Laura’s Education Ch. 03

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Laura rang the doorbell. She wondered whether she should also knock—sometimes, Janice’s doorbell didn’t work. She thought, again, of calling Janice, letting her know she was there… but then, Janice hadn’t answered any of her calls in the past week. An unannounced visit wouldn’t guarantee Janice would see her—but at least she’d have a chance to say something.

Someone was at the door now. Laura had heard footsteps approaching, could feel the surveillance from the small hole in the door; and she tried not to look as nervous as she felt. It had occurred to her that Janice might slam the door in her face—to simply be ignored would be far worse. But the door opened.

The door opened, and Janice stood on the other side, garbed in a simple brown robe, hair still wet from the shower. She looked… confused, which Laura hadn’t expected. Angry, smug, even sad, but not confused… Say something!

“Hi,” Laura said.

Janice stood for a moment, still not saying anything. Then she walked into the house, pushing the door open in a gesture of invitation. With a small sigh of relief, Laura followed her inside, and shut the door.


Back in Janice’s room, the robe fell to the floor, leaving Janice topless—still garbed in a pair of jeans. Laura looked puzzled.

“Why not just put on a shirt?” she asked.

“It was the first thing I saw,” Janice replied. She grinned, then looked away, as if remembering. “I guess I should put something on. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s OK,” Laura said. “I didn’t mean to bother you. I just… wanted to talk.”

Janice turned, and walked towards Laura, sitting next to her on the floor. “I, uh… Before you say anything, I… I’m sorry. About what I said last week… I’ve got no right to tell you what to do with your life and you didn’t deserve to be insulted like that.”

Laura wasn’t sure how to respond. She wanted to put her arm around her friend, reassure her as she’d always done… but for the first time, she couldn’t be sure it would be a welcome gesture.

“I guess I was jealous,” Janice continued.

“Jealous? Of Diane?”


“But you introduced us.”

Janice looked away. “I know,” she said. She was choosing her words carefully, though for what reason, Laura couldn’t be sure.

“But you know how I feel about you,” Janice went on. “And when you moved over there, with her… I like Diane, I guess I just thought it would be you and me, not you and me and her, too.”

Laura slid her arm around Janice’s shoulders, and kissed her hair. “I came here for you, y’know,” she said.

Janice sighed. “Look, this is hard for me,” she said, keeping her voice in check. “If it’s going to be you and Diane, I’d… I’d prefer you keep me out of it. Nothing against Diane…” Her voice trailed off, and she lowered her eyes.

Laura reached out to touch her friend, to caress her cheek in the comforting way she always had; but Janice only turned away. Laura reached out again, but this time when Janice tried to shy away, Laura circled her arms around the girl’s shoulders and pushed her down onto the carpeted floor.

With one smooth motion, Laura moved atop her stunned friend, straddling her waist. She pinned Janice’s shoulders to the ground, and grinned.

“I said I came here for you,” Laura said. “Not for Diane, but for me, no one else.”

Her damp hair spread across the floor beneath her, Janice looked up at Laura, and smiled warmly. “You mean that?”

Laura grinned. “Stay right there,” she said, feeling a bit playful.

But Janice had other plans. She raised her legs, sliding them under Laura’s arms; and as she sat up, her legs pulled Laura down onto her back, eliciting a surprised squeal from the girl. With Laura’s legs already around her chest, Janice simply let her arms down, pinning Laura’s legs as surely as her arms were already Bayan Escort secured. Laura writhed and struggled, but Janice was the stronger of the two, if only by a small bit.

The moment was surprisingly encouraging. With her friend pinned helplessly, Janice felt oddly at ease, much more so than she had only a moment ago. She leaned to one side, letting her upper body hold Laura’s leg to the ground, letting one of her arms free to explore. A sly grin revealed itself, her previous shyness lifting away as she slid her free hand beneath Laura’s skirt.

Laura struggled more firmly at this, but made no noise at first. Janice tightened her legs down upon her friend’s shoulders and took pleasure in the girl’s gasp as she slid her fingers beneath the cotton fabric and into her body. It surprised her at first how wet her friend was already—Diane must have been at her already, she thought. Thinking about Laura’s older lover brought back memories from the other day, and in her mind Janice again watched with fascination as Laura raised her bottom in complete submission as she was being ridden…

Suddenly Janice wanted very much to elicit that same level of surrender from her friend. And with that thought, she pulled the cotton fabric aside, stretching her remaining fingers below, searching for the opening… Laura struggled harder, surprising Janice with her sudden ferocity—and in a few moments, she had managed to free one arm, then the other. Janice scissored her legs, trying to recapture her escaped prey, but Laura had already sat up and, gripping Janice’s shoulders, pinned her to the ground again.

Laura sat up on her knees, holding Janice down while she wriggled free of her friend’s torturous fingers. She was breathing heavily, but felt elated at Janice’s renewed interest in her. Panting, she let her eyes rest on Janice’s features, comforted somewhat as Janice reciprocated the gaze. A sudden desire to overpower this girl filled Laura, and she decided not to resist.

With a sudden movement, Laura gripped Janice’s hips and turned her over, straddling her waist and shifting her own weight to keep Janice down. Then she lay atop her friend, shifting her weight again to hold Janice’s upper body to the ground while her own hands moved lower, working quickly to undo the front of her friend’s jeans. Janice was a bit stronger than she was, and was already beginning to struggle—Laura knew she wouldn’t have much time. But desire drove her forward, her hands already sliding the jeans down and off.

“Hold still,” Laura hissed, and despite herself Janice did hold still—only for a moment, but that moment was enough for Laura to slide her panties down her legs and over her knees. Janice felt a foot between her ankles, pushing her panties off; then two feet, each moving to either of her shins, pushing her legs apart. She bucked upward, arching back to try and push Laura off, but was met with a hand between her shoulder blades, pushing her down to the ground. This aroused her greatly—and Laura noticed.

Laura used her free hand to slide her own panties down as far as her knees. Lifting her skirt, she moved in closer and draped it over Janice’s bottom; then, moving forward, suddenly moaned despite herself as she felt Janice’s slick folds meet her own. The warmth and wetness was exquisite against her own tender flesh; she arched her back, opening her thighs as wide as she could and moaning again as she felt her friend’s warm juices dripping into her. For once, Janice did not struggle, instead arching back in a gesture of submission—and somehow that only made Laura feel more empowered. She raised her hand, and firmly slapped Janice’s buttock.

Softly, Janice gasped, arching her bottom back again and receiving another hard slap. Laura’s hands were on her hips now, holding her steady as she ground her pussy between Janice’s thighs. Stifling a moan, Janice steeled herself to struggle, to ignore the rising heat between her legs, the exquisite sensation massaging her tender flesh. Bracing her feet against the carpet, Janice pushed away from Laura—only to feel the grip tighten on her hips, her body being pulled back, the familiar warmth of her bottom curving into Laura’s abdomen.

With another push of her feet, Janice managed to flip her body over, her legs on either side of Laura’s hips. Laura’s lips were parted slightly, her breathing shallow and quick; and meeting her eyes, Janice saw a desire that surprised her with its intensity. She smiled up at her friend. And as Laura returned the smile, Janice reached up to grip her shoulders, and pulled her down, rolling over on top of her.

Janice moved quickly, lifting her upper body, pinning Laura’s head between her breasts. She lowered her leg, folding it around and beneath Laura’s, then lifting—keeping one leg astride, while she pushed Laura’s other leg apart with her free foot, finally lowering one arm to twine through Laura’s arm, down around her back, holding Laura’s other arm at the elbow. Thoroughly anchored, Laura pushed her body up uselessly, helpless as Janice’s free fingers slid down between her thighs… A wicked grin spread over Janice as she heard her friend gasp, felt the girl’s body tighten as Janice’s fingers slid smoothly inside her.

Calm and in control, Janice took her time, letting her outer fingers stroke along the creases of Laura’s folds while her middle fingers slid back and forth over the upper ridges of Laura’s interior. Laura tried to stifle a moan, but with her body so completely encompassed by Janice’s own, there was no use trying to hide her pleasure, heavily amplified by her helpless and vulnerable position.

“That’s… not fair,” Laura moaned against the warm skin of her friend’s moistening breasts, her body arching despite herself as Janice massaged around her cortex. Janice made no reply, but only grinned, and slid her fingers deeper inside—causing Laura’s body to tighten even further, arching uncontrollably against her captor. Janice’s fingers glided playfully in small circles, each brushing against her friend’s swelling clitoris before dipping into the wet heat between her thighs. She felt Laura trying to writhe, her hips sliding back and forth, the muscles taut in her thighs as her friend’s hand worked patiently between them.

Between her breasts, Laura was panting heavily, her belly moistening from the building heat inside her body. Laura had accepted defeat, for now—her body so pinned, there was nothing she could do to escape, but right now she didn’t want to resist. Janice’s fingers moved skillfully inside her, stirring her fire, stroking just close enough to her cortex to set her aflame with each motion of the fingers. Without thinking, Laura opened her legs wider, gyrating her hips a bit and crying out at the intense pleasure she suddenly received; then again as Janice’s fingers calmly glided up along her clitoris, her throat pulsing against Janice’s breasts. A second finger now, together stroking her clitoris back and forth, smooth motions that brought such intense sensation as Laura’s own heartbeat began to intensify… Her vision began to blur, and she closed her mouth against her friend’s warm breast, finding a distinct comfort in the fullness between her lips, the salt against her tongue, conscious that she was crying out, her cries muffled and her hips raised high as her orgasm overtook her.

Janice closed her eyes and reveled in the sound of Laura’s cries, in the pulsing and throbbing of her friend’s heat around her fingers, and she savored the moment. She savored her victory over the girl, accepted the taste of empowerment and even domination, and found it sweet indeed. Laura’s orgasm began to fade, her body slowly sinking down upon the carpet. She lay exhausted, whimpering softly as Janice kneaded her buttocks, then began to gently stroke her between them with a fingertip.

Janice heard no complaints other than a soft whimpering as she spread Laura’s buttocks and drizzled warm oil down onto her body, watching as it trickled inside. She grinned—this was something she had wanted to do to Laura for ages, and now, she reveled in the sense of authority she felt over the girl. She wanted Laura to feel vulnerable, helpless; and she wanted to be in control all the while. Even so, she couldn’t resist leaning down to kiss Laura’s hair, then her cheek, which earned her a small sigh of pleasure.

Laura’s hips rose from the carpet as Janice took hold of her. She folded her arms together underneath her chin, and closed her eyes, not bothering to hide the soft smile as she heard Janice donning the strap-on behind her. Already she was well-oiled from the other girl’s previous attentions, and when Janice began to move forward, Laura raised her bottom, letting the shaft slide inside. She gasped despite herself at its size, at how it stretched her, but it didn’t hurt. Still, there was no way she could resist Janice now.

And Laura didn’t resist. When Janice’s arms enfolded her at the waist, and she felt her friend’s moist body pressing gently against her back, the trust she felt in her friend made it all the more pleasant. Laura breathed in deeply, the arousing scent of sex enfolding her just as Janice did. She arched her bottom, stretching her legs out behind her as Janice’s hips glided back and forth, the strap-on smoothly sliding into her body, then back out. Sweat slowly trickled over her buttock, and down her thigh, pooling behind her knees… then another bead of sweat, this time from Janice’s thigh. It was wonderful, this reminder of the intimacy Laura enjoyed as she was ridden.

She bucked her hips in time with Janice’s motions, working the strap-on. It stretched her nearly to the point of pain, but she found it intensely erotic, all the more so when Janice began to take control, slapping her bottom and telling her to keep her bottom arched. Laura licked her teeth and obliged, lifting her hips up. Janice slapped her bottom again and thrust the strap-on deep into her warmth, and Laura didn’t think to resist, instead finding she liked being handled this way by her friend. She moaned, long and low, and was pleased when Janice thrust in deeper. She moaned louder, and Janice leaned in, suckling at the base of her neck. Soon she felt the girl’s fingers massaging her nipples, the palms cupping her breasts as her body shook.

Laura arched her body, stretching her arms out before her and pressing her face to the carpet, no longer conscious of her own body, intensely aroused at how thoroughly she was being dominated by her friend. Janice, meanwhile, was deriving such satisfaction from the sight of Laura spread out beneath her—this girl, this friend, that she loved so much, panting and writhing, her back slick and wet from the exertion. Janice spread her fingers over the curves of Laura’s buttocks, and pulled the girl’s lower body higher—then, gripping firmly, Janice began to ride her hard, leaning her head back and arching her entire body forward as the strap-on drove again and again into Laura’s rapidly tightening pussy. Then, she felt it—the tightening of Laura’s thighs around her own, the gentle touch of Laura’s heel against her buttock as she surrendered. Janice leaned in, sliding the strap-on into Laura as deep as she could, and slowly began to gyrate her hips, stretching the girl’s inner walls as they contracted and loosened.

A few moments later, Janice removed the strap-on, and lay with Laura as her body sank onto the floor, exhausted. Janice leaned in, and Laura turned her head to look back, smiling softly, her eyes still closed. And after all that, Janice would later recall her favorite moment—when she moved in, and kissed Laura… and her friend kissed her back, with as much love and warmth as any friend could ever desire.

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