Jim had people with him.

“Sara. I’m just finishing up with an old acquaintance who used to work for us.” Jim said, withholding the fact that his friends were FBI agents and that his old acquaintance had been working for BDO while undercover. “Sara here is my intern at the moment. But I have a feeling that one day I’ll be working for her, if I’m not careful.”

“Sorry Jim. I just wanted to let you know that I’m ready to leave when you are.” She said. “My luggage is already in the Jeep.”

Max and Ross both seemed to stare at her as she spoke. Then Escort Bursa Ross shot Max an inquiring as well as confused look. Max nodded with a knowing glance.

“Give is about five more minutes. It’s a simple question that Max is asking. So we’ll be able to hit the road soon.” Jim stated. He glanced over at Sara and gave her an almost imperceptible wink.

Sara smiled at the group. “Nice to meet you gentlemen”, she said as she pulled the door gently closed.

“Not bad. I’m impressed.” Max said knowingly.

“What?” Jim replied.

“You didn’t even let on to…” Max waved his finger at the door as he tried to recall the young lady’s name. “Sara. You didn’t even give her a hint of the fact that we worked together on an FBI case.” Max finished.

“Well first off it wasn’t ‘We’. I was just around reading data for you during your little operation with BDO.” Jim stated. “And for the record, you’re not the only one that can keep a secret.”

Max gave a mild chuckle as Jim continued tapping through keys, screens, and pages of data that he tossed from one screen to other varied screens surrounding his desk.”

“It’s pretty simple, even elegant in it’s method.” Jim said to Max as he continued pointing to the screen.

“Walk me through it.” Max stated.

“These cells have a very basic code embedded within the document that draw calculations from another spreadsheet file. These are all background documents. The average user, using the company interface wouldn’t even know that it was sending data to another background document. The hidden spreadsheet will then take the electronic transfer of funds and skim Xs and Os.” He could tell Max was missing it but Ross caught on quickly.

?”Wow.” Ross said as the lights came on and he started to see where Jim was going with his explanation. “So he’s skimming from the binary code of electronic transactions, taking rounding errors and transferring small amounts of money into his private off shore account with each transaction.”

“Seems like it. Each transaction skims anywhere from 1 to 4 cents off the line.” Jim continued.

“And 1 to 4 cents off each transaction the company makes electronically, embedded in the software of dozens of major companies, compiled across the last ten years adds up.” Jim concluded.

“Probably millions. The calculations used rounding errors and since this guy was their accountant, he just made the audits figures work out. No individual department or line item in their budget saw a significant enough loss to worry about.” Jim interjected. “It’s a very old scam but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it survive this long. Usually someone finds it eventually and the scam unravels. His advantage was that he was their accountant. When it got to his goal, he might have skipped the country before anyone would know it. And the corrupt files would continue sending him money until each company found the code and fixed it.” Jim explained.

“Jim, thanks for pointing us in the right direction. We have everything we need to nail him now.” The group stood, shook hands and started for the door. As the door swung open, there stood Sara who was about to knock.

“I have all the file boxes loaded in the Jeep too. So we can pull out for Louisville whenever you’re ready.” She smiled.

Jim followed the men out into the hallway and as they turned to say their last goodbyes, he put his hand casually along the back of Sara’s waist. “Well, let me know anytime you need a consultant.” Jim said. “Do I need to see you out?”

“No, we’re fine. Thanks.” Max offered.

“Okay, we’ll leave through the back entrance and head off to Louisville.” Jim said.

As Max and Ross exited the building, they both began to snicker. “Was it my imagination?” Ross chortled.

“I thought it was just me at first but when I saw your expression it was all I could do not to laugh out loud.” Max said walking toward the car where their driver was waiting.

“She was wearing nearly the same outfit Britney wore. White dress shirt, pressed, black thin tie, the only thing missing was a tartan pattern for that skirt.” Ross chuckled.

“So I guess Britney was right. The fantasy girl for a middle aged accountant is a nerdy girl.” Max said, getting into the car.

Ross closed his door before adding, “Do you think that those two might be…?”

“Naw. Jim is as straight as an arrow. He’s a married married man with two kids.” Max threw back. “Certainly not the type to be having an affair.”

An hour later they arrived at the Clarksburg FBI center and passed through the security checkpoint. Their driver pulled around to the front of building number 3 where Max and Ross got out.

“I’ll have your luggage delivered to your personal cars.” The young man offered. Max nodded approvingly. “Thanks for service with a smile.”

They had barely entered the lobby when Cassie came running toward them. Her FBI windbreaker that was at least one size too large, swooshed as the nylon sleeves rubbed against the body of the jacket. “MAX”, she shouted across the lobby. “It’s Billie!” She continued running toward them.

“Relax. What’s she want? Is she back from the operation in Jacksonville?” Max replied, trying to figure out why Cassie was so excited.

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