Ladies Room Connection: The Meeting Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – First Time

Edited By Angel Love

“Hey hun, I just pulled onto the street so I should be there in like two minutes.”

“All right, I can’t wait to see you.”

“I know I’m so excited. I’ll see you in a minute!”

Emily hung up the phone and continued driving a half mile down the street where she then pulled into the L-Bar parking lot. After turning off her car and removing her keys from the ignition, Emily placed her keys in her white Doony & Burke bag, took a quick glance in her rear view mirror, and then stepped out of the car. Two and a half hours after leaving her apartment in Boston, Emily had finally reached her destination in Maine where she was going to meet in person Kristin, a girl she had met online, for the first time.

From the first time Emily spoke to Kristin’s picture she developed a warm feeling in the bottom of her stomach that returned each time Kristin came across Emily’s mind. Emily admired every part of Kristin; she loved her shiny brunette hair that ran down just past her shoulders, and also how her hair complemented her beautiful blue eyes and big white smile. Emily also loved her tall, golden brown, voluptuous figure; she loved her womanly curves, long, thick, smooth legs and her natural 34C cup breasts. Kristin was a goddess in Emily’s eyes, and she had longed to meet her from their first online conversation.

The same feelings Emily had for Kristin, Kristin also had for Emily. Emily had long golden hair that reached just above the middle of her back. Emily was slightly smaller than Kristin, she stood about one inch lower at five feet six inches and she had a similar thin but toned figure. Emily had perfect 32C cup breasts and curving, hour-glass hips which connected her best asset, her thick, round butt.

It was almost 7:30 p.m. and just beginning to get dark as Emily walked up to the L-Bar entrance looking sexier than ever. Her hair was frozen in golden curls and her make-up was done to perfection with a light-blue eye shadow and glistening lip gloss. Emily wore a tight, sky-blue tank top, which hugged her skin, and a black bra that was slightly visible through her tight shirt. She also had on a hip-hugging, vintage torn, denim skirt with short strands of material running off the bottom, and white sandals on her feet.

Emily walked up to the door and past the large butch security guard into the L-Bar. Once through the entrance, Emily walked down a small hallway and into a large room filled with women, flashing DJ lights and loud top 40 music. She glanced around the room looking to spot Kristin; however, she could not pick her out and decided to head over to the bar.

“A Bud Light please,” Emily requested from the bar tender.

“Sure, it’ll be three bucks,” the young bartender replied as she handed Emily a bottle.

Emily took a sip from her beer and took another glance around room.

“I know she is here, but where is she?” Emily thought to herself and she moved closer to the dance floor hoping to get a better view and spot Kristin.

After walking about ten feet Emily felt a slight tap on her shoulder and quickly turned around. Emily was stunned, but over taken by excitement at the same time after laying her eyes on Kristin. Kristin looked absolutely amazing and sexier than ever. Her brunette hair was straight and ran past her shoulder’s meeting the back of her black, thin-strap, tank top that cut down in a half circle shape across her chest exposing her beautiful cleavage. She also wore tan khaki shorts that stopped just below her crotch and brown leather, thong sandals.

“Kristin!” Emily screamed as she threw her arms around her young, beautiful friend. “How Esenyurt Escort are you?” Emily asked pulling her arms of her friend and looking into her beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m great and even better now that you’re here! I can’t believe were finally meeting!” expressed Kristin.

“Oh I know it’s so great to finally see you,” Emily said, once again wrapping her arm around Kristin. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you!” Emily asked after releasing the loving grip of her arms from her friend.

“I was over by the restrooms. I had to call my friend Justine,” Kristin said pointing in the direction of the restrooms.

“Wow I just can’t get over this, I’ve been looking forward to tonight all week,” Emily told Kristin.

“Me too, so do you want to go get a drink and get this night started?” Kristin asked yelling over the loud music.

“I already got a beer,” Emily said holding her Bud Light up in the air. “I’d love to take a shot or two though,” Emily said with a big grin on her face.

“Starting without me huh?” Kristin asked jokingly. “Let’s go cutie,” Kristin said smiling as she began to walk over to the bar with Emily following close behind her.

After making their way through the sea of people, Emily and Kristin managed to reach the bar, both women still overcome with joy after their long awaited first meeting.

“I’ll have a Bud Light and…” Kristin told the bar tender and then turned for a reply from Emily.

“Whatever will get me drunk,” Emily replied jokingly.

“And two shots of whatever you recommend,” Kristin told the bartender.

The bartender quickly returned with the two shots and bottle of beer for the girls, and slid them up to Kristin who paid in return.

“I’ll pay Kristin,” offered Emily. “No, no I can get it. You drove three hours to get here the least I can do is buy you a few drinks,” Kristin replied.

“All right, I’m not going to turn down a free drink,” Emily said and she swallowed the alcohol. “But I’m buying the next round,” Emily said as she turned back to the bartender.

“Two more shots please,” Emily requested as Kristin drank her shot.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Kristin laughed as she questioned Emily.

“Maybe,” Emily said as she picked up the two shots, handing one to Kristin, “Now drink up, girl,” Emily joked as the two girls swallowed the shots.

The two girls remained by the bar talking and catching up, both still amazed that they were finally face to face with the girl who has been on their minds from the first conversation. After about twenty minutes had passed, and each girl had slurped down another beer, they decided to hit the dance floor.

“Let’s go, I love this song,” Emily said as she grabbed Kristin’s hand and pulled her to the dance floor.

The two girls made their way through the floor filled with women (and a few men scattered about) to the middle of the dance floor. Emily turned her back to Kristin and Kristin placed her hands on Emily’s hips pulling her close to her pressing Emily’s thick butt against her crotch. The girls began to dance as Emily grinded her butt into Kristin’s crotch as she guided her hip to the rhythm of the music. Emily then took Kristin’s hands, gripping one with her own hand and slowly moved the other up her body to her right breast and then back down to her crotch where Emily firmly held Kristin’s hand in position.

The girls continued to dance song after song increasing their intimacy each minute, and then Kristin took each of Emily’s hands in hers and slowly spun the young blonde around. With the girls hands still locked together up in the air, Emily İstanbul Escort stepped toward Kristin, positioning her crotch on Kristin’s right leg. Then unexpectedly, Kristin dropped the girls locked hands down to a lower position and leaned in to kiss Emily. Emily opened her mouth welcoming Kristin’s warm tongue and the girls became locked in a passionate kiss intertwining their tongues with the others.

The girls remained locked in their kiss and Kristin began roaming her hands over Emily’s body, slowly moving her hands down Emily’s back down to her round butt which she then firmly squeezed before moving her hand to Emily’s front cupping each of Emily’s breasts in her hands. These actions were then followed by Emily massaging Kristin’s butt and then moving to her curving hips, and finally stopping at her crotch which she began to slowly massage. After what seemed an eternity of happiness for each girl, they broke the kiss and began to just silently stare into each others eyes. Emily was the first to break the silence.

“Come with me,” Emily said in an excited tone as she grabbed Kristin’s hand and led her through the crowded dance floor, down a short hallway, and into the bright bathroom.

Emily pushed open the Ladies room door and quickly pulled Kristin into the large disability stall, barley noticing the two women washing up at the counter. Once inside the stall Emily quickly locked the door and then pinned Kristin against the left bathroom wall, holding her hands against the wall over the girl’s head’s. Emily leaned in and placed her lips against Kristin’s and the two women became engaged in their second deeply passionate kiss. Their tongues began to wrestle and Emily released Kristin’s hand and moved her own hands slowly down her breasts, then to her stomach where Emily slid her right hand up Kristin’s black tank top to her unsupported breast. Emily began to slowly massage her right breast and then squeezed her nipple between the knuckles of her middle and index fingers. She then moved on to Kristin’s left breast and repeated the same actions before sliding her hand back down her stomach and out from underneath her shirt. Emily then moved both of her hands to the middle of Kristin’s shorts and undid the button before breaking the girl’s intimate kiss.

“You’re so hot,” Kristin said to Emily between breaths.

“I’ve wanted to do this from the first the moment I saw you,” Emily replied before dropping to her knees.

Once on her knees Emily looked up and smiled at Kristin as she unzipped Kristin’s shorts and then gave them a slight tug, allowing them to fall to her ankles exposing the rest of her beautiful legs along with her pink and white striped thong. Emily placed her left hand against the wet, cotton material covering Kristin’s vagina and slowly began to massage the sensitive area, teasing Kristin.

Desiring Kristin, Emily moved her hands to the girl’s hips hooking the sides of her underwear and quickly pulled down the soaked panties exposing Kristin’s shaved vagina which still had a thin strip of hair leading down to her sensual opening.

By this point both women were extremely aroused, Emily looked up at Kristin and Kristin down at Emily and each girl smiled at the other before Emily directed her eyes back to Kristin’s treasure and placed her hands on her luscious hips.

Without hesitation Emily opened her mouth and began devouring Kristin’s pussy. She tightened her tongue and stuck it deep into Kristin and began to move it up down her slit licking up all of her delicious juices. Emily then started to quickly dart her tongue in and out of Kristin, tongue fucking her before moving to her clitoris. Beylikdüzü Escort She then began to slowly draw circles with her tongue around the aroused sex button teasing Kristin and causing her to begin to release slight moans. Emily then removed her tight hand from Kristin’s hip and lowered her left hand to the brunette’s lower thigh before removing her tongue from her clitoris.

Once again Emily looked up and the women exchanged lust filled smiles, as Emily moved her right hand across Kristin’s thigh and lightly traced over her slit. Without warning Emily slid her middle and index finger’s deep into the sexy girl’s hole and began to finger fuck her as she returned her tongue to her clitoris. Emily furiously slid her fingers in and out of Kristin’s wet vagina as she continued her circular motions around her clit with her tongue.

Kristin’s moans were now continuous and increased in volume as she was coming closer to an orgasm. Emily then shoved her ring finger into Kristin and began to fuck her harder and faster with three fingers. This made Kristin scream with pleasure, and Emily then ceased her circular licks and began sucking hard on Kristin’s clit, pushing her captive over the edge and into wave after wave of pleasure and a series of screams. Kristin’s vagina released her womanly fluids and poured into Emily’s mouth and flowed down her chin and along her finger onto her hand as she continued to suck on Kristin’s vagina attempting to taste every drop she released.

After about two minutes and multiple orgasms Kristin’s moans subsided and Emily rose from her knees. With Kristin’s shorts and panties still on the floor and Emily’s face still covered in her juices, the girls locked their lips together and shared the taste of Kristin’s fluids. After another minute the women broke their kiss and stared into each others beautiful eyes.

“That was amazing . . . You are amazing!” Kristin said in a light voice as she stared into Emily’s eyes.

“You’re amazing too,” Emily replied, “I’ve never tasted something so wonderful before.”

The girls’ moment was suddenly disturbed by voices and slight laughter from outside the stall.

“I think we had an audience,” Emily said with a small smile as she looked at Kristin.

“I guess I was a little loud,” Kristin replied. “Maybe I should put my clothes back on,” she said with laughter.

Kristin bent down and pulled her underwear back up and then her shorts which Emily then zippered and buttoned for her. The girls shared one more kiss before Kristin unlocked and opened the door with her right as she took Emily’s hand in her left and led her out.

As the door opened two women, who were washing when Emily and Kristin entered, scurried away from the outside of the stall where Emily and Kristin had been, quickly striking up a conversation in an attempt to appear as if they had not been eaves dropping on them.

The two girls walked toward the bathroom exit still holding hands, and Kristin began to blush as she was somewhat embarrassed. Emily; however, began to laugh amused by the entire situation.

“Hold on,” Emily said to Kristin as she stopped in the middle of the room.

Removing her feet from her sandals, and lifting her left leg up, she balanced herself as she reached under her skirt tugging her underwear down her thighs. She completely removed her light blue with the damp stain in the crotch area of the panty. Emily then stood up and faced the redheaded and blonde voyeurs in the bathroom and walked over to them.

“A souvenir,” Emily said to the girls and she scrunched up the thong and stuck it in the right side of the redheaded girls’ tank top, squeezing her breast and smiling before turning around and walking back to Kristin.

Kristin stood there with her mouth open, shocked, but also humored as Emily walked back with a large grin on her face, grabbing Kristin’s hand and leading her out of the bathroom and into the noisy, flashing club . . .

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