Lending a Hand

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All characters are of legal age.


It wasn’t the way I had expected to be spending a sunny afternoon in June, but I had no complaints. Neither did Joey, the cute eighteen year old guy who was on his back, naked as the day he was born. His cock was hard and from the look on his face, he was enjoying the way my hands were working on his cock and balls.

I was old enough to be his father, this cute young guy before me, but I wasn’t. He was the son of the woman I had been seeing regularly for about a year, Jenny Holden, and while I hadn’t moved in with her yet, I was a regular enough presence in her house that I felt at home.

That explains how I had caught Joey in the somewhat embarrassing position that led to what we were doing now. I had gone into the upstairs bathroom to get some towels for us to use out in the pool. That particular out of the way bathroom was rarely used, and if the door was closed instead of having been left slightly ajar, I wouldn’t have barged in like I did.

It wasn’t closed, and I did walk right in, and the rest is history, as they say. Joey was looking out the window, and his swim trunks, the only clothing he had on, were down to his ankles, exposing his pale white ass, which was in stark contrast to the otherwise tan skin of his lithe and lean frame.

About 5’9″ and 140 pounds, Joey was a typical teenager of this era, which meant he liked crummy music and dressed and looked like every other skateboarder in town. He liked girls too, as the seemingly endless parade of females he had brought around the house over the time I had been coming around indicated, and he had been in the process of enjoying the assets of the girl next door when I so rudely interrupted him.

“Shit!” Joey said, scrambling to pull up his trunks while shaking his head.

“Sorry about that, Joey, ” I said as I nonchalantly went to the linen closet and pulled down some towels. “Didn’t know anybody was in here.”

“Frigging door always pops open,” Joey said, and while he was embarrassed, I had to admit that if it had been me caught like that, I would have had a much worse reaction.

Walking over to Joey, I stood beside him and looked out in the direction he had been staring while jerking himself off. A chubby young woman who lived next door was sunning herself, wearing a lime green bikini that was rather revealing.

The bikini showed that she had a little bit of a belly on her, but also showcased a pair of breasts that were the size of footballs, and I murmured my approval when I saw what had inspired Joey so.

“Not bad,” I said, admitting to myself that for a second I was wondering if he had been looking at his mother while stroking away. “You ever pound that?”

“Me? No,” Joey said, seeming a little shocked that I was talking like this, but I had a couple of margaritas in me by then, and besides, she was cute. “Marcy’s older than me. 22, I think. I would jump her bones in a second if she let me though. Great cans, huh?”

“I’ll say,” I said, and happened to glance down and saw that in Joey’s hand, the hand that hadn’t been working his pecker, was what looked to be a pair of panties.

“Those panties aren’t Marcy’s, are they,” I asked, and when Joey blushed a little it struck me that he was more embarrassed about that than about me catching him jacking off.

“Kinda adds to the fun to have some of the other senses involved,” Joey said sheepishly as I took them from him and held them up, recognizing them as Jenny’s.

“Does it?” I replied, and got a look of shock in return from Joey when he saw me bring the panties up to my nose and inhale the panties that had been worn but not washed.

“Smells nicer fresh though,” I said after handing them back to Joey, and he seemed relieved when he saw that I wasn’t mad. “You got the hots for your Mom too?”

“No,” Joey said, and then paused. “Well sure, I mean, she’s plenty hot for a babe in her 40’s.”

“She is at that,” I agreed. “And speaking of hot, there she goes.”

Down in the yard, his mother Jenny was walking over to the fence and chatting with the neighbor girl, and this got Joey’s attention.

“Man, those two are hot. I would love to see them naked together,” Joey said rapidly. “The way Mom’s so petite and Marcy is round and full – I tell you man, I would love to watch them mash their tits together.”

“You want to watch your mother get it on with that girl?” I asked, amused at the way the mind of my kinky young friend worked.

“Hell yeah!” Joey said. “I think my Mom might be a closet bisexual too, because I’ve seen her checking Marcy out sometimes when she didn’t think I was watching.”

Joey had been talking to me like I was a schoolmate of his, and he caught himself while he was babbling and looked over at me for my reaction.

“This Marcy girl,” I answered without flinching. “She’s bisexual?”

“I don’t know,” Joey responded. “I am, though.”

“Is that so?” I asked, and while I had suspected as much, hearing it from Joey got my attention. “That’s interesting. In that Üçyol travesti case, the next time you find yourself needing to come up here and get yourself off, why don’t you ask me to help? I’d be happy to lend a hand.”


Joey’s room.

I don’t know whether it was my words that made Joey’s body shudder, or the hand I placed on his shoulder, but as my fingers slid under his untamed dirty blonde locks and onto his smooth warm skin, his body shook noticeably.

“Just say,” Joey said, swallowing hard and looking up at me. “You mean just say come jerk me off?”

“Sure,” I replied, kneading Joey’s neck as he looked over at me, and while I was aware of how much taller and heavier I was, the differences seemed ever greater now.

“I – I – I’m up for anything,” Joey said. “You know what I mean?”

“I think so, but I wouldn’t want to rush things,” I told him. “I do think that this would be a good way to get to know each other, don’t you think?”

Joey nodded rapidly, and when I suggested that we go to his room, he practically flew out and down the hall, with me calmly behind him. In his room, I calmly closed and locked the door behind me and turned on the light, making the room even brighter than the incoming sunlight had it already.

It was a typically messy teenager’s room with an unmade bed, but I didn’t care about that. I walked over to the night stand next to the bed and took a peek inside the drawer, finding what I was looking for right away.

“A man’s best friend,” I said as I took the bottle of one of those new flashy lubricants in hand. “Get comfortable.”

After barely a few seconds of hesitation, Joey pulled down the swim trunks and stood there as if he was waiting to be inspected, with very little self-consciousness.

For good reason, I noted as I nodded my approval. Joey had a nice body, with the only flaws being the bruises and scrapes associated with his skateboarding.

His dick was slender and good sized, and it wiggled as he climbed into the bed and onto his back. When I eased down and sat on the bed beside him, Joey smiled and put his hands behind his head, as relaxed as could be.

“Man, this is like a fantasy,” Joey said. “Can’t believe this is happening to me.”

“Believe,” I answered, my gel covered hand going to the underside of his penis, which had flopped onto his stomach, and when I slid my hand along the underside of his member, he let out a loud moan of approval.

“I can see why the girls are always after you,” I noted as the cock under my palm got hard. “You’ve got a great body on you.”

Joey was nicely built, and as I stroked his dick I surveyed that physique, realizing the same thing that I had known for the last 30 years; there’s nothing like an 18 year old’s body.

“Beautiful cock too,” I continued, pulling the now-glistening cock off Joey’s body and holding it upright.

Very slender and pale white in color, Joey’s cock was now fully engorged, and as I let my hand slide down the shaft, I guessed it to be about 5 or 6″ long, which looked perfect on his wiry frame.

My free hand stroked various parts of Joey while I savored the view. Nicely tanned and without an ounce of fat, Joey’s body was the kind that really turned me on. Well toned and practically hairless except for a light dusting of hair on the insides of his calves, little wisps under his arms and a tuft of dirty blonde curls above his dick, I was in a trance when I realized Joey had said something.

“I said that I’d love to have your cock instead of mine,” Joey repeated.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “Mine has got a lot of mileage on it.”

“I’ve seen it,” Joey said while I rubbed the tip of the gumdrop-sized head of his dick with my thumb before sliding my hand back down the shaft. “I mean, I saw your stuff one time. When you were getting out of the shower.”

“You did?” I said, trying and failing to remember that incident.

“Well, I peeked in through the keyhole,” Joey explained, the warmth of the room revealed in the beads of sweat on his forehead and the perspiration trickling from under his arms.

“Really?” I said, my hand pulling up savagely on his cock, and Joey groaned loud but smiled when he saw my reaction to his peeking was one of amusement.

“Yeah. Wanted to see what was making Mom howl so much when you stayed over,” Joey said. “You’re hung like a fucking horse, man.”

“You can hear her? Us?”

“If I go down to the guest room and open the closet door it’s like I’m in the freaking room with you two. When she’s gonna cum she starts letting out those little high-pitched yelps and then makes a noise that sounds like she got the wind knocked out of her.”

“What about me?”

“You grunt a lot and then let out this growl when you cum,” Joey said. “By then I’m cumming too. Makes me so jealous.”

“Jealous of me?”

“Jealous of both of you,” Joey said, his face flushing as red as his erection had become. “Fantasy of mine.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Perfect threesome,” Joey Alanya Travesti gasped as I stroked him harder. “Me fucking Mom while you’re sticking that big cock of yours up my ass.”

“That’s what you want?” I said, my hand stroking his cock harder and faster, and while I was tempted to take him in my mouth and avoid the mess, I do like to watch a guy cum, so my hand kept working, jacking Joey off with my rotating fist and watching him squirm with pleasure.

“Yeah,” Joey said, his elbows now holding himself up so he could watch what I was doing.

“You want to cum?” I asked, and when he nodded I took my other hand and pressed hard on the area between his balls and the base of his dick, pressing and rubbing while slowing my pumping of his cock to what must have been a frustrating slowness.

Joey looked like he was on the top of a roller-coaster ride, and when I finally let him cum, his dick blasted jets of cum all over his upper torso, spraying his neck, chest and stomach while his face contorted wildly.

I kept milking his dick until it was completely limp, and when I finally let go and got up from the bed Joey grabbed onto my arm.

“Please man,” Joey said as his eyes looked at the tent in my baggy swim trunks. “Let me do you. I want to. Anything you fucking want. I mean that. Anything.”

“Maybe some other time,” I suggested.

“You’re cool man,” Joey said as he followed me to the door. “Teasing me like this is a real turn on. Why don’t you let me take care of you? You really turn me on. I like old dudes, and you’re so big and hairy that I’d love to let you do what ever you wanted to me.”

“I’m staying over tonight,” I told Joey. “I have to save my strength for somebody you know later. What would your Mom say if I couldn’t get it up for her?”

“Then just let me feel you,” Joey said, and without finishing his sentence he slipped his hand under the elastic of my trunks.

“Damn!” Joey said as he slid his hand down the length of my semi-erection, with his head leaning on my shoulder. “No wonder Mom sounds crazy. Dad – mind you he’s an okay guy, but when he was around he wasn’t ever making her sound like she does with you. Damn, your cock must be a foot long!”

“No. Not even close, Joey. I’m not really all that much bigger than you are. But you’ll be listening tonight?” I asked, letting him stroke my cock one more time before taking his hand away.

“Count on it.”

“In that case, I’ll try to make it good for you in there while you’re eavesdropping too,” I said with a chuckle.

“And when you get done and after she falls asleep, I’ll be out here waiting for you,” Joey said with a grin.


Sex with an audience.

Sex with an audience is different. I have experience in watching and being watched, and found it enjoyable, but this was the first time I knew I was being listened to. Maybe it was because of who was doing the listening, but it made it erotic for me to think that Joey was listening right outside.

When Jenny came to the bedroom that night after taking a shower to get rid of the chlorine, I intercepted her as she reached the closet door.

“No need to put anything on, babe,” I said loudly into the closet and the waiting ears of her son. “I’ll only end up having to yank it off of you.”

I was standing behind her, my naked body pressed against Jenny’s moist and naked body, and I reached down and squeezed her titties while looking down over her shoulder.

“Mm, these are nice,” I growled into her ear while my cock rubbed into her back. “That neighbor girl must think so too, the way she was checking you out this afternoon.”

“Marcy?” Jenny said, her voice sounding like she had more frozen cocktails that I did. “I don’t think so. Now that girl has a pair on her, doesn’t she?”

“I like yours better,” I said as I scooped Jenny up and carried her effortlessly to the bed. “And I want to show you how much better.”

Our sex was usually a little on the rough side, and while that was the way I liked it, I had been shocked to find out that Jenny liked it that way too. With an attitude that belied her petite frame and shy personality, in the bedroom she was an animal.

That night was especially wild, as Jenny got a little more noisy than usual, maybe as a result of her tipsiness. Whatever the reason, between the pounding of the bed-springs or her feral sounds, I figured that we had given her Joey a fun night.

After I came, Jenny nodded off quickly, and after holding her until she dropped off into a deep sleep, I slipped quietly out of bed and padded bare-assed out to the hall, where I expected to find Joey in his bedroom. He wasn’t there, but instead was down at the end of the hall.

Joey motioned for me to follow him, and so I went down the stairs to the den, his pale white ass like a beacon for me. Smart kid, I thought as we went down to the rumpus room, as we would be able to hear his mother coming if she woke up, because the floorboards in their house squeaked even if a cat walked on them.

Joey Konyaaltı travesti stopped in the middle of the dimly lit room, which was only illuminated by a couple of those night light/room freshener things. It was bright enough for me, because as a naked guy almost a half-century old and covered with the scars and flaws to proved it, I didn’t want to disappoint Joey too much, but judging by the way he was stroking his stiff dick and staring at my crotch I guess he wasn’t bothered by my imperfections.

“Didn’t you like the show?” I asked, pointing to his erection.

“Already popped my nut upstairs man,” Joey said, moving toward me slowly. “I came hard too, just like this afternoon, but I guess I’m always horny. You drove Mom crazy man. Sounded like you fucked her into the headboard.”

“Glad you liked it,” I said, Joey standing about a foot in front of me and breathing in deeply. “I liked doing it knowing that you were listening.”

“Give anything to be able to watch you guys. It must be like King Kong fucking that chick he carried around all the time. I can smell my Mom on you,” Joey said, going slowly to his knees before me. “I want to taste her too. Her and you.”

Joey grabbed my utterly flaccid cock and stretched it out a few time before licking it from stump to tip. His licking became almost animal-like in nature, and the sounds of him slobbering all over my cock made me shiver.

I lifted my cock so he could get at my balls, and when he started sucking on them and dropped my dick on top of his head and covered it with his hair, rubbing his blonde mane all over my cock while he popped each nut in his mouth for a through sucking.

After sucking my sac clean, Joey returned to my cock, grabbing it with both hands while he sucked on the bulbous head. Despite my just having cum less than an hour ago, I could feel myself getting hard, and Joey could as well.

“I want you in my ass, man,” Joey said.

“I can’t,” I said, knowing my limitations. “Won’t be able to get hard enough.”

“You ever fuck my Mom in the ass?” Joey said, trying to poke the tip of his tongue in the opening of my glans as he looked up at me.

“No,” I grunted. “She’s afraid.”

“I’m not, man,” Joey said.

“I know. Maybe some other time,” I suggested. “Too old.”

Joey seemed to take that as a challenge, because he began to pump my cock fast and hard while sucking on the knob with everything he had, and when he came up for air a few minutes later he had his fists full of a very stiff cock, squeezing it as hard as he could while the skin on the crown stretched to the limit.

“Told you man,” Joey said, his hands sliding up and down the length of my erection, which was glistening with his saliva.

“What about…” I stated to ask, but Joey shook his head.

“Already lubed,” Joey said, and he had a condom in his hand as well, adding, “It’s for big ones, and this cock is fucking big.”

Joey had the condom out of the foil in a flash, and as he slipped the sheath on the tip of my cock and rolled it down slowly and with more than a little difficulty he was breathing like a locomotive.

“Give it to me hard, man,” Joey said. “Don’t baby me. I can take it.”

Joey went over to the couch and bent over the back of the sofa, presenting his ass to me. When my fingers went into the crack of his ass they found enough lube for a battalion, and when I worked a digit inside of him, he was warm and very tight.

“No,” Joey grunted when I started to slide a second finger in. “Cock. Now.”

Joey got a little snippy and demanding with that last comment, so I felt little remorse about bringing the head of my member to his greased anus and pushing hard. The muffled sounds he made as I forced myself in him became a tortured squeal when the head of my cock popped inside his ass, but when I could feel Joey pushing his ass back into me, I leaned into him hard.

The more he grunted and squealed, the harder I found myself thrusting into him, and while he was pushing his butt back into me and spitting out vulgar comments and encouragement at first, soon he became as limp as a rag doll.

Now I was practically carrying him around on my cock, holding his lithe and lean body by the hips as I drilled into him deep and hard. When I reached around him and grabbed his cock, I could feel the cum that he had shot all over the back of the couch, so I was content to grab his limp dick and pull on it hard while I fucked him.

When I couldn’t hold back any longer I pulled out of him and yanked the rubber off of myself seconds before I came, spattering my cum all over Joey’s sweaty back while I milked myself dry.

When I stepped back and looked at Joey’s lifeless body draped over the back of the cock, I felt really guilty about what I had done. Joey’s anus gaped open wide enough to drop a golf ball into it, and the sight of my cum drooling all over his back only added to my shame. What have I done to this poor innocent creature?

“Joey?” I whispered, reaching down and touching his shoulder, which was moist to the touch, and when he made no sound I started to panic. “Joey?”

“That was so fucking awesome,” Joey said in a strained voice as he slowly pulled himself upright, and although his legs seemed shaky when he stood, he didn’t need me to hold him up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32