Kim’s New Life Ch. 33

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Melissa said the picnic was at the home of Vicki Shaw and her sub Dani. The drive would take about 30 minutes. The names sounded familiar and I thought I had met them at Lisa’s Hideaway, but was not positive. They lived on a small ranch outside of town. The house was obviously old, but well maintained. In addition to the house, a barn sat to the left and back about 100 yards.

We parked alongside the drive to the barn, in a line with other cars. As we started walking towards a group of people congregating behind the house, we could see smoke pouring from a large grill making it easy to tell that a barbeque picnic was in progress.

I suddenly felt as though I were walking on air because I saw Kelly approaching us. My heart nearly skipped a beat. She looked resplendent in a short, red dress with black trim. The neckline was cut to the waist in front. At the time, I didn’t know that it was also backless and that she was wearing black lace, thong panties and a garter belt attached to black nylons. Low heel, tan, booties completed her outfit. She hugged me as though we had been apart for days. It felt so good to be in her arms. When she combined the hug with an open mouth kiss, I melted and swore I could feel my juices flowing around the belt pulled into my crotch. I wanted to hug her back in the worst way.

“Did you fully understand Melissa’s explanation of Sandy’s role as your ‘sister,’ protector and confidant, and the reason Sam wasn’t given that role, kimmy?

“I do, My Mistress, but I don’t need protection from you.”

“You are correct. Neither does Sandy need protection from Melissa, and Sam doesn’t need protection from Allyson. However, the society established the rule for everyone and decided there would be no exceptions. What if I go too far some day?”

“I wouldn’t have agreed to be your slave if I thought for one moment that would happen.”

“For your safety, and for the safety of all the subs, the society wants to assume the possibility does exist, dear. Promise me you will maintain daily contact with Sandy. I don’t want Melissa pounding on my door because you forgot.”

“I promise I will, Mistress.”

“Did you two discuss a code word or phrase?”

“Yes, Mistress, we did.”

“Did you confirm your desire to continue as my slave to Melissa?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. It could not be otherwise. The transformation in my life since I met you has been nothing short of exceptional. I don’t want to live any other way.”

When we reached rest of the assembled group, Kelly introduced me individually to each person. I discovered that a couple dommes had two slaves. I also noticed that each time she introduced someone as a slave or submissive, that person was wearing a collar. Considering everything, I found it strange that there was no nudity. The Mistresses wore long white gowns and the sub/slaves wore gowns that ended at mid-calf. All were quite demure. I mentioned this to Kelly, she replied that it had become a tradition that everyone had to be clothed for collaring ceremonies, and that I would understand the reason later. It was apparent that all the subs were barefoot while the Mistresses wore sandals.

Melissa and Sandra had left us alone. When they returned, I noticed that they had changed into gowns like the others were wearing. It then occurred to me that, except for my bondage belt and cuffs, Kelly and I were the only ones wearing street clothes.

I suddenly realized that I wasn’t wearing my collar, I said, “Mistress, please forgive me. I forgot to ask you for my collar.”

“I didn’t expect you to, pet. You cannot wear one on the day of your collaring until you receive it at the ceremony.”

“Oh!” Then I asked, “Am I to be initiated again, Mistress?”

“No, dear, your initiation at Lisa’s was for your membership into the Society. Tonight’s ceremony is for you to pledge your life to me, as my slave, in front of the members.” I sighed somewhat from relief and somewhat from disappointment. Somehow, deep down, I already missed wearing her collar and told her so. “Be patient, pet,” was her reply.

Allyson and Sam finally arrived. A third person was with them. She was wearing a leather hood so I couldn’t see her face. Only her eyes were exposed. There were holes beneath her nose for breathing, and her mouth was filled with an inflatable gag. The bulb and attached hose, hanging from the front of the gag, swung back and forth as she walked and made me laugh. A locked collar and lacings at the back held the hood in place. She also wore wrist cuffs connected by a short chain, was shoeless and wore a gown similar to what the slaves were wearing. Allyson introduced her as a friend from out of town who had unexpectedly arrived for the weekend. They were late because they had to pick her up at the airport. As a friend who could be trusted, she was invited to the picnic, with the qualification that she had to be in bondage. As a visitor, she wasn’t permitted to speak. Since she wasn’t ‘properly trained,’ Allyson decided that bursa evi olan escort the gag would insure her silence. They didn’t say her name and, using my proper submissive manners, I didn’t ask.

Sam was wearing a white, loose-fitting, gauze, opaque top and matching pants and she was not wearing shoes. While It was not obvious that she was naked underneath, tell-tell signs told me that she was. She was the only person there, that I could see, who wasn’t wearing a dress. When I remarked about her outfit, especially the pants, Sam said, “I made a major decision in my life yesterday; one that requires a special ceremony. Our mistresses thought it would be meaningful to hold it today along with your bonding ceremony. That way you and I will be able to celebrate a major event in our lives, together, on the same day each year. In addition, they thought it could bring the two of us closer together since they decided that I shouldn’t be your ‘protective’ sister. I agreed. This way we will be sisters in spirit.”

I was curious about what was going to happen because she was hobbled by a short chain attached to her ankle cuffs and her wrist cuffs were locked together with a short chain. “But you have already pledged your life to Allyson.”

“Oh, my ceremony today is something different. I’m not permitted to tell you anything about it. They want it to be a surprise, and so do I.”

Soon we heard the ringing of the ranch triangle announcing that lunch was being served. It was, of course, an outside buffet. Kelly asked Sam to take me to our table (a picnic table on the lawn) while she filled dishes for us.

Sam helped me to sit at a table then sat directly across from me. Allyson brought two plates of food, one for Sam and one for herself. She and their friend also sat across from me with Allyson between them. Kelly set down beside me, of course, and placed my plate on the table. Allyson removed the gag from her friends’ mouth, reminding her that she could not talk, or the gag would go back in and she would miss lunch.

I didn’t notice someone setting a plate of food next to me because Kelly had asked me a question (to distract me as I later discovered), so I was looking at her. In the middle of my answer, a pair of hands covered my eyes from behind.

I stopped talking to Kelly and said, “Is this where I am supposed to guess who is behind me?”

“You are, but never would in a hundred years, Kimberly Ann.”

I nearly broke my neck trying to turn around.

“Oh, my gawd! Kassie! How? When?”

She sat beside me with her back facing the table and grasped me in a bear hug.

“You have some great friends, Kimmy. I guess I can call you Kimmy now and you can’t get mad,” she laughed. “When your mistress and I were talking on Tuesday, she said she felt it would be extra special for you if I were able to attend your collaring. We discussed your D/s relationship with her in some detail after which she insisted that I try to be here as a surprise for you. So, I finally told her I would. I had to call her back and say that only first-class seats were available, and that expense was not in my budget. Well, I guess there is a pilot in your group who was able to send me a Space-A voucher. I was able to get one of the first-class seats on the early bird flight this morning. I bought a less expensive a return ticket on the red-eye Monday night. Kelly picked me up at the airport after you left the house this morning.”

“I thought Allyson and Sam picked you up.”

“Allyson and Sam? Yea, Kelly introduced me to them. There was a woman with them wearing a hood. Oh, you thought that was me. Nope, sorry sis.”

“Oh, it isn’t important. It really is fantastic that you are here.” I then turned to Kelly and thanked her.

“I thought it was important that your only sister be her with you, little one.”

“Where are you staying tonight, Kassie,” I asked.

“Kelly offered your guest room so I will be staying with the two of you.” I wondered what my status will be while she is in the house. Considering everything, I guess it didn’t matter.

Kassie was wearing a white gown similar to what all the Mistresses were wearing. I just had to comment, “Ah, my dear sister, I can see that your nipples are hard. Are you…?”

“Yes, I am not wearing any underwear, and just for you. Your mistress told me this would be a requirement when she invited me. I would still be here if she had said I would have to be totally naked. I see your nipples are hard, too.” She reached over and tweaked one. “Oh, shit, you’ve even pierced them, too. I’m seeing new things in my sister every minute.”

“Truthfully, Mistress Kelly did it herself, Kassie.”

“Will I get to see them?”

Kelly answered for me. “You might if you behave yourself, Kassandra. After all, she is my pet.” We all laughed.

“And what’s with the short hair and glasses, Kitten?”

“I’ll answer when you tell me why you called me Kitten after all these years. altıparmak escort You know I don’t like it.”

“You liked it when I called you Kitten when you were little. Then when you got older, you’d get mad at me and yell, ‘I’m a girl, not an animal,’ so I quit. Now you can’t get mad because your mistress just said you’re her pet. A kitten is a pet, right. And I hope you realize that you will be Kitten to me from now on.”

“OK, you win, Kassie. As soon as I submitted to Kelly, she decided to change my image so I would recognize myself as kimmy, her slave, rather than Kim or Kimberly. She took me to her hairdresser and had my hair cut, then made me purchase the glasses.”

“Did it work?”

“Yes.” Then I told her about my dissertation when Kelly told me to look into the mirror and tell her who I saw. “She said I could let my hair grow out again, though.”

“Any other changes that I haven’t noticed?”

“Well, I have to keep myself shaved, you know, down there.”


“She does the shaving, most of the time, but she is considering having me get laser treatments to permanently remove it.”

“Less work in the long run.”

“Yes, but not as much fun as being shaved by someone.”

“I just find it hard to believe you cut your long hair. Well, that’s what my Mistress wanted. She also made me give it to a company that makes wigs for cancer patients, so that’s a good thing.”

“Somebody MADE you do something…”

“Mistress Kelly suggested it, and her suggestion is the same as an order.”

Kelly broke in saying, “It sounds as if you have a lot more to discuss. I need to run and take care of a couple minor details for the ceremony. Kassandra. Would you mind feeding your sister while you talk.”

“I would love to, Kelly. This gets more interesting by the minute. Thank you for asking.”

As soon as Kelly left, Kassie said, “Kim, I think Kelly is a wonderful person, but I have to be honest. I am not completely comfortable about what you are doing. I need to know more of what is involved in your Dominant/submissive relationship and why you want to make it permanent. I told Kelly I was going to ask you this and think that is why she is giving us this self-time.”

“It really sounds as if you are kowtowing to Kelly.”

“I am doing exactly that, sis. That is being obsequious and a submissive. Kelly recognized that in my personality as soon as we met, in addition to me being lesbian. I know it’s nearly impossible to believe or understand, but I’ve enjoyed every moment with her.”

During the ensuing conversation, which was primarily a monologue, I explained everything about what we did, how Kelly required me to dress, what we did together, and even told her about the discipline sessions. I explained the “In Bondage, There Is Freedom” concept.

“When I am at work, I make a multitude of important management decisions. Kelly will never interfere with that. Outside of work, with rare exceptions, I am not permitted to make decisions. She makes every decision for me. Most of the time she even decides what I eat. If we are at a restaurant, she might have me tell her a couple things I like from the menu, but she orders for me and it may not be something I mentioned. It will probably be something I don’t like if I am being punished.”

“And you eat it?” she asked incredulously.

“Every single bite,” I laughed. Although, sometimes I think I’d rather be caned.

I continued to give her more examples of how I lived my life with Kelly.

When I finally stopped talking, she asked, “And you are OK with all of this; especially being disciplined.”

“Oh, Kassie, I don’t think I have ever felt this fantastic in any relationship. Mistress Kelly truly cares for me. I feel her love every day, even when I am being punished. I want to learn from her. I want to live with her. I want to be disciplined by her when I am disobedient. And, yes, I want to be owned by her. But most of all, I want you accept what I am doing and to be happy for me.”

She turned and gave me a loving, sisterly kiss. “Kimberly Ann, I can agree that I have never seen you this happy. While I have some reservations, you have my blessing and my backing.”

“When we talked, I recommended that you shouldn’t tell your brother. I said that for a selfish reason. Since he and I are closer in age, I thought it might be more appropriate if I explain everything, rather than you simply confess to him. I know him and his week spots a lot better than you do. Either way, you will be surprised how accepting he will be of your new lifestyle. I will defer to you if you’d prefer to tell him yourself.

“No, Kassie. Confessing to Keith would be like telling your father.” I really prefer that you tell him and thank you for wanting to.”

“Kelly and I talked twice about you and your collaring ceremony. Based what she told me will happen today it’s good that Kelly didn’t say she wanted him to attend today.”

Damn, gemlik escort why all the effing secrecy. I must be the only one not ‘in the know.’

She leaned over and kissed me one more time. But this kiss wasn’t as ‘sisterly.’ Her tongue slipped between my lips, oh so barely, then she pulled back, turned to face the table, and said, “Our food is getting cold, kitten. I need to get you fed. You are going to need your energy later.”

After dinner, Kelly approached our hostess and said, “Vicki, I haven’t seen your stables since you renovated them. Is there any possibility you can give us a tour?” Vicki agreed and I followed them to the barn. I was pleased that Kassie took my arm and went with us. I had never been in a barn before. The odors were that of clean straw, not the stench of horse manure that I had expected. Vicki’s stables were beautiful and extremely clean. Horses occupied the four stalls on our left. Four empty stables were on our right. When we entered the tack room at the far end, I immediately noticed that the equipment on one side of the room was distinctly different from the equipment on the other side. I mentioned this to Kelly, and she congratulated me for being so observant. Kelly gave me her “Mistress” grin, pointed to one side and said that equipment was for Vicki’s “real” horses.

After waiting for what I considered an appropriate amount of time for her to continue her explanation, I said, “And may I ask what the other equipment is for, Mistress.”

“Why, they are for Vicki’s pony girls, of course.”

“Pony Girls!!!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, Vicki trains pony girls as a sideline. You’ve heard of pony girls, haven’t you, pet.”

“Well, yes, I’ve read stories talking about them since I’ve been with you, but I thought they were fictional fantasy.”

“Trust me, pet. They are very real. Nearly every slave in the society has spent at least one week here. Would you like me to send you here for a few days of training?”

“Only if it is what you wish, Mistress.”

“We shall see, then.” She smiled that knowing grin again; the one that gave me a shiver and made my clit twitch.

When we exited the tack room, Vicki said, “We’ll be using the dungeon for the marking ceremony in a little while, Kelly, so I’ll skip that part of the tour.” Kelly thanked Vicki and suggested we go for a walk so she could talk with Kassie.

“Kassandra, as kimmy’s sister, I need to know that you are comfortable with the relationship she is entering into today. You and I have talked about it. You and kimmy have discussed it. Do you have any questions?”

“I am a lot more comfortable than I was yesterday. I do have one question. What protections does Kimberly have if your relationship goes sour. After all, every day we hear about spousal abuse. She is giving you nearly ultimate power over her.”

“Allyson and I established the Venus Coterie as a close-knit social club primarily for the protection of our subs and have adopted rules detailed rules on how they are to be treated. She gave Kassie all the details of our compact and the rules of the society, including the daily ‘sister’ contact and the ability of either party to sever the relationship in case of irreconcilable differences.

“You and your society have done well, Kelly. My husband has never lifted a hand towards me, but I don’t think I have that much protection in our marriage contract. You only ask that I am comfortable with your D/s relationship. I can say that I am comfortable with what Kimberly is doing. As I told her, you have my blessing. I would like to ask one favor though.”

“Anything, Kassandra.”

“Make her call me at least once a week. I love hearing from her, and she has been somewhat neglectful calling me in the past.”

“Done! And you can even listen in while I spank her if she forgets.” Kassie laughed.

On our way back to the picnic area I felt as though I were walking on air. As soon as we arrived, Vicki rang a bell to get everyone’s attention. “Mistresses and slaves of the Venus Coterie, Dani and I welcome you to our home. Tonight was originally scheduled simply as our annual members’ picnic. However, as you were all informed, we have had the privilege of one of our members requesting a formal Bonding and Collaring Ceremony. I am pleased to announce that kimmy has consented to become Kelly’s permanent slave.” For some reason, I blushed at the applause.

Vicki continued, “As most of you know, Kelly and Allyson have been friends for a long time. They and their two slaves have spent a considerable amount of time together since Kelly took kimmy under her wing three weeks ago. Sam was impressed at the fast growth in the intensity of the love between Kelly and kimmy. When kimmy agreed to renew her submissive relationship with Kelly through a permanent compact, Sam decided that she wanted to do something special that she hopes will make tonight memorable for all four of them. Because her Collaring Ceremony is to be a special night for Kelly and kimmy, Allyson took Sam’s proposal to Kelly who quickly agreed. Tonight, I am pleased to announce that Sam is prepared to honor her Mistress by accepting Allyson’s mark with all of you as witnesses.” I had no idea what she meant, but I could sense a surge of excitement in the air. “The Marking Ceremony will be held first.”

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